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when you're about again give me a shout you know who you are xxx

28 May 2014 11:00

i'm thinking i've just had fun !!!!!

30 Apr 2014 09:53

have recently had a very nice encounter with an asian lady a real turn on !!

14 Jan 2013 03:19

im thinking god i feel horny lol

05 Nov 2012 06:51

just got back from having my hair cut,Julie was looking stunning as usual in a tight black t-shirt,her large boobs looking good enough to eat lol going to spend the afternoon fantasizing about sex at the hairdressers lol

09 May 2012 04:20

day off today so time to read a few stories and maybe a chat or two

23 Apr 2012 03:35

day off today so just chilling out hopefully chat with a few people

16 Jan 2012 02:58

just finished reading morning sun, very sexy great story well done pennlady

21 Oct 2011 04:00

been reading stories all day some days are just great :-)

18 Oct 2011 08:17