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01 May 2013 23:41

sometimes even the darkest nights are beautiful for they allow you to see the stars. thank you for for being my stars. i'm going to try to count each and everyone until i finally fall asleep.

01 May 2013 08:20

for those of you (all 3 of you lol) who've been waiting, Mrs V 5b is now up.


will there be a part 6? eventually, yes. when? i don't know - i've got a project i'll be working on for a while, so that's going to slow me down a bit, but this series, more than anything else, means a lot to me, and i know it means a lot to at least a couple of readers, so, until you come to a chapter with "The End" at the bottom, know that there WILL be another chapter in the lives of Shannon Spencer and Abby Vandermeer.

30 Apr 2013 01:51

Mrs V 5b is done. i am too tired to do the final proof, tho, so it can wait until tomorrow...

28 Apr 2013 22:13

i'm a bit worn out today. physically, really, but i find that's when i'm more emotionally vulnerable. that said, i was given a lovely gift today. nothing you can buy in stores. and that's beyond the gift i get every day of friendship from the people i care about here.

27 Apr 2013 14:32

it's good to be alive, sometimes I wonder how I survived
and in my minds eye when you're low no-one seems to know
a fallen angel tonight, i feel no shame when I'm high
it feels so good must be right, it feels so good inside
i'd love to love you but i'm too impure an angel.

27 Apr 2013 14:18

i just needed to say this; i try to always be upbeat, to be silly, to spread fairy magic around the place as much as i can. sometimes, it's just hard - this past year, especially. so thank you to everyone whose give me a smile, big or small, with a silly post, a sexy picture, or just by saying hi. i haven't been able to thank everyone in person, there's just too many of you and honestly, i've not been as outgoing or social as i could, i just haven't had the energy. anyways, just thank you to everyone who's touched my life in anyway since i've been here. i love you all. - rachel

27 Apr 2013 10:26

good night, good morning, good life, happy kitty.

26 Apr 2013 10:54

let's see.. the day started out well; an enchanted ball, complete with string quartet, lord, ladies, and a beautiful princess. oh, and i was there too. Kate has promised to take me out dancing tonight (she doesn't know that yet, so don't tell her - it's a surprise). why do i like lush? i get to spend time with some of my favorite people here, one of whom is a very sweet little kitty girl, while other are simply (simply, ha!) incredible writers, great friends, sexy sirens, or a combination of all three. than (see what i did there? she'll get it) there's Nicola, an evil task-mistress who chases me around all day with a whip - good thing i have my sneakers on! god knows what will happen if she catches me (although i've considered the possibilities once or twice )

ok, i need a new mouse - the last straw has been laid upon the camel's back and stuffed it into the garbage disposal. god, i hope i don't need a new disposal as well... anyways, off the the mouse story.

24 Apr 2013 21:06

for my kitten:

24 Apr 2013 10:49

a little teaser for those who've asked when the second part of Mrs V will be posted:

My hands trembled only slightly as I ran them over my breasts, feeling my nipples poking through the fabric of my dress, and along the curve of my waist and hips, gathering up the courage to curl them under the hem of my dress and peel it up my thighs, revealing twin black garters and my smoothly shaved, and dripping wet, cunt. Frozen like that, my gaze fixed on her face, I waited for some sign of approval, letting go of a breath I wasn’t aware of holding when I got one of her rare smiles, followed by yet another click of the camera.

i am hoping to have it up sometime next weeks -it's about 2/3s done, and i've already proofed what has been written. thanks your your patience and the comments, both public and private. oh, and a special shout out to Freshpet (and, for course, my OWN kitty) for reminding me how much i love this series.

23 Apr 2013 11:40

red is my favorite color. my kitty knows why.

22 Apr 2013 23:36

being a total girl - there's a big black spider in our bathroom - i shut the door, stuffed towels under it and am using the back bathroom until further notice. at least i didn't wake the girl up and make her go kill it for me. yet.

21 Apr 2013 16:34

fuck. just fuck.

20 Apr 2013 13:03

ok, this is totally stupid, and not something everyone will get, but something i'm very proud of me right now; lately, been getting out a lot more, as in out of the house, in public, and being ok with it. The airport was a biggie, wandering around Maui, went to the museum the other day, record store day today, yeah, K's been with me each and every time, but i've not been overly clingy, no panic attacks, a little nervousness, yes, but nothing i can't deal with. i think i've earned a milk shake, right? strawberry, of course!

20 Apr 2013 12:13

going to try to catch up on a few PMs this weekend... yikes.

19 Apr 2013 11:33


17 Apr 2013 08:24

the only down side to rough sex is the morning after. the shoulder's not feeling quite right today. very thankful for advil right now

16 Apr 2013 09:16

You're still in our hearts, Annie. There's ice cream in the freezer and an extra spoon in case you feel like dropping by.

15 Apr 2013 17:47

To everyone affected by the tragedy in Boston, all my love and best thoughts. tragic as it is, as the stories of heroism and selflessness pour in, i find myself up lifted. people responded in whatever way they could proving that most of us, given the chance, will rise and shine.

12 Apr 2013 19:30

Hey. So, every once in a while i use this forum to point out authors who impress me or stories that are particularly hot. it's that time again. Abi Thornton. she's not up there on the radar, perhaps, but she should be. she came in second place recently in a competition and her latest story was a treat. Give her a read, if you haven't already. you won't be disappointed.


12 Apr 2013 12:02

i'm slowly discovering the important things, what really matters to me. not that the things i thought were so important don't mean something, just not as much as they used to.

11 Apr 2013 11:01

i've been writing silly love poems again. god, i am totally in love right now, and not ashamed of admitting it.

09 Apr 2013 10:31

sometimes there's just not words to express things... the beautiful, the horrific, the happy, the sad. so many words in the human language and none of them do justice, no matter how hard you try to string them together just right... so, what do you do? you just keep trying.

08 Apr 2013 11:13

i am finding that i both lost and found someone while i was gone, or something would be a better way of putting it? not quite the same girl who left - that's a good thing, btw. this girl is stronger, i think. less broken. full of sunshine.

07 Apr 2013 09:12

so, i'm not a big fan of mass PMs... here's the thing, i made a get away with the wife - 2 weeks in hawaii, just for entertainment purposes i think i'll share some of it here, on my blog. SOME of it. that way, if your interested, you can read it, if not, well, you can ignore it. sounds fair? ok. cool. today, i am just catching up a bit.. and recovering. catching up on sleep, really. lol. so hey. xoxo

07 Apr 2013 07:39

mm... ok, not enough sleep, but enough to make me slightly cheerful and chipper this morning - not sure WHAT time zone i'm in right now, to be honest. lol - i am probably going to crash at some point in the day, and hard. the cats, apparently, missed me, then didn't miss me, and now are back to missing me again. tonight we have some catching up to to with friends, but for now, we're being lazy. lazy is good.

06 Apr 2013 19:30

so yeah, so the conversation went like this: "You give up on that comp?" she says. "Yeah" i says . "I was really looking forward to a baked potato" "I'll go to safeway and pick one up" "how about a challenge? bet you can't write a story in the time it takes to fly from Maui to Seattle..." so, yeah, i did. the reward was too much to pass up. so that's what happened...

i sat down on the plan, played with what POV i wanted to use, came up with Future Tense, which, in my muddled mind became Future Steph and i rolled with it. by the time we touched down it was done. it was one of the funnest stories i've ever written and i'm very proud of it - anyways, hope y'all enjoy it if you read it. lotsa love at all of you! rachel

06 Apr 2013 19:15

So, yeah, spent 2 weeks, Lush free, on Maui - our delayed honeymoon. i'm back now, trying to play catch up a little, so if i'm a bit slow, forgive me. in the mean time, i've written a competition story...


so, here's the thing, i'd planned on writing this all along from the start, and had a great idea. it got shelved as too complicated. then, another one, this one about fans of a an erotic writer... wasn't working. then there was the car chase one... and then, the one i don't even remember. i have like various copies of all of them, but they're never going to see the light of the day.

anyways, at some god awful time in the morning, long before any decent person should be up (fortunately, i didn't bother going to sleep, so it was easy to be up) my wife, in the airport, is wondering what happened with the comp....

to be continued.

06 Apr 2013 17:18

Hey, i'm back. going to take a few days to sort of recover, but yeah. oh, and i wrote a competition piece. if it gets published, i'll share the story of how that happened. anyways, damn, i have a lot of PMs to catch up on... wow... hope everyone's doing well.

21 Mar 2013 22:07