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rough afternoon...

21 May 2014 15:45

what we need is awareness, we can't get careless.

26 Apr 2014 22:49

sometimes i write non-erotica (over at the blue site - storiesspace.com) and sometimes, more often than my erotic tales, i go back and read it. if i may be immodest for a moment, some of it is very good.

23 Apr 2014 19:45

ok, damn. if it's not one thing, it's the other.

23 Apr 2014 16:56

Hangs up sign on office door: do not disturb unless some is, literally, dying. thank you. sprite.

21 Apr 2014 12:56

it's been a long winter, and i mean that metaphorically. for the first time in a while, it feels like spring, and i can feel the sun breaking through the clouds. i feel my petals beginning to unfurl, my leaves reaching upward, my spirit blossoming again. i want to hold on to this feeling for as long as i can.

15 Apr 2014 16:56

too tired to even care about forming coherent sentences right now. just want to curl up and nap for a while. might just see if i can.

11 Apr 2014 17:44

so damn tired right now i can't even sleep. not really how i wanted to spend my night.

09 Apr 2014 00:59

i am a really happy mess right now. lol. now, if someone could find my brain for me? i'm sure i left it somewhere around here.

05 Apr 2014 17:35

i'm in a really good place right now. (hi Evie)

01 Apr 2014 15:42

new favorite word: Snatch

30 Mar 2014 08:41

ok, time to plug one of my favorite rising stars. start here, read this - it's on it's third chapter so far. you won't be sorry.


23 Mar 2014 07:04

yes, we did just watch frozen again...

22 Mar 2014 20:29

today was not a good day. i'm tired to the bone. i broke my nail. not as in, oh, damn, i broke a nail, but as in fuck, goddammit, that fucking hurts, christ, i'm bleeding all over the fing place. also, i feel like crying. meh. first day of spring totally sucks.

20 Mar 2014 15:52

if anyone needs me, i'll be watching frozen. oh, i'm totally disconnected right now, so sorry - as a friend, i kind of suck. also, a helicopter went down in the middle of Seattle today. scary stuff.

18 Mar 2014 15:01

we are going to be quiet for a while. if you need us, look under "C" for Carroll.

12 Mar 2014 18:38

Mrs V 6b is moving along, slowly, but surely, in case you think i've been slacking.

05 Mar 2014 17:24

ok, enough goofing off. i need to write. locks self in office with enough food for a week

28 Feb 2014 17:40

very tired today. not feeling like being social. think i'm just going to go sleep it off.

26 Feb 2014 18:13

funny, but i joined to write erotica. i'm not sure that i can call what i write erotica anymore, though...? i just write stories. some of them have sex in them.

18 Feb 2014 02:20

finally got my comp story done! yay! ok, back to Mrs V... sorry!

16 Feb 2014 10:54

16 Feb 2014 10:53

taking a little time off to write. try to check in, but...

09 Feb 2014 17:51

it's a different kind of seduction...

05 Feb 2014 18:14

Congratulations, Scotland, for passing the gay marriage act!

05 Feb 2014 15:46

putting everything on hold - had a terrible idea for the comp entry, a story that should probably not be written, so... i'm writing it. if you're curious... well, Doll knows.

04 Feb 2014 18:43

yee haw!

02 Feb 2014 07:13

totally zoning right now...

29 Jan 2014 15:46

ok, working in Mrs V - taking my time with it, want to make sure i get it right, so it might be a bit, but still writing, so no worries. having to go back and reread the previous parts a lot, to make sure i get the tone right, etc. writing, btw, is a lot of work, for those of you who don't know! LOL

26 Jan 2014 07:21

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

20 Jan 2014 16:38