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14 Oct 2014 15:34

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, feminism is "the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities." That's it. That's all it is.

04 Oct 2014 14:24

I am, and will always be, a fighter. There is nothing anyone can throw at me that I cannot handle. No matter how they try, I will not break, nor even bend. I am the original warrior princess.

02 Oct 2014 17:06

19 Sep 2014 21:05

just got my millionaire's badge for the second time. yay me! thank you to everyone and anyone that's ever read one of my scribblings. love you all hugs

11 Sep 2014 13:33

i'm dying. the only way i can be saved is by reading my new story. please don't let me die. it's such a little thing to ask.

21 Aug 2014 16:38

i am Michael Brown.

21 Aug 2014 12:30

if you're looking for me, here's what i'll be doing. blows kisses i'm outtie.

15 Aug 2014 14:55

Just heard that Jay Adams passed. Hope you're having fun in that big bowl in the sky. blows kisses thanks for being an inspiration to a dumb ass kid with a board.

15 Aug 2014 14:15

i am a peasant.

12 Aug 2014 16:15


11 Aug 2014 19:40

non expert raving lunatics demand more information.

09 Aug 2014 19:22

06 Aug 2014 17:10

i am groot.

03 Aug 2014 14:33

03 Aug 2014 07:28

i am attempting to be an awesome human being. we'll see how it goes.

02 Aug 2014 06:13

i'm just trying to evolve.

23 Jul 2014 19:28

22 Jul 2014 18:18

you have to watch this woman!

22 Jul 2014 17:25

she shines in a world full of ugliness, she matters when everything is meaningless

22 Jul 2014 14:34

sometimes, all i really need is for a story to start flowing to make me happy.

17 Jul 2014 19:04

Free Alix.

16 Jul 2014 19:30

think i just about hit my limit. taking some quiet time.

16 Jul 2014 05:20

12 Jul 2014 14:17

12 Jul 2014 14:15

Tommy Ramone, RIP.

12 Jul 2014 14:09

10 Jul 2014 16:07

thank you Saga and Clum. we have a winner.

09 Jul 2014 17:36

i need a good name for my female lead in a story... it takes place in the 60s, and she's a hippie chick. i'm taking suggestions and if i find one i like, i'll give you credit for it. right now, i'm using "April" as a place holder, but i'm not at all attached to it.

09 Jul 2014 14:27

a writing i will go, a writing i will go, high ho the merri-o, a writing i will go...

09 Jul 2014 13:22