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I love wearing stockings. I love the feel when you glide your hand over them, the sensation is like an electric shock that goes straight to your genitalia. That tight feeling that always lets you know you are wearing them. I wear them daily now under my regular clothing and constantly get up from my desk during the work day just so I can feel my pants rub against them. I envy women in that they can wear them openly and feel the air rush past.

I enjoy stories about crossdressing and exhibitionism and being caught at both.

Story writing is something that I am beginning to truly enjoy. My Stories are grouped in series even if they weren't written in order. I write as a way to express myself and my desires and that is why I have removed scoring on my stories. It is not because I feel that I am a great writer, it is simply because I feel that if you enjoy it you will leave a comment.

I have always been a bit creative in other aspects of my life but always thought of writing as a chore, then I found Lush. When I first started writing here, I read some of the forums that said that reading other stories will help your writing skills. Being the hardheaded bastard that I am I thought that that was poppycock, but read anyway just for the enjoyment and guess what I learned? You can improve your own writing skills by reading other's work and comparing it to your own. I also found that just like other artistic endeavors writing is something that you cannot force and must allow to cum to you when it is ready. ;)

Denise Lovestocum
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17 Jul 2018 01:49
Exercising enough to keep myself in decent shape, Gardening, DIY Home Improvement and of course Stockings!
Favorite Books:
Desperation, Thinner and the Dark Tower series (which I haven't finished yet), Jonathon Livingston Seagull (a favorite from my youth)
Favorite Authors:
Stephen King, Dean Koontz
Favorite Movies:
Too many to mention. I am a movie junkie.
Favourite TV Shows:
Ozark, The Blacklist, The Big Bang Theory, Elementary, Ray Donovan, Scorpion and Faceoff to name a few.
Favorite Music:
Van Halen (I love watching Eddie play), Ozzy, Boston, Heart, AC/DC, Motley Crue, The Rolling Stones, Elvis (In my opinion, there has never been a voice to compare to his), Travis Tritt, any Motown and much more.


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25 Oct 2012
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16 Jul 2018
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He was always a user. John’s particular thing was sex with anyone, male or female. He just wanted to dump his load and leave. We grew up together and throughout our high school and college years he always had a girlfriend.  Of course, that never stopped him from emptying his load into any willing recipient without any remorse.  On occasion, he would even hit on me, hoping to get a...

Added 08 Jul 2018 | Category Fetish | Views 1,012 | 3 Comments

The Spinner Series: The Boat

It was another beach weekend coming up for Jennifer and me, but this time we invited my best friend Ted and his girlfriend, Tina. Ted called me Thursday to say that Tina had a family funeral that came up at the last minute so she couldn’t come down.   I asked Ted if he was going to the funeral and he said, “No, it’s out of state so she’s going with family so they won’t be back until Monday...

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The Spinner Series: The Changing Room

Her name was Jennifer and she had superbly muscled thighs and ass from years of horseback riding. She was a small A cup, barely having much more than great nipples. They were so small that she never wore a bra and only occasionally wore chemises just so her areolas wouldn’t show. I loved the fact that most times I could see her nipples whenever she bent over. This story is about a shopping...

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Getting Into Evelyn

I was eighteen and my girlfriend was attending an all-girls college about thirty minutes from where we both grew up. Anne was a cute brunette with a dancer's body, which meant she had spectacular legs and an ass that begged to be fondled. It also meant that she was an A-cup, but that never bothered me for a second. I would go up to visit her every weekend and was allowed to spend the night...

Added 10 Mar 2018 | Category College Sex | Views 28,329 | 5 Comments


She was half my age and made it pretty obvious that she would fuck me anytime and anywhere but I was married and scared. Ashley had been a customer of mine since she was eighteen and was always a wild child. She stood five foot six with blonde hair and curves that would make any woman envious. Her physical attributes were just the beginning as she was intelligent and had common sense too. ...

Added 05 Mar 2018 | Category Cheating | Views 11,564 | 7 Comments

A Freebie for Randy - continued

The Saturday morning after giving Randy a freebie I awoke feeling happy and very horny. I was still lying in bed enjoying the smooth feel of my soft skin and the silk camisole and panty set that I put on before bed.  While I was having a good time with myself and my favorite dildo, I heard a knock on the door.  Leaning towards the window I saw the UPS man walking back towards his truck, and...

Added 19 Jun 2018 | Category Crossdressing | Views 4,023 | 2 Comments

A Freebie for Randy

In the aftermath of our first paid sexual encounter, I lay bent over the desk with my ass pleasantly sore and leaking cum down my stocking covered legs. Randy had left moments after pulling out of me, but I stayed on the desk for about twenty minutes just enjoying the feeling of being used. After cleaning myself up I went back to my desk, still dressed in my all-red outfit, and began to order...

Added 28 Feb 2018 | Category Office Sex | Views 11,902 | 1 Comment

Randy Made Me An Offer

It had been about a month since the night that Randy had forced his way into my life. Since his office was upstairs from my business we saw a lot of each other, but he never mentioned that night until today. Unbeknownst to him, I had thought of that night fairly regularly even though Al and I were still going at it pretty often. He was after all well hung and quite good at manipulating...

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Our New Normal

It was Wednesday night and I was driving home from work with a raging hard-on. My wife and I have had our normal twice-a-week love making curtailed for the last few months due to her elderly mother moving in with us. Having trickled down to once every week or two, neither of us were happy about it, but you have to help family. To make things worse, for the last couple of weeks, we'd...

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A Threesome with Al!!

Knowing that Dan and Al might want to chat a bit, I floated out into the pool on my back and enjoyed the sunshine. Floating along, I kept an eye on them to see how the talk was going and from my perspective it looked good. They were smiling and Dan was making hand gestures that led me to believe that he loved my round smooth ass. Then it seemed Al was commenting on how much he enjoyed fucking...

Added 08 Jan 2018 | Category Gay Male | Views 4,733 | 2 Comments

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