Daddy teaches me about sex

My first time was with my dad.

OHHH what he was doing felt good, but I was afraid. My dad always said I should save sex for someone I really loved. Oh but Dave’s hand in my panties, made me want to forget everything my dad told me. I mean I was 18 and old enough to have sex, why was I still listening to that voice of my dad inside my head. Dave rubbed my clit and I found myself wanting to go farther, when suddenly the...Read On


Daddy, and his Mistress give me my first Anal

Daddy, teaches me an Anal lesson.....along with his mistress

I had been quite the little whore lately. Ever since my Dad had taken my virginity, I was a raging bundle of hormones. I loved the feeling of a hard dick inside me, and I had learned to get a guy to lick my pussy if he wanted me to suck him. I had turned a bit manipulative. My Dad gave good lessons on fucking, and I used them to my advantage. High school Senior boys were a piece of cake for...Read On


Daddy, and me and my sister

My sister finds me in a compromising position and takes full advantage.

His hard cock, shoved in and out of my willing mouth. I sucked him in and out, letting him fuck my mouth as deep or as fast as he wanted to go. My hands were tied behind my back, and his hands guided my head up and down on his throbbing erection. His breath was coming in ragged gasps, and sweat trickled down his chest. He moved away and pulled his wet cock out of my mouth. He pushed me down,...Read On


Seducing Daddy

Even though it was my birthday, I gave my dad the best gift

 I was so excited. I was finally 18. It was my birthday and my parents threw me the perfect surprise party. Everyone was there. All my friends said how awesome it was that my dad spent so much money on a DJ, and the caterer. My boyfriend wanted me to sneak out later so we could fuck, but I told him I was really tired, and had a lot to clean up. He said he understood and we made plans to go...Read On