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A City Meeting

A chance meeting develops into a night to remember
I had some business meetings in London yesterday, but as they started in the afternoon, I took a late train and decided to have lunch in one of my favourite pubs in the City before going on to the first of my appointments.

I got my pint of bitter and ordered haddock and chips, and settled myself down in the window seat.

I was partly thinking about the agenda item that I was to present on, when I saw this woman walking past the window. She was gorgeous, and even though well wrapped up against the cold, she was slim-waisted, though her body pushed her coat out in all the right places, and a sexy, interesting face, great eyes. My own followed her until she went out of sight.

My meal arrived, and between the food and my papers, I was pretty well oblivious to anything else. I hardly noticed then when someone asked if the seat next to me in the window was free, and I sort of muttered, yes, of course. My meal completed, and my meeting finally sorted in my mind, I then looked up.

Next to me was the woman who I had seen from the window. She was sipping a white wine spritzer and had taken off her coat. She was really lovely, maybe late 20s, possibly of Indian or Middle Eastern origin, with those wonderful eyes that just sparkled. Usually my first check-out will go to a woman’s bust and then legs, but this woman’s face just entranced me.

We got chatting, and I learnt that she lived in Central London, had her own flat and worked in one of the commercial banks nearby. She had been hoping to meet a friend for lunch, but obviously had missed her. She asked about me, and I told her that I was up in town to attend a couple of Board meetings of companies of which I was a non exec director. She seemed unimpressed by that, which was good, as I don’t empathise with people who are impressed by status or position. As we talked further, about the various things I had done, and how she had come to be where she was, I felt that there was an attraction between us, that was in addition to the simple lust that I felt.

Hoping that I was right, just as I was taking my leave, I said that I should be through my meetings by about 7pm, and if she was free, would she like to continue our discussion and join me for dinner. I was really surprised and pleased when she really seemed to grasp at the idea, so we arranged to meet later.

The afternoon meetings passed much as I expected, and shortly before 7, I left the last one and made my way to a small Italian restaurant that I have used many times when up on business. I was, to be honest, expecting to have to dine alone, as I really didn’t think that such a beautiful young woman would want to spend her evening with someone like me, retired, married and over 60. She was young enough to be my daughter, in fact she was younger than my daughter! But my fears proved unfounded, when shortly after I had sat down, she arrived.

Over our meal, our talk ranged from current affairs, to religion, to holidays and travel, and at some stages got quite open and explicit. I had just finished telling her of a resort that I had been to just off the coast of Malaysia, when she asked if it had been an adults only resort. I told her that it hadn’t been, but that there were plenty of places in the grounds where a couple could find privacy. She then told me that she had been to an adults only resort once with someone that she thought she was going to marry, but that it had proved to be so enlightening for her that she just didn’t want to tie herself to one man, at least not yet. I asked just how enlightening it had been, and she rather coyly lowered her eyes, and told me that she had been swimming naked in the pool late one night, as her partner had already gone to bed after a bit too much wine, and she was joined by two older men. She had quite simply allowed them to play with her, and had been a complete slut with them. It being a crowded restaurant, she didn’t go into details. She then told me that this was when her attraction to older men really started. I asked how old they had been, and was told that they must have been at least 60. Laughing, I said that there was hope for me yet then!

She took my hands and looked me straight in the eyes, and told me that she certainly hoped so. I was speechless for at least a couple of seconds and just stared at her. Then with a squeeze of her hands, I told her that if she was serious, then so was I, and maybe it was time to leave. She agreed, and as we were leaving, I told her that she would have to be my dessert. She gripped my arm and said she hoped I could eat at least a second meal. I suggested a hotel, but she said no, her flat was not far, so hand in hand we walked for 10 minutes or so to her place.

Her flat was small, really just a bed-sitter with a kitchenette and a bathroom. So when we went in, the most obvious thing was the bed. She turned to me and we kissed, me bending down to meet her upturned face, and her on tiptoes. Did I mention that I am 6ft 4 and she was no more than 5ft 2, though I heels she walked a bit taller. Her tongue was like a live animal, as were her hands, and it was not long before we were both naked, still standing and still kissing.

Suddenly we broke apart and caught our breath, and I looked at her. Wow, she was just so beautiful, breasts that were not large but firm, her skin glowing in the light from her bedside light, and her nipples hard and erect, darker brown. I sank to my knees to kiss and suck them, as my hands ran up and down her back. I could feel her body react, tensing and relaxing as my lips sucked her nipples, and especially as my hands slid lower to grip her bottom.

I stood up and pulled her gently to her feet, leading her to the bed, and picking her up laid her down, and bent over her body, again kissing and sucking her nipples, but then quickly moving lower to taste her juicy pussy. Her legs opened so easily exposing a pussy of great beauty, the lips opening to reveal a tight pink hole, into which my tongue probed and twisted. My hand slid under her bottom, she was so light that I was able to lift her to my mouth, and as I licked her pussy hole, her lips and gently sucked at her clit, she started to cum, twisting in my hands, and I found my fingers stroking and pressing against her tight asshole. As she came down from her heights of ecstasy, she whispered that at the resort she told me about, she had let her asshole be penetrated for the first time, and she loved it and had never looked back.

I told her she was a dirty girl, but I loved her for it, and turned over on to her belly. The curve of her back, rising into her tight and full buttocks was just so erotic, and running my tongue down her spine, each vertebra being tasted until I reached her tail, and paused, waiting for more feedback from her. This I got very quickly as she pushed her buttocks upwards, and so I pressed my tongue into her tight round asshole. It tasted like heaven, and with a couple of my fingers in her pussy, thrusting and curling deep into her, she started to cum a second time. This time is was a slower rise, but she kept on cumming, her body literally rippling as her orgasm hit her hard. She pressed firmly back against my mouth, and wedged my tongue right inside her ass.

Then as she came down, she looked over her shoulder and told me she was ready for me. Reaching behind her, she took hold of my very hard and swollen cock. Her small hand could hardly encompass my girth, but that did not deter her as she moved it to press against her asshole, and asking me to stay still, pushed herself back until my cock head popped through into her anal passage.

God did that feel hot. Her body pushed back further and my full length disappeared into her, accompanied by a groaning sound from her. She was so tight! I was worried that I might be hurting her, but with small movements she adjusted quickly and told me that my cock felt so good , filling her right up.

Now it was up to me, and I willingly obeyed her guttural instructions to fuck her hard and deep. My hands gripped her hips, and I slid almost out, only to ram my fat cock deep down into her, building the speed as her gasps and groans urged me on, the force of my body pushing her across the sheets until her head was pushed hard against the bedhead. Her hands moved up to to give her some support, and that was my signal to pin them down with my own, so that my body curled over hers and now moved fast and hard into her willing body.

I could feel my balls swelling, and luckily it seemed that she could sense that too, as she started her third orgasm of the evening, just as I jetted a series of hot jets of semen into her belly. She collapsed on the bed, her legs pushing straight out, and my body covered hers, my cock still hard in her ass.

We stayed that way for a while, until she pushed me off, and I lay back looking at her. She moved close to me and we kissed again, not with the urgency of before but with the sensuality of two people whose bodies worked well together. Her hands went to my groin, and stroked my limp cock. She told me that I had fulfilled her hopes, and that it was now her turn to work on me.

And so she did, turning round so she could bend and take my limp cock head into her mouth. Her slim fingers stroked along the length of me while her tongue licked gently at first around the rim of my cock head. I told her that she must know that one of the downsides of an older lover is the interval time was longer. She told me to shut up, smiled, and bent down again. Somehow, the sensuality of her body, the skill with which she worked on my cock head, or maybe the fact that her fingers strayed to stroke and squeeze my balls, and to caress my asshole, but it took no more than 15 minutes before I was welling and starting to fill her mouth. As my cock got harder and bigger, so she worked more strongly, and her fingers pushed in to stroke my prostate. Her mouth sucked at my cock, filling it, and the more it grew, the deeper she took me, sliding me into her throat and holding it there as her throat worked on me. This was magnificent, and I was groaning in pleasure.

When I felt I could hardly stand such pleasure any longer, she stopped, looked up at me, and smiled. I told her that this had been fantastic, and asked why had she stopped. I was lying flat on my back with my erection pointing to the ceiling, and without replying, she started to lick me from my cock slowly up my body to suck my nipples. She slid her body along mine and then raised herself up to straddle me, slowly pushing herself down onto my erect pole, until she had taken me all inside her. I told her she was lovely, and that she felt so good inside. She responded by moving in a sinuous back and forward movement, raising herself from my cock only an inch or two, but enough to send such sensations through me, that if I hadn’t cum a short while ago, I would have ejaculated there and then. My hands raised up to grip her nipples between my fingers, her movements stretching them and then relaxing the pressure. Our eyes were locked, reading each sensation that we gave, and building on that to give more and more.

By now she was riding me hard, my cock being bent in her tight vagina as her body moved, and then as she reached the peak of her movement she suddenly slammed down and pushed herself hard against me, my cock head touching deep inside her, and she came again. This was different, her head going back and she literally screamed as the waves hit her.

After her peak, I raised myself up, and put my arms around her, her legs to my side, as I sat on the bed, my cock still deep inside her, feeling the pulsations of her pussy slow down. We stayed like that for a pleasurable eternity, and then she pushed me back down, and, still keeping my erect cock inside her, turned so that she was now in reverse cowgirl position. I half turned and lay down so that she fell onto the bed, in that lovely spooning position, still feeling every move of her body through my cock.

She reached behind and pulled me closer and closer, my hips starting to move in and out, as once again I built my pace and rhythm. This time there was no time for her to cum, as my cock pistoned into her and then once again sent my streams of cum into her body. She groaned with each ejaculation, and told me that she could feel every part of me and loved it when my hot sperm erupted.

We stayed like that, feeling my cock inside her, soaked by both our juices, until I could hear her breathing slow as she fell asleep. I slept also, and when the early morning light woke me, I found that I was no longer inside her, but that her body was still pressed backwards into the curl of my own body.

It was an automatic reaction that my cock was hard in no time, and pressed between her ass cheeks. She murmured something I couldn’t hear and wriggled closer to me, firmly snaring me there. I felt her reach for something from her bedside table. Then I heard a low buzzing, and realised that her hand was pushing something between her legs. I whispered to her that obviously one cock wasn’t enough for her, and she said that her experiences at the adult resort had showed her how much pleasure that having both holes filled could be.

Let me help, I told her, and took the vibe from her, sliding it between her pussy lips, and between them sliding it deep into her tight pussy. Then as she pressed backwards into me, I spread her ass cheeks and pushed my hard cock against and then easily into her ass. Oh yes, she said, that’s really good.

The vibe was turned into pulse mode, and I tried to make my thrusts match the speed of this. I could feel the vibe through her body against my cock through the thin wall of flesh that separated her two pleasure zones. This morning she was fast, and in two minutes was writhing again, gasping and asking for more and more and more. I made sure that the vibe and my cock went quicker, and turning the vibe onto full power, I fucked her tight ass harder and harder, being rewarded by being sprayed as she squirted all over us.

I told her she was lovely and I was honoured to have enjoyed this moment. I then went down to lick her as clean as I could, before she said she had to take a shower. I heard the water start, and thought I would join her. I hadn’t cum that morning, so it was with a hard erect cock that I opened the shower door and joined her. She noticed it immediately and dropped to her knees, and sucked me deep immediately. No playing about, she was serious and sucked me deep and hard, so well that in less than 5 minutes of this I was spraying my load against the back of her tonsils.

As we drank coffee later, I asked her if I was going to see her again. Oh fuck, she said, after this night, you damn well better had.

And I did.

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