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Hi,i have part 2 of Who Fucked Me i just need some help from some people to get it accepted.....any takers.

19 Mar 2014 15:28

sorry its taking so long for the next part...just need it proof reading.

16 Feb 2014 12:27

Ok story is writen, just need a few people to help proof read it and get it accepted.

23 Jan 2014 10:47

so my new story should be finished in a day or 2,if anyone could help me proof read it before subscribing it i would really appreciate it.

23 Jan 2014 08:05

im writing part 2 of: Who Fucked Me? i will need some help proof reading it when its done....

14 Jan 2014 08:30

Bored.....wish i had a joint right now...... -_-

27 Nov 2013 10:01

im soo high right now

29 Jun 2013 13:27

I need help......would anyone like to prove read a story i have been trying to get published......

26 Jun 2013 12:35

I never seem to have the time to come on lush anymore.......

11 Jun 2013 17:37

I am soooo Baked

28 Apr 2013 13:53

God im sooo bored......Everyday i seem to be doing the same thing.I need something new in my life.....Anyone have any ideas?

23 Apr 2013 16:05

Ok,I need help......I need people to help proof read stories and also fix my grammar and punctuation...If anyone can help please send me a message.

17 Apr 2013 13:54

Just wondering that if i put on umm...'personal photos' ,That then more people would see my profile and maybe read my stories.....What do you guys think? any advice?

15 Apr 2013 02:36

03 Apr 2013 16:15

03 Apr 2013 16:14

03 Apr 2013 16:12

03 Apr 2013 16:10

03 Apr 2013 16:09

god this is hard, i have an amazing imagination and can think of a story for pretty much anything thing but i am so shit at grammar and punctuation.

26 Feb 2013 14:43