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I love wearing stockings. I love the feel when you glide your hand over them, the sensation is like an electric shock that goes straight to your genitalia. That tight feeling that always let's you know you are wearing them. I wear them daily now under my regular clothing and constantly get up from my desk during the work day just so I can feel my pants rub against them. I envy women in that they can wear them openly and feel the air rush past.

I am a late bloomer as far as wearing women's clothes but have always had a feminine side. I have enjoyed anal stimulation for as long as I can remember but have never had sex with a man. I would love to feel a real cock and I think that's why I am drawn to crossdressers and transsexuals.

I don't go into the chat rooms as I am rather shy. I enjoy this site for the stories and talking to people who share my interests.

I am not a friend collector so if you friend me and we don't seem to have common interests don't be suprised if I turn you down.

I enjoy stories about crossdressing and exhibitionism and being caught at both.

Story writing is something that I am beginning to truly enjoy. I write as a way to express myself and my desires and that is why I have removed scoring on my stories. It is not because I feel that I am a great writer, it is simply because I feel that if you enjoy it you will leave a comment.

I have always been a bit creative in other aspects of my life but always thought of writing as a chore, then I found Lush. When I first started writing here, I read some of the forums that said that reading other stories will help your writing skills. Being the hardheaded bastard that I am I thought that that was poppycock, but read anyway just for the enjoyment and guess what I learned? You can improve your own writing skills by reading other's work and comparing it to your own. I also found that just like other artistic endeavors writing is something that you cannot force and must allow to cum to you when it is ready. ;)

Denise Lovestocum
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In stockingland, Maryland, United States
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23 Oct 2017 11:55
Exercising enough to keep myself in decent shape, Gardening, DIY Home Improvement and of course Stockings!
Favorite Books:
Desperation, Thinner and the Dark Tower series (which I haven't finished yet), Jonathon Livingston Seagull (a favorite from my youth)
Favorite Authors:
Stephen King, Dean Koontz
Favorite Movies:
Too many to mention. I am a movie junkie.
Favourite TV Shows:
The Blacklist, The Big Bang Theory, Elementary, Ray Donovan, Scorpion and Faceoff to name a few.
Favorite Music:
Van Halen (I love watching Eddie play), Ozzy, Boston, Heart, AC/DC, Motley Crue, The Rolling Stones, Elvis (In my opinion, there has never been a voice to compare to his), Travis Tritt, any Motown and much more.


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25 Oct 2012
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23 Oct 2017
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The Willing Voyeur, Part 4

Anne and I spoke daily after our recent coupling. Most of the talk was about what we could do next to top our last exhibition of her glorious body. After much back and forth we ultimately decided that we needed to go public to really get her juices flowing. My office is just a couple of blocks from the downtown area of an older but revitalized small city. It’s one of those downtowns with...

Added 21 Mar 2017 | Category Exhibitionism | Views 4,176 | 1 Comment

The Willing Voyeur, Part 3

The problem with our next planned meeting was that Friday is my busiest day of the week. Now I don’t have any real problem customers, but you just never know how some people will react to a beautiful exhibitionist, especially in close quarters. I knew that she would probably be quite happy with just staying in the office as other customers came and went, but I was hoping to get Anne out of...

Added 17 Feb 2017 | Category Exhibitionism | Views 3,196 | 5 Comments

Saturday With Al

After a great night of sleep, I awoke Saturday morning thinking of spending the day making love to Al. After coffee, I drew a nice hot bath and proceeded to spend the next thirty minutes getting clean and smooth. After drying off I applied liberal amounts of a lavender-scented lotion to keep me soft and smelling nice. I also made sure that my feet were quite soft as well, since that seemed...

Added 09 Feb 2017 | Category Crossdressing | Views 5,689 | 4 Comments

It Wasn't Love But It Sure Felt Good!

Al called me first thing Saturday morning to express how much he enjoyed our time together last night. He also asked if we could do it again soon. I told him that we could this coming Friday if he was available. I could show him some of my other outfits and the pictures that he took of me as well. He gleefully responded that it was a date. As the week progressed ever so slowly, we spoke...

Added 10 Jan 2017 | Category Crossdressing | Views 6,451 | 5 Comments

An Unexpected Love Story

I was so looking forward to Friday. My latest order of lingerie was scheduled to be delivered and knew that I would have some time after closing to try it all on. I own a small business and I work alone on Fridays for this very reason, it gives me time to indulge my secret passion. Getting dressed really helps me relax after a stressful week and have a back room where I can also take pictures....

Added 07 Jan 2017 | Category Crossdressing | Views 9,320 | 8 Comments

The Willing Voyeur, Part 2

For obvious reasons, I locked the door the moment that Anne pulled out of the parking lot. With her panties in my right hand and pressed to my face, I inhaled her scent deeply. With my cock in my left hand I began stroking and it didn’t take long before I was filling my trashcan with cum. I tried working on her renter’s quote several times but ,every time I started, it would lead to my...

Added 28 Apr 2016 | Category Voyeur | Views 3,212

Alley Anal

His cock was pumping like a slow piston in and out of my ass and my face was pressed up against a brick wall in the alley. Both of my nipples were being pinched and rolled to excruciating delight. My new friend had only been at it for about two minutes and I was already on the edge of a mind-blowing orgasm, but let me rewind a little. I work for a small manufacturing company and we...

Added 24 Apr 2016 | Category Anal | Views 16,042 | 8 Comments

The Driving Exhibitionist, Part 4

As we lay on our sides still licking and lightly sucking each other’s softening cock, I wanted to please Sam even more. Sliding down a little further, I gently sucked his hairless balls into my mouth and caressed them with my tongue until I noticed that his cock was starting to harden. Wanting to make him really hard and ready to give me a great fucking, I released his balls and slid my...

Added 21 Mar 2016 | Category Gay Male | Views 4,607 | 4 Comments

The Willing Voyeur

I know it sounds like an odd title. What voyeur wouldn’t be willing? The trick is to be able to only be a voyeur, when the object of your desire is sitting across the desk from you. Now, on to the story. It all started about a year ago when I got a call from a prospective client that had recently moved into town. I own a small independent insurance agency and work with about twenty...

Added 05 Jan 2016 | Category Voyeur | Views 6,684 | 8 Comments

The Driving Exhibitionist, Part 3

After making love to me, Sam asked me to accompany him on his week-end trip to North Carolina. While we both recovered from our first time together, we kissed and fondled each other like long time lovers. As Sam started to harden again, I slipped him out just long enough to flip onto my belly. I knew that we would have a limited number of chances to have sex on our trip, and I wanted him in...

Added 23 Dec 2015 | Category Gay Male | Views 5,668 | 4 Comments

Stories Coauthored By stockingluvr

Caught With Our Panties Down

FAYE: It is a beautiful spring day that my wife Elaine and I arrive early at your house. After a little coffee and conversation, Elaine and your wife Jackie take off for the drive to Baltimore for a day of shopping.  The girls look gorgeous together: Elaine is a diminutive brunette with shoulder length hair that curls into her neck, a knockout figure and medium sized perfect breasts....

Added 04 May 2017 | Category Bisexual | Votes 13 | Avg Score 5 | Views 11,680 | 5 Comments

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