First Time(1)


College Nights

A story about a couple that is less sexy and more romantic than anything.

The lounge music was slow and steady. A low murmur of talk filled the room. The gentle clink of glasses. My leg twitched nervously as I waited. Self-concious thoughts ran through my mind: How is my hair? Am I wearing the right dress? I had never had particularly high self-esteem, though Chris told me I was beautiful every day. Chris. I leaned back in the seat and closed my eyes. Even...Read On




Sara and Grace explore their lesbian sides for the first time.

Sara and I had been close friends since our sophomore year of high school. I guess that's where I should begin. You know how close friends get, how you get to be physically as well as emotionally close, and you are so comfortable around them you feel like you could do anything. That's how it was with Sara and I. Sara is petite and pretty, and always makes me laugh. I, curvier - particularly...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


The Professor - Part I

In Part I, we learn more about Alli, her boyfriend, and her new teacher

I glanced at my schedule one last time, just to double check that I had my poetry class next. Sighing slightly, I hitched my bookbag up on my shoulder and headed over to the building. "Ali!" I heard a voice call behind me. I flinched and turned; there was my roommate's friend, Erin, running toward me in a pair of platforms, red curls bouncing, along with her breasts. I am 100% straight,...Read On