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Just a guy, a horny guy most the time, who enjoys looking at a woman's figure too often. I always hope that makes her happy and she smiles. Don't be so self consious about my eyes on you. It's a compliment to be honest.

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NWO, Ohio, United States
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Women, personalities, bodies, smiles, eyes, glances, breasts, and let's not forget a woman's hips or asses either, plus their thighs. I do enjoy a good set of hips and last but not least, smiles. Personally I enjoy reading mystery and suspense as well as erotica.
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Suspense and Mysytery with shades of romance and/or lust in them
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Too many to name
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Open Range and other westerns; action flicks; some romantic movies too.
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older rock and roll


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31 Jan 2011
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Topic: Do you have a Dirty Mind?
Posted: 26 Sep 2012 03:13

Yes I am always looking and always thinking or wishing

Topic: Hey Girls, What do you fantasize about most frequently when masturbating?
Posted: 06 Sep 2012 05:10

I want the girl I'd be with to tell me she needs to be licked. She needs it terribly and she practically begs me not to stop. I'll get naked, almost, and I'll get down on my knees. I'll dive in and go at her, letting my tongue dive into her pussy and making her "bleed" cum like she isn't able t stop having orgasms as I lick her continuously. That's what I want today at least!

Topic: A WISH
Posted: 06 Sep 2012 00:26

I wish some girl would come up to me and say "Will you spend some time with me at my place?"

Topic: Skinny,Curvy,BBW
Posted: 05 Dec 2011 01:05

Curvy with "fluff" around the figure. I love that softness.

Topic: Swallow. Spit. Smile. Share.
Posted: 09 Feb 2011 01:31

Even if I don't love her, I want to kiss, and I sure want her to also. Does she want to? I sure hope so...it shows some desire, if any, hidden deep inside her.

Topic: Things you shouldn't do but do anyway....
Posted: 06 Feb 2011 03:40

Stare at girl's breasts, too long.

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Adoptive Mother, Reporter slowly gets involved in story

And if you can believe this as well…I did come back the following day and as the day before she looked incredible. She wore a printed colorful dress which, to me, said it all. I couldn’t wait to hear more of her adventures about her and Max and what they done together, in bed, that would have me wondering about her and her lifestyle, desires, and let’s not forget her dreams as well. The...

Added 27 Dec 2015 | Category Incest | Votes 0 | Avg Score 0 | Views 1,859

Michael and Ellen A New Beginning

He always kind of knew what he liked seeing on a woman once she entered a room. That never seemed to change. Michael, having moved up in his company two years later, was still single at the age of 31, but in truth he did not care that he was. He’d had his share of women, not that it was his goal, but to be with a special woman such as his cousin Ellen he told himself was something...

Added 21 Jul 2015 | Category Incest | Votes 0 | Avg Score 0 | Views 180

Michael and Ellen

Ellen finally graduated from college after being in college for longer then she wanted to, which was just over six years. She had gotten a job that promised her big bonus checks as long as she could sell her clients on the terrific “package” the company sold to its customers. She’d done that too. She made a sale. It was a big one at that. She was so delighted that she’d gotten it...

Added 21 Sep 2014 | Category Incest | Votes 0 | Avg Score 0 | Views 200

Daddy's Daughter Gracie

The daughter, after having been with her daddy, and all that he’d done with her and for her went back to her room. She loved how she felt. She loved feeling his cock in her hands and in her mouth as well. As far as she was concerned she’d let him do it all over again with her but one thing was for sure. Gracie absolutely loved how her daddy’s cock felt inside her mouth for sure. No man’s...

Added 19 Feb 2014 | Category Incest | Votes 0 | Avg Score 0 | Views 304

The Elusive Handsome Uncle

She remembered him. Not too well but she did, seeing as she was a very young girl at the time of his graduation. Instead of going on to work for some company her uncle, Aaron Chesapeake Campbell, had decided to travel around the world. And that was what he did. Let me first start off a little about him. As a kid growing up and into his college years, Aaron was relatively tall but somewhat...

Added 19 Dec 2013 | Category Incest | Votes 0 | Avg Score 0 | Views 176

Daddy's Daughter, Gracie

After she left her daddy’s room, a thousand thoughts and ideas started to run through her mind. The 18 year old daughter, Gracie, headed back to her room, but with some hesitancy as she wished she could have stayed with him all night long. Seeing as she did go back to her room she could still feel it all. She loved how his body felt all over hers. She began to smile as she “felt” him all...

Added 04 Nov 2013 | Category Incest | Votes 0 | Avg Score 0 | Views 217

His Senior Project

They were just about to graduate but only one thing was holding them back. That was the Senior Project they were required to do. They hadn’t come up with an idea and had to start there at least. They knew they had to have that done and so they headed home and spent some time thinking about it. They thought hard that night. Time was closing in. Jefferson even went to bed thinking about it. He...

Added 20 Mar 2013 | Category First Time | Votes 6 | Avg Score 4.5 | Views 22,247 | 2 Comments

The Second Black Friday Sale

As they lie in bed, his arm was around her as they snuggled closely. She told herself God, he’s good. I could do this all night with him. Then she smiled. Once that idea came to her she felt the sensations in her body. Her heart warmed and her loins did too. Something from somewhere told her she was ready to do it all over again with him. She could easily have sex with her brother in law as...

Added 10 Mar 2013 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 2 | Avg Score 4 | Views 8,279

Time with Amelia

Okay, I’ll admit the truth. As a 29 year old male who had a few dates in his time, I hadn’t ever “been” with a woman…never to be honest. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve always wanted to be with one but my chances haven’t…well I don’t think I’m qualified as a man goes. The idea of being with a woman grew on me. They grew on me a lot and as I got older, the idea to be with one started to grow on me...

Added 01 Feb 2013 | Category Incest | Votes 0 | Avg Score 0 | Views 153

Adoptive Mother

If you can believe this…this happened back in 1964. As the daughter of his mother, she was told to “get rid of him.” She couldn’t, at least not in the way the kid’s mother wanted her to, and so she made a different decision. She took the boy to an adoption. It was called Boy’s Home for Adoption. Knowing that the infant’s mother was as poor as she was she knew they couldn’t keep him, and so...

Added 31 Dec 2012 | Category Incest | Votes 0 | Avg Score 0 | Views 654

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