First Time(1)



A wife's breakthrough to act out her fantasy

You are sitting on the bed, blindfolded, naked except for the soft, velvet collar at your throat and sheer hold-ups with your high-heeled shoes, in nervous anticipation of what is to follow. Your senses are acute to any changes around you and you hear the door open, with quiet murmurings of several voices. Your heart beats faster and the warmth in your body seems to concentrate in your cunt...Read On

Group Sex(1)


The Group

This was Virginia's first encounter, it won't be her last......

Virginia Preston was tall, about 5’9”, with long chestnut hair and allowed herself to be led gently into the dark room. She was aware of others present in the shadows but could not see them clearly, just hear some shuffling and a soft cough. Hands gently held her arms from behind as a soft cloth was placed over her eyes, she thought it was silk, but couldn’t be sure. Totally unable to get...Read On

Oral Sex(1)


The adviser

Where Gill gets a little more than just advice

Gill looked at the clock, it was 9.45 and she had just 15 minutes to get things sorted out before her appointment arrived. She had just got back from taking the children to school and needed to get her thoughts together, as the next hour or so would be involved. Gill was 44 and a single parent, a widow actually but it amounted to much the same thing. Left with two young children when...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


The Adviser, Part 2

Gill and Steve continue.....

Gill gently kissed Steve’s chest and neck, straddling his thigh and feeling his hands stroking her skin as she did so. Still kissing his neck, Gill started to gently push her mound against his leg feeling her pussy respond as she kept the pressure on then relaxing a little, before starting over again. Steve’s hands were cupping her buttocks, gently kneading them and Gill could feel...Read On