Group Sex(3)


2nd chance at the club

They had just come home from their first visit to the swingers club. Now you might thing that they were all fired up about it, but quite the opposite, they were a bit peeved about it; There were hardly any people, the people who were there were mostly men, it was dark and dingy and it didn´t quite feel right. They´d gotten a tour by the hostess, who by the way was nice, but pretty much...Read On


Her boss and her husband

Toby and Hanna met each other at a industry convention some 3 years back and simultaneously felt a desire for each other. Looking back you might find it strange that they didn`t hook up at the very moment they met. Civility had the better of them; "smile and talk, dirty thoughts to yourself". One hint lead to the other, another invitation led to the bed. During these last three years sex...Read On


Toby and Hannah takes it to the next level

Hannah woke up the day after. The two other guests had already left Hannah noticed. It didn`t quite dawn on Hannah what exactly had happened only after 5 minutes of slumbering. At first she got scared, or shocked rather. She lie completely still, thinking about whatever had happened the night before. Upon some pondering of consequences she started thinking about what actually had happened,...Read On

Straight Sex(2)


Safe as the bank

John worked as an advisor in a bank and enjoyed his time there. He got to see and talk to a lot of different people, while also playing with numbers which he liked so much. John was a rather open and friendly guy, though some may say he´s kind of nerdy sometimes. He didn´t care, as long as he got to do what he liked no one could put a cloud over his head. It was a Friday and all...Read On


The italian affair

This story is about two lovebirds who went on a holiday to Italy a short while ago. Charles and Kate met eachother through work and found soon that they had more to speak about than their living. Once Charles mustered the balls and courage to make a descent try for Kate, they seemed from the very first moment to have some sort good understanding of eachother, while not quite getting...Read On