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Topic FAIL Thread
Posted 29 Oct 2012 14:03

Stickyvix had heard that putting the Rabbit between your legs and thrusting on it was supposed to bring on a very powerful orgasm...

Topic Watching men get erections
Posted 28 Oct 2012 04:01

I love it. I get so hot knowing that I made it go from this:

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To this:
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and then :

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Topic Self Pleasuring
Posted 28 Oct 2012 03:59

Topic So, a good cyber buddy offers you.....
Posted 17 Oct 2012 13:44

To be honest, those were my least controversial opinions on the matter.

I'm not criticising you, I can understand where you are coming from and can see why you could infer the reasons you did in some instances. I was more shocked that someone would take it to that level TBH, that is more like something I would do.

The main reason I asked is because my own thought is that simply of hygiene. Obviously there is contact from manhood to mould, and then mould to vibe, and then potentially vibe to pussy.

I know std transer etc would be minimal and obviously you would clean/sterilise as much as poss before use (or maybe not, whatever floats your boat), but to me that would still be really icky!

I would like to hear your more controversial opinions, that is why I asked the question in the first place.

Topic So, a good cyber buddy offers you.....
Posted 13 Oct 2012 12:36

That's because you put 'lets ignore the fact that you'd have to give your address' or similar at the top .... (and because the guys wouldn't be the ones in danger if an address was given out)

I did put the same at the top of this thread too!

And I never said I didn't like the answer, just thought it amusing that someone can read so much into this.

I like all the answers on both threads, they all add to the discussion.

Topic So, a good cyber buddy offers you.....
Posted 13 Oct 2012 11:51

There is a very psychological thing going on here. For most mean the urge would be to have his actual penis inside you but for your friend it's important for you to have a replica of his penis in you.

The "Clone a Willy" is directed at men who feel uncomfortable with their partners using vibrators: if his partner wants a toy then it has to be something related to him. I can almost guarantee you that any vibe made using a home kit will be utterly useless.

I'm making assumptions here but i'm thinking you're single, or at least mostly so. If you're at the stage of regularly camming with each other, then you've reached a certain level of mutual trust and the only thing barring you from having an offline relationship is the distance between you.

Wow! All that because I asked about a home made vibrator!!

It was more something that came about from a conversation with a friend, rather than something I was actually planning!

I don't think it is that pyschological, just them having a thrill knowing that it is the lumps and bumps and length and girth of their own manhood getting a girl off. The blokes thread seem to be in favour!

Topic So your Cyber friend asks you....
Posted 13 Oct 2012 03:56

OK this came from a conversation I had, so thought I would get responces.
I have asked on the Gals page too.

Firstly, lets remove the issue of giving personal details over the web, that wouldn't have to happen, you could use magic to send it.

Would you make a copy of your cock, using a mould a willy kit, make it into a vibrator then send it to a cyber friend so you could then watch them using an exact copy of your erection over a web cam?

Does that thought get you going?


Topic So, a good cyber buddy offers you.....
Posted 13 Oct 2012 03:52

I think the idea is sexy, but I don't know how willing I would be to give my address out. I guess it depends on the relationship you have with the friend.


I share your concern regarding giving the address out, hence I excluded that part from the question.

Any other thoughts?

Would you be up for it (assuming that you didn't have to give out your personal details)?

Topic So, a good cyber buddy offers you.....
Posted 12 Oct 2012 14:49

So, one of your male cyber friends wants to send you a gift. You cam together, but you have never met, live on opposite sides of the country. Assuming you can get around the Giving a Stranger Your Home Address part of internet safety (PO box, to a friend, work address etc), would you be happy to receive the following.

He has bought a Clone a Willy kit and has made a vibrator in the form of his own manhood.
He would like to send it to you so he can watch you use this new toy over the webcam.

What are your thoughts on this?

It came in conversation, so thought I would ask.


Topic what's the biggest cock that you have ever encountered? (indicate the size)
Posted 09 Oct 2012 13:50

Nine Inches

Just put a picture of it on my profile (as I can't work out how to post it on here!).

Fills me right up, stretches without hurting, and hits all the right places!

Topic Girls,What's your favourite Dirty & Explicit Song/Songs?;)
Posted 09 Oct 2012 02:27

If nothing else for the line "Panties round your knees with your ass in debris"

I am sure there are more, will check my itunes!

Topic Girls,What's your favourite Dirty & Explicit Song/Songs?;)
Posted 09 Oct 2012 02:27

But then I think that Toni Braxtons Secrets is just a great album to fuck to, and have done many times.

Topic Girls,What's your favourite Dirty & Explicit Song/Songs?;)
Posted 09 Oct 2012 02:26

Topic Electrically stimulated sex
Posted 08 Oct 2012 18:53

Not quite like that !

There are lots of toys out there that use an electrical impusle to stimulate. Just trying to find out if anyone here has tried it. And I am not talking about the torture carp that is all over the place, just used to create pwerful orgasms.

Topic Electrically stimulated sex
Posted 08 Oct 2012 02:19

I recently had an experience with a friend and her slendertone machine! The pulsing waves on the lower settings put pules and waves of pleasure deep inside me whilst she was going down one me, and when I came it took it to another level, prolonged the orgasm and really intensified it! One of the best orgasms I have ever had, deeper, longer and much quicker to appear.

This got me thinking if I others have done this (surely you have!) and also about E stim and Tens machines with electrodes on my pussy/nipples etc.

So, anyone else do this?

Topic Duchess Catherine photographed topless...A breach of privacy?
Posted 18 Sep 2012 16:05

Kate Middleton is a parasite sucking the blood of the British, Scot, Welsh and Northern Irish people. She should parade around naked for everyone to see and sell sex tapes of her and her worthless husband on the Internet to raise money for the treasury. No member of the UK's royal family deserves any privacy. If they want privacy let them get jobs and support themselves.

Urmm, Kates husband is a Helicopter Pilot in the RAF, so easily able to support her. Her parents run their own business, she doesn't have a silver spoon.

And I think it is quite plain to see that the revenue from the royal wedding - and I mean the money people spent on having a good time over that weekend in the UK, as well as all the additional tourism and global publicity that came from that one event - more than covers the costs that these 2 have generated since that day.

Every member of the ROyal family deserve privacy, just like you or I do. SO get off your bigoted soapbox and understand what they actually do.

Topic Duchess Catherine photographed topless...A breach of privacy?
Posted 18 Sep 2012 15:59

Well, since it has not been added to the thread, Kate+Wills won their court case and have an injuction against the publication of the photos. This is in France, where both the pictures were taken and the first magazine to publish are based. An Italian magazine has also published them as well as an Irish newspaper. The Editor of the newspaper has been suspended and the owners are threatening to close the paper down (though prob won't).

The defense for publishing these photos is based along the lines of "it's normal, it's nothing to be ashamed of and is modern etc.etc." was always going to be put against the "If they are that irrelevant, why bother publishing them?"

I do also wish people would have a proper understanding of the whole of the British Royal Family before they have a go at them. The Royals (collectively) do a massive amount to generate good PR for the while of the UK. The Queen spent 60 years on the thrown and is considering the number of people living off benefits in this country works harder than most of them at the age of 86. Even Prince Andrew who has a bit of reputation has done and still does much to promote british industry to foreign countries.

Lets not forget that Japan and the USA are both (in general) Royal obsessed countries and are 2 of the largest economies in the world. Look at the global hoo har about Harry in Vegas, which was really a case of "Drunk serviceman gets naked with woman in the party capital of the world" and he is hardly the most sellable royal.

Both Wills and Harry serve their country in the forces - How many politicians can say that?

Yes the royals have it lucky (with materials things, but look at their love lifes), but lets not confuse our jealousy with the benefits they bring to the country as a whole.

Lets also not forget that whilst Diana did court the press, she was killed whilst being chased by them, and Wills can only be expected to be protective in this situation. If a publication knows that they will get criticised publically, taken to court and have massive fines (and also criminal action - the editor of the french magazine could be banged up for a year) they will think twice before printing pictures in the future.

Topic Authors, If you could recommend only one of your stories, which one would it be?
Posted 15 Sep 2012 10:37

I think my best story is Waiting 2.0. I deliberately wrote it without any reference to gender, so that anyone can read it and put themselves into the position of the person telling the story, or they can put the person telling the story as their lover, friend or picture me if they choose. I enjoyed writing it and think it is my best work.

However, my most viewed and voted story is part one of my "Slut Week" series, which I am yet to finish. It is just about a slutty girl, her friend and how filthy they can be.

I would appreciate constructive criticism on either which is something which I do not see too much of on Lush, I just get lots of "that made me get myself off" type comments which is great and appreciated, But I would like some critique to improve.

Topic Sheer - See Thru
Posted 29 Aug 2012 06:49

Topic What is my obsession with this guy?
Posted 28 Aug 2012 11:39

Also sounds to me like you where expecting a fuck, where looking forward to a fuck, and had added a fuck to the list of things that you would be doing on this weekender. Like you would feel let down if you went to a festival and your favourite band, even though not the headline act, who where going to play didn't at the last minute. You'd be gutted they didn't play, have a good time anyways, but be left feeling a little dejected let down because you where expecting a performance to boost the weekend.

You probably also feel let down because he didn't let you know (for whatever reason) beforehand that your where not going to fuck, which would have been nice.

On the flip side, he may have caught crabs since the last time, so you might have missed out on a whole load of itching......;)

Topic Women on Women
Posted 18 Aug 2012 14:54

GRRRRR won't post image!

Topic What can I tell him about my past that won't scare him away
Posted 24 Jul 2012 08:34

Just tell him. If talking about all the kinky shit you have done in the past doesn't keep him hard, no drugs will!
Seriously, go buy some toys and let your kink come through, even if he is getting you off with a dildo, he would rather that than be worrying your going to run off with a guy with a bigger dick who can stay hard long enough to have sex.

Topic £11k of sex toys stolen - come on 'fess up!
Posted 15 May 2012 08:13

Which one of you was it? To tight to buy new ones after wearing out your own?

Topic Win a Lush Gold membership!
Posted 12 May 2012 14:17

29 please

Topic NO Pics of your EX
Posted 05 May 2012 10:36

With regards copyright etc. in the UK the copyright owner of a picture is the person that took that picture, so legally someone in a photo has no rights to ask for it to be removed, unless they took a self portrait. I do agree with copyrighted photos, on here that could/should be more of an issue. And I have also seen numerous pictures that have been "borrowed" from Ex sites. But seeing as the pictures drive traffic to the site, which generates revenue to keep the site open (and mayb a little more) I can't see that changing anytime soon.