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13 Jul 2013 13:02

today was the day Hallmark Christmas ornements go on sale, and yes, we did get Rapunzel with a frying pan and yes, she's already been put out, though not on a christmas tree.

10 Jul 2013 10:52

today is full of butterflies and sunshine.

08 Jul 2013 13:07

sometimes i'm just angry. any target will do and the thing is, i have a lot to be angry for - i don't need anyone telling me otherwise. just let me get it out of my system and try not to give me a target to focus on.

07 Jul 2013 13:27

so i know it's just a spring haze but i don't much like the look of it
and all we do is circle it and I found out where my edge is
and it bleeds into where you resist and my only way out is to go so far in
off on my way unseen this eternal wanting
let go so if i really get creamed
waiting for Sunday to drown
why does it always end up like this?

07 Jul 2013 13:10

house and head.

06 Jul 2013 17:28

Doll will understand... dahlia, godiva, goldie, tallulah, kotori, Ibiza, kylie, salma, midori, manhattan mixer, rhiana, trixie.

06 Jul 2013 11:07

art isn't what you think it is, it's what sneaks up on you and insinuates itself into your brain when you're not even thinking about it - art is subtle, it's clever, and it's deadly. don't let art be the last thing you see before you die - be vigilant and get art before it gets you. this has been a public service announcement. thank you.

06 Jul 2013 00:10

i haven't been writing a lot for here lately. doesn't mean i'm not writing. just finding my inspiration else where, stories that either end up on the blue site or... this is Oscar Grant. i didn't know him, but i could have. he was 4 years younger than me. he was shot and killed 8 blocks from where i grew up. i don't know how big the story was nationally - it was at the Fruitvale BART station - but to us, it was huge. i just think it's important to remember him. was he a model citizen? no. he got busted for doing what a lot of us did growing up - surviving - only we didn't get caught. sometimes the world reeks of injustice. not sure why he's on my mind tonight, but he is. this is Oscar Grant. god bless.

05 Jul 2013 23:43

occasionally i get these overpowering urges to go home, home being Oakland, which is strange, cause i don't have fond memories of the place - it's just that i feel like i belong there and there's an empty place that only it fills. yeah, i know, i'm mental.

05 Jul 2013 08:16

i have a new drug:

04 Jul 2013 22:57

lovely day. bit worn out.

03 Jul 2013 20:54

Looks like it's time for a little Arab summer... wow...

03 Jul 2013 18:30

02 Jul 2013 10:17

quote of the day: surprise spikey butt sex with a giant cock is pretty fucking mean.

01 Jul 2013 16:52

i just keep plugging along - really, not to sound egotistical or anything, but i amaze me sometimes - i think i've earned that comment, too.

01 Jul 2013 15:58

update: headache = easily annoyed.

01 Jul 2013 15:57

i have a headache. thank you. that is all.

30 Jun 2013 14:28

if anyone's looking for me, here's a hint...

30 Jun 2013 11:02

watching the European X-games on tv today.

30 Jun 2013 10:40

29 Jun 2013 19:27

if you're wondering about my avatar, that's my friend Jody. She's a chimpanzee. after spending 30+ years as a test subject and a breeder for a biomedical facility, she is now free and living in my home state of Washington at a sanctuary along with the rest of her adopted family, both chimps and humans.

29 Jun 2013 12:35

everyone gets something different from an image. that's what i love about art.

28 Jun 2013 10:13

woke up this morning in a good mood - it's been a while. made even better by a host of people who've been getting my thru my week. thank you Laura, Ash, Liz, Nic, Abi, Jack and really, too many others to list. hugs what is Lush? Lush is family.

27 Jun 2013 16:33

if anyone is looking for me and my gay agenda, we'll be back in the closet where we belong.

25 Jun 2013 22:27

Sometimes people are willing to stand up for what's right. Thank you, Senator Wendy Davis, TX.

24 Jun 2013 08:29

probably going to be quite this week on lush - i have a LOT of writing to do...

22 Jun 2013 16:07

22 Jun 2013 09:09

come celebrate with me!

20 Jun 2013 11:38

20 Jun 2013 08:07

come help celebrate a special day with me! it's (almost) Lizzy's birthday!!!!