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Always been interested in creative writing but Lush Stories is the only site where I've allowed myself to post the Erotic Stories I always thought I could write... I've been a member here now for over Five Years. I really enjoy it. It's kinda funny I guess, but I see LUSH STORIES as more of a WRITING resource than any other thing. It just SO HAPPENS we write about sex. (I could write really great stuff about World War One in the Air but nobody would read that. Well, YOU would if I put some sex in it. I should do that! LAUGHS! As well as the opportunity to post stories/poems/songs, here I have the opportunity to converse with other writers and readers. Some have become closest friends. No really. What sets LUSH apart for ME is that here there is a genuine sense of Community; I feel safe here among fellow enthusiasts. On all levels, the site is carefully and conscientiously policed for the good of all participants in whatever mode or guise. For a relatively short time, I worked here as a Moderator, and yet, having foregone that dubious pleasure, I KNOW my opinions as a site member remain listened to and regarded. I have published and posted work I'm REALLY proud of here. I have read better work by others which inspires. I have made GREAT friends here. (Once or twice I may have fallen a little bit in love...) I love it here. I'm proud to be a part of it.

Steph Stone
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Dublin, Ire., Ireland
Art, Theatre, Film, Music, Popular Literature and Smoking! I also enjoy the occasional drink. (French White Burgundy, Heroin and Carling Lager being favourites.) I have a huge interest in Military History and my non-fiction reading is mainly military stuff... Also adore stand-up comedy and yes, I have performed!
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I read ANYTHING and usually get through a novel a day! Off the top of my head, I'm a big fan of Steve King's earlier work, I love the 40's novels of Patrick Hamilton, Robert Silverberg is my favourite Sci Fi writer (though Joe Haldeman is close), Derek Robinson's War Novels are a constant pleasure, (Goshawk Squadron being among the finest novels in any genre I've ever read...) and the late lamented JG Farrel is a GENIUS. (IMO) In terms of Erotica I particularly love Edwardian stuff like The Modern Evelline and any historical re-writes. (If you know what I mean!)
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Movies: Lawrence of Arabia, Brief Encounter, The Long Riders... (I'll stop there or we'll be here all night!) TV: The Sopranos, Early Doors, Anything on BBC4, The Wire,
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I'm a music journalist so I listen to anything. Favourite single of last year? The Black Eyed Peas "I've Got A Feeling". I HATE the X Factor and all those shows. Desert Island Disc? Anything by Prokofiev.
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Topic: The Not So Secret Diary Of A Manic Depressive
Posted: 28 May 2015 02:49

40 hours (approx) later...

Well, I slept out cold for nearly 17 hours so I guess that was indeed a factor.

Back in work today, VERY SHAKY, nervous, but more or less fine.

Re-reading my post on what it feels like at the time, it really sounds like heavy withdrawal symptoms... (The irony being I've been through that a few times and it wasn't near as bad...) Thinking about it, it's not surprising that it feels like that. If your brain/body is allowing you inappropriate levels of chemicals, (Dopamine, Adrenalin etc...) for a period of days/weeks and then it just STOPS... Well, your in withdrawal, Baby...

You guys know it helps me that I have your regard and support.

xx Stephen

Topic: The Not So Secret Diary Of A Manic Depressive
Posted: 26 May 2015 18:21

Heard from some silly filly that the 4 inches was you measuring from the b-hole. That's not true is it?

I fuckin' wish, Felix...

(Four Inches is me measuring from the Car Port...)

Ask my GF...

(On days when I am SERIOUSLY excited she can still use it as a Tooth Pic...) Which is pleasant for ME and useful to HER...

xx SF

Topic: The Not So Secret Diary Of A Manic Depressive
Posted: 26 May 2015 16:38

Guys, PLEASE don't worry, I'm MUCH better... I ATE!!!

(It was a HELLISH few hours but I've had THAT SHIT last DAYS...)

I NEED to sleep, though...

Guys, I....

(You know... Thanks...)

x Stephen

Topic: Happy Birthday Mysteria27 AKA Lady M
Posted: 26 May 2015 16:20

Which one is she again?

Oh! The girl who posted in every category, has RRs and a MILLION more hits than I have...



(I met JOANNE 16 months ago when, as a MOD, I BOUNCED a tale of hers... Bounced her tale... Yes, well... Since then, we talk a lot, have become friends an even written together... Mysty is... Oh just read her...

Happy Birthday STORIN!

xx Stephen

Topic: The Not So Secret Diary Of A Manic Depressive
Posted: 26 May 2015 15:52

I heard it was about four inches.

(Levity! He'll get it...)


L x

I DON'T GET any of those Old Testament books...

xx SF

(She'll get it...)

Nicola: "I get it... BRAVE of YOU to mention THE BIBLE 'round these parts..."


Posted: 26 May 2015 14:21


Now, let's go out in our respective countries of origin, celebrate this momentous vote by getting absolutely shit-faced, and marry men.


Says The Guy In The Skirt...

xx SF

(Mate you are gracious... I... Oh you know...)

xx SF

Topic: The Not So Secret Diary Of A Manic Depressive
Posted: 26 May 2015 12:43

Would I change? Probably not. The highs are extraordinary, my mind seems to work at hyper speed, and the rush of ideas across my mind is just amazing. My confidence and self belief at such times may seem arrogant, but there are times when I really do feel as if I can walk on water. I am also indebted to those who are close to me for their understanding and support, especially because I am often cruel to them when I am at my lowest point. There is one special person here on Lush, and to her all I can say is "Thank you and I love you."

That's about the size of it.
xx SF

Posted: 26 May 2015 12:26

First of all, you need to calm the fuck down.

Secondly, when I said "the equivalent bill", I meant equivalent to the English bill Katie referred to.

Thirdly, I am not referring to civil partnerships (trust me - I've taught classes on same-sex marriage law around the world). We had those before too, but only recently legalised MARRIAGE between two people of the same sex. I'm going to my cousin's wedding and she will leave with a WIFE, not a civil partner.

Now, I have no idea if Ireland's forthcoming legislation is basically the same thing or something fundamentally different (you talk about constitution, and Britain doesn't really have one), but you seem quite confident that Ireland is a pioneer in whatever it's doing, so I'm inclined to believe you.

But rest assured, what was legislated for in Scotland last year guarantees the same rights to same-sex married couples as to opposite-sex couples. Indeed, Scotland just topped some league table about legal equality for LGBTI people. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-32683817

So yes, let's celebrate this historic occasion together with Ireland, but please don't belittle the hard work that has been done to achieve equality for LGBTI people in other parts of the world.


My tone there was IMPOLITE and I shamed myself.

I'm sorry, Mate.

I read your message MORE CAREFULLY and all points made are valid.

(Last night was a bit of a bugger, no pun intended...)

We've shared stuff, I'm sorry I was rude to you. I apologize, Cal.


Topic: The Not So Secret Diary Of A Manic Depressive
Posted: 26 May 2015 12:03



I said it, I'm ashamed of what I said, I DID NOT KNOW I wasn't well, (the CUNTIEST thing about my condition is that you don't know when it's driving you...) and My Friend knows I care for him and respect him and I was a prick in that instance.

MAYBE there is a GODHEAD, because I SURE AS SHIT was punished today...

Here's the deal.

People like ME, with Bi Pi/MD, have to fight HARDER AND MORE just to feel like everyone else. In my own case, this means I have to show EVERYONE I'm MR GENIUS UNDERPANTS... So there was THAT campaign. And then deciding to record a music album after 10 years not doing that. (It's good you'll love it...) And of course I have a real job!!! And some things that IMPACTED on me, (My brother is getting divorced, there were other issues a friend shared with me...) And then my, (let's be honest...) MY EGO DRIVEN NEED TO BE SUPER LUSH MAN...

(Something's gotta give...)

But here's how MD people think...

Need To Eat?

(Fuck That!)

Need to sleep?

(Fuck That!!)


(Fuck THAT!)

Until it CATCHES UP and you end up rolling on the floor throwing up and crying and thinking that dead might be a trip...

"There are bigger things than everything when things are not okay..."

(The IRONIC thing about trying to do EVERYTHING brilliantly is that you end up doing NOTHING very well... And we're not STUPID... We see that... Usually JUST TOO LATE before you TOTALLY fuck up...)

And I DO do some things well.

But the CONDITION waits until you are tired, worn out, uncertain... And then hops into the driving seat and speeds off with your life... (Sometimes LITERALLY...) From my computer desk I can see my work table... AND THE SCALPEL...) It's that bad...

And, FUCK YES I BEAT THE BASTARDS EVERY TIME... (But here's the trip... In the DEPTHS of the episode, there is always a moment where you want to just FUCKING give in...) Your own mind KNOWS quite how perfectly to hurt you... NO LOVER could ever hurt you quite so.

Well, not yet for me.

So, ACTUALLY, I WON'T ask for this thread to be deleted... (I was GOING to, and I'm FALLEN ROYALTY here and they WOULD if I asked...) But you get me warts and all...

Final point. I am a Bi-Polar Manic Depressive Cyclothymic person. To SAY that, to talk about it, DOES NOT MAKE ME BRAVE OR HEROIC! (In many ways I'm deeply ashamed of it... I LET PEOPLE DOWN...) And I hate that aspect of it. I HATE that it makes me scared and cry like a child. I HATE that it's trying to kill me.

But I have to live with it and so do my friends who love me.

That would be you lot.

And for your love and support I, as A FUCKING GOOD WRITER, can't find the words to say how grateful I am for your understanding.

To paraphrase Lenny Bruce, "Dick Jokes Coming Soon!"

(I needed THIS today and you were there. Thanks.)

xx SF

Topic: The Not So Secret Diary Of A Manic Depressive
Posted: 26 May 2015 10:19

Now FIVE hours later...


Realizing I AM EXHAUSTED. (I go through long periods where I just don't sleep...)

Feeling Sleepy.

Demons Quiet... (Try again NEXT TIME you CUNTS!)

"Without US you are nothing, WE MADE YOU!!!!"

No you didn't. Somebody ELSE let you into my head. Now GET BACK INTO YOUR FUCKING CAGES!

"Until next time?"

Be Quiet.

xx SF

@OMKN... (I don't take drugs of any kind these days. I've been prescribed SHIT LOADS but they zone me out so I don't use them. The Upside to that is that I can do what I do... The downside is the last six hours, but, someone here was holding my hand, and the act of talking about it helps... I'd like to thank you for your concern, too. Thank You.)

I USED to use Cocaine, Heroin, Weed and pills to self-medicate, and in MANY WAYS, that kinda worked, but again, you pay in different ways. I've been clean for nearly ten years now. (Barring a few slips, none very recent...) Just beers now and too much of that, but a man needs a vice, no?

Otherwise I'd be perfect... How Boring... (HEAVY IRONY!)

Now I need to nap. Thank you all for your help. Nice People. (I don't deserve your patience...)

xx Stephen Robinson

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Thank you so much for your Birthday Well Wishes. Thanks for making my birthday special. Hugs and Kisses...xoxo

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Just a formal thankyou for reading me. xx

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