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19 Jun 2013 17:43

for those interested, put a new story up over on the blue site - go explore over there - there is some amazing non-erotica to be found by some of our premier writers here.


19 Jun 2013 08:01

woke up this morning with stickers stuck to my face... it was kind of nice. also, there's glitter all over the place. i think we've got an infestation of fairies. or gorillas. fairy gorillas?

17 Jun 2013 11:39

today, i am a writing machine. nice to know i haven't lost my mojo.

16 Jun 2013 20:49

watching on of my favorite movies right now; Don Juan DeMarco.

16 Jun 2013 08:56

btw, everyone with dad issues, the support group meets at my place this year. BYOB.

16 Jun 2013 08:37

at what point do all your dreams stop becoming possibilities and start becoming fantasies? i think it's a fair question. happy father's day, daddy. i miss you. still got the all the trains!

14 Jun 2013 09:23

you're already in there i'll be wearing your tatoo you're already in there
thought i was over the bridge now
i'm already in circles and circles and circles again
the girl's in circles and circles got to stop spinning...

13 Jun 2013 08:11

someone reminded me what a magical world it is today to the tune of 'dance of the sugar plum fairies'. for once, i have no words that are adequate to spell out how grateful i am to have beautiful people in my life. thank you.


12 Jun 2013 08:49

not feeling social.

11 Jun 2013 07:50

i am tired. and worn out. and scared. don't ask for much, but i could use a little help or something.

10 Jun 2013 19:11

i am a melolagniast! thank you for that, angel!

10 Jun 2013 10:57

i've been told i'm not allowed to cum today until my owner gets home. easier said that done when i've also been told to keep a vibrating egg set on low inside my... i am probably not going to be good for much. probably a good time to work on writing. sitting in the back bedroom window, curtains open, naked expect for my collar. feeling incredibly decadent. life doesn't get much better.

09 Jun 2013 12:12

today's nails? snappy sorbet.

07 Jun 2013 10:14

This is me, today...

07 Jun 2013 08:33

06 Jun 2013 18:21

yep, today's Attention whore push of the week, since i promised (and she sent me candy)...


seriously, lets make this a real contest people!

06 Jun 2013 08:18

taking the day off of lush, i have a lot of writing to do

05 Jun 2013 13:55

thinking about going for a swim after the wife gets home.. i know, me, right? nice weather out today, want to take advantage of it and it will make her happy...

05 Jun 2013 09:10

i've decided i'm going to start posting some somewhat risque and personal photos here, in the near future: http://www.lushstories.com/liz come take a peek if you've got a few moments.

04 Jun 2013 21:58

here there be boobs!


04 Jun 2013 17:37

seriously, if you want to see a really nice bottom, you gotta go here...


04 Jun 2013 16:10

i believe in magic.

04 Jun 2013 09:10

feeling a little quite here lately. working through it please don't take it personally.

02 Jun 2013 04:03

restless and sleepless and meaningless...

01 Jun 2013 17:53

i'm a writer. i write and stuff.

31 May 2013 20:53


just read it. you won't be disappointed.

31 May 2013 14:23

Just having thoughts...

30 May 2013 12:09

hi. my name is rachel. i am a story mod which, apparently translates into "Punching Bag". Carrry on.

29 May 2013 09:08

feeling down today. probably be pretty quiet.

27 May 2013 22:22

thanks, Trinky