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A HOT Way To Pay A Debt

I needed money, I got it and so much more.
Damn….where was I gonna get the money to pay for this. My Parents were gonna kill me. I had run up 700 dollars on their credit card that easily. The one that was 'Only for emergency use Delilah, ONLY for emergencies'.

Fuck, my Dad told me I had one week to come up with the money, or he would take my car. I had to think. I finally decided to sell some things at one of those shops. You know the ones that offer the best prices around.

I made my best friend Kara go with me. She was nervous because it was not in a good part of town. Kara is the opposite of me. She is blonde and blue eyed and big tits. I thought maybe she could help me get more money out of my stuff. We went after school to the one place I could think of. The guy in there grinned hugely when he saw us. I got right down to business…I showed him my things, things that when I bought them totaled in excess of 2000 dollars. He offered me 300.00 for everything. I was so frustrated. I argued and even cried a little telling him how important it was. Telling him my dad would ground me, that I was fucked if I didn’t get at least 700 for it.

In desperation I told him I would do anything to get the money. He smiled again, this time licking his lips….

“Well, that’s a different story.” He said looking at me and Kara like we were pieces of meat.

He walked around me; looking me over…he put his hands on my tits and squeezed them. I glared at him but didn’t say a word. He lifted my skirt to look at my ass and gave it a smack. I was humiliated, but I held my tongue.

“How much to fuck you and your hot friend?”

“Are you fucking kidding me? We are not prostitutes!!” I yelled.

“I am not the one who needs money.”

He looked at Kara who was staring at him in fascination. “I will pay her too. I am not ashamed to pay for two prime pieces of ass like you two.”

Kara suddenly spoke. “One thousand EACH!”

I practically fell over I was so shocked…. "Kara what are you saying?"

She glared at me angrily and said…"Delilah, I love you to death but you are always dragging me into your messes, I think it’s time I got something out of it too.”

He quickly agreed to her price and put two thousand dollars on the counter. He said, “Come on girls, come sit in my lap.”

We both walked over to him, and before we could sit down he said…"I want those titties bare, ladies.”

We both took off our shirts and bra’s and sat in his lap. His arms slid around each of us and he told us to kiss him. We took turns kissing him. Our bare tits were rubbing his chest and his hands roamed over our bodies freely.

He told us to kiss each other and we did. It was the first time I kissed her. Our lips met, hers were smooth and moist, and her hand pulled my head toward her. We kissed gently then her mouth opened, and her tongue slipped between my lips, rubbing my tongue and teasing my lips with hers. We kissed in his lap for a minute then he told me to suck her tits. I lowered my mouth to her hard nipples, sucking them and flicking my tongue over them teasing her with hot wet little licks and then I would suck them hard. His hand had slid up her skirt and he was rubbing her pussy through her pretty pink panties.

He told her to do the same to me, and she started licking and sucking my tits, while he played with my pussy. I had never felt anything so hot in my life. It felt like fire creeping up my belly into my pussy. I was so fucking hot. He led us to a back room, he had an old couch back there, and he lay back on it. He told us to strip each other.

Slowly, I slid Kara’s skirt down…sliding my hands over her tummy and her ass. Lingering over her creamy thighs…then I slid her panties down her smooth tanned legs. She did the same for me. We hugged our bodies together so he could see us rubbing together. He had taken his shirt off and was lying there in his shorts. He pointed to me.

“Suck it good for me.” He pointed to Kara, “Come sit on my face and let me eat that pretty cunt.”

She straddled his face, and I heard her breath suck in as his tongue buried into her tight pink pussy. I unzipped his pants, and gently pulled out his stiff cock. It was HUGE.

9 inches long and so fat I knew I wouldn’t be able to take it all. “Suck it!!” he yelled. I lowered my mouth and started sucking it.

My tongue licked over it. I made sure I had a lot of spit in my mouth and I sucked the first 4 inches into my mouth. I started sliding my wet mouth up and down on his hot pulsing cock.

He kept licking Kara’s wet snatch, and she was humping his face like she was going insane. He kept making all these smacking noises, and moving his head around and she was grinding all over his face. I could see her ass flexing as she squirmed around on his hot tongue. I sucked him harder…some precum oozed out of his cock and I licked the salty taste into my mouth. I rubbed his thick cock over my wet lips then sucked him in hard, making him moan.

“That’s it slut, suck it hard.”

I sucked him as far in as I could…choking on it. One of his hands grabbed the back of my head and pushed me down on his cock hard. He started throat fucking me, ignoring my choking and gagging. Tears were running out of my eyes, and I heard Kara screaming that she was cumming. He pushed her off of him and started really humping my mouth. He pulled his fat cock up and told me to suck his balls. I got under him and started sucking his balls while he jerked his hard cock.

“Mmmmmm that’s right slut get ‘em all wet!”

I sucked them into my mouth and rubbed my tongue back and forth over his balls.

“Enough!!” he yelled. Kara was spread out on the bed her legs wide open, her eyes glazed with lust.

“Eat her out.” he said. I started to refuse, but Kara grabbed me by the hair and jerked my face down into her glistening pussy.

“Lick me baby.” She hissed…”Lick my pussy, till I cum. Tongue fuck me baby, I want you to. Right NOW!”

I slid my tongue up her spread pussy. I found her clit. I started eating her pussy, licking my tongue over her clit, and sliding it down to her tight hole.

I felt his huge cock enter me from behind. I moaned as he thrust in hard all the way to the balls stretching my tight pussy. Kara’s thighs gripped the sides of my head and her hands jerked the back of my head as I licked her swollen cunt harder and faster. I put the flat part of my tongue on her cit and rolled my tongue in circles.

The only sound for a few minutes was Kara moaning, and His skin slapping mine as he fucked me hard. Kara came hard humping my swirling tongue.

“Keep licking," she yelled at me.

I kept my face buried in her slick wet puss. “Stick your tongue in my hole!”

I pushed my tongue into her wetness as far as it would go. “OH FUCK YES," she moaned. Her finger playing with her clit while I tongue fucked her pussy. She came on my mouth again.

“Get her asshole wet for me. Lick it and spit in it!”

I felt him slamming me harder and harder from behind. It was almost painful he was fucking me so hard. I could hear him grunting, and saying, “Fuck yes this is some TIGHT pussy.”

Kara pulled her legs up and I saw her asshole…I licked it, getting it wet. I stuck my tongue in and I got some spit on my tongue and pushed it in. I stuck my finger in her ass…and she moaned in pleasure.

When I stuck my finger in her ass he stuck his in mine. The pressure of his huge cock pounding me added to his finger up my ass made me cum hard. I squealed in pleasure.

He abruptly pulled out. He told Kara to eat my pussy now, then he had me suck his cock and spit on it. When I had it all slimy, he pushed Kara’s legs back and pushed his huge cock into her tight glistening pussy. She screamed in pleasure. I lowered my pussy to her mouth and she ate me hard and fast. I felt another orgasm rip through my body.

She kept her tongue on my clit and every time he thrust into her tongue would jerk my clit. He pushed his cock into her tight asshole, and she started screaming like a whore. She fucking loved it.

“OH fuck yes. Hurt that ass!!” she moaned.

She was so overcome with lust that she stopped eating my pussy, so I lay down next to her - my legs spread and started fingering myself.

He looked over at me. Sweat was dripping off him. He reached down and shoved three fingers into my pussy. He fucked her ass and finger fucked me…I moaned for him. He rubbed his rough thumb over my already throbbing clit, and it pushed me over the edge.

I screamed, “Oh FUCK, OH YES…..Oh my god…I am cumming!”

I came all over his fingers. I collapsed in a heap on the bed. Kara came again, and he pulled out. He slammed his cock into my pussy…I wrapped my legs around him and Kara got behind him…she started licking his asshole and his balls as he fucked me. He threw my legs up over his shoulder. He grabbed a vibrator he had hidden in the couch cushions and told Kara to stick it in my ass. She lubed it up with her spit and pushed it slowly into my ass. The vibrations from the vibrator pushed him over the edge.

He yelled one time and emptied his full balls into my cunt. Shuddering and bucking he pumped every drop of his cum into me.

Then Kara fucked my ass with the vibrator and he made her lick every drop of cum out of my pussy. We kissed, sharing his load of cum.

When I left, he gave us each the thousand dollars, and made sure to remind us that he had more where that came from. I was humiliated at prostituting myself, but I knew I would be back the next time I got into trouble.
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