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20 Sep 2013 20:37

i have managed to get the weekend off, so we're going to go spend it away from home - probably not going to be online much, or at all.

20 Sep 2013 13:49

ok, time to pimp out one of my favorite authors here, who can't seem to help getting his comp stories in until the last minute... btw, i wouldn't do this if it wasn't an amazing piece of writing, so have fun reading it!


19 Sep 2013 02:11

FYI: fellow authors should take note - the complete A - Z guide for Lush Stories can be found here:


if you have any doubts about whether something is going to be an issue in getting your story published smoothly, please take a few minutes to read through the official list of what is and what isn't allowed. thank you.

16 Sep 2013 18:50

btw, if you want to smile a little, just say this out loud (and try doing it in different accents): BEWBS!

16 Sep 2013 18:49

ok, starting to feel sprite like again.

14 Sep 2013 14:01

sighs i have a day off, i feel like being on Lush a little, and i'm hit with an optimal migraine so bad that i can barely read. that said, looking forward to going out tonight and not having to see - figure as long as i don't let go of my wife's hand, i'll be fine.

05 Sep 2013 09:38

long over due for a tune up... or reinvention... or rebirth... as always, a painful process, but a necessary one... please be patient with me...

31 Aug 2013 07:20

probably going to be taking a break from Lush for a little while - there's a few of you i owe notes to and will get in touch, but right now, i just need a break. talk to you all when i'm feeling more like being here.

30 Aug 2013 18:14


29 Aug 2013 09:07

you're welcome.

28 Aug 2013 19:56

i have a dream...

28 Aug 2013 09:26

i am having a crap week - i'm tired, i don't feel good, i'm stressed, just need to breathe for a bit.

27 Aug 2013 19:23

August 28, 1963. 50 years ago. Here are the words that first rang out from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washingon, DC...

I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation...

That dream is still alive in my heart. fuck all you doubters, you haters, you bigots, you bastards. fuck anyone who thinks it's ok to hate based on what color, sex, orientation, whatever it is that makes us different. fuck all of you. sorry, Rev, but some people i can't find any love for, so just fuck them all.

27 Aug 2013 10:51

i need a vacay...

25 Aug 2013 08:08

had a wonderful night out with the girls, catching up a bit here before starting out my day - sadly, for those of you it effects, i had to close down the Rage Cage for a while - hopefully, it's temporary. we'll see.

24 Aug 2013 10:24

new writer plug! http://www.lushstories.com/stories/supernatural/october-scars.aspx

i am serious, read this! haven't been this excited over new talent for a while now! be ready to get lost in a truly amazing piece of supernatural erotica!

20 Aug 2013 21:34

yes, i know i've not been on much - working girl is also tired girl yawns still love you all.

16 Aug 2013 12:51

AND i think i'm sick... oh, bother.

15 Aug 2013 19:43

rachel is an extremely tired girl - don't expect much from her for a while...

12 Aug 2013 20:38

i am, at least for the time being, once more a working girl - hopefully i can balance that with Lush, but yeah, i'll be here a bit less than you're used to. yay me!

11 Aug 2013 10:57

lazy day... laying in bed between two sexy women, just snuggling, a movie on in the back ground. pretty sure i won't be bothering to get dressed anytime soon.

11 Aug 2013 08:52

i'm a fairy flittters off

10 Aug 2013 16:23

i am taking my life back today - we're going out later, i am having fun - tomorrow i am redoing my work space and getting organized - i am sick of this. i'm making some serious changes. it makes me very happy.

07 Aug 2013 16:15

first half of today: amazing! second half: sucky. at least i got the amazing part to carry me thru - thanks, kitten

05 Aug 2013 18:33

doing something a little different... we'll see how that goes...

03 Aug 2013 20:24

02 Aug 2013 09:58

[insert something clever here]

01 Aug 2013 09:36

apart from some easily handled pain, i am feeling more me than i have for the past 10 days. probably be back to normal just in time for the weekend! yay! thanks to everyone who sent wishes, i got them and they really did cheer me up!

31 Jul 2013 15:37

hey, home now. doing fine, everything went well. pretty loopy - Kate's staying with me - hurt a bit, bit not too bad. love you all. probably going to sleep a bunch. xoxo rach.

27 Jul 2013 11:54

feeling better today. yay! it's gonna be a nail painting day!