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I always wonder what you like best in life.

01 Nov 2011 03:16

Is there someone, anyone who is interested around town in spending a couple hours in a bath tub and enjoying the fruits of my labor, so to speak?

21 Oct 2011 00:44

OKay , here it is... I'm a decent looking guy but with a body which does not match. Too many "ruffles" if you will. And I know young ladies don't care for that. I care for them, regardless.

16 Oct 2011 01:53

I'd show you my body but does a good loooking woman, who loves thinking about sex all the time want to see my body?

14 Oct 2011 03:45

I'd love to make love to a girl, a woman, and treat her like she wants to be treated... with love and respect and physically tender needs addressed as well.

09 Oct 2011 02:46

I'd like to try and have sex out on the golf course some day. What do you think?

06 Sep 2011 02:27

I'd love to lay down on the floor, with no hardly any clothes on, and hold her closely, telling her for the very first time how attractive she is in my opinion. Then before doing anything else I'd kiss Tracy on the neck hoping she could appreciate the warmth of that kiss. Afterwards, i'd love to hold her closely and kiss her everywhere on he beautiful thick luscious body. She is precious

23 Jul 2011 04:16

I'd love to go up to her, tell her how great she looks, and see her turn around and smile, wondering if it would be okay to explore it...what I told her...that she is very attractive and that I really like her figure, and its features. I'd look back at her as I leave and nod to assure her I mean what I told her.

06 Feb 2011 00:32

I'm thinking that it would be great if some woman came up and said hi and suddenly sat down for no reason at all. Then she starts carrying on a conversation. Before I know it, she's telling me she's looking for a nice guy to spend some quality time bed. Then she turns and looks at me and the look on her face says it all. Am I that kind of person. I smile and start thinking about my options. Yes? Or no? Am I that person?

Ohhhh yeah!

05 Feb 2011 03:36