A day at the river.

By yakboy69

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A good day fishing lands one hell of a catch.


A day at the river.




I'm an ordinary guy in my thirties to whom nothing real dramatic has ever

happened, but one particular afternoon drive in the car put an end to all that.


I was sick and tired of looking after the kids while my wife worked and needed a break from them, so I decided to take a drive in the country to clear my head. Having the kids on your own all the time tends to drive you fucking nuts. Just ask any single mum. To pretend that I was actually entitled to some form of freedom I just had to get out as soon as my wife turned the key in the front door. I'd already packed the fishing rods in the car and decided that if I could find a decent river I'd sit and do some fishing, or if all else failed I had my binoculars with me.


No I'm not some freaky bird watching twit; I'm more of a freaky woman watcher. I love watching women from a distance doing some of the naughty things they get up to during the day when their husbands are at work and are blissfully unaware. While out on some of my journeys I've seen dozens of affairs and I don't know how many women masturbating. The only things lacking from these voyeuristic episodes are some of the senses, if you know what I mean – the sounds and smells and so on.


I had just come through a real small town, if you could call it that, of two small houses a servo and a pub, when I spotted a glimpse of water through the trees on the right, so I kept driving until I found a small track that looked like it went towards the river. I turned off and followed the track which turned after a short distance and followed the riverbank.


For some reason I didn't feel like stopping just yet as though something was drawing me further along. Pretty soon the track narrowed to almost nothing when it wound its way through what appeared to be the front yard of a farm house and then turned back towards the river where it stopped in a turn around circle. The end of the road.   Time to pull over and start my adventure.  


I took my fishing gear and my binoculars out of the car and made my way to the river bank. It was a beautiful summer’s day with not a cloud in the sky and just the occasional puff of a breeze.   Being the morning, it was still not too hot out. I sat down and started getting my gear set up when I heard something in the distance. It sounded like a conversation, but it was a way off. Because there was no wind and sound was carrying a long distance, it was hard to pinpoint where it was coming from. I just figured it was the farmer or his wife from the farm house I'd seen just a hundred yards back down the road.


I did have thoughts of hiding in the bush and sneaking back towards the house and maybe spying on the farmer's wife, but I didn’t really want to be found by a pissed off farmer with a shotgun so I let the thought go. Maybe when it had warmed up a bit and I was feeling a bit naughtier. This made me laugh to myself because I knew full well that I wouldn’t be able to pass up a chance at spying on a wife – to hopefully catch a glimpse of some action.


I'd been sitting for maybe twenty minutes, fishing, and had forgotten about the voices I’d heard before. I was just zoning out and day-dreaming when I was startled by a voice behind me.


“Whatcha doin' mister?”


Damn near jumped out of my skin. I turned around to see a teenage girl about eighteen or nineteen wearing a bikini top and a pair of white shorts with a towel draped over one shoulder. She had an incredible body – a slim, athletic build, but not skinny, with lovely firm titties – about a “B” cup I thought to myself.


“Just doing some fishing. And you?” I asked.


“I was gonna go for a swim here, but I guess I can go down the river a bit.”


This was far too good an opportunity to pass up.


“If you hold on two seconds I’ll wind this in and you can swim here,” I said.   “There’s nothing biting anyway, so long as you don’t mind an audience. It’s a nice day and I like it here,” I added, hoping she wouldn’t mind.


“If that’s what does it for you,” she said with a cheeky grin and a bit of a knowing look on her face. And with that she started to walk down to the water's edge, watching me as I was winding in the last of the line.


“Cheeky bugger,” I thought to myself as I watched her dipping a toe in the water. “Great ass, too.”  


It was like she could read my mind because as soon as I thought of how hot her ass was she turned around and smiled at me and raised one eyebrow. Her eyes then traveled down my body to my growing hard-on and her smile grew.


I didn’t know whether to be embarrassed or hopeful or both, but I decided there and then that I wasn’t going anywhere with this beauty around. She swam around for a while and I just sat back and relaxed; it was a great day after all and my erection had subsided, so I was a little more comfortable.


I watched her lazily stroke her way out into the river a short way, where she turned upstream and swam against the current for a hundred yards or so. Soon she stopped swimming and turned onto her back and floated with the slow current back down the river. While she floated downstream I noticed her taking a few quick glances in my direction. When she reached the spot where she first started swimming, she flipped back over and started to swim upstream again. This time when she swam I was reminded of what a great ass she had as it bobbed up and down in the water.


I was really getting into the whole experience of watching this sexy, young nymph who, while knowing she was being watched, seemed to be totally relaxed. I could clearly see the water flowing over her shoulders and back and down past her the smooth tanned skin of her thighs.


“I could watch this show all day.” I thought to myself.


She reached that part of the river where she rolled over to float back down again.


This time, when she rolled over I noticed the chill of the water had made her nipples stand to attention. She had obviously noticed as well as she raised her hands and slowly rubbed her breasts with her palms. As she was doing this she looked over to see if I was still watching. When she saw that I was she just smiled and raised her eyebrows, but never took her hands off her breasts. Just before she rolled over to start swimming again she gave each nipple a quick pinch between her fingers and thumbs.


I thought I’d better try to calm down a little or I was never going to get my cock to go down again. I didn’t really want to make too big a fool of myself sitting there with a flag pole in my pants. I decided the best thing to do was lie back and relax.


With the warm sun on my body and my eyes closed I was so relaxed now that I felt like I was going to go to sleep, when the sound of the girl walking out of the water brought me out of my day dream. I looked up to see what was quite possibly the sexiest vision I had seen my entire life. She walked out of the water slowly towards me and as she moved, my eyes traveled from the water up her body.


Her white shorts were see-through where they touched her skin and as my eyes reached her crotch, it looked like she was wearing panties the same colour as her skin. Either that or she was freshly shaved because she had dark hair and I couldn’t see any colour showing through her shorts. My eyes must have lingered a bit long there because she giggled, and as I looked at her face she gave me a crooked smile and there was that knowing look again.


Once again, I was trying to conceal a raging hard-on and failing miserably. She saw my discomfort and the awkward way I was sitting, and laughed again. I thought, “Fuck it.   She knows what’s going on.   Why hide it?”   So I moved back into a lounging position. I must have looked like I was here to camp the night from the tent I was pitching. She just giggled again and spread her towel out on the grass next to me. With her head turned towards me she then lay down on her stomach.


“What’s your name?” she asked.


“Nick,” I said, at which she laughed.


“Is that funny?” I asked a bit confused.


“Not funny, just a coincidence.   My name is Niki.”


“Do you have a job or are you still at school?” I asked.


“I’m supposed to be in school,” she said, not elaborating.


“O.K. Why aren’t you at school today Niki?”


“I can’t be fucked dealing with those brats and pathetic boys.”


Intrigued, I questioned her further.  


“What’s wrong with boys?”


“Fucking idiots most of them, and they haven’t got a clue what they’re doing.”


“What do you mean?”


“They all want to get into your pants and when they do get there they haven’t got a fuckin’ clue what they’re doing. They fumble about for a few seconds and just expect you to be ready to go, and then they jump on, poke about for a few seconds then blow their loads. Fuckin’ useless. I want a real man.”


I must say I wasn’t quite expecting that answer, and it must have shown on my face because she laughed at my expression.


“I say what I want and fuck it if nobody likes it.”


“So I see.”


It was my turn to laugh. Like her, I too thought 'fuck it' and went for broke.  


“So when you say you want a real man what did you have in mind?”


“I mean I want a man who knows how to fuck. A man who can make me come hard over and over again. I want to be fucked 'till I can hardly walk. That answer it for you?”


Holy fuckin’ shit! Was this girl for real? I'd never heard a woman talk this openly or so slutty before. Not only was she incredibly hot physically but she was also a real ‘dirty girl’. I was in heaven. On top of it all, here she was talking dirty, looking hot and now she was looking directly at my rock hard cock with a look of hunger on her face. If any more blood went into my cock I’d either pass out or my cock would explode.


She stood up and looked back down at me.


“I hope you don’t mind, but I come down here most days and I wasn’t expecting anyone to be about. I want to work on my tan a bit.”


And with that she promptly pushed her shorts down her legs then reached up to untie her bikini top. She then kicked her shorts to one side and lay back down on to her stomach. I was gob-smacked. I was right earlier when I suspected she was freshly shaved. And those gorgeous titties were perfect. Nice handful and no more, with the most delicious nipples that stood out about half an inch. I was nearly out of my mind with lust at this stage and it only got better.


“Why don’t you join me?” she said with a grin. “You look like you need to take some pressure off your cock and I really want to see it.”


Well I didn’t need to be told twice, and was naked faster than even I thought was possible. When I turned to face her it was her turn to draw a sharp breath.


“Oh that just looks too yummy to leave alone.” And with that she was on her knees in front of me.


I was still in shock I think, but this was just too good to pass up. She was running her tongue down the underside of my cock and then she started sucking my balls into her mouth, which made me a little nervous but felt absolutely great. Moving her way back up the underside of my cock with little sucks and bites, she reached the knob which she sucked into her mouth. She concentrated on sucking and licking just the head of my cock for a while then she started sucking me deeper and deeper into her mouth until I was deep in her throat, then she started to hum.


Holy shit, if she kept this up I was going to come straight down her throat, and as much as I wanted to, I knew this was going to be a good session and I wanted to hold on a bit longer. I also knew that if I was caught I would be in deep shit with my wife, but at that stage I just had to have this girl, and I was going to have the dirty young slut in every way I could think of.


Pushing her back onto her towel I decided to give this sweet slut a thoroughly good time. I started by kissing, nibbling and licking her ears, neck, and shoulders and worked my way down to her now rock hard nipples where I lingered a little, teasing her by licking her areolae and sucking on the flesh around her nipples but without actually touching them. Then I started licking just the very tip of her nipples with the tip of my tongue.


At this point she was starting to breathe a bit deeper and when I took her nipple into my mouth the first time she drew in a quick deep breath that hissed through her teeth. I started to suck her nipple in and out of my mouth in a similar way to what she'd done with my cock earlier. This she really seemed to enjoy, as she was starting to moan a little and her hips were starting to squirm. I decided that this was my signal to travel a little further south. I kissed and licked my way down to her belly button.


She had a piercing there so I decided to play with that for a while with my tongue, but now that I was closer to her pussy, I could smell her sweet scent of arousal and I couldn’t wait any more, I just had taste her. I ran my tongue slowly down to the top of her naked slit. She had either shaved that morning or she waxed regularly, because there wasn’t a hint of stubble. I licked my way all around her pussy – up and down the outside of her pussy lips and over the top of her clit.


She was really squirming now, thrusting her hips up to try and make contact between my tongue and her clit. I teased a little more, and then I shocked her by sucking her clit straight into my mouth. She moaned loudly and arched her back. I let go of her clit and slipped my tongue further down her slit.


After that I just went nuts.   I was trying to retain control of myself, but she had the sweetest pussy I had ever tasted. It was incredible.   I just couldn’t get enough of her delicious pussy. She started saying things like, “Oh yeah you dirty fucker, suck my cunt. Shove your tongue up my fuck hole.” I love it when women are vocal during sex but this girl was really dirty and I was loving it.


After a few minutes of tongue-fucking her and sucking, licking and gently biting her clit, she started to come. Her body started to move around underneath me and she was raising her hips up to push her pussy harder against my tongue. She was really starting to writhe around and it was all I could do to hold onto her thighs and keep the contact between her pussy and my tongue. She was making a low growling noise in her throat that slowly rose in pitch and volume as she came closer to her orgasm until with a squeal, she cried out and grabbed my head.


I have never been with a woman who squirts before, so when she let go and came she nearly drowned me. There seemed to be wave after wave as she covered my face with her sweet cum. It was just gushing from her and the clear, sticky fluids ran over my face and chin as well as down over her puckered ass hole. I did my best to swallow as much of her cum as possible but I was soaked.   I didn’t think it was possible, but swallowing her cum turned me on even more.


I looked up her body, and her stomach muscles were contracting in time with her pussy muscles; she had an intense look on her face and her teeth were clenched.   Her titties were heaving with every breath she took, her nipples were rock hard and her areolae were puckered up and puffy. Her chest as well as her face and neck were flushed and red.


I came up for a breath of air and she sat up and started to lick her juices from my face with a frenzy, it was like she couldn’t get enough of the taste of her own cum, which I couldn’t argue with. Like I said, she had the sweetest tasting pussy I have ever had the pleasure of eating. When she had licked off as much of her cum as she could, she lay back down and groaned.   I went straight back in for more of that sweet pussy. I sucked her clit and slid a finger straight up inside her very wet hole. I finger fucked her for a while and then slid another finger into her pussy. She moaned at this too, but I wanted to hear her tell me.   


“That good, hey baby?’


“Oh yeah,” she gasped through her moans.


“Do you want more?” I asked.


“Yes, give me more you dirty fucker.” Her voice was quite rough as she moaned under my fingers.


I slid a third then a fourth finger into her dripping hole. I was working on her nice and slow so she'd stay with me for the whole journey.   She was really gasping now and just as I slid my whole fist inside, her hips started to buck and writhe and she came again.


“You like it dirty don’t you, you little slut?”   It was my turn to give her some rough talk.


“Oh fuck yeah, the dirtier the better.”


That was the signal.   I told her to roll over and get up on her hands and knees which she did. I managed to keep my fist firmly lodged up her cunt while she did this and when she was on her knees I told her to spread her ass cheeks. When she had I dove straight in. I immediately stuck my tongue straight into her tight, puckered, pink, ass hole. She went fucking nuts, Humping back onto my face and fist and almost instantly started to come again.


When that orgasm had subsided I used some of her cum as lubricant and slid a finger straight into her tight ass. She didn’t complain as I had almost expected, the way most women do if you just ram a finger into their ass.   Instead she let out a deep guttural moan and shivered. I couldn’t believe this girl the way she could take being filled and still wanted more.   I thought I'd find out for sure.


“Are you full enough yet you nasty little slut?”


“Fuck no, give me more. Shove that thick cock into my gaping ass hole. Fuck my ass now, goddamn you.”


There was no way I could say no to that, but before I could even move I heard another voice from the river.


“I see you found some company you little whore.”


I turned around to see another girl a year or so older than Niki walking up to where we were. I nearly shit myself. I thought, “Oh I’m fucked now.” There was no way I could say ‘it’s not what it looks like’.   I had a finger in Niki's ass and my whole fist up her cunt.


But Niki barely flinched. She just said, “Oh Babs get here now and give me your pussy to eat. I’m feeling so nasty today and I want to taste your cunt.”


Babs just laughed.


“Looks like you’ve got enough going on to keep you busy, but I could do with a good licking. So fuck it, why not?”


At that she started to strip. She had on the matching thong from Niki’s bikini top and a T-shirt with obviously no bra on underneath, as her large titties were moving freely under her shirt and the friction of her shirt on her nipples had made them stand to attention. I noticed quite a wet patch on the panties too.


“Been watching for a while have you?” I asked as I pointed out the wet patch.


“I always like seeing my sister being fucked, but I don’t think she’s ever taken a cock in the ass before and I just had to get a closer look.”


“Man what a filthy pair of sluts these sisters are,” I thought.


Babs said, “Well are you going to do what you’re told?”


“What?” was all I could manage, as I'd lost my train of thought at the sight of Babs’ sexy body in all its glory. She was standing naked near Niki’s head and was pulling on one of her nipples as the other hand went from her mouth to her pussy and back again. She too was waxed or shaved, and I had images of the sisters waxing each other's pussy.


Again she said, “Are you going to do what you’re told and shove your cock up my sisters’ ass?”


With two gorgeous women telling me to fill Niki’s bowels with my thick cock how could I say no? So I slowly pulled my fist out of her pussy with a squelch and removed my finger from her ass. I positioned myself behind her and slid my cock into her pussy which was very sloppy by now. After a few strokes to get nicely lubricated I repositioned my knob at her puckered ass hole and pushed. It was so fucking hot and tight – it was incredible. I slowly fucked my cock in and out of her hole, going a little deeper with each push until I was buried balls-deep in her incredible ass.


She was going off like a frog in a sock so to speak. She was really getting into it, yelling at the top of her voice.


“Fuck my asshole you motherfucker!   Fill me with your cock!   Oh god yes. Slam it up my ass! I want feel your balls slap my fuck hole!”


I looked up when she went quiet to see her busy eating out Babs’ pussy, and Babs was on her back with her eyes closed and pulling on her nipples. Babs then turned around and slid under Niki until they were in a 69 position and were eating each other's pussy. Babs had two fingers worked up Niki’s pussy and was fucking her furiously with them while she sucked and licked Niki’s clit. Babs would every now and then lick my balls when I was buried deep in Niki’s ass.  


This was all getting too much for me and I could feel my load building, but what sent me over the edge was when Babs reached up and stuck her moistened finger straight up my ass. I pulled my cock out of her just in time to shoot a massive load of cum up her back, with another spurt landing in her still gaping asshole and the third load on her sister's forehead. Not long after that, Babs started coming and the attention obviously got to Niki too because she started to come as well.


By now my load was sliding down Niki’s ass crack and dripping onto Babs' face. I couldn’t believe it when the girls got untangled from each other and they started to lick the cum from each other's face and then Babs bent over and started to lick my cum off Niki’s back and ass.


When we'd cleaned each other all over, we started to get dressed and the girls just looked at me.   Niki spoke.


“Thanks for a REAL fuck.”   And the girls just walked off.


I don’t know what I'd expected at the end, but it wasn’t that. As I drove off I thought to myself, “I don’t know if I’ll need my binoculars any more but I’m definitely going fishing more often.”