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A maid riding on top of me

She sat astride me... having control and power during the act of sex... only at the beggining

A maid riding on top of me
This story happened as I was 18 yo., summer break, in Lima, Peru. It was January and the hot weather was unbearable, especially if some atmospheric phenomenon was taking place during this season. My mother had been sick at the hospital -health problems-gall bladder surgery while my father and brothers were equally busy working at the time  -no home.

It was Sunday night as my dad told us he had hired a new maid, a lady friend of his, to do laundry and dust home; clean and wipe. They wouldn’t let me do homework or assist here, for I still was pampered by them since I had begun to attend college. My brothers agreed with the new deal and I was happy about this as well. I was instructed -kind of advice- to stay all morning looking after the house, keeping an eye on the maid -they wouldn’t trust a new maid that would steal some stuff here.

Next day, my dad got up early, at about 7:00 A.M. to introduce the lady to me. She appeared 37 yo., and her name was Matilde, a Spanish rather weighed sturdy, who bowed after seeing me. I reckon 164 centimeters tall, but what most caught my attention -and was surprised by this- were her voluptuous tits, as well as sensual, together with a rounded bubble ass, clearly poking out, standing out through her woolen tight dress, though long.

Well, after introducing herself, along with some jokes and small chat -I thought this suits me,  especially if I used to go to bed late at 11:00 P.M., took it easy those days, as my dad and brother were gone to work and the maid was occupied washing our clothes at the yard.  We had already sorted out the clothes pieces for her, in advance.  Well I was now watching the box  -TV. Not a very significant day: the lady maid and I had small chat and she finally left at 12:00 noon while I went to the boardinghouse for lunch.


My dad didn’t awake me on that Monday morning when Matilde showed up for work, so I slept more than the usual feeling a delicious fresh air coming through the open door from the yard. It had been too hot here. That’s why I used to wear only my boxers. I occasionally half opened my eyes to spy Matilde, who would peer into my bedroom sometimes.

It was 9:00 A.M and I could see her doing laundry with her back turned toward the room’s door, and I made out her body as bent over to pick up the brush which had dropped twice to the floor. This view was too  gorgeous, her tits standing outlined,  as well as her ass, wavering in comings and goings, ups and downs, each time she shook and jolt  washing brusquely.


Her tits were now translucent, too clear and evident for me to see through her wet blouse. That whole scene had caused me a hard on already. She was now ready to clean the house, she informed. That’s why I had a better chance here to satisfy my curiosity, and began to look at Matilde out of the corner of my eye, while I lie down on the sofa, reading a book. I considered her assisted by the movements made by a typical provincial woman, neither nice nor beautiful features, but she relied on a well built body to impress males. I could appraise, consider her ass and tits more properly, especially when she ducked.

I ordinarily am a shy guy, so wouldn’t attempt anything to court of fuck a woman on the spot… the only way out of this would be to get up and head for the bath room to brush the helmet, so I moved ahead.   As I returned from the bath room, Matilde was now dusting my bed room, and was obliged at times,  to sit on my bed, where I lied down to rest, just an excuse to stare at her. She began to clean the lamp table next to me, so we began a conversation about her hometown, and ventured to lean on her, only wearing my boxers, getting each time closer to her. She wouldn’t object.

 Mrs. Matilde had moved on a little backwards while cleaning and dusting, almost sitting on me, bringing us to be together actually.   My penis was now about to jump out of the boxers, unable to control this hard on; I stayed put, as it escapes me.   My penis head got in contact with her buttocks, touching her. Had she been ignoring this?

She was now a butterfingered who had stood up, clumsily dropped the lamp table, perhaps boxed out, traumatized by my daring actions. I still stared at her stems, sticking my neck out too far.
Finally, while jerking off in the bath room, again, I began to have images of this lady lying down on my bed wearing only her yellow and wet panty, and bouncing breasts. A cum spurt landed on the basin after I cummed as mad, inspired and encouraged by the hot lady’s images.

I had begun to plan ahead for next Monday about a way to make my move here and possibly fuck the maid; would give it a try. This was a sticky wicket, but she would leave open the possibility that my plans could be orchestrated. I was pretty turned on, really full of lust.   I had lust after Matilde’s cunt and ass since day break, expecting her that early morning at 7:00 to carry out my plan.  I got up at 9:00, seeing Matilde washing: same skirt, firm legs, so made up my mind, resolved. I said hi, still on my bed, saying:

“Oh, it’s too hot in here.”

She said:

“Yeah, it’s been a hot weather. You’d better get up now.”

I replied:

“I’m only lying down here to get fresh air coming from the backyard.” Then asked: “would you please, clean my room as well?”

She laughed saying:

“What a indolent kid you are, aren’t you. Of course, I’ll do it.”

Later, I heard her voice screaming from the backyard:

“Still got some clothes load to wash, but no problem, I’m putting it to soak!!  Wait, I’m coming!!”

I thought she had been jerking off!!

Seeing such progress here made me happy a lot. While Matilde was doing her job I asked questions like: Are you married?

She said: “Yes, but my husband went on a trip and has never provided for my 13 yo. daughter since.”

“What a pity” I said.

She asked:

“Where do you go to school, and what career did you choose?"

I answered her, sliding down the blanket slowly, exposing my erect dick for her to see.  Matilde, like the first time, sat on my bed to clean the bedside table and for a second time I ventured to get closer to her ass, just centimeters away from my penis. As she shook her ass while cleaning the lamp table, I directed my dick so it’d graze against her buttocks through her flimsy skirt. Since she didn’t object I dared to stroke her breasts and raised her skirt. To my surprise, she wasn’t wearing panties!!
I turned her around and put her to bed, making room for her to lie down next to me, and see her vagina, labia, for the first time as I spread her legs wide. I began to part the labia and could see the pink inside, wet and shiny. I began to stroke the cunt with my fingers, and the scent that sprang from the vagina drove me mad.   She got off the bed immediately, apparently ashamed, standing there by the bed side, staring at my dick, to suddenly hurdle over me and sit and astride me. I only felt a huge heat in my penis, only seeing her tits fighting to get out of the bra. I whispered:

“Take off your bra.”

She obeyed.

I was kind of intoxicated by these sensations and only could discern her huge and meaty brown nipples almost black, swaying at her rhythm.   Perhaps she was finding very exciting this sex position, probably would give Matilde a good chance for reaching orgasm fucking her way on top.  I noticed she had the control and power, not a submissive woman in lovemaking.   She, on the other hand, increased speed and depth, dominating me  -probably she thought I was too young, not experienced as was this veteran.  It was exciting to see her breast as she faced towards me and, oh, God, I wish I’d see the buttocks if she rode away from me!! She maintained a good rhythm, passively receiving vaginal thrusts from my penis.

I still felt the infernal hot in my penis but couldn’t see my rod in and out, covered by a skirt which hid a dick plunging into a cunt during the woman’s wiggle. I couldn’t hold it anymore and began to jet a cum spurt into Matilde’s cunt.

As she felt this, I observed her gesticulate and noticed her face expression, grimacing, apparently cuming from her pleasure and joy.  Her hands scratched my chest at the moment she cummed with fabulous shakes.

Fagged by her job astride me, she asked not to take out my dick, saying:

“Oh, Marcos, wanna feel it a little more inside me. Please, don’t you withdraw!!”

We were now still, just the two of us, she on top of me. I said: “And short it was wham bam thank you ma’am!!”


After some minutes, we got off the bed. While she dressed, I was in the bathroom cleaning myself up. I stepped out of the bathroom and se entered there to do the same stuff –bathe her cunt.  We were both busy from this on;   she resumed wash labor, while me doing the bed.  I was done with this and got out of the bed room only to catch sight of a female body shaking again, doing laundry.  The maid began to feel somebody hugging her from behind.  She ignored this and continued shaking her ass still occupied in her wash practice, both of us swaying at unison, her tits now being stroked by my avid hands (I’m a handy guy at stroking breasts, by the way!!).
The Spanish maid said:

“Please, stop Marcos, enough!! Stop this, young guy or it’ll become late to finish work.”

I ignored the busty woman’s plead and began to kiss her neck instead, as well as nibble the ear lobe. Since she didn’t object any more, I decide to lead her back to my bed room, walking oddly like wagon train, at the same time I slid her blouse off.

Matilde, a conscious, different woman now,  aware of what I’d do to her soon, stripped off her clothes, leaving her completely naked, on her feet.  Kissing her back, I got slowly down to her buttocks and kissed her asscheeks there as well. I turned her around and parted her big asscheeks to explor the anus inside with my passionate tongue.

Also her vulva was being touched by my fingers, but got no moans out of the lady, least protested. She didn’t object either, as her anus was stroked until I finally I got a weak moan.
I was decided to fuck her myself, my turn now as a male. I undressed quickly, and pushed her to lie down on the bed. Jumping over her body I aimed my penis to the box. As I controlled everything, started a furious sway in and out, in the new missionary position, and judging from the liquids squirting out of the vagina, she was aroused, meaning she had liked this. I was happy at seeing my rod shine each time it slid out.   I was now determined to try an additional sex position, so she complained saying:

“What are you doing, please, stop!!

I said: “So you like woman on top, don’t you, Matilde?”

I made her sit on top, facing away from me, and leaned her forward to me as far as to make it comfortable for both of us, so my rod would plunge. As I put my rod inside her, I got an intense penile stimulation, wishing to give her intense vaginal too. This was too difficult in the end, and felt uncomfortable, mainly because Matilde was reluctant to get fucked this way, while my erection was hard and upright with my penis bent uncomfortable. I said:

“Come on, you slut, ride this dick, probably would find your G-spot and drive you wild,” giving her vaginal thrusts.   She resisted saying:

“But… what are you doing, please stop!! Wanna get of this bed now!!”

I felt her pussy too wet, meaning she had already cummed.  I didn’t want to cum  -so much masturbation had helped here.  I desperately turned her around,  on top of me and facing toward me. It was exciting to see her breasts the same way I had seen her buttocks before with her on the top.  I frantically sucked her tits and she liked this, for grabbed me by the hair to drive my face towards her tits, watching me in a strange way, mix of surprise and joy and excitement. I felt the sweet pleasant flavor of tits in my mouth. She moved up and down like mad until said:

“Oh, darn it, fuck, it hurts, please, take it out or I can’t fuck anymore!!”

I said: “Oh, Matilde, I haven’t yet cummed, sorry.”

To this, she positioned for doggy position, her ass in the air. She said:

“Now, tear that ass!!”

I didn’t hesitate and was ready for it. Her anus was in fine fettle, fit as a fiddle, after I took a hard look at it.  I barely had begun to pierce than some problems showed: I never thought it would be so tight, and I was careful at applying severe pressure, could injure my penis. I couldn’t maintain eye contact or kiss Matilde so couldn’t tell how her face expression was.

With my hands free, I used them to fondle the breast and buttock’s woman. I myself was thinking in the new experiences and pleasures awaiting me, my testicles brushing against her thighs.  Submissive Matilde had gotten now in locked position and I had the control so I could shorten or delay my ejaculation.  

I directed my cock head and put it to the edge. Grabbing my dick with one hand I rubbed it against her asshole until my precum began to wet her. I spit on my finger and massaged smoothly her asshole  to accustom it and slowly poking my finger deeper noticing it widening. My finger went deeper lubed by the saliva to keep it wet.  Matilde began to give me directions saying:

“Oh, please, slowly or you’ll hurt me!!”

I noticed it widened, like prepared and slowly slid the head only to probe. I took it out and again put it into her.  It was necessary about two or three times to do this. I judged it was the time now, and supposed she has been used to this. I slowly introduced my dick to go beyond the head, in and out, always lubricating with pre cum and saliva.  At a moment I stood still, she began to shake, pushing back to  get the dick into her. It was then I as I heard a “ploc, ploc” each time she shook with my balls touching her thighs.
On my third stroke, aided by Matilde’s caress on my balls, I cummed at last; a glorious experience!!

As lying down on the bed, we hug and she commented something about the truth concerning her marriage. He had abandoned her; therefore, she had got too eager for sex.  After we rest, took a shower together. Given that we were all spent, were limited to wash each other: I washed her cunt, she did the same to my cock. We dressed up and watched TV. She continued her laundry work afterwards.

We continued to meet on the sly, especially in the afternoons as her daughter was playing in the games, and we practiced lots of sex scenes. As my mom returned home, Matilde and I only made sex sometimes, so not to get caught. Actually this maid was 43 yo.
All this stopped as she finally left for her hometown, a small Andean village called Chachapoyas, to live with relatives there.
                                                          THE END

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