Unexpected Threesome

All alone and the movers cum to help...

The stresses of moving... Uggggh! Especially when your wife is not there to help out. She is away on a prolonged contract overseas and the time of our move could not have been any worse. Thankfully I'm employed with a company that ensures the move is taken care of for our family. I wake up the morning that the packing is scheduled to start and its a beautiful sunny day. It's going to be...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Morning of Longing

How I feel and what I think of as I long for my wife while she is away.

Every morning I wake up and I wish you were next to me in bed. The soft light coming in through the window blinds and drapes is always so relaxing in the early morning, whether it be after I drop the kids off at swimming or an early, lazy Sunday morning . I think how I love the scent of your hair as I spoon with you on such a morning. How I love to feel your body relax under my finger tips when...Read On