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08 Mar 2015 06:35

07 Mar 2015 20:05

07 Mar 2015 18:23

Don't bother me. In a bad mood. If it's not important enough to die for, best to leave it for another day: April, 2017

07 Mar 2015 16:59

you make this all go away.

05 Mar 2015 19:20

04 Mar 2015 16:58


02 Mar 2015 20:15

28 Feb 2015 21:48

Sometimes the world is too big, and sometimes the world is too small. the trick is to wait until the world is the exact right size and then remembering how it feels so you can hold onto that when the world goes all out of proportion again.

24 Feb 2015 18:48

22 Feb 2015 11:58

Taking the newest story out of the vault soon as chapter two is up, it goes back in.


21 Feb 2015 08:26


13 Feb 2015 16:37

“It’s out there, the fucking cat, the one from the photos, Joey. It’s out there and it’s trying to get in.”

12 Feb 2015 18:43

The water is the color of sky is the color of water is the color of ice.

11 Feb 2015 16:14

Family visiting, so writing is slow, still, over 6k - pretty happy about progress. not as happy about visiting family.

10 Feb 2015 18:44

5500 words in. A little teaser, just cause:

“Thanks. We should umm… get back to it.”

“Don’t think I can, at least for a bit. The old solider’s not standing at full.”

“Not what I meant,” I growled, smacking him one, both of us grinning like idiots as we untangled ourselves. This time, I didn’t even bother putting my jeans back on. Just my panties, still sticky from our earlier tryst and smelling like sex.

08 Feb 2015 18:30

best part of writing? falling in love with your characters - Beks and Joey are, i think, my favorite straight couple ever.

08 Feb 2015 08:57

3k+ of introduction, exposition, anal sex on the hood of a car, and rough sex on a writing desk. pretty happy with things, don't want to stop. ever.

07 Feb 2015 16:10

Am writing....

05 Feb 2015 14:30

having trouble breathing - the clouds are so heavy tonight, crushing everything beneath them.

04 Feb 2015 18:55

I have sunshine.

04 Feb 2015 18:40

RIP Dominic 'The Jacka' Newton.

it feel good to me
maybe it's the hood in me
maybe I should leave it alone
maybe I should give it away
clearly it's what's making me strong
clearly it's what's making me stay

03 Feb 2015 15:34

I might be working on a story - not sure. We'll see. I have sunshine in my pocket right now - thank you for that, Liz. It goes everywhere with me. Today I went to the park and swang on the swings. silly, I know, but one of my favorite things to do.

02 Feb 2015 17:29

Watching Kitten Bowl II

01 Feb 2015 14:25

31 Jan 2015 05:54

30 Jan 2015 18:48

I need a drink. I chose that word carefully, btw. I am well acquainted with the difference between want and need. Need is the correct word in this case. In the words of Groot - I am Groot.

29 Jan 2015 16:33

When I was 8, my mom asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I told her I wanted to be a fairy princess. In some ways, I'm still 8. Thing is, no one told me that being a fairy princess would be so hard. Sometimes I wish I was 8 again.

27 Jan 2015 18:59

Danez Smith.

27 Jan 2015 16:25

I want to write again. There are so many unwritten stories within. I just need to find them. Perhaps that's what I was searching for...

21 Jan 2015 16:57