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A Night Out in the Cornfield

Leah Shows a New-Come Cowboy how to Fuck Her, Country Style...
**I apologize now, this story is a little longer then my usual ones. Hope it doesn't deter my fans from reading**

Leah walked into 'Double Deuce' all by herself that night. It was her favorite bar. In fact, she almost considered it a second home. She was known the all the bartenders, and the waitresses. The owner always said "Hello" to her when ever he saw her sitting at the bar. It was a country-type place that had old John Wayne movie posters, vintage metal signs, and pictures of half-naked cowboys in the stalls of the women's bathroom. It was a hole-in-the-wall, but by no means a shit hole. She felt comfortable there. She had friends there. No matter what, she could go there and always have a good time. She felt safe going there by herself. One busy weekend, she was put in a headlock by a drunk patron, right in front of the bouncer. They made eye contact, and her eyes were able to tell the bouncer that she was fine. She ended up breaking the guy's nose before the bouncer and owner took it upon themselves to take him to the alley. Even though Leah caused him more damage than the guys did, she appreciated the gesture.

She walked in the door wearing nothing special. She was wearing a pair of boot cut jeans that were one size to small, and ripped at the knees and had a small tear in the ass, right below her left butt cheek. She was wearing her brown soft leather Ariat riding boots, and a small white, boy-cut tank top. She wasn't wearing a bra, which made her perky nipples even more noticeable. They looked like two little thumbtacks pushing through her shirt. Her make-up was simple and natural, her hair tied back in pig-tail braids.

She walked to the bar and took her usual seat next to Tanner. He was 25 years her senior, and knew her parents(another local). She ordered her beer, and began her usual talk with the every night regulars. She noticed for a Wednesday night it was a bit busier then usual, especially for some back-roads country bar. Something was going on, but she wasn't sure what. It was pretty unusual for Double D to be busy period.

After a couple of beers, Leah was feeling pretty good. Turns out, the bar hired a karaoke Dj to try to attract some money and to be honest, she was pretty entertained at the site of Hollister-clothed young 21-year-olds getting up and making fools of themselves at a bar out in the middle of nowhere, especially after the day of hard physical labor she had. The beer and company of her local small town friends made her feel refreshed. Instead of catching the buzz she was searching for to help her relax and go to sleep that night, she was smiling and laughing and ended up gaining a second wind.

She was getting to ready to leave, and take her truck through some of the backfield's on her way home to get some mud on her tires from that days rainfall when she saw him. She had never seen him before, but by the way he was dressed she could tell he wasn't a part of the karaoke kid scene that had invaded her bar. He was tall and built, at about 5'11 and 185 lbs. He was wearing jeans and a faded button-down shirt that hugged his arms and barreled chest. His cowboy boots were muddy, and work worn... a sure sign that they were well used. His tan skin was sun-kissed and his hands were rough, Leah could see that well-away from the twenty feet away she was standing.

He was standing with some of the twenty-something year old's that she knew from town. She wondered who he was... All she knew was, looking at him was causing her pussy to heat up and twitch. She could feel the familiar tingle of arousal building in her snatch. Her face heated up when she saw Maryanne step up behind him and wrap her arms around his stomach, hugging him from behind. God Leah hated her. They went to school together, and Maryanne always got what Leah wanted... "Bitch" she thought to herself.

Leah couldn't help but ask who he was. She stepped up the bar and asked Ralph the bartender who he was. "Oh, that's Maryanne's cousin. He just moved with her family to help after her daddy passed". The jealousy and heat disappeared from her face, and she smiled. She was staring at him when she could swear she caught him looking at her. She flashed him her sexiest smile, leaning on the bar pushing her tits together to make them bulge. He blushed and looked away. Leah smiled to herself and decided right then he was leaving with her.

Leah turned to Ralph and asked him for one last shot of Jack. She dropped the dollar bills on the bar, grabbed the shot and thew it back, swallowing hard as she felt it burn all the way from her lips, to the bottom of her stomach. She gathered herself together and decided to walk right up to the new cowboy that was causing her pussy juices to start soaking through her panties.

Leah walked across the bar, appearing just as confident as she felt. She felt everyone looking at her, knowing that most of the guys in their would have given their left nut to be with her, but she still found the feeling to be erotic, and it turned her on. She walked up to him, and felt Maryanne's eyes glaring at her. "Whats your name?" Leah asked the new come Cowboy.


"Lets get out of her" she said to him, smiling and biting her lower lip.

Bryan looked at his cousin with eyes that said "Fuck you, I'm gone", and Maryanne glared at Leah with eyes that could kill. But Bryan followed Leah out of the bar. She grabbed him by his hand and pulled him to her truck where she told him to get in. She turned the keys and the radio blasted with some old Hank. Leah took Bryan on a tour of the towns back roads. They hit some cornfields, and took advantage of the mud in the fields. Leah always got wet in her panties when she took her truck through the fields, but having a hot new cowboy next to her was only adding to the moisture building in her pussy. At one point, they hit a bump, and her right nipple popped out from her tight tank top. She caught Bryan staring, and she glanced at his groin area. Even in the dark, with only moonlight, she could she his cock was hard and pushing against the denim cage of his Wranglers.

She stopped the truck right there. She turned off the ignition, along with the lights. She grabbed his hand with her right, and with her left, pulled her tank top down, exposing more than just the nipple peaking out. She put his hand to her right breast and climbed on his lap. She felt his cock as she sat on his lap. She could feel at least 6 inches pressing against her own skin, and she wondered if she could feel that much through two pairs on denim, then how big was he?! Leah shoved her tongue into the cowboy's mouth. Their tongues met and wrestled with each other, dancing and teasing. Bryan was one of the best kisser's she had some across in a long time. His tongue was long, and filled her mouth. She hoped it was an indicator for how his cock would feel in her pussy.

Bryan moaned in what could only be taken as pleasure, but then pulled away. "We barely know each other... I didn't even get your name" he said to her. His innocence was hot, and it made Leah's pussy tighten and want to fuck even more so then she already did. "It doesn't matter... " Leah said to him. She shoved her tongue deeper into his mouth and went straight to his jeans. She expertly undid the button, and unzipped the zipper. His massive, hard cock popped out. He wasn't wearing anything under his jeans, and she liked it. It made for one less of piece of cloth to fight with. She was delighted with what she saw. She was right, he was huge. The six inches she guess she felt was nothing compared to the 10 inches she saw in front of her eyes.

She took his cock in her mouth, and automatically swallowed as much as she could. She took at least 8 inches into her mouth, and down her throat. His cock tasted sweaty, but sweet. She wanted to taste more. Leah was an expert at deep throating, at least she felt she was... She never choked on a cock while swallowing them, and never received a complaint. She began to massage his cock with her throat muscles as she swirled her tongue around his swollen army-helmet shaped cock-head. His pre-cum tasted salty and sweet at the same time, and Leah couldn't wait until he blew a cum load into her mouth... She was a cum slut at heart, and loved when guys sprayed her with their sticky, hot cum loads. Especially when they let their loads go on her face, and the cum dripped to her tits. She loved the feel of hot cum spraying her body, and rubbing it in while it was still wet and warm.

Leah felt his cock start to tense, and his breathing turned to light gasping. That was her que to let up. She didn't want him to cum too soon. She was gonna get fucked, and fucked good before she let this country boy blow his load. That's just how she was. Leah had a guy's mentality. She wanted to get fucked, fucked good... and cum, and then go home. That's just how she was. Nothing wrong with that, right?

Leah let Bryan's cock slip from her mouth. He moaned in disappointment, which verified to her that he was about to cum. His eyes were closed when Leah slapped him and demanded he come back down to earth. This wasn't just abouthim getting off. But her  getting off first. His eyes snapped open in surprise, and looked like he was going to protest. But before he could, Leah slammed her chest into his face, smothering his words with her soft-skinned tits. Her nipples were small, and perky. They were pierced with straight barbells, and since the piercings, made her nipples stand out during a stiff wind. She loved the feeling. The piercings heightened all the nerves in her nipples. One of the best decisions she ever made in her life, in her opinion.

Bryan's protest was cut off and Leah felt his face move sideways, and her left nipple was in his mouth. He was sucking her nipple into his mouth with more power than a Hoover vacuum. His tongue played with the jewelry, causing her pussy to spasm and pour more cum. She pulled away from his lips, averting her eyes to his jeans. Leah's hands reached for his cock. It was hard as steel and she jerked it off a few more strokes. She leaned her head down, and teased the head with a few more flicks of her tongue. "Outside cowboy" she told him.

Leah pushed the passenger door of her old truck open, and pushed Bryan out the door. She ripped her white wife-beater off and left it in the cab of the truck, jumping out of the open door and into Bryan's arms. She instructed him to the bed of the truck, and he sat her down. The tailgate was missing, so he placed her on her ass without having to let go. Bryan stared in Leah's eyes with awe and amazement. Bryan may have had experiences with other country girls, but none like Leah. That much was clear.

Under the pale country moonlight, they could hear the chirps from the crickets and of the grasshoppers, and the mooing from the cows on Anderson's Farm. The smell of the morning's rain was still strong on the grain of the field they had just torn up with Leah's massive truck wheels. Under the moonlight, Bryan could see the grain swaying from the light breeze accompanying the 80* Indian summer night... He could also see Leah's small, perky size B tits, heaving under the subtle blue moon-light. They looked perfect to him, and suddenly he didn't care that he didn't know her name.

Leah's hands grabbed his head and guided his face back to her exposed chest. His curly brown locks of hair reminded her of Rob Thomas (singer, Matchbox20) when the music video "Real World" came out. They framed his face perfectly, and matched the color of his eyes. Leah grabbed his cowboy hat, and tossed it somewhere behind her. She stared into his two chocolate-brown pools that were eyes. She grabbed his face in both hands, and shoved her mouth to his, biting his lip teasingly as their lips met.

She pulled away and it caught Bryan by surprise. He looked at her with eyes that she could read as asking 'Whats wrong?' and responded accordingly.

"Play with my pussy." She told him in a tone what let him know she was calling the shots.

Bryan took Leah's directions well. He dropped to his knees, leaving his face perfectly even with her pussy. He reached up and undid the belt and button of her jeans. She felt every tooth of her zipper come undone as he slid it down. Leah helped Bryan by lifting her ass in the air so he could pull her jeans down letting them fall to the field, revealing plain white cotton panties. Bryan's favorite. He stared for a moment, and then dipped his face between her thighs. He rubbed his tongue over the cotton, tasting the cum Leah already soaked herself with. It was like honey. He wanted more. Bryan's tongue went crazy, flying over the cotton and soaking the fabric with his saliva. Leah was loving it. She felt his fingers slip under the sides of the cloth on her hips, and she lifted her ass slightly to allow him to slide them down and off, only to join his cowboy hat somewhere in the bed of her truck.

With her panties gone, Bryan was able to stare at Leah's naked snatch.  It was perfect. Hairless from top to bottom. Even if Bryan could see clearly, it wouldn't matter. He slopped up every inch of her love box, and his tongue didn't detect even the smallest hair. He tongue searched through the tiny folds of her pussy lips till it found her swollen clit. She gasped lightly when Bryan's tongue brushed it. He felt the shudder move through her body, and he smiled to himself. His tongue stiffened, and moved against her clit again.. This time he felt Leah's body jump. He repeated the gesture many times, causing her body to spasm again and again.

Leah felt his warm tongue bathe her leaking pussy. She hadn't been fucked in a few weeks because she had been so busy working. She was loving every flick of his tongue. He moved it skillfully over her clit, and moved to the bottom of her snatch every time he felt her get wetter. He would lap up the puddles coming from her pussy as she leaked them. It was driving Leah wild. She was hoping Bryan would be a good fuck, and this was a good sign she got she hoped for... He was bringing her to the height of an orgasm, and she hadn't even let him fuck her yet. Leah was pouring another puddle of cum from her pussy when she figured out that Bryan was licking it from her skin... And right off the bed of her truck.

Leah could see Bryan licking her cum up so furiously, that he was licking her juices off the truck and it made her quirt an extra shot of cum from her pussy. Leah pulled Bryan's face out of her dripping fuck hole. She could see her cum shining off the corners of his mouth, and leaned into his face, licking the cum from the edges of his mouth. She thought she tasted good on his skin. She wanted to feel Bryan's cock so bad at this point, but she could tell she could have a little more fun with him before she allowed him to fuck her tight little fuck hole.

"Touch my pussy." Leah demanded.

Bryan immediately did as instructed. His right hand slipped in between her pussy lips that were already dripping with her slick, girl-cum and went right to her clit. Two of his fingers were going to town, finger fucking her right pussy as Leah stared of into the night sky. She had her eyes closed, and imagined Maryanne walking up as her cousin touched her. How much it would piss that little bitch off. She suddenly got an image of Maryanne's tits in her mind, that one time Maryanne was caught topless in the locker room during swim class in Senior year(she was such a prude). Her breasts at least double the size of Leah's, and much more round. Leah envisioned the site of Maryanne's supple nipples in her mouth, and came hard.

Bryan felt the wave of cum surge from Leah's pussy, and wash over his country-worked hand. He reached in again with his face, and licked up the excess cum dripping from her love hole. Leah groaned in approval. Bryan once again smiled to himself, knowing at this point he was with a girl who would put anything he had to offer to shame. Leah's hands were grabbing and pulling at his Rob Thomas-styled hair. She was loving it. It let Bryan know he was doing a good job with a woman who obviously had more experience than himself.

Leah was enjoying the feel of Bryan's hands and tongue roaming her pussy and tits. But she was getting to the point where she wanted to know how good his cock would feel inside her. She was curious to know if his ten inches was gonna tear her apart, or make her laugh and regret making him leave with her. Leah knew that a big cock didn't mean good sex. She let another gush of cum spray his skillful fingers before she gave her next set of instructions.

Leah hopped off the edge of her truck, her Ariat's sinking into the soft mud, as she bent over the metal. "I want you to fuck my ass first." she told him, moving from a sitting position to standing. Bryan was shocked. The only girl who offered to let him fuck her ass was a drunk girl from his home town, and he passed it up after hearing her ass was looser then her pussy... But Leah's asshole already looked better than that girls. It reminded him of a starfish. Small in the middle, with tiny arms branching out to the rim of her hole. It made him harder than he already was. Usually, at this point he could have come twice and left the girl laying there... However, Leah was making him work to cum.

Bryan used his fingers to rub some of Leah's pussy juices to her asshole for lube. He never fucked a girl in her ass, but knew well enough to just 'stick it in' her. His fingers felt amazing rubbing the cum from her front to back. Leah felt him poke one of his fingers into her first, which only aggravated her. She wanted cock. HARD cock. His index finger poked gingerly into her asshole. She wanted more, so she groaned loudly to let him know it was okay. Bryan's index was soon joined by his middle finger, and with a little more coaxing from Leah, his ring finger. Suddenly, Bryan realized he had three of his fingers in this amazing slut's ass. He never did that before. Before he knew what was going on, his cock tensed up again, and he could feel the pressure of cum building up. Leah could sense the change in his pace. She could also feel each finger inside her asshole. Knowing she was pushing the cowboy to his edge, it made her wet.

Her asshole started bucking up and down on his hand. She felt his body tense up to the point where she knew he was going to cum. She rode his fingers until the point that she was sure he was going to blow. She stood up, sliding off the tailgate, his fingers falling from her asshole, and dropped to her knees. She had perfect timing. The moment her lips touched the tip of his cock, he first load blew all over her face. Leah couldn't believe how much spunk this cowboy had built up. The amount he let loose over her face and tits was impressive, covering both her eyes, and dripping over her lips and breasts. But Leah still hadn't been penetrated. And that was what she really wanted.

"I didn't want you to cum yet." Leah said to Bryan. She knew he wasn't able to hold it anymore, and just let out a small giggle. She reached to grab his member to bring it back to life. But to Leah's surprise, Bryan's cock was still hard. It felt like he didn't even cum. She looked at him in surprise and saw that he was smiling at her. Looks like Leah may have underestimated some of the cowboys skills. "You said you wanted me to fuck your ass, right?" asked Bryan. He grabbed Leah's hips, and turned her back around and bent her over the tailgate of her truck once again. He reached around with his left hand and wiped some of his cum onto his fingers from her chest, and brought his hand back to Leah's asshole.

He rubbed his cum around her asshole with more confidence than Leah felt from him all night. She felt his right hand leave her body, and began to feel the tip of his cock rub against her puckered asshole. Bryan was guiding his stiff cock into Leah's asshole, and she felt the head push against her sphincter. She felt her asshole part, and his head push through and heard a small pop. Bryan groaned when he pushed the first three inches of his cock into her. He never fucked a girl in the ass, and couldn't believe how tight it felt wrapped around his ten inches. He couldn't believe this small girl with her tiny asshole was handling the 5 inches he had pushed into her ass by this point.

Leah had taken dick's as big as his in her ass before. She was already acclimated to his size, and to Bryan's surprise, shoved her ass down onto his cock with quick force. Suddenly the five inches he was gently putting in her ass, was 8 inches deep. That shocked Bryan, and turned him on at the same time. Leah felt his cock twitch when she pushed herself onto him. "Fuck me fast, and hard." she said to him. Bryan knew then, that this girl had him under control, and was calling the shots. He thought it best not to disappoint her. He picked up his pace with her command. Suddenly, Bryan was plowing his hard meat into her like a jack hammer. Leah was being slammed against the edge of the tailgate, and started losing her footing soon after. Her head was snapping back and forth with each of his thrusts and she moaned loudly in ecstasy.

Bryan was holding her hips in his rough hands, bucking his cock in and out of her with a speed and force that took him by surprise. Leah was moaning, gasping, and screaming with sounds of pleasure mixed with bits of pain. Bryan was ready to cum again. The new-found feeling of Leah's tight asshole, and her screams was amazing to him. As far as he knew, most girls didn't even like it up the ass, yet Leah was begging for it.

He was caught up in his own thoughts of her asshole when he realized Leah's asshole was getting much tighter. "More!" she screamed at him. Bryan took a breath and began pounding her ass as hard as he could. The asshole around his cock tightened again, and Leah let out moan that would have scared any animal within 10 miles. Bryan felt a sudden wetness push through the crease of her ass, and heard a noise that he never heard before. It sounded like water running from a faucet. He opened his eyes and looked down, and saw that Leah was gushing huge streams of liquid from her snatch. 'Oh my God, she's squirting.' Bryan realized to himself.

The realization of making Leah squirt while ass-fucking her was too much for him. He couldn't hold it back anymore, and Leah felt his cock explode with a river of warm cum into her ass. It felt amazing. It felt like his cock pumped her full of gallons of cum, and she was loved the feeling. Leah felt Bryan's pace begin to slow, and she collapsed onto the tailgate. She dragged herself up into the bed of the truck, and sat looking at him. He was still standing in the soft mud of the field at the end of her truck, his cock in his hand, trying to catch his breath. She began to giggle.

"What?" Bryan asked defensively.

"Nothing," she said, "I'm impressed."

Leah grabbed her jeans, and pulled a cigarette from the pack in the pocket. She indicated for Bryan to sit and relax with her, and took a few pulls from the nicotine she was craving. She smoked half and handed the rest to Bryan. He smoked what was left, and as he flicked the remainder into the field, he felt Leah's mouth close around his cock. He laid in the bed, with his head tilted back looking up at the star-specked sky, and enjoyed the feel of her small mouth swallowing his large cock. She took more this time, bringing her lips all the way to the base, and kissing his pelvis with her mouth. She massaged his cock with her throat muscles again and played with his sack in her hand. It was small and tight. She dragged her nails lightly against the skin, and then pushed her fingertips hard into his perineum, causing him to stiffen up immediately.

Once she had him back to his full hard on, she pulled her mouth away. He had his eyes closed, but felt movement in the bed of the truck. As he opened them, he saw Leah climbing on top of him, and grabbing his hard member. She guided the army-helmet head to her pussy lips, which Bryan felt was still wet and dripping with girl cum. She eased herself onto his cock, which was rock hard and pointing straight at the sky. She settled her knees onto the metal truck bed, and felt his cock poking her organs. She began to slowly ride him. Leah closed her eyes and concentrated on the feel of his cock. .. How hard he felt, how long it was, how thick it felt.

She leaned down, and laid against his chest. It was hairless, and he was warm. She laid against him, grinding her pussy on his cock. She reached to his left nipple, and bit down. He jumped in slight pain, and she felt it harden under her tongue as she licked away the pain. Leah sat back up so she was riding him. She put her hands to his chest for support as she started to lift herself off him and then let gravity pull her back to his cock. She fucked him like that for a few moments before she started grinding herself against his pelvis again, and picking up her pace. Leah moved her hips front to back, side to side, riding her cowboy every way she could think to. His cock was crammed into every inch of her snatch, and started to rub on her g-spot. Leah felt him hit her sweet spot, and began to grind herself in such as way that she could control the feeling. Leah pushed her g-spot onto his cock every time she grinded against him. The feeling was pure pleasure, and if she wasn't already straddling Bryan, would have brought her to her knees. Finally Leah felt what she was searching for. Bryan's hands were holding her hips again, and pulling her small frame to his, which helped rub his cock against her g-spot at the perfect pressure to bring her to another orgasm.

Leah's body began to shake, and she began to gasp. Bryan felt her body tense, and start to go limp, so he took the initiative and grabbed her waist, and helped her ride him while she came. Bryan's crotch was soon covered in warm liquid as he felt her pussy muscles tighten and spasm. "Fuck yes!" Leah screamed. She grabbed his chest and began pounding her pussy furiously against him. Every thrust against his body caused her juices to squirt from her, making noise. It turned Bryan on, and he lifted her up and watched her cum squirt from her warm box. He never had girl squirt for him before, let alone twice! And he wanted to watch it stream from her. It was one of the hottest things Bryan had ever seen involving a girls pussy.

Bryan held her in the air and watched till her pussy was finished pouring her squirt juices all over his stomach and cock. He pushed Leah onto her back and slid her legs over his shoulders. Bryan felt how stiff his cock was, and he was going to fuck her insides one more before he finally exploded. He didn't even care which hole he hit, Bryan grabbed his cock and lubed the tip with Leah's cum before finding a hole and pushing himself inside. He realized right away that he had stuck Leah in the ass again, because she gasped out in surprise. That, and it was just ever-so-slightly tighter then her pussy.

"Fuck me!" Leah screamed out suddenly. She was so loud, she startled the cows in the next field over, causing the mooing to increase. She reached up with her hands and grabbed a hold of his curly locks and pulled tightly. Bryan winced from the pain and aimed the feeling into her asshole. He started fucking her harder than he had ever tried to fuck any girl. She was loving it, and begging for more! He still couldn't believe it. Bryan's long arms reached out and grabbed the sides of the bed of the truck for balance. As he did, Leah's legs wrapped around his neck, and her feet interlocked while her calves squeezed the sides of his face. Leah plunged her fingers to her clit and started rubbing furiously. Bryan looked down at her face as he felt his cock tighten, ready to blast his load into her cock filled ass.

With a handful of her own pussy, and a handful of Bryan's hair, Leah moaned loudly as she felt Bryan let loose into her asshole. Bryan's hands grabbed her hips again and slammed her body deep onto his cock, and she screamed out. He pumped her ass a few hard times, and she felt his cum run down the crack of her ass with each thrust. Bryan slowed his pace and his softened cock slipped from her tight hole, almost like she pushed him out. He moved to the side and collapsed in the bed of her truck, breathing fast and heavy. He felt some movement but he didn't care, he couldn't move.

A few moments later, Bryan felt the familiar feel of his cowboy hat land on his face. He pulled the hat away, and opened his eyes. Leah was standing at the end of the tailgate, fully dressed. "Lets go cowboy, I have to get you home, and to bed. I gotta be in the fields ready to go in 5 hours."

Leah drove him home to Maryanne's. On the drive, she pulled out a joint and lit it, inhaling deep before she handed it to Bryan. He took it, and savored the first taste of marijuana he had experienced since he moved to his cousin's house. They pulled into the driveway, and Bryan stared at this girl whom had just let him fuck her senseless, in each of her holes!

"Thanks for the good time." Leah said, giving him the impression she wanted him out of her truck as fast as possible.

Bryan climbed out of the truck and turned around. "Do you think I'll ever see you again?" he asked shyly.

Leah giggled at his remark. "Its a small town, I'm sure you will." she said putting the truck in drive, and pulling away.

"Wait! I still don't know your name!" Bryan called after her truck.

"You'll find out next time!" Leah hollered out the window, hitting the gas and kicking up dirt as she sped out of the driveway.

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