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A Night to Remember

Jada's husband comes home from work early to catch her masturbating and becomes her Master.
She couldn't wait for him to get home. Christian had been working extremely long hours this week. She had only seen him in the mornings as he was getting ready to leave again. Their nights together had been interrupted by his new work schedule and she couldn't go another day without his touch. Jada would sit up and wait for him tonight. She ached for his touch.

All she had done for the last hour was play out scenarios in her mind of all the things she wanted Christian to do to her. Jada ran her hands across her breasts, hardening her nipples. How she wished Christian had his mouth on them. Just the thought of it wet her slit. She reached down between her legs spreading her lips, imagining Christian's mouth on them. God she missed him! She couldn't wait for him to-

"Jada, baby, I'm home. I've missed you so much these past couple of days. I told the boss I had to be out of there early tonight so I could..." He paused at the bedroom door.

Jada had tried to jerk the covers over herself before he saw her but she had failed.

"Baby what are you doing?" Christian questioned.

"Oh, I was just..."

"You were just having a little fun without me? I hope you were thinking about me because I've been waiting to touch you all day. Had to get out of there a little early in hopes of catching you before you went to sleep."

Christian walked toward her and Jada's breath quickened.I can't believe he just caught me! How embarrassing! At least he's here now and knows that I want him.

Christian walked to the end of the bed, reached down and pulled the cover back off of her.
"Look at that sexy body. And it's all mine. Baby, I could just devour you."

He leaned down to kiss her. He kissed her with a passion that she hadn't been shown in ages. She moaned as she threw her arms around his neck and opened her legs to allow him to lay on top of her during this intense kissing match.

"Baby you're so beautiful. I missed those sweet lips." He kissed her once more and slid his hand in between her legs. "Both of 'em." He grinned down at her. He began kissing down her neck, fondling her breasts with his free hand.

Jada was already ready to burst. The anticipation of it all had been enough to bring her to the brink. Christian was being painstakingly slow. She loved making love to him, but tonight she would have preferred he just fuck her and bring her her long anticipated release.Christian, however, had other plans in mind. This would be a slow, wonderful process.

"I can't wait to taste you beautiful... to be deep inside of you." He took her nipple in his mouth and she melted into the mattress. A moan escaped her lips as he flicked her nipple with the tip of his tongue. He gently bit down and her back arched.

"Oh God, Christian! Baby please, I can't take this."

His free hand grabbed her hands and held them above her head. A grin played across his face.

"Baby, you have to wait. Be patient. Tonight will be a night you remember."

He twisted, tweaked and licked her nipples until she thought she would explode. Christian's hand slid between her legs and he spread her lips with his fingers.

"Mmmm. Baby you're so wet. Ready for me already? Mmmm. Think I want to taste that juicy pussy."

He kissed down her stomach. When he reached her most intimate area he spread her legs far apart with his hands on her thighs.

"Look at that pretty pussy. MY pretty pussy... all spread wide open, and vulnerable to me."

"Christian, please just..." Her words were cut off as he lowered his head to kiss her mound. She moaned and ran her hands through his hair.

"Not yet, baby," he whispered to her as he spread her lips with his fingers. He licked her slit from bottom to top and his tongue found her clit.

A cry escaped her lips. His warm mouth felt amazing on her throbbing clit. He slid a finger inside of her while his mouth continued working. She raised her hips to meet his face and he held her down with an arm across her pelvis.

"Don't move baby. It will be so much better if you just lie still and let me have control." He slowed down and licked her so slowly that she couldn't help but grind into his face. She cried out when he smacked her bare ass.

"I told you not to move baby."

"Oh Christian, I can't help it. It feels so good and I want you so bad."

"In time J, in time."

He flipped her over quickly and spread her ass cheeks. He buried his face between them.

What is he doing??! He's never- His tongue had found its way to her asshole. She had never experienced anything like this and it was amazing. It felt so wrong, so dirty, so GOOD!

"Oh my God baby. Ohhhhh." She moaned into the pillow.

"Mmmmm. You like that baby?"

"Oh yeaahhh!"

"You taste so good. And that pretty little pussy looks amazing with that pretty ass up in the air." He smacked both cheeks and she cried out again. "You like having that ass spanked, don't you baby. You been a bad girl while daddy's been gone?"

"Yeah baby. Ohhh I've been a naughty girl daddy."

Another smack landed on her stinging cheeks. "It's, yes Master. Understand?"

"Yes Master!" Jada had never seen him like this but she loved it. She had always imagined him taking control of her like this. Her pussy was aching, dripping wet.

"Come here. Suck this big cock baby. Swallow it whole." He stood in front of her as she took him in her mouth.

She heard his belt coming through his pant loops and her pulse quickened as she took all of him in her mouth. He held her head down on his shaft and grabbed her hair.

"Oh yeah baby. Suck that dick. Aaahhhhh! That wet mouth feels so good. Suck it baby. Yeah, just like that."
Suddenly the belt cracked across her ass cheeks.


"Keep suckin' that dick baby. Oh yeah. I'm gonna tear that ass up. You know you like it. Don't you baby?"

The belt popped again as he whipped her ass.

"Yes baby. I love it." Again, harder this time, the belt smacked her right on her asshole. She had all of him in her mouth and she moaned onto his dick.

"It's yes Master!" Again he drove the belt down onto her ass.

"Aaah! Yes Master!"

Quickly, three times in a row as she had her mouth on his nuts, the belt smacked her ass quickly and noisily.

"You naughty little bitch. You want this cock baby?"

"Oh yeah baby. I want it all." She moaned, licking up his shaft. He grabbed her hair and smacked her in the face with his large, swollen cock.

" Turn around and bend that ass over."

She did as she was told, raising her ass up in the air. He moved behind her and had his dick pressed against her pussy, but did not enter her. She was rocking her hips, trying to get him inside of her.

"You want this baby? How bad do you want this?"

"Oh Christian, I want it bad baby. Please, just fill my pussy-"

He slammed into her and she gasped. God he felt amazing. He stood still, allowing her to feel him stretching her pussy, spreading her lips. She almost came right then. He started pumping. Then he would fill her up and pull it out all the way out. Then slowly, achingly slow, he would slide his dick back in until his balls were touching her clit. It felt so good she almost wanted it to last forever.

He began pounding in and out, her moans get louder. She was getting closer. He smacked her ass again and then his thumb found her asshole. He began massaging it and she nearly lost it.

"You like that too baby?"

"Oh God yes baby. Mmm it feels so good. And that big cock has my pussy full."

"Aaah yeah baby. Since you like that......." He pulled his dick out and pressed the head into her asshole.

What is he doing? This is not going to feel good at all. He pressed the head in, uncomfortably, then slid every inch of his cock into her asshole. He stayed still while the shock subsided. Maybe I was wrong. Oh God, this feels pretty good.

He slowly began thrusting in and out.

"Baby, that ass is so tight. Oh, it feels so good. You feel so good."

His hands reached up to grab her nipples.

"Oh yes baby! Fuck my ass. Oh yeah - just like that baby."

His pace picked up and he reached for the vibrator that she had planned to use alone.

"I know you've always wondered what it would feel like to have both of those holes stretched out at the same time. I've seen your stories pulled up on the web. Let's see how you like it." He shoved the thick vibrator into her pussy and turned it on. She was about to lose it.

"Oh God baby. Oh yeah. Just like that! Right there baby!" Oh she was going to cum.

He had her filled up. His cock stretching her asshole and the vibrator stretching and vibrating her pussy was enough to send her over the edge. He could feel the vibrations on his cock. It was a tight fit being in her ass with the toy filling her pussy.

His fingers found her clit and her body began to shake. She was coming hard. He gave her ass one hard, final thrust and then grabbed her hair to pull her to him.

"Suck that dick baby. I've always wanted to do this."

She began sucking furiously.

"Oh yeah J. Just like that baby. Oh yeah!" He pulled his dick from her mouth and came all over her face, his cum dripping from her mouth.

"Oh God Jada. Baby that was so amazing." He leaned down to kiss her forehead.

"Yes, Christian. It was. Definitely a night to remember. This will be the scene that plays out in my head for my next masturbation session." She grinned up at him.

"Maybe I'll catch you in that one too." He winked and kissed her, pulling her to him to hold her.
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