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07 Jun 2013 08:33

06 Jun 2013 18:21

yep, today's Attention whore push of the week, since i promised (and she sent me candy)...


seriously, lets make this a real contest people!

06 Jun 2013 08:18

taking the day off of lush, i have a lot of writing to do

05 Jun 2013 13:55

thinking about going for a swim after the wife gets home.. i know, me, right? nice weather out today, want to take advantage of it and it will make her happy...

05 Jun 2013 09:10

i've decided i'm going to start posting some somewhat risque and personal photos here, in the near future: http://www.lushstories.com/liz come take a peek if you've got a few moments.

04 Jun 2013 21:58

here there be boobs!


04 Jun 2013 17:37

seriously, if you want to see a really nice bottom, you gotta go here...


04 Jun 2013 16:10

i believe in magic.

04 Jun 2013 09:10

feeling a little quite here lately. working through it please don't take it personally.

02 Jun 2013 04:03

restless and sleepless and meaningless...

01 Jun 2013 17:53

i'm a writer. i write and stuff.

31 May 2013 20:53


just read it. you won't be disappointed.

31 May 2013 14:23

Just having thoughts...

30 May 2013 12:09

hi. my name is rachel. i am a story mod which, apparently translates into "Punching Bag". Carrry on.

29 May 2013 09:08

feeling down today. probably be pretty quiet.

27 May 2013 22:22

thanks, Trinky

26 May 2013 09:51

hung over. probably not spending time on lush after this post. shower, food, sleep. bye.

25 May 2013 14:18

is there such a thing as a part time nymphomaniac? if so, i think i qualify.

24 May 2013 09:51

ok, back to the writing grind!

23 May 2013 09:06

bit worn out today - if you need me i'll be on, but mostly, i'm going to be writing.

21 May 2013 08:04

ok, enough with the drinking. crunch time. writing.

20 May 2013 12:39

it's past 12. drinking in the morning is just wrong. it's no longer morning, tho

19 May 2013 11:49

i like that i can be strong when i need to be. that's the gift of friendship that no one thinks about - letting your friends be strong for you when you aren't. thank you for that

18 May 2013 23:00

just have a hard time with being around too many people. just wears me out.

16 May 2013 23:41

wine makes you giggle. it says so on the label.

14 May 2013 20:27

the hardest thing in the world is to hurt someone you genuinely care about. i'm glad it hurts me as well - it should never be an easy thing to do.

14 May 2013 09:41

sometimes i get a little lonely. it happens. it's nice to have friends to fill the holes up.

13 May 2013 17:51

sometimes the only thing you need to feel better about yourself is a chance to make someone else feel better about themselves. i'm feeling pretty good right now.

12 May 2013 10:24

feeling a little meloncholy today. not sad, just thoughtful...

09 May 2013 16:40

last night, good days. no. great days. so tired, tho. exhausted. think i'm going to sleep for a few days. nighty night.