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23 May 2016 15:59

Katie Elizabeth is a meanie. she won't publish my poem. i'm gonna write my congressman and have her extradited or something. meanie. :p

14 May 2016 08:30

need to recharge my batteries. until then, quiet time. later.

07 May 2016 07:24

Today's soup: whiskey with ice croutons.

04 May 2016 16:52

wrote a new Butterfly Beach chapter. life hasn't left me much time for writing, lately, but i'd like to get back in the game - it felt good.

03 May 2016 17:38

i needed to write...

24 Apr 2016 05:21

taking some time off. later.

21 Apr 2016 18:03

i saw whitecaps on the water today
15 minutes after you went away
couldn't find a reason to make you stay
it's windy now, but it's gonna be okay

saw a black butterfly lose its wings today
singed by the candle underneath the archway
wherever they land, they'll have to stay
who can say, but what a price to pay

RIP Prince & JC.

20 Apr 2016 19:00

fuck all y'all.

29 Mar 2016 14:36

27 Mar 2016 08:50

24 Mar 2016 17:00

09 Mar 2016 15:16

every once in a while i get really burned out here - this is one of those times - taking an extended vacation from Lush to recharge my batteries. adios, amigos

29 Feb 2016 16:49

i'm sucked in by the wonder and i'm fucked up by the lies
i dig a hole to climb in and i build some wings to fly
and i think that i could love you 'cause you know how to be free
with the light in our eyes it's hard to see
holding on and on 'til we believe

18 Feb 2016 16:42

i don't care if it is, or isn't, a marketing campaign. Adidas just won my consumer loyalty.

15 Feb 2016 19:37

keep my head up high cross my heart and hope to die
lovin' me is complicated too afraid, a lot of changes
i'm alright and you're a favorite dark nights in my prayers
Kendrick L.

14 Feb 2016 14:00

13 Feb 2016 10:27

Color me moody.

10 Feb 2016 14:59

Remember, whatever you do, always give 100%. Unless you're donating blood.

08 Feb 2016 17:30

07 Feb 2016 14:42

21 Jan 2016 19:05

some days are more than i can handle.

18 Jan 2016 18:46

Darkness cannot drive out darkness - only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate - only love can do that.
Martin Luther King Jr.

16 Jan 2016 14:57

16 Jan 2016 13:50

I was never sure if I'd write a sequel to Would You Like Ketchup with that. Apparently, I did. It's in the que - should be up as soon as the overworked and incredibly talented modding team gets to it.

10 Jan 2016 18:00

I can't go back to yesterday - I was a different person then.

10 Jan 2016 13:03


08 Jan 2016 21:19

you know the way that things go when what you fight for starts to fall
and in that fuzzy picture the writing stands out on the wall
send out the signals deep and loud
and in this place, can you reassure me with a touch, a smile - while the cradle's burning
all the while the world is turning to noise
the more that it's surrounding us
the more that it destroys
turn up the signal
wipe out the noise
send out the signals deep and loud
i'm losing sound and sight of all those who can tell me wrong from right
when all things beautiful and bright sink in the night
yet there's still something in my heart that can find a way to make a start
to turn up the signal wipe out the noise

07 Jan 2016 18:51

it takes 7 seconds for food to pass from mouth to stomach. a human hair can hold 6.5 lbs. the length of a penis is 3 times the length of a thumb. the femur is as hard as concrete. a woman's heart beats faster than a man's. women blink 2 times as much as men. we use 300 muscles just to keep our balance when we stand. a woman has read this entire post while a man is still staring at his thumb.

02 Jan 2016 17:38

i am fierce and unstoppable.

31 Dec 2015 15:19

if you are reading this, you have survived your entire life up until this point. you have survived traumas, heartbreak, devastation, and all the different phases of life. and here you are. you go, motherfucker, you are AWESOME!