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A Most Welcome Surprise

James gets what he always wanted.
It was a weekday like any other, I was home from work before Jess and relaxing on the sofa catching up with the current affairs on the news channel. I start work early, 7am, so I'm usually home a good few hours before Jess. I was horny as hell that day and couldn't wait for her to get home so I could relieve some pent up tension. My attention was perked as I heard keys in the door followed by the clip-clopping of heels and Jess shouting “hey honey, where are you?”

“I'm in the living room” I replied.

“Good, stay right there. I'm glad you're home as I've got a surprise for you” teased Jess.

As she appeared in the doorway I was met with my favourite look of hers, pencil skirt, tight fitting blouse, heels and black nylon that I was praying would be stockings. I was almost drooling, jaw close to hitting the floor as she looked so, so fine. Jess is fairly petite but somehow has legs that go on for miles. Combine this with her slim body, perky C cup breasts, taut ass and short, dark tousled hair and you've got the recipe for my ideal woman.

Jess sauntered towards me, a coquettish and naughty glint in her eyes indicating that I was in for a real treat. As she stood over me, she hiked up her skirt a little revealing a glimpse of lace confirming that she was indeed wearing the stockings I so desired. Straddling my lap Jess kissed me, gently on the lips at first then deeper, harder, tongues entwined as my hands snaked up her thighs.

Breaking away from the kiss, Jess leaned in further to whisper in my ear.

“You're going to get the fucking of a life time.”

I was so turned on I was lost for words. My cock was already straining inside my pants and I couldn't wait to find out what my surprise was going to be. Jess got up off my lap and stood back up, taking my by the hand to pull me to my feet. She turned and started walking toward the stairs, hitching her skirt up fully so I could see her thong clad ass, framed perfectly by the straps of her suspenders. After she'd picked up a bag in the hall I followed her up the stairs, her ass looking like a masterpiece of beauty; something I just couldn't resist.

As she reached the bedroom and the side of the bed, I dropped to me knees behind her so I could full take in her amazing legs. Starting at her toned calves, I planted kisses all the way up to the deep lace stocking tops. Jess parted her legs to give me better access as my hands started to roam all over her lower body and thighs. Kissing up the exposed flesh, I could feel the warmth coming off her pussy and I was eager to taste her. Moving up, my face was now level with her ass, my kisses now reaching the lacy material of her exquisite black underwear. Pulling her thong aside I got my first taste of Jess' sweet juices. Jess let out a moan and pushed her ass into my face as I traced the out-line of her lips with my tongue. I love the taste of Jess' pussy and I was in heaven as my long licks across her pussy and to her asshole caused her knees to tremble. Jess reached around to pull her cheeks apart and give me better access as I started using my thumb to stroke her clit. I buried my tongue deep inside her pussy, occasionally licking firmly across the perineum and over her tight bud. I could sense she was on the brink so I concentrated my efforts on her clit and circled my probing tongue over her spread ass. A few seconds later she jolted, coming hard and drenching my chin with her nectar, which I lustily licked up.

After taking a few minutes to recover Jess told me to lie back on the bed, make myself comfortable and close my eyes. Apparently all would become clear soon enough. I was in no mood to query her and I was extremely turned on by her mildly dominating tone. Once I was in position, I felt Jess lean over to kiss me deeply, taking my cock in her hand stroking me slowly and deliberately. I reached out to feel her body, noticing that the skirt and blouse had now been discarded leaving only her lingerie. I'm a sucker for the feel and look of fine lingerie and Jess really knows how to treat me on that front. Before long, Jess was kissing down my chest and belly before she reached the top of my aching cock. Stalling to tease me, she wanked me slowly with her hand, blowing gently on the tip and reaching out her tongue so it would just make contact. It was agony and ecstasy all in one. Gripping the base, she rolled her tongue over the head and down the shaft before placing it between her tender lips. I was arching my hips to meet her but she wasn't going to make it that easy for me. Slowly but surely her mouth inched itself over my cock, the feeling of her firm tongue working its magic against the shaft simply divine.

I could feel Jess manoeuvring around the bed but with my eyes closed I couldn't make out why. I heard a rustling, which had to be the bag she'd brought up with her. My cock still in her mouth, I could hear a pop, a cap being removed from something perhaps. All of a sudden I felt Jess spreading my legs and a hand running up my thigh. This was removed and followed by some squelching noises like something being pumped before her hand returned and I felt a cold, wet sensation against my ass then the feel of a finger being pressed against it. A gasp was released from between my lips as my hips instinctively shuffled against the pressing digit. Jess applied a little more force and my ass yielded, her digit entering to the first knuckle. She continued to suck my cock, which was by then harder than I think it had ever been before. After my ass had relaxed around her finger, I could feel a second one lining up and pressing its way inside. I'd had one finger in there before but never two. I was excited but nervous. Thankfully Jess is a sensitive lover and knows exactly how I ease my fears and relax me. I felt stretched as the second finger worked its way inside me but I was so turned on it didn't matter. Within minutes, Jess had worked up a good rhythm wanking me with one hand, finger fucking me with the other all while still giving me the most sensational oral pleasure.

“Oh, fuck Jess, that feels so good” my voice a quiver.

“Just wait until your get your surprise!” replied Jess suggestively.

“There's more?” I cried in disbelief.

“Much more. Wait there and keep your eyes closed.”

With that Jess stood up leaving my cock to twitch, hungry for more. There was the rustling noise again, a few foot steps and about 30 seconds passed”

“Ok, open your eyes” demanded Jess.

I opened my eyes and turned my head to find Jess stood beside the bed still wearing her bra, stockings and suspenders but something was different. Her panties had been discarded beside me and something else was there; something about 6.5” long and firm, strapped into a harness around Jess' waist. I'd broached the subject of being pegged once or twice hoping that she'd pick up on the hints. It appeared that my subtle approach had worked.

“Wow, you're really going to do it?” I ventured.

“Why not? I got a dildo with two ends so I can feel pleasure as I do it to.”

“Sounds amazing, where do you want me?”

“Shuffle on ever to the edge of the bed and lie on your back, I want to see me penetrating you.”

This sounded perfect to me so I did what I was told. Jess squirted lube over the dildo, hitched up my legs and rubbed some more into asshole. Lining up the tip with my hole, I gasped again.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Jess asked, taking this as a sign of nerves.

“Yes, very much so” I reassured.

Nudging the strapon bit by bit, it pressed against my ass, stretching until I could feel it entering me.

“How does it feel?” Jess enquired.

“Good, keep going, but slowly.”

Taking my cock in her hand, Jess continued to plunge the cock further into my ass, letting it settle in as my body got used to the girth and sensations. I was so full and so excited and as the tip hit my prostate, my eyes rolled back in pleasure inadvertently bucking my hips and causing the dildo to slide almost fully in. After leaving it there to rest for a second, Jess looked me straight in the eyes as if to ask if she could continue. Without a word, I gave her a nod and she started to gently thrust in and out of my virgin ass. Wave after wave of pleasure rolled through my body as the twin stimulation of the strapon and the handjob guided me to heaven. Jess to was feeling more confident, smiling seductively as she guided the dildo in and out. She grabbed the discarded panties from beside me and wrapped them around my cock, knowing how the lacy feel would turn me on even further. She switched on the vibrations for her end of the dildo and I could hear her quickly coming to climax, her thrusts more ragged and jerky as her legs turned to jelly. I too was close. I didn't want it to end but knew I couldn't hold out much longer.

“Come for me James” begged Jess “I want to see you writhe on my cock.”

My balls tightened and it seemed like an age before my cum rose and squirted into Jess' thong covered hand. She loosened her grip and let the second and third squirts ark into the air and down on to my belly. I was bucking wildly, lost in a full body orgasm, the strength of which I'd never felt before. Jess collapsed down on me, kissing me deeply until we'd both recovered from our respective orgasms.

Rolling off me and out of my ass, Jess enquired as to how I'd found it.

“Amazing baby, thank you so much.”

“It was my pleasure” she replied “it really was!”

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