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A cold winter night

Tags: car, sex, anal, taboo, public

"I want you....."

 I whisper softly to you in the back of my car. A cold winter night in the middle of February, but the heat from both our bodies kept us warm. I watch as you run your delicate nails over my  bare stomach tickling and pecking at the curly but soft hairs. You look up at me with a teasing smile, knowing full well that I am at your mercy.. My willpower sapped from me by your sweet strawberry lips.. Will you spare me and not leave me unsatisfied this time ?... Will you finally fulfill my desire and let me have you tonight, or will you be the cruel but clever girl leaving me hungry for your hot wet snatch I wanted so indulge myself in. You let me so thirsty last time, I wanted to erupt.. How could I forget?

Your hand moving along my waist line, tickling and tingling my skin, slowly but surely inching your way down. Taking in the moment to relish in the suspense and excitement while watching the look on my face with a seductive smirk. And just when I think you are about to grasp my hard shaft, to feel the touch of your tender hand against me, you pull away  giggling at your own unfair teasing but placing a kiss on my lips as your form of apology for poking fun, telling me the time will come soon but you want to wait until I cannot take it anymore.. .So cruel and inhumane yet so erotic and brilliant, knowing full well I would fantasize about you that night imagining your taste.. your feeling.. your sound. A hundred different ways I would picture how it would happen, But not enough to satisfy me. I would still be longing to have your body. So clever knowing our next encounter would be even steamier and exciting.. But this night there was something different about your teasing. A sixth sense maybe telling me that you had no intention of stopping.

Your hands now swaying in a different fashion, no signs of backing down from me or moving away, your finger teasing my pants button before finally opening it and unraveling my zipper. I watch with such desirable interest as your hand slowing disappears into my jeans. You lean up to let me feel your hot almost burning breath against my neck... A tongue treks along my throat skipping joyfully up the path to my ear where I feel a gentle nibble or your teeth poking and teasing at the lobe of my ear.. Chills run up my spine making me shiver in delight.. Then I feel it...

Your warm milky smooth hand embracing tightly around my fully erect shaft. The feeling I had awaited so long to have washed over me in a sea of pleasure. Sweet joyful bliss sensations shooting through me, forcing me to bite my lip to the point it stings and I am on the verge of breaking through the skin. This was what I was waiting for, so many nights of your tongue circling my cock, all the times your lips or hands moved down to take away my sexual frustration but never came to my rescue. You finally answered, and it was the greatest feeling I had ever felt.. I mutter your name as you stroke me softly, moving the skin of my rod up and down in almost rhythmic fashion, sending spark after spark of pleasure through my muscles... Our lips meeting again, tongues crashing and bumping into each other, our heavy breathing in such a confined little area with no where to go to nothing to do except fog the windows on all sides concealing our erotic moment.

Now my hands move.. out of my own control they venture on your magnificent body, moving under your blouse slowly wandering from your flat stomach, trekking along your belly button I feel the cold metal or a rugged piercing. I cannot help myself but play with it for a moment rolling it in between my thumb and forefingers, you giggle at my pestering of the charm. I finally release it letting it rest in the spot of your button hole and my hands continue to rise up to that lustful mount atop your chest. Your breast large and soft filling my hand, you wear no bra I discover as my fingers brush up against your already hard nipples. Poking out at the center of my palm as I caress and feel. The windows now fully fogged for no one to see, lost to do whatever filthy or naughty thing we choose with only us to take in and enjoy the moment. What if someone walked by and saw the bumping of the car? Would the investigate? Would we be caught in this filthy and inappropriate act that is completely unacceptable in public? The thought of it made me indulge myself in the moment even more.

Finally finding the strength to pull away from your hands and breast, my loins cry out to me yelling for me to stop.. A cold cruel prick for taking it away from such joy that it wanted to have.. needed to have. Gently forcing your hand off my cock I lean down to unbutton and free you from your skin tight navy blue pants, tugging at them with firm hands, I pull them down just far enough to see your stray hand already soaked to your fingers in glistening juices. Your scent hits me in the face full force filling my nose with your heavy sweet musk. You look down at me with that perfect smile I have grown so fond of, with the addition of you biting your lip. Your emerald opals gazing down at me, waiting with such desire and lust it I can feel it emitting from your eyes.. Awaiting for that strong slippery muscle, moist and ready in my mouth to deliver the tingling stimulation your clit longs to have. You are smooth as I lean in, my fingers trek along the outside not feeling one point or prickly hair as I run across your slit.

The first stroke of my tongue takes both our breaths away, so wet my tongue finds trouble to balance itself at first, repeatedly slipping off you to plunge a little deeper into you before finally maintaining a firm circular rotation. I find my fingers plunging into you your hot pink flesh, I feel a moist pond.. .No, an ocean of nectar splashing and sloshing around inside you on the walls of your pussy. I silently hum in the back of my throat sending vibrations from my vocal cords down my tongue to your sweet pleasure zone.
My name you cry out silently as the tips of my fingers brush against your womb, your scent wrapped around me filling the car to the point I feel I am going to suffocate in your sex. Tangy but sweet I cannot escape your musk, Nor would I want to. My tongue diving deeper into your ocean sucking up your sweet nectar with my lips while also pushing my tongue in a deep as I could go, filling my mouth with your juices, sweat and flesh. You shiver violently before pulling me back up to you to taste my flavors mixed and contending with your own, tongue smacking and twirling together. So horny we both were, to the point it made our bodies ache.

You kiss me one last time before rolling over onto your belly, offering yourself to me. The cheap leather of the car seating crinkles and stretches as I position myself on top of you. The head of my erection only barley brushes against your sloppy wet cunt, but that is all it takes to accidentally slip into you, the sensation overwhelming. Your waves pounding into my cock oiling and lubing it, making the friction among us more enjoyable, you gasp in a hot passionate moan as you feel my full length firmly crash into your womb. Such an amazing feeling losing myself inside, I feel your sweet cum soaking my balls as I push as deep as I can, my thumb sliding into the crack of your ass finding the soft tight opening into your hole. I slowly tease and massage it, thinking about how tight you must be inside. I tell you that your ass looks too good to not to fuck and you passionately agree, telling me to give it to you, that you want to squeeze my cock until I bust. Are you so horny and caught up in this crazy moment of passion that your are willing to ignore the possible pain of me being so tight and filling inside you that you let me penetrate you this way? Or have you grown accustomed to letting a man ride you that way from previous lovers passed?

You plant your petite hands firmly on your ass and spread your smooth cheeks to reveal your most forbidden place. So tiny a hole one could not even begin to imagine of getting a long hard shaft all the way in, I slowly tease the opening threatening to push into you.. .To spread and open your confined space as wide as my cock allowed, I draw out thie suspense, making you pant and flinch at ever possible moment until both of us cannot take it anymore and I begin the first real thrust. The sensation of breaking through and stretching your asshole around me, almost unbearable. A delightful whimper slips across your lips. So tight and perfect like a glove made just for me, I can feel every inch of your tight warm flesh snuggly wrapped around my rock hard cock like a vice grip. I watch as your ass slowly swallows me inch by throbbing inch until I have disappeared completely into your ass. Your tight insides massaging every bit of my swollen rod, I pull back slightly to spread you even more, using my cock as a device to search and uncover every detail of your insides revealed to me.

Now firm thrust drive into you, our moans filling both our ears in a blissful tune that rings. So incredible I think it could not feel anymore pleasuring to me.. Then a new feeling, this of fingers slipping into your raw and freshly fucked pussy. Pushing and massaging your insides, I feel the tips of your fingers massaging me through the roof of your hot cunt, pleasing and stimulating the bottom of the head, such an almost godly pleasure. My cock burns to release the thought of hot cum all over you or inside your tight sweating ass makes me go faster. Your hips buck and bump against me as our speed and friction increases, what was once moans now turn to screams of pure ecstasy and pleasure. You tell me you want me to cum in your mouth that you need my hot jizz splash down your throat.

I release alerting you I am cumming, you quickly meet my orgasm with your lips swallowing my cock whole all the way down to my throbbing balls where my cum erupted from. Your throat soft and slippery, my hot load shooting down your soft throat, the muscle massage and caress me as I empty myself into your stomach, you look up watching my expression gripping my thighs tightly digging your nails into me. I call out to you, screaming you are the best, I close my eyes letting sensation wash over me like tidal waves splashing over me with every spurt gushingfrom me until I have ceased my throbbing quakes and I feel your throat relax and you release me from your grip.

I collapse next to you, panting out of breath and need of air but my desire to kiss you, burns still. I ignore my lungs cry to rest and meet your lips with mine sucking what little air I had left with your taste now mixed with my own salty flavors, the perfect taste to make my body melt in your arms and mouth. I tell you I love you and that you are amazing, that I have never lusted for a body so much in all my days. You smile at me with a perfect smile and gorgeous shining eyes that freeze me in place as I stare back into them. With you in my arms my thoughts drift off to what devilish you will do to me to make for the feeling of your tightness again.. ill we make love later tonight in your apartment? I thought, and will you make me say those three taboo letters that started this erotic moment?  "I want you...."

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