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Always been interested in creative writing but Lush Stories is the only site where I've allowed myself to post the Erotic Stories I always thought I could write... I've been a member here now for over Five Years. I really enjoy it. It's kinda funny I guess, but I see LUSH STORIES as more of a WRITING resource than any other thing. It just SO HAPPENS we write about sex. (I could write really great stuff about World War One in the Air but nobody would read that. Well, YOU would if I put some sex in it. I should do that! LAUGHS! As well as the opportunity to post stories/poems/songs, here I have the opportunity to converse with other writers and readers. Some have become closest friends. No really. What sets LUSH apart for ME is that here there is a genuine sense of Community; I feel safe here among fellow enthusiasts. On all levels, the site is carefully and conscientiously policed for the good of all participants in whatever mode or guise. For a relatively short time, I worked here as a Moderator, and yet, having foregone that dubious pleasure, I KNOW my opinions as a site member remain listened to and regarded. I have published and posted work I'm REALLY proud of here. I have read better work by others which inspires. I have made GREAT friends here. (Once or twice I may have fallen a little bit in love...) I love it here. I'm proud to be a part of it.

Steph Stone
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Dublin, Ire., Ireland
Art, Theatre, Film, Music, Popular Literature and Smoking! I also enjoy the occasional drink. (French White Burgundy, Heroin and Carling Lager being favourites.) I have a huge interest in Military History and my non-fiction reading is mainly military stuff... Also adore stand-up comedy and yes, I have performed!
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I read ANYTHING and usually get through a novel a day! Off the top of my head, I'm a big fan of Steve King's earlier work, I love the 40's novels of Patrick Hamilton, Robert Silverberg is my favourite Sci Fi writer (though Joe Haldeman is close), Derek Robinson's War Novels are a constant pleasure, (Goshawk Squadron being among the finest novels in any genre I've ever read...) and the late lamented JG Farrel is a GENIUS. (IMO) In terms of Erotica I particularly love Edwardian stuff like The Modern Evelline and any historical re-writes. (If you know what I mean!)
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Movies: Lawrence of Arabia, Brief Encounter, The Long Riders... (I'll stop there or we'll be here all night!) TV: The Sopranos, Early Doors, Anything on BBC4, The Wire,
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I'm a music journalist so I listen to anything. Favourite single of last year? The Black Eyed Peas "I've Got A Feeling". I HATE the X Factor and all those shows. Desert Island Disc? Anything by Prokofiev.
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01 Jan 2010
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Topic: Post Your Embarrassing TRUE STORY Here:
Posted: 31 Aug 2015 19:10

The most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me was I was five months pregnant and starting to show. My husband and I were at our mortgage broker and I had to go to the bathroom. The bathroom was not in his office but in a hall in the office building. This happened after hours. So nobody was in the building but us and the mortgage broker.

I left my husband and went into the bathroom. Well the fucking door got jammed and I couldn't get out of the stall. I had to jimmy myself under the stall on the filthy floor. I was crying and screaming but my husband was chit chatting with our broker. I was gone for like 25 minutes. He never came for me.

EVENTUALLY i got out. I was screaming and crying that he didn't come and find me. Thank goodness I didn't get hurt. Nobody was in the bathroom with me but I was horrified.


You were PREGNANT???

You have a MORTGAGE???


xx SF

(We SERIOUSLY need to fucking talk...)

Topic: The Rage Cage
Posted: 31 Aug 2015 10:59


(They won't do what they say, they'll let you down, they'll lie to and about you and they'll play you for a fucking idiot and BURN YOUR FUCKING SOUL...)

Do I really believe that?

Well, actually, all evidence to the contrary, I really don't. But I'm getting tired of it, you know? I think the best of people, I always have or at least try to. I support and defend those I care about. Then they turn around and ROYALLY fuck you. And you think that in TRUSTING somebody, in loving them, in giving them your difficult honesty, you've shown yourself once AGAIN to be an idiot fucking chump.

(Life was a LOT easier when I was an UTTER FUCKING BASTARD...)

Caring is DANGEROUS. (No wonder most people don't.)

EVERYBODY said 'walk away, it's not your problem...' (I didn't, I could not...) EVERYBODY was right.

(Yet I still think they were wrong?)

That's the biggest hurt. To do The Right Thing and then to get FUCKED because you did.

Not even rage. Just a deep, deep feeling of always getting it so wrong. Especially when you're trying to do it right.

Sometimes it's not worth being good. (And that makes me weep.)

xx SF

Topic: Adult Temper Tantrums
Posted: 31 Aug 2015 09:43

ok...originally upon reading this thread, i thought i'd have MUCH sympathy for this woman. having gone through this type of heartbreak, i couldn't imagine being broken the news that way. BUT now having seen the video, she needs to have SEVERAL seats. she is really doing the most and it is uncalled for. i wouldn't even make eye contact.

she needs to have SEVERAL seats.

Oh Fuck God that's a classic!!! (I've NEVER heard that before!!!)

I'm going to say that now when people piss me off!

"Hey! Calm the Fuck Down! Or do you need SEVERAL SEATS, here???"


xx SF

Topic: Name sounds that you might find comforting
Posted: 31 Aug 2015 08:25

I live at beach and love to open windows at night and hear the sound of the waves breaking on shore.

When I lived on CORFU the, "Ssssssssshhhhhhh, Shhhhhhhhhhssssssss" of the waves lulled me to sleep every night.

xx SF

Topic: Post Your Embarrassing TRUE STORY Here:
Posted: 31 Aug 2015 07:13

(Hi, Jayne!)

I'm a young adolescent in this story, staying the weekend with married friends Jill and William. They own a dive-shop and I work there at weekends to pay off my scuba diving gear. The shop opens half-days on Saturday and Sunday, so we get to dive in the afternoons.

Jill and William own a black labrador dog called Ben. They live in the basement flat of a large house they own that's being renovated. I am INSANELY in love with Jill.

Evenings are spent drinking wine, smoking spliff and eating Chinese food, listening to music, watching movies on Betamax. All these experiences are new to me. William isn't a drinker or indeed a toker, so he generally goes to bed early, leaving me to fall even more in love with his delectable wife. (She smoked Cafe Creme cigars. She was 24 years old at the time of my story.)

The basement flat only had one bedroom and one bathroom, en suite of the bedroom. So to pee, you had to go through the guys bedroom. I would sleep on a camp-bed in the sitting room.

That's the set up.

Here's the hit.

Jill retires to bed and I undress and climb onto the camp bed. The fucking dog attacks me. I LIKE the dog, but not in THAT way. The dog apparently REALLY LIKES ME IN THAT WAY. I'm beating the shit out of the dog as he's on my back and being absolutely over-familiar. Eventually I start to panic. This dog ain't quitting. Finally I scream for help.

William and Jill enter from the bedroom and observe their dog ravishing their young guest. They pull the dog off me and take him into their bedroom. They are helpless with laughter. I am crying with embarrassment. When they are sure I've calmed down, they retire. I can hear them still giggling. After a time I realize I need to pee...

There is NO FUCKING WAY I'm going through their bedroom to use the bathroom. So I decide to piss in the kitchen.

I'm kneeling up on a stool, naked, pissing away into kitchenette sink when Jill arrives to get a glass of water.

Rather incredibly, this incident did not end our friendship. (That happened much later...)

More incredibly, this is NOT the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me.

But to hear THAT ONE, you must offer something in trade!

xx SF

Topic: Elizabeth, you're a lazy bitch.
Posted: 31 Aug 2015 06:42

I'm not great at the 'thank you' thing. Which is not to say I'm not humbled, flattered and grateful when readers comment. I truly am. What I'll often do is reply to a comment and shortly thereafter delete it, so only the poster gets to read it, (on their Timeline...) I do this so as not to 'clutter up' the comments section with my observations on your observations! The pieces really should speak for themselves.

I am always genuinely touched when people like the work and say why. (I'm on record as saying that THE READER tells you what the piece means.) I don't write anywhere else, because quite simply I don't think I could find finer readers than I find here. (I'm frequently amazed that pieces that I think are rather average strike a chord with the readership) The comments upon my work quite convince me that my readers are cleverer than I pretend to be. I understand that my writing means NOTHING if it's not read. (And some of it isn't!)

I LOVE talking about the process and I've written extensively about that in various Forum posts, but I GENERALLY don't do that in the 'comments' section under the work. (I think that's a little self-indulgent.) I'm VERY self-indulgent, you understand, but it's your choice to read those musings!)

Am I thankful towards those who take the time to read me? Truly beyond words. I find it very humbling. Honest.

xx SF

Topic: Which story would you recommend from Lush?
Posted: 31 Aug 2015 06:17

which is why i am disappointed. im tired of people saying "we totally accept kink. except, you know, the ones we find icky". total doublestandard

Rape is not a 'kink'.

You FUCKING moron.

xx SF

Topic: Ideas for future competitions
Posted: 30 Aug 2015 18:13

Hello there.

When reading the comments earlier in this thread about the judging of competitions and whether there should be a competition for new authors, something occurred to me.

There is a rule in place that says, “stories need to have a minimum of ten votes to qualify for the competition”. But doesn’t this rule fundamentally skew the chances of winning towards more long-term/established members of the site?

The reason I ask is that surely it is incredibly straightforward for a long-term member with a healthy friend list to gather enough votes for their entry to be considered by the judges, regardless of its quality, simply because they have numbers on their side.

On the other hand, a newer member with few friends and few followers could theoretically submit the greatest piece of erotic fiction ever created but it would be discarded at the first stage of the competition, not because it is poor, but simply because the author doesn’t have a swollen friend list they can call upon to gift them the required ten qualifying votes.

Therefore I think that a competition for new authors, or at least the dropping of the seemingly arbitrary “10 votes to qualify” rule, would be a pretty good idea as it would encourage newer writers to take part and engage with the competition process.

Every story is read and considered despite the vote... (There CAN BE exceptions re vote...)

It doesn't happen often but it happens.


(Tell you true... We DON'T need another story from the ones we know can already do it. We NEED stories from New Talent...)


xx SF

Topic: Ideas for future competitions
Posted: 26 Aug 2015 20:15

I had planned a trilogy of stories about the devil possessing a young bride. The first part was about the devil impregnating her the night before her wedding and the second part took place the morning of the wedding and was about her confessing the night before to her priest and then the devil showing up and compelling the priest to fuck the bride in the ass. I was going to wrap up this extravaganza in part 3 with the devil showing up during the actual ceremony and possessing everyone in the church and having the bride's side of the family fuck the groom's side of the family. I was going to have the devil fuck everyone's mom as well and all the male family members and attendants gangbanging the bride by the end... With the ban on incest I found it too hard to complete that trilogy the way I originally wanted to and abandoned it at 2 parts.

You're such a fucking romantic, Dude... * LAUGHS !*

xx SF

Topic: Ideas for future competitions
Posted: 26 Aug 2015 20:14

i'd like to suggest a poetry contest in which one of the four seasons is used as inspiration.

I think that's an excellent suggestion, though I wouldn't limit it to poetry.

xx SF

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Haha - thought of you.

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You are too kind.

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Have A Great Weekend

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thinking of you, hon you matter and you are special. Sending lots of hugs and good vibes your way

Posted: 19 Aug 2015 17:07

Posted: 19 Aug 2015 00:47
And that sums up a huge part of the problem with our political system.

Posted: 18 Aug 2015 22:31
Happy Hump Day

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