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The Corset - Part 1 of 2

Maggie goes in search of satisfaction after her breakup, finding it big time

It was a Saturday, three weeks after my boyfriend and I had broken up. The break was really a mutual thing. We both knew that it was inevitable, so we lanced the boil.

Since that day I had brooded over him, us, loss—enough was enough, I decided to go out with the explicit intent of hooking-up. If it did not cure the blues, it would certainly erase it from my mind for hours, if not days or hopefully forever.

I spent the afternoon doing all the things us girls do to feel sexy and attract the opposite sex. By 8 pm I was heading to my favorite club wearing a red and black, lace-covered bustier and denim miniskirt. The bustier fit my form very nicely. Its cups barely covered my nips while pushing my perky C’s into seductive prominence. At the last minute I stripped off my thong; the merchandise could now make peeking appearances.

While driving, I flashed on one of my fantasies, a custom-made, boned, leather corset. I knew a bustier revealed my attributes to good advantage, but having developed something of a bondage fetish, the thought of a strong, binding corset constraining me, as it exhibited my assets, was quite arousing. Acquiring one was on my to-do list. I just had never found the exact one that suited me perfectly. One day... For now, the bustier would have to suffice.   

Arriving at the club, my focus shifted from my appearance to hopefully meeting mister right-for-the-night. The friendly doorman looked me up and down, then smiled and waved me in for free. The club was packed. The DJ was spinning tunes with a driving beat. Everyone there was looking for some version of the same purpose: to show their skills and attributes, to tease, tempt, and fascinate, to hook-up for wild and wicked sex.

I think he spotted me before I spotted him, but that was never actually determined. We came together and just started dancing. It was his eyes. They were dark and mesmerizing, seeming to pierce my soul directly. I was transfixed, feeling bound to him, almost feeling the ropes.

As the song ended, I gasped. His fingers had captured my nipples and pulled me close. My elixir was already oozing down my thighs. Pain and pleasure assaulted my brain as he whispered in my ear, “I’m going to fuck you senseless.”

All I could do was mumble, “Yes” and then wonder why I had agreed so submissively. Sure, I wanted what he was boldly proclaiming, but to submit, as I did, to his audacious treatment of me would normally be inconceivable.

Next, I was passively following him outside. He stopped and faced me. After the briefest exploration of my soppy kitty, a rough finger unexpectedly slid quickly and totally into me, lifting me partially off the ground. Our lips met, tongues intertwining. Never in my life had I wanted anything so much as to be taken by this man, a man whose name was still unknown.

The combination of his finger and thumb working my pussy, as he also squeezed and rubbed a nipple, rushed me headlong into my first orgasm. Crying out into the night, my legs weakened and shook in exquisite orgasmic throes. Impaled on his finger, I slumped against him. He supported me as if I was weightless.

My next clear memory was sucking his cock as he drove with one hand and used the other to persistently tweak one of my nipples. This “thing” in my hand and mouth was the biggest one I had ever actually held. Sure, I’d seen many pictures, but to really have it up close and personal was a way different thing. My only thoughts were how much fun I was currently having and the anticipation of, as he put it, fucking me “senseless.” Could that really happen?

“Damn girl, you suck a mean cock! Most can’t handle it near as good.” Pushing my head down even further, he went on, “I can’t wait to get in you. Gonna stretch you wide and plumb your deepest depths, depths no other cock has ever reached.”

I suddenly realized that in my jazzed passion, I had not really thought about my potential physical limitations. Guys had always told me they loved how tight I was, and also that they loved how deep they could go. But what if—

“Don’t stop now girl! I’m enjoying the hell out of this. You’re one talented woman! Bet you’ve heard that before.” A deep rumbling laugh emanated from him as he clutched my hair and urged me downward. My apprehensions vanished as I reveled in the feeling of my lips and tongue sucking and licking that beast.

Having lost all conception of time when the vehicle slowed and stopped, I didn’t abandon my efforts—I was loving what I was doing. All sense of decorum had left me. No point in being my initially demure and modest self at this point. I wanted what he had, and he clearly had every intention of giving it to me.

Pulling me off him, he said, “C’mon Baby Girl let’s hit it. I wanna start taking care of business with you.” As we got out of the car and walked toward his house he asked, “By the way, what’s your name?”

“Maggie. What’s yours?”

“For now, just call me Big Daddy. You’ll be my Baby Girl. I think at this moment you need a Big Daddy to take care of you like you’ve never been taken care of before. Am I right?”

He was right. My cravings were deep, and I had demons to exorcise. Could he really see into my soul?

His equipment was way more than anything I had ever hoped for. Fingers crossed. Please don’t let it be more than I was ready for ran through my mind. Hell, after that car ride, I was ready for anything! My expectations were overflowing like the proverbial cup. Speaking of overflowing, as I walked, I felt squooshy. There was no doubt my juices were making their way down my thighs, a very unusual event for me. Wet was one thing, almost gushing was another.

As he opened the door I replied, “You are so right about my needs! I’m taking a leap of faith and trust right now. If that is not abused, too much anyway, I’m your Baby Girl. Bring it on!”

Bring it on he did.   

Soon we were both walking naked into his bedroom, a trail of clothes being left behind us. The bed awaited, a bed with ropes and leather cuffs laid out. Clearly, they weren’t for him, although that was an interesting thought.

“I need to be restrained?” I asked with a doubtful look.

“It’s for your benefit.”

“And how’s that exactly?” I knew I was going to let him, but the banter was fun.

“Women who tend to cum easily and often find more enjoyment when their body movements do not interfere with their physical response,” he replied nonchalantly.

“And you know I am such a woman how exactly?” I couldn’t wait for the answer to that.

“I could see it in you. Am I wrong?”

He sort of had me there, because of course I was such a woman, but just how was he so sure? His piercing eyes had been a bit unnerving at first... and were right now as well—I felt his intense stare boring into me.  

“No, you’re not wrong,” I half mumbled, arranging myself on the bed, ready to accept the cuffs.

After my arms were secured, he disappeared for a moment and then was between my legs holding what I knew immediately.

“Recognize this Baby Girl?”

About to lie, I figured what’s the point. “Ya, a butt plug,” my voice quavering with some trepidation of its implications.

“Good girl. Now relax. You know it goes in easier if you do.”

“Oh god, you think I’m going to take—“

“Just relax. We’ll explore that later. It’s just good to know that my intuition regarding your experience in this area was correct... There, see easy-peasy.”  

He was right. I relaxed, and it went in with little pressure. Memories came back from the not too distant past...

He quickly secured my legs in a manner giving him maximum access to... well, me.

“Are you a squirter?”

“Can’t you divine that? You seem to know everything about me,” I shot back.

“Well, from the way you are currently dripping like a leaky faucet I would think so, but no harm in asking.”

I felt the blush run across my face. “Sometimes. I never know until it happens... God, can’t your ‘intuition’ tell that I’m dying here! Are you going to fuck me or what!?”

That’s when his cock first slapped down on my clit. Whap!

“Fuck!” I screamed reflexively, twisting against my bonds.

“Not yet, but soon Baby Girl,” he said as he let out his deep laugh and applied ever more slaps, driving me ever closer to my first orgasm.

It seemed like no time had elapsed when the telling feelings began. My leg and arm muscles tensed. I fought the ropes even more. Then...

“I’m cumming! Ohh god damn, god damn, yes, YES, fuck YES!”  

I slowly relaxed as he watched me, just watched me like a spider watching its prey caught in its web. Then he did it to me again... and again... over and over, until I was literally crying and begging for him to put it in me.

“Daddy, Big Daddy, please give it to me. Put that monster in me! Stretch me to the max. Please Daddy, please. I want it so bad. No, I need it so bad! I’m begging Daddy!”

Half exhaust already, trying to be calm, knowing I had no control, dripping in my own sweat—that’s when I felt it at my entrance for the first time. It had been sliding up and down between my lips, teasing me, but now it was pushing, pushing gently. I struggled against the ropes to push back to him, wanting to pull it into me, as if I could...

Slowly, I half-whispered, “God yes Daddy... It feels so good... Oh, I love it slow... I love to feel myself being stretched, stretched way beyond ever... God, it is so going to fill me... I never even imagined... Daddy I love you... Oh god, how much is in?”

“More than half.”

“YES! Daddy, do me slow when it's all in, pleassee!”

This was a true yin-yang. I’d never come close to being stretched like Big Daddy was doing. The sensation was a mixture of a bit of pain, really more like discomfort, and ecstasy, the rapture of pure, physical sexual pleasure and emotional passion.            

Just as I was beginning to wonder if I could really take it all, I felt his body squeeze and rub against me. I did it! I felt like I had just conquered Everest or something. Okay, I’m a goal-oriented person. I was never fully convinced my body would cope, or if necessary, endure, but it had.

“Daddy! It’s wonderful, a perfect fit.” There was no acknowledgment.  He stared into my eyes and started to slowly move in and almost out, back and forth, to and fro—I was in his thrall and loved it!

This was almost like losing my virginity all over again. Here I was, a twenty-four-year-old woman, with... let's just say... ten, give or take, former lovers, but the sensations, the wonderfully strong sensations were totally new to me.

I don’t know how many strokes he made when the familiar feelings began to build. Another orgasm was not far away. This was different from the previous. It was not so abrupt. I was tense and pulling at my tethers, but not frantically. Then it washed over me in a wave, leaving me panting, as with the others, but also leaving a feeling of craving serenity.

“Oh god, Daddy! That was wonderful beyond description. You’ve taken me to a sexual nirvana I didn’t know existed. Now you’ve made me yours, so reap the benefits. Have your way with me!” And so he did, many times, over and over. It was dawning on me that the “senseless” thing was not as farfetched as I imagined. It was getting more difficult to recover from each orgasm. He was going faster and faster, plunging harder and harder, making me cum quicker and quicker. The gasping I experienced after each one was beginning to become almost nonstop.

Then my vision got hazy. The room began to rotate. I could not think properly. Everything went black. I was out like a light with no idea how long it lasted. He told me later that my eyes rolled up just before I passed out and that it lasted less than a minute. I do know my awakening was like coming out of a fog into the light—he was still in me and I loved it.  

“Oh my god Big Daddy! Oh. My. God. You actually did it. You made me pass out, pass out from the most fun and exciting thing I know. Maybe I should be calling you Svengali. That’s it, Big Daddy Svengali.”

Throughout my ravings, he just laughed his deep laugh.

“That’s it, laugh at me. The poor, defenseless girl you have tied to your bed. Speaking of tied, how about setting me free?”

As I was engaged in my fervent rant, my vag muscles were squeezing and releasing his cock. I was sure he did not know if it was on purpose or an unconscious reaction, but he had to know that I wanted more. He released my shackles—I was sure in preparation for future fun.

Half relieved, half disappointed, I began stretching to soothe the muscle aches in my arms and, especially, legs. It was obvious that the snakish writhing of my body made him want to jump back on me. He must have known what he had in me and hoped this evening was not a one-off.

He suggested a bit of rest and hydration for both of us; I was happy to accept. After a shorter time than I’m sure he expected, and probably amazed by my apparent recovery, I moved to him as he sat. Steering his still hard cock into me, I glided down, legs wrapping around him. Wiggling my bottom, I began stroking and fondling the hair on his chest. “So is Daddy ready for round two of my ravishment?“    

He snatched my rock-hard nipples, jerking me close to him as he forcefully squeezed them.

Not displaying any distress, I exclaimed, “Oh yes Daddy! They’ve needed attention. Show them who’s in charge.”

Feeling my muscles once again squeezing him, he maintained his tight grasp as we kissed. Releasing my nips, he pushed me backward and followed me down, using his hands to break our fall. The sudden stop forced him deeper into me than he'd been. My reaction was a powerful clinch of his manhood as I blurted, ”Oh god Daddy!”

We both delighted in a few of his ups and downs in my tight, slippery pussy. Then he pushed off and disappeared briefly. Returning with a large, upholstered, barrel-like object, he instructed me to make room for it and then to lay face-down over it.

I complied. It actually supported me quite nicely. Its intent was clear—to keep me in a doggy-style position with little effort on my part. That was good; I had little effort to give.

“I bought an old bean bag chair at a thrift store, had the barrel-like soft container made and filled it with the old beans. Pretty cool, huh?”

“Yeah. It’s pretty comfortable. Sooo... now what’s the situation with the plug?”

“It’s lookin good so it’s going to stay where it is for a bit, as I again enjoy your beautiful pussy. I have to say, from this view, you have the best looking, sexiest rear I’ve ever seen on a woman. Your lips are still puffy, the faucet is still drippin and your ass is oh so tempting.”

I wiggled my butt, saying, “Well, take my puss again! I know exactly what to expect now, and I’m more than ready.”

His cock bumped against me several times as he worked his way up behind me. I was expecting to feel him begin to enter me when... Whap! Whap! Hard, full hand slaps on each cheek. I know I jumped but did not scream or cry. He didn’t know, but I was into the whole ass slappin thing—somehow it always worked me up. So, I again wiggled my butt.

“I see. Baby Girl likes that. Well...“ Four whacks in quick succession to each cheek. Now my cheeks were stinging, but it was a good sting. Don’t ask why this turns me on, I don’t know. It’s just one of those things.

“You gonna fuck me or beat me? Don’t be one of those sadist freaks.” Just wanted to slow him down a bit. I was looking forward to more of that treatment as things went on.

That was when the now familiar stretching began—his much-anticipated entry had commenced. Waiting eagerly, and a bit impatiently, for the slow push that would eventually fill me, I was stunned when his full length suddenly slammed as deep as possible.

Opening my mouth to shout, nothing came out—I had been startled into total silence. This only lasted a few seconds at most. “Holy shit Daddy! I mean what the fuck!”

I was clawing at the bed, instinctively trying to evade his shocking strike—all to no avail. He had my hips in an iron grasp and had already begun the onslaught that quickly changed my mind-set from fury to lust. The nonstop pounding brought on a quick and strong orgasm. “Daddy, oh fuck Daddy, I’m... shit, SHIT!” My whole body was trembling, and he had not even paused.  

I gave up. My lizard brain took over. Eyes closed, my body almost constantly quivering, sometimes strong, sometimes weak, the orgasms just ran through me—I do mean through me. From my fingers to my toes, everything was ablaze.

Looking back, I am amazed he had the stamina to keep it up, but he did. Eventually, things again went black. It’s something you feel coming on; you know it’s going to happen but are powerless to stop. I actually welcomed it—the ultimate release.

Not seeing or hearing him as the light came back and things came back into focus, I tentatively said, “Daddy?”

“I’m here Baby Girl. Still behind you. You were not out long. How do you feel?”

“Oh, Daddy... so many feelings... I’m sore but feel almost like I’m floating on a cloud, if that makes sense. This has been an exhilarating experience. Can I go to sleep now?”

“Not just yet Baby,” he said as he rubbed his cock head against my ass.

“Oh my God Daddy! Where’s the plug? I don’t feel it anymore.”

It should have hit me sooner. He had pulled it while I was out. Now he intended to take my anal virginity in the same way I had thought of virginity when he first penetrated my vag.   

“Oh, Big Daddy, no. I don’t think it’s a good idea now. Let’s do it later.” Much later was my first thought.

“The plug showed you’ve obviously become accustomed to it, and you even told me you liked it. I’ll just push a little and we’ll see how it goes. No surprises. Just a little test to see how well you possibly could do. You might surprise yourself.”

His rubbing was becoming more concentrated right on my star. He already knew me too well. I was sure he sensed I really did want it, but was just afraid, plain and simple. What harm could a little test be? He did have a point, I might be surprised... just so I was not surprised by a quick plunge.

“Well... Oh, Daddy, you’re a freakin devil! Okayyy... just real slow and gentle. No surprises. Stop means stop, okay?”

“Stop means stop Baby. Now deep breaths and relax like I know you how to do.”

I remember clutching the sheets, breathing deep and wondering if this was really going to work. I felt the pressure slowly increasing. He was pushing slowly, but it was steadily increasing and becoming more concentrated on that special entrance.

I was opening, there was no doubt about that. I knew the feeling very well. My ex used to go there quite often. He “broke me in” as he had been in the habit of reminding me. So now a new lover was breaking me in all over again.

“That’s it Baby. You’re relaxin. I feel it wanting me. We’re going to do this together and enjoy it together. Do it Baby, do it!”

I just softly muttered, mostly to myself, “Yeah right.” I must do all the stretchin, relaxin and possibly hurtin so he can push his giant cock in my ass for his own pleasure. Well okay... for my pleasure also. I did have a thing for anal.

Oh my god, I almost blurted out. It felt like it was going to work. His helmet popped in, and I reflexively squeezed down.

“Easy Baby, easy. We almost got it. I think maybe you clamped down cuz you’re nervous. Just ease up Baby. Relax like you were doin. We’ll get there.”

He thought he knew so much. I could’ve opened right then if I’d wanted to. He was going to have to work for this.

“Oh, Daddy I don’t think it’s going to work. You should probably pull out before you hurt me.”

“Sweet Baby we are really close. I really want this for you. You’re my sweet Baby Girl. Please just try for a bit more. You were doin so good.”

“Daddy it’s beginning to hurt. I’m not sure we should continue. What if I get hurt somehow? I really want to please you, but I don’t think I’ll be able to do it. I’m really sorry!”

Ha, I needed to play this just right. Didn’t want him to pull out, but he had to think I was making a big sacrifice for him. A bit more begging was needed. I kept up my reluctance.

“My sweet Baby Girl, you are the best I’ve ever had at this. If you can just open a bit more it will work, and you will get so much pleasure. I promise, promise not to hurt you in any way. Stop means stop, I understand, but please try just a little more... please.”

Ha, this was almost too much fun. But my proclivities being what they were, I wanted it as bad as he did—so I slowly relented and opened. He began to slowly slide in deeper and deeper. It really did feel great. I wanted desperately to exclaim how good it felt but no, not yet anyway.

“Maggie, Baby, you did it! God, you’re the most amazing woman! I think I love you.”

He called me by my name. He said he loved me. I couldn’t believe it. For some reason that really meant a lot.

“Oh, Daddy it was so hard for me to finally open enough for you! I do love your cock in me, but I had to work so hard to do it.” Yeah, really, ha! “Now do me slow and make me cum. Fill me with your spunk. Let’s cum together if we can. I want to feel your hot seed in me!”

“Oh yes Baby Girl, yes. You feel so incredible. You’re so tight, and the lube is making me slide effortlessly. Is it still good for you? I can cum whenever you’re ready.”

“Bring it on Big D! I’m right on the edge!”

And did he ever! He sped up a bit and went a bit deeper as I squeezed him tight. In a flash I felt the monster pulsing—surge after surge poured into me. I screamed in orgasm heaven. A perfect ending to a perfect evening.

After being locked together for a few minutes, as we both recovered our breath—and I quit shaking like a leaf in a windstorm—he slowly eased out. I just slumped down on the bean bag barrel, totally out of gas. He lifted off me and then flopped on his back.

“Damn Baby Girl, you are one hell of a woman! You take a fucking like no other lover I’ve ever been with.”

“Gee... thanks... I think. You have such a way with words.” Then I burst out laughing as an embarrassed look spread across his face.

“Listen... I didn’t mean... I had a brain fart and totally fucked-up. I was tryin to say that you are super terrific, and I’m one lucky guy to have spent this time with you.” Looking completely downcast, he asked, “Am I totally screwed?”

“No, you’re not totally screwed. I think I’m the one who got totally screwed. You are just in deep shit. If you play your cards right—can you do that, play your cards right—if so, you just might be able to get back in my good graces.”

There was no way I was going to let this be a one-off. That cock was not going to get away, at least not right away. But I mean really, “You take a fucking...” Who says that?! Oh well, it was what it was. So, he was not exactly Mister Debonair... But he was the best fuck I’d ever had! The ex was wiped completely clean away. Life was good.

“I can totally play my cards right! It’s no excuse, but I really was so totally blown away by this whole evening with you... I let my dick overload my mouth. I’m sorry. It’ll never happen again. I swear to God about that!”

I gave him the best smile I could muster as I saw this side of him. “Okay. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, so we’ll see how things go.” As he was about to speak, I went on, “Now... you’ve wrung me out to the hilt, so to speak. So much so that I can barely move. My sore body needs sleep desperately. Can we do that?”

He seemed surprised that I wanted to spend the night. Like I wanted to be driven back to the club, in my condition, to get my car so I could drive home at probably four in the morning since it was almost three now.

He became very thoughtful: fixing the bed covers, getting me more water, gently wiping away the night’s accumulation of goo from me, then finally settling in behind me. I fell asleep almost immediately, his left hand holding my left boob.

Slowly waking in the late morning, I found myself beside him, head on his shoulder. He was still sleeping, his morning wood holding up the sheet. The previous night came roaring back as I took in my sore body and the tent pole under the sheet. Every muscle hurt to some degree, but it was my sweet ‘gina and ass that had really taken a beating—without a doubt the best beating they had ever had.

Even feeling like I did, I couldn’t resist reaching for “it”—the thing that had given me such wonderful pleasure. It felt so strong and powerful, so ready to give me what I knew was impossible in my present condition. But my mouth... now that was ready, willing and able.

Moving into position without waking him, I engulfed him and began servicing “it.” First, he started moaning; then his eyes opened. He smiled and ran his fingers through my hair. We went on like that, no one speaking until I knew he was about to flood me. His grip tightened, as did his leg muscles.

“Oh god, Maggie I’m gonna... Oh, fuck yes!”

I swallowed every wonderful drop.

After that, we talked a bit, exchanged numbers, showered, talked more and eventually... I arrived at my apartment.


Part 2 will be published shortly. Follow Maggie’s adventures for the next few years. She has more fun with the current, no-name, mystery man and then her life takes a surprising turn. Hope you enjoyed this part and have the inclination to read Part 2.



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