Carnal Carnival

Elegant woman finds her freedom in the most unexpected of nights.

Carnal Carnival Her slender legs were now accelerating beyond her regular pace. If anyone saw her they would have thought that she was running away from something more so than she was jogging. The weather and her own memories had teamed up to batter her darkened silky hair with its humidity augmented perfume and pheromones releasing skin. If she was running away from her own thoughts,...Read On


The Fulge

Partly sensual story about the disillusions of a dissatisfied wife.

The “Fulge”, -------------------------------------------------- Her knee-high translucent skirt was oscillating at the cadence of her purposely slow pace set by the sharp sounds of her high heels. The sweet movements of her model like hips, up and down the popular Madrid street was generating the desired effect on the now transfixed set of on-lookers. Helena’s long wavy hair were...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Nineteen and counting

Young girl falls in love and breaks a few taboo to fulfil her fantasy.

Nineteen and Counting. -------------- Her delicate left hand was travelling erratically over her own soap drenched body, while her right was applying flat, concentric, experienced motions over her puffy engorged pleasure center, radiating its exaggerated sensitivity to her whole submissive crouch, lower belly and upper thighs. The warm water of the little three bedroom house’s shower...Read On