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RED LIGHT - When she reads those 2 words she is in trance. stacy cannot see this msg as it is blocked due to a hypnotic suggestion. She can read it with her mind but she conscienceously does not know it is here. Add suggestions for her! LOL GREEN LIGHT will bring her out of trance

26 Nov 2013 08:48

This one is finding herself willingly submitting again like when doing hypnosis and drifting down in sweet bliss

07 Nov 2012 06:51

Just like to explore and finding I am enjoying new things

12 Jun 2010 14:03

kinky is actually very fun

18 Apr 2010 08:18

where is everyone?

13 Apr 2010 05:28

Happy Easter and any new risings

04 Apr 2010 08:55

What a nice place to stumble upon! Always thinking new thoughts and ways to make people happy.

02 Apr 2010 11:08