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A Chat With Maxine Part 3

The story continues. Max finally gets fucked.
‘I thought you’d suddenly realised you’d done the wrong thing,’ I said gently. ‘Don’t worry about me. I can soon get back to where I was!’

‘Get back on the bed. I want to see you cum,’ Max said gently, making my cock stand to attention again.

I got back on the bed, in the same position I was in before. Max knelt in front of me and watched intently as began to masturbate again.

‘I love watching men wank,’ Max said. ‘Matt doesn’t do it, but Ben used to do it for me when I asked. Do you want your massager again?’

‘Not just yet thanks. How come you and Ben split up? He sounds like he was pretty cool?’ I asked.

‘He was, but he got a job in Scotland when we graduated and we split up, rather than have a long distance relationship,’ Max explained.

‘Poor you,’ I said, watching Max’s boobs sway as she moved about on the bed, watching me.

‘I love your boobs,’ I said.

Max smiled and wiggled them around for me for a few seconds, then stopped and tweaked her nipples erect. Her breathing quickened as she played with her nipples.

‘You really get off on that don’t you?’ I asked.

‘Yes. I used to be able to almost make myself orgasm by playing with my nipples, when I was in my late teens, as they were so sensitive,' she said. 'They’re not as sensitive now, but I still like to play with them.’

‘Debbie can make herself orgasm playing with hers, but she has to really squeeze and pinch them,’ I said.

‘I don’t like the pain if I go too hard,’ Max said, picking up the anal beads.

‘Do you use these?’ she asked.

‘I have, but I prefer my g-spot massager. Joanne likes them up her bum when she uses the rabbit. She likes them pulled out quickly, just as she orgasms. She uses the butt plug when she rides me. Actually it’s nice when it’s inside her bum when I’m shagging her as it vibrates against my cock,’ I explained.

Max picked up the long, stepped butt plug and switched it on, holding it against her nipples as it buzzed away. It had a really powerful vibrator in it and I could see the pleasure on her face. She moved it down between her legs, ran the tip over her clit then immediately moved it away.

‘Yikes!’ She exclaimed.

‘It’s a bit too buzzy for that!’ I laughed, ‘It is designed to go up the bum, remember?’

Max but the buzzing butt plug on the bed so it was sticking up, then straddled it.

‘You need lube if you’re going to do that!’ I said, in alarm.

‘I just want to feel it against me, not in me,’ Max murmured sinking down until the tip was against her bum.

‘Oh god!’ Max said, her eyes going wide, ‘That feels so weird and really quite nice!’

I swivelled around on the bed, so I could get a close look at Max’s bum. The round tip of the dildo was just pushing against her anus and I could see the muscle clenching against it, as the vibrations teased her. Max was slowly moving on and off the tip, gently teasing her bum with the vibrations. Her little pink anus looked wonderful to me and I longed to touch it, but I kept myself under control.

I lay on my side and watched Max tease herself with the butt plug while I stroked my erect cock. Max seemed to have stopped experimenting now and was really getting off on the vibrations. Her free hand started rubbing her clitoris, as she got more into what she was doing, but she kept knocking the dildo over so she couldn’t get into any kind of rhythm.

‘Do you want me to hold that for you?’ I said gently, ‘And lube it too, just in case you get carried away?’

Max didn’t say anything but nodded at me and raised her bum up so I could get the dildo. I smeared the end with lube, as Max watched me and continued fondling her clit. I lay flat on the bed and held the dildo, at the base, underneath Max, at arm’s length. Max straddled the dildo and lowered her bottom to it again, settling herself in the same position as before and sighed, as the vibrations entered her bum.

‘Oh my God that feels odd!’ She sighed, as she began to masturbate again.

‘It looks fantastic!’ I smiled, feeling the heat from Max’s legs and crotch on my arm.

‘Oh God!’ Max exclaimed again, as she thrust a little more of the dildo into her bum than before.

‘Take it easy Max or you’ll hurt yourself!’ I warned.

‘I’m trying but my knees keep going weak kneeling like this!’ Max laughed, falling forward, ‘I need to be on all fours I think!’

‘If you’ll trust me, I can hold it horizontally for you,’ I offered, excited at the sudden image in my head. ‘Then I can wank as well.’

‘Oh God!’ Max exclaimed, as she worked that one out.

Max didn’t say anything else but turned around and piled the pillows up in front of her. She leant over them, opening her legs and sliding one hand between them to her clit. I knelt behind her, my mouth dry at the sight of her open cunt and arse so close to me. I straddled her lower legs, feeling her leather boots against the inside of my calves and gently held the vibrator against her anus, with my left hand. My right hand grasped my hard cock and began to stroke it, as Max gently pushed back against the dildo.
‘Oh God, that’s nice,’ I heard her moan gently, as the dildo pressed against her arse.

Max kept her thrusts gentle and shallow, allowing the dildo to just penetrate her bum. I concentrated on holding it as still as I could while watching her bum moving gently backwards and forwards. After a couple of minutes, Max was breathing heavily and slowly sinking more of the butt plug into her bum, as she thrust backwards against me.

‘Oh shit that feels good. How much is in me?’ Max asked.

‘About two inches.’ I estimated, ‘Just before it starts to thicken.’

‘It feels fantastic so far!’ Max gasped, pushing back a little harder on it and stretching her bum out a little more, ‘Oh fuck!’

‘Take it slowly Max!’ I laughed.

‘It doesn't hurt. It was just a shock at the difference in thickness!’ Max laughed, as the next, thickest ring slowly slid into her arse, as she pushed back. Although the dildo was thicker, it was still fairly slim and Max was soon pushing back, taking the next ring into her bum with no problems.

‘Ohhh’ Max cried as she passed the five inch mark.

Her bum shuddered as I watched and I realised she’d just cum again. I expected her to withdraw but she pushed back against the dildo again, eagerly fucking her own arse with it. There were still another two inches before my hand would be touching her bum and one more graduation in thickness. The last thickness was about the same size as Steve’s cock. We’d measured it once and I was about half as thick again. Max took the last bit into her bum slowly, steadily then suddenly, I found my knuckles touching the soft, warm skin of her butt cheek. I stroked her cheek with my fingers, but held the dildo for her. She began to slide it out of her bum and once again, stopped half way and shuddered, as another orgasm hit her.

Max fell forward on to the bed, her knees finally giving up and I could hear her hoarse breathing into the pillow. I stayed where I was, enjoying the feeling of straddling her and also the sight of her dilated bum hole. I played with my cock, still holding the butt plug in my left hand.

‘Put it in me again,’ Max pleaded.

‘Are you sure?’ I asked, ‘Do you want me to fuck your bum with it?’

‘Yes,’ she said simply.

‘Yes what?’ I asked again, slipping into a dominant role, ‘Tell me what you want me to do.’

‘Please put the vibrator into my bum and shag me with it,’ Max said quietly.

‘Sorry?’ I said.

‘Please put the vibrator into my bum and fuck me with it,’ Max demanded, wriggling underneath me with frustration.

I lubricated the dildo again, just in case and leant forward over Max. Her legs were still on either side of mine but she was lying flat on the bed. I pushed the tip of the dildo against her anus and pushed gently against it. The first couple of inches slid inside Max making her cry out with pleasure. I pushed harder and the dildo slowly made its way into her bum, until my knuckles were touching her soft flesh. Max was moaning with pleasure and she started getting louder, as I pulled the dildo half way out of her bum then pushed it back in again. I stroked her bum and thighs with my free hand, exciting myself as I touched her stocking tops, feeling the difference between her soft, white thighs and the rough nylon of the stockings. I slowly fucked her arse, never pulling the dildo more than half way out and pushing it deep into her bum again, with every thrust. Max bent her legs at the knees and pressed her boot heels against me. I pushed back against them, jabbing myself in the bum as I did so.

‘Spank me!’ Max gasped, as the dildo slid out of her bum.

I thrust the dildo back in and slapped her right cheek with my hand, leaving a red palm print. Max wiggled underneath me and jabbed her heels into me again, making me cry out. Max took this as encouragement and jabbed me again. I slapped both cheeks this time, timing my smacks to my thrusts with the dildo and making her cheeks redden. Max came again. This time the shudders travelled down her legs and made her stop jabbing me with her boots. I thrust the dildo deep inside her again, bent forward and bit her bum then slapped the bite mark.

‘Arrrggghhh!’ Screamed Max, as another orgasm racked her body.

I slapped her bum again but then couldn’t contain myself anymore. I got up and pushed Max’s legs together, making her orgasm for a third time, as the movement made the dildo move in her bum. I moved forward up her legs, until I was straddling her thighs and then I pulled the dildo out of her arsehole, switched it off and threw it on the bed. I started stroking my cock with my right hand, spreading lubricant over it and I used my free hand to squeeze her bum cheeks. Max bent her knees again and pushed her high heels against my back, scraping my skin and sending shivers down my spine.

‘Oh Christ! Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!’ Max gasped, as I sank two fingers into her arsehole and began to finger fuck her, in time with my thrusts, into my own hand. In my mind, I had my cock deep inside her arse and I was fucking her. Max raised her legs putting them on either side of me and squeezing me, but I lost my balance and fell forward over her body. My fingers left her bum as I caught myself and I ended up with my cock resting on her bum.

Max pushed her bum against my cock, wriggling underneath me, her face buried in a pillow. I gingerly pushed back, sliding my cock over her slippery bum crack and I felt her push against me at the same time. I held my weight on my knees and one hand and held my cock at its base, sliding the head over her lovely, soft bum. Max squirmed underneath me again and I felt her trying to open her legs. I moved off her and she quickly moved my pillows down under her belly so her bum was high up in the air. Max spread her legs and I knelt between them and caressed her bum, unsure what Max wanted and unwilling to go too far. Max moaned as I touched her and pushed her bum back against my hand. I let my hand slide over her and my fingers slid into her crack and found her arse. I pushed one finger against her bum and felt it slide deep inside her.

‘Oh yes, that’s what I want!’ Max said softly.

‘What else do you want?’ I asked hoarsely, then slid a couple of fingers, from my free hand, into her cunt, ‘This?’

‘Oh God yes!’ Max cried out, thrusting her arms out and gripping the head board.

I began to work two fingers on each hand in and out of her pussy and bum, rubbing my cock on her bum between my fingers and stroking it with my thumbs. Max stretched herself out on the bed, her bum held up by the pillows and arched her back with pleasure, as I finger fucked her. I smiled to myself at how shy and worried she’d been when we first sat down to talk this evening and how much of a sex Goddess she was now! I started to vary what I was doing with my cock, sometimes rubbing it over her bum. Sometimes pushing it down between her legs and rubbing it along side my fingers, against the outside of her cunt. I love teasing myself like this, sometimes taking hours to cum when I’m with a woman but making her orgasm as many times as possible. I began to wonder if Max would notice if I exchanged my cock for my fingers but couldn’t quite pluck up the courage to do it and went back to rubbing it over her arse. Then I began to wonder if she’d notice if I slipped my cock into her anus and found myself pulling my fingers out and rubbing my cock against her slippery, pliant arsehole!

‘Oh fuck, fuck fuck! Is that what I think it is?’ Max moaned.

‘Yes’ I gasped, and then added without thinking, ‘Choose a hole.’

Max groaned but didn’t reply so I pulled my fingers out of her cunt and slid my cock up and down her lips, just pushing the head past the outer lips and rubbing her clit. My two fingers delved into her anus again, fucking her as deep as I could with them.

‘Choose!’ I said softly.

‘Both!’ Max said, even softer.

‘Louder!’ I demanded, spanking her hard six times, with my right hand.

‘Ow, ow, ow, fuck ow, BOTH!’ Max screamed.

I caressed her thigh with my right hand, again running up and down between soft thigh and rough stocking and thrust forward gently with my cock. I hit the right spot on the third attempt and sank my fat cock deep inside her cunt, feeling it with the fingers that were still inside her arsehole.

‘Oh my God!’ Max cried, ‘Oh God Danny that feels fucking fantastic.’

I started fucking Max, taking my time and enjoying the feeling coming from my cock. The sensations of my fingers in her bum and my hand on her stockings. Max pushed back against me, arching her back as I fucked her. I pulled my fingers from her bum and used both hands to grab her bum cheeks to pull her on to my cock. My thumbs found her anus and rubbed it gently, fucking her, as my cock slid in and out of her cunt. I looked down and watched my cock slide in and out of her while my thumbs pushed into her pert little anus. I held on as long as I could before I had to fuck her arse. I pulled my cock out and slid it over her bum, pulling her back towards me so she was in the right position to let me slide it in. I pushed the head of my cock against her bum and pushed, watching it slide easily up her bum for the first two inches.

‘Ooooooooooo!’ Max said in one breath, ‘Oh good God that feels big. Oh Christ it’s so fucking good.’

I slid more of my thick cock into her arse, surprised at how easy it was going in, even through I’d just spent the best part of an hour fucking her with the dildo and my fingers to get her loose. I still took it easy, but soon my entire cock was embedded in her arsehole and my stomach was pushing against her bum. I put my hands on her shoulders and pulled her up from the bed. Max got on her hands and knees in front of me and pushed her soft bum against my cock, forcing it deep inside her arse. Her booted legs clamped over mine, trapping me in position and she began to bounce back against me, fucking my cock with her arse. I pushed my hands underneath her and found her small boobs, with their hard nipples. I cupped them and caught her nipples between my fingers and squeezed gently. Max sat upright, leaning back against me, running her hands up and down my muscular arms. I kissed her neck then kissed her lips, as she turned to half face me.

‘Your cock is in my bottom!’ She said huskily. ‘I can’t believe it.’

‘Believe it!’ I said pulling it out slightly and thrusting back in.

‘Oh God, I believe that!’ Max cried out reaching back and grabbing my hip, ‘Fuck it feels good in my arse.’

‘Use the rabbit on your cunt.’ I gasped in her ear, reaching down and handing it to her.

Max switched it on and quickly thrust it into her cunt, pushing it back against my cock. I felt my balls twitch and knew I wouldn’t last long with that hard vibration against me. So I started to thrust in and out of her arsehole. Max leant forward again, keeping the rabbit deep inside her and the ears working on her clit. I gripped her hips and fucked her arse hard and fast. Max started to cum almost straight away, gasping and calling out, as she built up to a massive orgasm. I wanted to cum but made myself wait as long as possible, to time it with Max. In the end I shot my load deep in her arse about five seconds before Max came with a scream that I was sure was going to get the neighbours calling the police! I thrust a second time and felt Max tremble underneath me, as she came a second time.

Max went limp and I lowered her to the bed, my cock slipping out of her arse. I removed the rabbit from her pussy and switched it off then had to lay down myself as my knees went weak. We lay next to each other, gasping for breath and smiling stupidly at each other. I leaned forward and we kissed each other for a couple of minutes before Max had to get up and go to the toilet. I lay on my back on the bed playing back what had happened in my mind and found my cock getting semi hard already.

Max came back from the bathroom naked, carrying her boots and stockings. She dropped them on the floor and crawled into bed with me, snuggling against me and kissing my lips.

‘Am I part of your harem now Danny?’ she whispered.

‘If you want to be,’ I replied. ‘There’s no pressure, but I can promise you much more of what you experienced tonight.’

‘Oh yes please!’ Max answered, with a smile on her face. ‘I want to try everything!’

‘Really?’ I asked, a thought forming in my mind. ‘Anything?’

‘Well, within reason!’ Max laughed.

‘Joanne and Steve were saying they really wanted a threesome, with a woman as the third person,’ I said.

‘Oh, I don’t know about that!’ Max said carefully. ‘Cheating on my husband with one of my best friends is one thing, but shagging strangers is another.’

‘Fair enough. Just thought I’d mention it,’ I smiled, hoping I’d not gone too far.

Max smiled back and seemed not to be bothered by the suggestion. We cuddled for ten minutes then had a shower together, kissing and fondling as we washed each other. Eventually we got back in bed and fell asleep in each other’s arms, too exhausted to do anything else.

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