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04 Feb 2014 18:43

putting everything on hold - had a terrible idea for the comp entry, a story that should probably not be written, so... i'm writing it. if you're curious... well, Doll knows.

02 Feb 2014 07:13

yee haw!

29 Jan 2014 15:46

totally zoning right now...

26 Jan 2014 07:21

ok, working in Mrs V - taking my time with it, want to make sure i get it right, so it might be a bit, but still writing, so no worries. having to go back and reread the previous parts a lot, to make sure i get the tone right, etc. writing, btw, is a lot of work, for those of you who don't know! LOL

20 Jan 2014 16:38

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

19 Jan 2014 06:32

Disneyland, Heaven is WAY cooler then the one in Anaheim! Dude, you have NO idea! AND i get to be Rapunzel!

18 Jan 2014 03:40

Met Elvis today. sorry, folks. he really IS dead.

17 Jan 2014 02:05

Hanging out with Cowgirl Grumby, having a great time. wish you were here.


16 Jan 2014 17:45

Dear Lush,
I regret to inform you that Sprite passed away today in a tragic accident. During a bank robbery gone wrong, she drove into the Seattle Zoo and crashed into the penguin Feeding pit. Covered in fishy smells and raw oyster, she was viciously attacked and pecked to death by radioactive penguins. We're not sure how they became radioactive, but the coroner assures us that it is the reason her corpse is glowing, as opposed to divine ascension. A memorial will be held this weekend for local residents. All other, feel free to state your feelings in your own Memorial threads.


12 Jan 2014 10:03

Time for a little tease: Mrs V's rules chapter is now at 4200 words. that's about 1/4 down. still in rough draft from. here's an excerpt:

I watched him kiss her. Not the gentle peck that I was used to seeing my parent’s exchange, but a lingering kiss that promised more. Much more. Once again, Abby’s husband was on my radar. To be kissed like that… I didn’t have time to finish that thought, however.

“Sit,” my Mistress demanded, pointing to the living room sofa an almost impatient gesture.

06 Jan 2014 18:14

Good bye, Josh.

06 Jan 2014 01:56

the snow glows white on the mountain tonight, not a footprint to be seen
a kingdom of isolation and it looks like I'm the queen
the wind is howling like the swirling storm inside. couldn't keep it in, heaven knows I tried
don't let them in, don't let them see, be the good girl you always had to be
conceal, don't feel, don't let them know

05 Jan 2014 05:48

For those interested, it came to me last night that it's time to write another chapter for Mrs Vandermeer. how long will it take? not really sure, but yes, that's the plan. currently re-reading the series to get myself in the proper mood and then? time to write.

04 Jan 2014 06:25

yeah, it's a new year, it's shiny, i'm taking it as a time to sort of have a do over - last couple of years were a bit rough.

15 Dec 2013 15:30

headed out to Disneyland tomorrow so i won't be around for a bit

23 Nov 2013 15:15

taking a leave of absense from the site to deal with personal stuff. sorry i've been out of touch lately.

09 Nov 2013 14:24

yeah, it's been a week - thank you EVERYone who took the time to vote, comment, or just read my new story. i really do intend to send thank yous, but i just can't seem to get organized enough...

05 Nov 2013 07:47

Got some stuff going on - probably be pretty quiet today.

04 Nov 2013 10:56

today has been a damn good day so far.

02 Nov 2013 13:04

btw: Great suggestions.

we have just added an option on the Premium Member page for Lush Silver priced at $20. This just gives the ability of removing ads site wide.

AND we have just purchased a new database server, hopefully you've seen the benefits of this with improved responsiveness of the site.

31 Oct 2013 19:02

i owe a bunch of people PMs - sorry, they're coming, i just got kind of lost in writing for while...

30 Oct 2013 20:10

tommorrow belongs to Kitty girl she so does enjoy dressing up for Halloween...

30 Oct 2013 12:11

new story up! about time, right? i know! anyway, it's another of my Blondie stories, so those of you who know them pretty much know what you're going to get. they're not pretty, but the're full of sex!


29 Oct 2013 16:15

ok, today has been very strange...

28 Oct 2013 23:06


25 Oct 2013 18:33

today has been brought to you by the words FUCK and YOU. headed out to Dallas with a pickup full of tequilla, got my glove box stocked with speed balls, got a pistol on the bitch seat, gotta lot of shit going through my head, and got fucking PE on the stereo - gonna be a mother fucking bad ass cowgirl with my homegirl, gonna fuck some shit up!

24 Oct 2013 07:39

ok, our very own Dancing Doll has done it again - 60,000 words of pure, unadulterated Doll style sex. for the price of a small cup of Starbuck's coffee you can own it. just go here:


remember, every time you buy a Doll e-book, a fairy has an orgasm

23 Oct 2013 13:49

Been a while since i've written for Lush... Dancing Doll sort of nudged me into writing another Blondie tale and, with it getting closer to the holidays, the perfect one sprang to mind, so yeah, coming soon to Lush stories - sneak preview? ok, but remember, it's still in the rough draft stages.

“Fuck!” Carlton groaned, and suddenly I found myself swallowing down a mouthful of his thick creamy spunk, my pussy still being speared by cock. I was in slut heaven.

“Fuck her in the ass, Rashawn!”

“Yeah, baby, fuck me in the ass,” I mumbled around Cee’s still hard cock, not caring this time if I was ready for it. At least it would be well lubed after spending time in my cum filled cunt.

Blondie's Christmas Eve. a touching tale of what a girl will do to get her man the perfect gift. file it under gang bang, baby.

21 Oct 2013 18:28

today was a very good day and yet... i find myself struggling a little...

13 Oct 2013 16:19

i am a very lucky girl.