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A Growing Desire Ch. 2

College girlfriend and I experience anal sex.
Christmas had come and gone. The warmth and merriness of the holidays had disappeared into the cold chill of winter. It was nearing ten at night. A Tuesday. I couldn't study anymore. I stood up from my desk, stretched out the soreness, and made my way over to my bed. I turned on the TV, and realized I was bored. Brett was off doing something -- I couldn't remember what. I hadn't heard from her in awhile. My roommate was, as usual, at his girl's place. I contemplated video games, but even that sounded dull. The longer winter goes on, the more uninteresting everything seems to become. In the winter, you split your life between a dorm and a library and a classroom. The snow or ice eliminates that easy freedom of open air and space.

But still, college was not a bad place to be -- even at this time of year. The school has its share of attractive women. I enjoy the revealing wear of summer, of course, but winter’s suggestive sweaters and tight jeans provoke my imagination even more. Ripping off layer after layer, in heated moments, has its own special eroticism. The thought of sex, unsurprisingly, cut its way through my boredom, and I found my hand reaching down past my boxer-briefs.

I was soft. I moved my hand down to the bottom of my balls and ran my hand over them, feeling their smooth, shaved texture. I took them in my hand, and squeezed gently, before I took hold of my shaft. I pumped upward, using the back of my thumb to hit the sensitive spot under the head, my other fingers loose around the shaft. I could feel the pleasure expanding from the sensation on my head down to my balls, and then upward through the rest of my body. I closed my eyes as I felt myself grow harder under my practiced hand. I took in the feelings of pleasure, the warmth and intimacy one has with one's own body.

My clothes were still on. I continued touching myself as I tried to remember if my roommate said he was staying the night with his girlfriend or not. Not really caring either way, I pulled off my t-shirt and slid down my gym shorts and boxers. I had just a small patch of pubic hair -- it would look to odd to have none while my chest and abs sported a respectable amount of hair -- but I kept my actual package clean. Brett knows how to use her mouth, and I'd hate to give her any disincentive.

I lay back on my bed and took in the site of my naked body. I had played sports in high school with average skill, but freshman year my habits had fallen to the wayside. At Thanksgiving, my parents and siblings had given me enough crap about my increased weight that I resolved to exercise again. Though it was more difficult without the discipline imposed by football or soccer, I managed to visit the gym more frequently and run several days a week. Perhaps more importantly, the stress of school now seemed more manageable and my mood had improved. I was proud of my body. My chest was hard and neatly defined, my abs -- though nothing magazine worthy -- were visible. Brett delighted in the way a V-like definition formed around my torso, pointing toward my dick. Girls had always told me I had a good and firm ass, though the appeal of male asses I never quite understood.

I was fully hard now, as my hand tried to cover the whole of my thick cock as I pumped up and down.

I hadn't jerked off in awhile. Brett usually took care of that need. But she'd been busy the past two days, and I needed relief. I closed my eyes again. I started rummaging through old memories to find one to relive. Brett swallowing my come for the first time. Being tied up and blindfolded by her, and her taking me deep into her mouth. The feminine, musky taste of her pussy. A deep moan as tongue met clit, as hard cock filled her velvety inside. The charged eroticism of our earliest, most passionate encounters. Christmas -- we snuck off to the bathroom in my parent's house for a quickie. I left the movie reel of erotic memories and concentrated on that, touching myself with more force and need when particular memories washed over me. How I had hoisted her up to the counter in the guest bathroom, fucking her roughly and holding my hand over her mouth to keep her quiet. Near the end, I started getting close, and would pull out all the way and push back into her wetness. I kept doing that, and I could tell she was almost there, so I sped up and she squirted all over my legs and floor. I felt my hips buck. It didn't take long after that for me to finish inside of her. We traded furtive glances and half smirks at the dinner table with my family some fifteen minutes later, knowing that my come had probably soaked her panties by the time my mom brought out the entrée.

And then that memory came back to me of finals week. My first experiences with girls in middle and high school always made me feel like some kind-of pervert. I know now it was simple poor luck and thinking too much with my dick on my part. A junior I dated my freshman year of high school, and who I lost my virginity to, more than showed me that girls love sex too. And she taught me enough to know that it wasn't necessarily that my first girlfriends were prudes, it's just that sex isn't all about getting off as fast as possible. I learned to put her pleasure first. Based on the other girls I had dated or slept with, Brett was always a bit confusing for me. We started having sex pretty quickly after we met, and sometimes I thought she had a stronger libido than I did. But she was disgusted by the most random things, the girl who can't accept that everyone shits and everyone fucks. She'd be offended if I made a sexual joke, even if it was only mildly obscene. She hated sexual slang words, talking dirty, sexting, or talking about sex outside the moment. I always assumed it had something to do with her upbringing. But it didn't really have much impact on our sex life. It made it fun, too, when I felt dominant and would have her to say things like, "I can't wait to feel your hot come all over my pussy."

It surprised me, then, when she began saying things like that of her own volition. I guess she had finally got over it. I didn't really think too much about it besides how sexy it was to hear such impurities and filth coming from her sweet mouth. I heard an echo in my head, "I want you to cover my face with your come, I want to feel it run down face, into my mouth, all over my tits," after she had come and I had moved up to titty-fuck her and she extended her tongue to lick the tip of my dick. A month before she would never say something like that, let alone instruct me to put my cock between her tantalizingly large breasts.

And then we got drunk the last night of fall semester. I always looked forward to drinking with her and the usual drunk sex that followed. She always seemed to shed some of her inhibitions when she was tipsy or drunk. But nothing prepared me for that night.

My cock twitched at the memory. I'd always been interested in anal, but I never dared broach it with her. But that night I found myself licking her ass and fingering it. Not only that, but she confessed she wanted to experiment with another girl. Oddly, we hadn't talked about it since that night. We both went to our separate homes for Christmas. The week during the break we spent together was too hectic for much alone time (hence the quickie in the bathroom). And now during our first weeks back on campus, it simply hadn't come up.

I grabbed my shaft harder and brought my other hand down to massage my balls. I could feel myself getting closer as I imagined Brett naked, her delicious boobs pressed against her friend Caroline's. Their bodies locked in Sylphic embrace: a sight that never tires my imagination, something so sensual and intimate and erotic. I pictured them on top of each other, licking each other cunts. I heard Brett's helpless moans mix with the vulgar sound of a finger drawing its way in and out of a soaking wet pussy. I pictured in my mind what Caroline's breasts looked like, what her wet pussy would look like with my girlfriend's tongue pushing inside through her folds. I saw how their hair fell sensually over their shoulders and chests, with the slight sheen of lover's sweat.

My hand pumped my cock faster and faster.

Then a thought hit me. What if Brett hasn't mentioned it because she's hiding something? Not because she's the first girl to ever have bisexual thoughts, but because she's been experimenting with girls without telling me. What if right now her tongue was stuck up one of her girlfriend's pussy, licking up Caroline or someone's juices?

The thought didn't bother me. I closed my eyes and pictured right at this very moment my girlfriend was fucking one of her best friends, tasting each other, rubbing their cunts together, coming on each other's face.

My dick swelled at the thought. I started bucking my hips against my hand as I neared orgasm. I squeezed my balls and rubbed the underside of my head one last time before my balls tightened up and I came on my stomach.

The weather had cleared up. The grayness that had enveloped the sky for the past few days dissipated into a bright blue and brilliant sun. I woke early, dressed, and walked through the soiled snow and ice to the coffee shop I frequented. I do my best work in the mornings, with a cup of warm coffee and the fresh feel of a new day.

I sat down at my usual table near the back. Brett hadn't texted me last night or this morning yet, so I went ahead and sent her a message saying good morning. I put my phone away and picked up my work for class.

About 30 minutes after I arrived, the door to the café opened and Caroline walked in. The thought that last night I had masturbated to the image of her and my girlfriend having sex brought a smile to my lips as I waved and said hello to her. Of all Brett's friends, she was clearly the most gorgeous. Her and Brett presented a nice contrast. Where Brett resembles what I suppose is the prototypical American female -- blond hair, tanned skin, blue eyes, large firm breasts, and a tight ass -- Caroline is lithe and pale, with an artsy bent to her personality. She has dark brown hair that stumbles past her shoulders in a wavy, almost messy, fashion. Her eyes are dark, somewhat gray. Her breasts, as far as I've ever been able to tell, are small. A pleasing handful, but not much more. Her slender frame and dark looks give her a very elegant appearance. I found her extremely alluring.

She walked over to my table, drink in hand.

"Mind if I sit, Jake?"

"Please do. How are you?"

"I'm well, happy to see some sun. Needed some coffee before I went to classes."

"Same here." I looked at my phone to see if Brett had texted me back. "You weren't with Brett last night were you? She probably told me a dozen times what her plans were, but I completely forgot. Haven't heard from her yet today."

"Oh yeah, she was over at my place till late, then went home around midnight, I think. I'm sure she's still asleep, you know her," she said.

"I figured. You all do anything fun?"

She laughed. She had a warm laugh. "Nothing that you would call fun. Painted our nails, see? And watched some episodes of Sex and the City. And talked. As usual."

"Sounds like a great Tuesday night," I said.

"Oh yeah, well, what did you do without our lovely company?"

I felt myself blushing as a I thought about what I did do, and even more, that I had spent a good deal of time picturing the girl in front of me naked.

"Oh, nothing really, tried to study, didn't work. Went to bed after awhile." I hoped she hadn't notice my slight discomfort.

Caroline looked as if she might say something more, but changed her mind and looked at her watch. "Well, gotta run. Good to see you Jake."

I said goodbye and watched her stand up and walk away. God she had a perfect ass in her jeans.

Brett finally woke up around 11, right in time for lunch. I was walking back to my place from the café when she called.

"Hey babe, sorry I just now got your text. I was sleepy."

"It's okay, I ran into Caroline earlier today. Told me you'd probably still be asleep. No classes today, right?" We were still trying to memorize each other's new schedules.

"Just one, later in the afternoon. I was thinking, we haven't spent much time together the past few days. Why don't you come over and I'll cook you some lunch and we can eat together?"

"Yeah, I'll be there soon. Love you," I said.

I loved nothing better than the site of my cock buried deep in her pussy, her ass staring up at me, baring its forbidden hole. I watched her hand snake its way under her body to find her clit, as she moaned deeply into her pillow. She turned her head to look at me.

"Fuck me harder, Jake," she said in something of a low, desperate growl.

My hands gripped her ass, as I used it to help push me in and out of her wet center. I leaned back on my knees, my hands still firmly holding her ass, into order to run my cock along the top of her pussy. Well, bottom in this case, since she was lying on her stomach.

"Mm, yes, like that babe, slow down, I want to feel every inch of your cock," she moaned.

I did as she said, and slowly worked my cock in and out of her at a steady pace, never speeding up, teasing as many nerve-endings and pleasure spots as I could -- and when she told me to fuck her faster -- I continued at a steady, unceasing pace. I knew not to trust her.

"Fuck, please Jake, faster. I need it."

I adjusted so my body was on top of her back, my hands holding me slightly above her, my mouth hovering near her ear.

"I think you like when I tease your pussy like this."

"Ugh, , Fuck, please. Just give it to me."

"I will, on one condition," I said, still moving my hips and bring my cock out, then in with a steady rhythm.

"What's -- " Before she had a chance to finish her question, a strangled groan -- almost a scream -- fought its way out of her throat. I had pushed all the way into her, deep inside, her wetness flowing all around my dick, and started fucking her with the intensity she craved.

"Oh, fuck, Jake, yes, babe, yes, god, I love when you -- " A moan muffled the rest of her sentence, as I snaked my wetted fingertip down toward her ass, and rubbed her asshole, gently. It had been lubricated earlier, as we had begun with her on her back, and she had come everywhere.

"Yes, yes, touch me there, babe it feels so wrong, so good, push in, come on, push in my dirty asshole and finger me, I want to feel it, fuck, fuck, yes right there, I feel so full, yes, yes, fuck me with your finger."

She thrashed underneath me with delight, her hand still furiously rubbing her clit. I felt oddly detached from the scene for a minute as I took in our lovemaking. What was missing? Then it came to me.

With the hand that wasn't buried in her ass, I took hold of her soft nape to get a better angle. Then I moved it around to stick my finger up her mouth. All her holes were filled now.

I moved to whisper in her ear, "I bet you like that, don't you, having all your holes filled? My hard cock in your pussy, my finger pushing into your ass, your mouth sucking down my fingers." I fucked her more vigorously. I drew my cock out and then slammed into her, abusing her body. Her eyes looked up at me, full of lust, and, maybe, a hint of fear. I brought my finger out of her ass, and with the palm of my hand spanked her hard.

She opened her mouth around my fingers to let out a whimper of pleasure. "Oh Jake," she groaned. Then took my fingers back in her mouth, as she would my cock, sucking and licking.

My arms were getting tired supporting myself. I fell off to the side of her, and with my hand moved her over to her side as well, so we formed a spoon. But then she turned to face me.

"Jake," her breathless voice drenched with lust, "Do you want to fuck my ass?"

I felt my muscles clench and my dick twitch at her words. I looked her deep in the eyes. She was serious.

"I'm sorry -- it's okay, if you don't want to. I just, I don't know, I just have this, this need for -- you'll be the first to take my ass, I want you to take that."

I nodded my head. "Absolutely I will."

She smiled. "We're so bad, aren't we?"

"I'm not complaining. Do you want to do it now?"

"Yes, Jake, I want you to fuck my ass, right now. And then I want to walk to class, knowing that you've filled all my holes with your come today."

"You dirty slut," I said, but I caught her drift. I took a moment to reflect on her newfound ease with her sexuality. It seemed to have no bounds, no restraints anymore. Then, still on our sides, I gripped her right ass cheek, spreading it so I could aim my cock for the waiting warmth of her wet pussy.

"Fuck, oh yeah, I knew I was missing something, fuck me until you come, I want you to cover my cunt in your come."

I moved my left arm underneath her and around, so I could reach her breast. I twisted her nipple as my cock slammed in and out of her, her moans commenting on every movement, every touch. With my right hand I snaked down her stomach and pulled her legs apart to reveal the top of her pussy. I brought my hand back up to my mouth, wetted my fingers, and then returned them. I found her hard clit, and began rubbing, hard and in a circular motion -- my other hand still twisting and playing with her erect nipples.

"Oh yeah, that's how I like it, keep going, don't stop, I love when you fuck me like this -- I'm going to come soon, just keep going."

I sped up, our hips working to slam our bodies forcefully, intensely, sweatily together. The smell of our lust filled her small room, the pungently erotic smell of our body's come.

"I'm getting close babe, come together with me, don't slow down."

"I won't, let me feel you come all over my dick. Oh yes, Brett, god you feel so tight, wet, around me, I'm getting close, I'm going to come -- "

"Yes, Jake, fill me, I'll come with you, I'm almost there, let me feel your come inside me and I'll come, fuck,fuck -- "

Simultaneously with the series of fucks that escaped her mouth, a series of contractions squeezed my cock and I felt her come flow, almost squirt, out of her pussy, around me and onto our legs. I bucked and fucked her one last time and then felt my come shoot deep inside of her.

"Oh yes, oh it's so warm."

Both of our hips and legs trembled together as orgasms swept through our mingled bodies.

We fell apart, to stare at the ceiling and collect the thoughts and worries and to-do lists and un-erotic realities that had scattered the moment we fell in bed together.

Recovered, we drew each other close into a romantic embrace. Our eyes wandered over each other's nakedness.

"Let's rinse off," she said.

In the cramped shower, we took turns standing on the hot water to rinse our hair and bodies. Brett closed her eyes as she stood under the water. I took in the singular beauty of water flooding her body, running in rivulets down her tanned breasts and over her still hard nipples. Watching as water collected momentarily in crevices before being forced down by gravity. She turned around so her ass faced me, and I stared at the perfect curves.

"Your turn," she said.

I, too, closed my eyes and let the water rinse away the sex and the sweat. I felt Brett's soft hand slowly stroke my soft dick.

"You have such a sexy body, love," she said.

"Nothing compared to yours."

She smiled, and winked. "I have one more hour before I need to get ready for class. What can I do to warm you up?"

"Let's finish showering, and get back in bed," I said.

"Okay, let me clean myself up a bit, you get out."

I dried off and climbed back in bed. I opened the nightstand and pulled out the bottle of lube we kept in there.

Brett emerged from the bathroom. The look of shock on my face brought a smile to her face. I suddenly got the feeling she had been planning this moment for a while. She was wearing a black lace garter slip, a matching mesh thong and thigh highs. Her tanned perfect breasts were quite nearly popping out of the tight top, and the lace trim erotically revealed her skin. My cock hardened instantly. She did a twirl, and I groaned knowing that soon I would be deep inside her ass.

"I see you like my outfit?'

"Come over here so I can inspect it better."

"What do you think, are you ready to fuck me again?"

I nodded.

"Good. Because I want you to fuck my ass. I want you to take anal virginity Jake," she was whispering in my ear now, her body perched sexily on top of me, her breasts hanging tantalizingly close to my mouth, "Ever since you licked my ass, mmm, I can't stop thinking about having something bigger, something harder deep inside of me. Somewhere no one else has ever been. Every night I'm not with you I find my fingers rubbing my clit, but it's not enough, so I started fingering my ass too. Mm, you like that, don't you? You like thinking of me naked on top of my sheets, alone, fingering myself, thinking about you?"

It took everything in my will power not to flip her over and ravage her -- I wanted to hear the rest.

"Mm, I come so hard when I touch myself down there. I never knew I could be so dirty. But I love being dirty for you."

She leaned down and kissed me. It started off sweet, without any tongue. She started rubbing her panty-covered crotch on my naked cock. Our lips were firmly locked, and our tongues started exploring each other's mouths. Devouring. Needy. A horny moan escaped her lips.

Without a word, she turned around and straddled my chest. Her back faced me.

"So you want my ass, huh?" she said, looking at me over her shoulder.

"Oh yeah," I said.

Brett arched her back, her voluptuous behind deliciously close to my face.

"Good," she said, reaching back and running her hand over her soft cheek. "I can't wait to have your hard dick in my ass instead of your fingers."

The way she looked in her thigh highs and garter slip and thong drove me nearly insane with lust. The way she looked over her shoulder and slowly pulled her fleshy cheek to the side, letting show a glimpse of her tiny pink rosebud behind the black thong string.

"You want to fuck this little thing here, love?" Her hand left her cheek and started making its way to her hole.

"Oh, fuck yes!" I gasped as Brett began to push her slender fingertip into her asshole. She moaned in pleasure.

Her ass was near inches from my face.

"Grab that lube," she said. "I want you to get my ass ready."

We have had our share of dirty moments, but this was easily surpassing any experience I had ever had. I grabbed the lube on the nightstand table and squeezed a small amount onto my fingertip. My finger joined hers as I rubbed the lubricant into her hole. She moved her hand back to her cheek to help spread her ass.

She moaned with lust and need. "That feels so good, babe, keep going. I want you to be able to slide right into me." I continued working my finger, now knuckle deep, into her ass.

"How does it look? I think I need another finger before you fuck me," she asked.

I was absolutely mesmerized by the sight before me. The closeness of her ass to my face, my finger penetrating past the muscular ring, feeling the warmth. The sheer naughtiness of the whole situation threatened to make me come without even a touch to my now throbbing dick. I continued working my finger into her, then adding another. Her asshole was nearly as slick as her pussy.

"This feels so good, Jake," she paused. "Do you know what I want you to do?"


"Well...." she said, the seductive air mixing with her natural shyness. "I really liked when you licked my ass that one night... Will you do it again?"

"You don’t even have to ask," I said with a smile.

I gripped her hips and pulled her even closer to my face. I could almost taste the musk of her pussy. The black string of her thong was all that stood between my tongue and her puckered hole. I yanked the thong aside and let my tongue find its way to the bottom of her pussy. I swiftly tasted her juices, and then ran my tongue down, across her perineum and then started circling her tight hole.

"Oh, babe, oh, that feels so good."

I teased her for a few more moments, and then I dove in with my tongue, prodding her sensitive ring, trying to push my tongue deep inside her virginal ass.

"Fuck, that feels amazing," she squealed with delight. I saw her hand had started working on her clit.

I found myself lost in her curvy butt as she rode my tongue. Her body squirmed and moved uncontrollably. She started grinding herself on my tongue.

"Oh, God yes!" she moaned with ecstasy. "Lick it! Lick my ass, Jake! Stick your tongue up my ass!"

Her body started to shake and I could feel her hand rubbing herself vigorously, her moans filling the room as I filled her ass with my tongue. I felt a pulse running through her body and contracting in her ass.

"Oh yes, oh babe," she moaned. "Just fuck me! I'm going to come! I'm going to come! I'm coming, I'm coming!"

Brett's breathless dialogue quickly turned into lengthy moan as her asshole repeatedly clenched and unclenched. A flood of her warm pussy juices dripped onto my chin and neck and chest. She writhed with pleasure, momentarily lost in the fog of orgasm and lust.

"Shit, Jake," Brett said. "That was, that was incredible." She suddenly seemed to notice my very hard, very needy cock. "Let's take care of this."

She fell to my side as her right hand wrapped around my thick shaft.

"Put this inside me."

I eagerly moved on top of her, and pulled aside the thong to reveal her wetness. I kissed her, and held her face in my hands, as my dick rubbed up and down her lips, wetting it, working its way slowly into her tight pussy. We were making out passionately as my cock slowly eased its way in three-quarters of the way. I suddenly and forcefully pushed the rest of myself inside of her; completely overwhelming her senses as she lustfully grabbed my hips and locked her legs around me. Her pussy clenched my cock.

"Mm, Yes, Jake, get your dick wet. God, I feel so dirty!"

I roughly flipped Brett onto her stomach and then brought her to her hands and knees. Her shiny pussy and ass begging for more, waiting for my next move. I moved forward on the bed, leaving her exposed, and grabbed her hair to pull her face toward my waiting shaft.

"Taste your pussy on my cock."

Brett opened her mouth eagerly and looked deep into my eyes before taking my dick into her mouth and towards her throat. She left my cock for a moment.

"I want you to fuck my mouth."

Still gripping her hair, I held her head in place as I moved my hips forward and backward, using her face as I would use her pussy. Her eyes glued to my eyes; the act the perfect result of trust and confident sexuality a relationship brings. I was now pumping aggressively in and out of her sweet mouth, as her tongue slid its way over the hole, and her free hand made its way to my balls, rubbing gently.

We kept this up for a few more minutes before I pulled away and she let out a gasp. My cock was drenched in saliva, and I leant down to kiss her, tasting the remnants of her pussy.

"Are you ready?" I asked. She was still on her hands and knees, still outfitted in that breathtaking lingerie, still batting her eyes at me seductively as she spoke.

"You have no idea, Jake. I want your cock shoved up my ass."

She took off her thong but left on the garter slip. I took the bottle of lube, a quaver of nervousness and feeling of unreality filled me, and I squeezed out a large amount into my hand. I then coated my dick with the slippery gel as I gazed down at Brett's tight hole, still slick from earlier. I squeezed some more out and rubbed it in my hands to warm it before I applied it her sensitive hole.

I placed my cock at the entrance of her ass.

"Relax, babe, remember to breathe. Play with your clit, it will help."

I watched as she reached between her legs to touch herself as I rubbed my dick up and down the crack of her ass, smearing her hole with even more lube. Then, using one hand to open her ass wider, I pushed my head against the tight puckered ring, feeling her open up beneath me.

"Oh God, fuck, it hurts, but don't stop, don't you dare stop," Brett groaned. The muscular ring stretched to accommodate my cock before it clamped down tightly around my shaft. My tip of my cock had disappeared inside of her.

"How does it feel?" I asked. I pushed another inch.

"Just keep going! I want all of you in me. All of your cock. God, it feels so nasty, so good. I need it deeper though. Fill me with your dick!"

Half of my cock was inside her now. The sight was mind-blowing, as I gazed down at her tanned cheeks and saw my cock disappearing inside her forbidden hole. I kept pushing deeper, and Brett kept rubbing her clit harder. Every second a new moan, groan, shriek, whimper, profanity escaped from her mouth.

"Start fucking me, Jake."

I withdrew my dick and plunged forward again. My whole dick was nearly inside of her. I pulled out again, this time sinking all the way, letting my balls hit her pussy. Brett screamed, a lustful mixture of pain and pleasure.

"Oh God, fuck, fuck, you're taking my virginity, you like that, don't you Jake? Oh fuck, I'm starting to get used to it, just keep fucking me, fuck me, fuck me!" Her asshole clenched around me, her speech reaching a scream each time I pushed back inside of her. "That feels so fucking good! Don't stop! Don't stop fucking my ass!"

The sensation was not what I expected. Even with the copious amount of lube, being buried in her ass had none of the moist embrace of her pussy. It was warm, much hotter than her pussy. Almost fiery. And it was impossibly tight, unbelievably tight. I knew if I looked down again at our filthy joining I would come.

I reached around Brett's body and pulled her breasts out of the lingerie cups. I caressed her breasts with both hands. My dick buried deep inside of her. Her hand furiously rubbing her clit. She pushed backwards into me. It forced my cock even deeper into her ass.

She squirmed under me, her ass taking my cock in and out, piston-like, pornographically. I twisted her nipples like she loved, then brought my other hand back and spanked her hard on her ass cheek. And then again, and again, until she was screaming with pleasure. Her breathing seemed out of control, gasping like an asthmatic, the pleasure overwhelming. Her whole body trembling, working towards the inevitable. I twisted her other nipple, and savored the incredible reaction.

"I'm coming!" she screamed and I felt her asshole tighten its grip on my dick. "I'm coming, I'm coming with your cock in my ass!"

Brett pushed herself back on my dick. Her body spasmed through an intense and lengthy climax. As it subsided, I slowly resumed fucking her ass with long, gentle strokes.

"Wow, that was incredible," she said, still sounding out of breath.

"Are you doing okay?" I asked.

"Oh yes. Don't you dare stop until you fill my slutty ass with your come!"

I kept sliding my dick in and out of her tight ass. Every time I reentered it seemed more relaxed and she lost all trace of grimace from her face. I kept up the pace, but twitched involuntarily when she brought her fingers from her pussy and licked them.

"Mm, I love how I taste."

I started fucking her faster, the need overwhelming me.

"Oh yeah, that's it, right there. Mm, how long have you dreamed about this? Dreamed about your shaft stuck up inside my tight ass? Dreamed about degrading me, making me into your ass slut? Oh God, you're stretching me out so good, I feel so nasty, but so good."

Her words pushed me to a state of rapture. I lost all sense of control. I pummeled her now gaping ass.

"Oh yes, babe, like that, I want you to fill my ass with your come? Don't you want that? Don't you want to see your white come leak out of my ass? Come for me babe, fill me. You've come in my mouth, in my pussy today, it's time for my ass. Oh fuck!"

Her hand was still glued to her clit. Moaning with every movement. I felt the come building up in me. An unstoppable force. My balls tightened, preparing to release the aching tension of the past hour.

"I'm getting close Brett. I'm almost there!"

"Yes, yes, come for me Jake, God, I can't wait to feel your warm come deep inside my asshole!”

"I'm coming!" I groaned as my body twitched and I lost all connection to every sense except the feeling of my cock buried deep in her fiery asshole and the glorious feeling of release as I filled her with my come.

"Yes, mm, it feels so good, so deliciously dirty."

I came back down from my climax, and saw her looking back at me, a sexy grin on her face.

"How was that?" She asked.

I slowly pulled out of her clenching asshole. I noticed for the first time that the bed sheet were completely soaked with her juices -- a large wet spot spread all around our bodies. Some of my come had already slipped out of her and made its way down as well.

"That, that Brett, was absolutely mind-blowing."

"Mm, I know, I feel so sexy. I don't think I've ever come like that. It was just so different," she said.

"I know. You're amazing. That was the most amazing sex I've ever had."

"Mm, I know. I can't decide if I should rinse off or go to class like this?" She laughed.

"If you want everyone in your class to now you just got thoroughly fucked, then why not?"

"I'll be right back sweetie."

She stood and walked towards the bathroom, and I admired the incredible body outlined in her lingerie and the incredible ass I had just fucked. After three orgasms, I had zero energy left in my body. Now that we've added anal to our repertoire, I thought, what was next?

And the thought of Caroline and Brett together returned to my mind.

To be continued.

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