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a perfect day

one fantastic summer day

Hi here we are again I’ve just got the bike out to go and pick a very special friend of mine. She has long black hair beautiful slim curves and set of pert 32d breasts that stand up all day long, with large brown, very, very sensitive nipples; which will support a leather coat when fully erect.

The bike hums gently between my legs as the miles slip away on the way to her pad, hopefully hubby is out, it’s not that he minds but he does like to prattle on, and all I want today is to pick her up and ride. It’s warm today even at the licence losing speeds I’m not cold, but I am getting excited at the thought of seeing her today my cock shifts against the lining of my leathers as it starts to grow . I am getting to the outskirts of her town; often wondered why outskirts are outskirts, the vision of her loveliness spinning in flared gypsy skirt flies through my mind and red bender belt and black fishnets pushes my cock harder into the tank. The vibes at this revs are quite nice but I must make it to door in one piece so I concentrate on the road.

I arrive at the door and check the time, not bad I think quickly working my average speed at just over 70mph. The door opens she smiles at me we look at each other like wolfs at their prey. Jane is wearing spray on jeans that show the shape of her perfect bum of to perfection and tight cut T-shirt to show off her glorious boobs.

She speaks “you can put your tongue back in your mouth now I’m coming with you,” with a seductive smile on her cheeky pixie face

.”You look good enough to eat.” I say trying to regain any semblance of cool.

“I do hope so “she adds grinning.

I pick her up a hug her spinning round and round until we are both dizzy and giggling in a heap on the floor.

“You strawberry fool” Jane stammers between giggles.

“Yes, but your strawberry fool,” I say in sickly sweet voice that gets me the cuff round the ear I probably deserved.

We get on the bike; I always love the way she rides pillion almost as she is trying to occupy the same space on the bike, out town we go faster and faster through the tree lined English countryside. The verges blur the Speedo reaches higher and higher and get more and more into a rhythm. Miles fly by going nowhere in particular then I notice there’s a wood on the horizon that I remember. Jane’s hands starting to roam over my body the vibrations must be doing there worst through that old pillion seat. I head toward the wood pushing to limit now just holding back from the raggedy edge, a slip here a slide there just enough to get our heart rates as fast as my tacho. We are there I stop the bike hands reach for me sensually caressing: my back, my neck then hugging and grinding her breasts against my back.

We walk into the wood holding hands and again she looks like the wolf and I feel like the lamb about to be lunch, it feels good, god does it feel good. The clearing appears and it glows in the summer sun the green grass, the flowers; does it get much better, I think. Jane kisses me hard and passionate our tongues dance in each others mouths sending tingles throughout my body; God she’s a good kisser , I think to myself as she pulls away and pushes me silently to the ground and bids me to sit.

I watch in awe of her beauty as she slowly and playfully gets naked, I notice the flushed triangle between her breasts that says hey baby I’m hot for you. I for one tiny instant think there maybe something wrong with the bike if it’s vibrating that much, then slap myself mentally with a large salmon and think she’s hot, gorgeous and is just about do something you will probably love, and all of this is gift to me that should be savoured and appreciated.

Her hands start to caress her body long gentle strokes, her nipples are rock hard fully engorged as her hand swirls over them in turn. The swirling strokes softly sensually heighten her passion as the other hand massages her beautiful bum, cheek after cheek first teasing then strong and firm. Her breathing is harder and more erratic as the first moans start to creep by her lips. She opens her eyes looks at me as if to say for you, enjoy. Her hands roam further over her body: her neck, her sides, her thighs; as her arousal builds her eyes do not leave mine, but do feel that I’m on the menu and it feels good, god so good.

I find it harder and harder to keep eye contact; yes that’s been pretty hard for awhile, as her hand moves over smooth moins. Her fingers move down between her lips, then stroke and play with each in turn. Jane glances down giving me permission to look not just with my peripheral vision as her fingers find her clit and she rubs firmly in a circle and her moans get louder and louder. She reaches round to penetrate herself with the other hand first her pussy, fingers crossing and uncrossing in her honey pot then into her bum which pushes her over the edge. She thrusts hard with two fingers in her bum and two in her pussy until she is spent.

After her eyes have stopped rolling in their sockets she smiles and says,

“Hey big boy want to come and play.”

“Do I ever! “ I think what comes out is even as cool “yes” is all I manage

I fall over several times trying to extricate myself from my leathers in a hurry. I’m sure Jane would have helped if she could have picked herself of the floor from the fit of giggles that ensued. I mean lets face it a guy trying to get out of tight bike leathers is funny enough at the best of times but factor in being naked with a huge hard on. It’s going to be comical and it was.

Finally I’m lying next to her naked on the grass, breathing hard from my exertions and the laughter that occurred before any real progress was made towards nakedness, during the progression towards nakedness and the laughter caused by the relief of finally being naked next to my incredibly sexy lover.

Jane is now looking me up and down. I’m not in bad shape no six-pack but no barrel belly either. I am strong and solid from years of rugby and building work. It could be said that I’m a little rugged now, but marshal arts and rugby will do that for a man, In this clearing at this time there only one persons opinion that I care about that’s Jane’s.

Jane is now looking like the big bad wolf licking her lips and I hope my house is made of straw when she blows. The first kiss is gentle teasing the next more powerful stronger deeper, then she moves down my torso and my thighs and back up kissing and nibbling the whole way. She moves into a sixty-nine position and offers her pussy to my lips and I dive straight in licking nuzzling then I pull away to kiss her thighs and stroke cheeks soft and tender teasing. Suddenly my cock has been swallowed whole the feeling is unbelievable my little head against the back of throat. My mind; or what is left of it, spins uncontrollably in ecstasy. Her head bobs up and down the length of my shaft tongue swirling across the head it’s amazing. I loose myself in the sensation then after what feels like an hour but is probably nearer to three minutes I explode and she sucks harder and swallows all my cum. She holds s my cock in her mouth as it starts to shrink.

I return to what I was doing in lazy dreamy post coital sort of way, I lap at her labia slowly sucking the folds of her pussy while fingering first her clit then moving to her tight rosebud pushing a slick finger into the second knuckle. Her backside loosens on my finger then I join it with another finger and start to stretch gently whilst sucking her hardening love bud. I can taste her beautiful juices as her backside gets wet with pussy juice and spit. Her back starts to arch and her moans are getting more urgent as she takes my hardening cock into her mouth again. My head is light with pleasure as move round to position my cock at her slippery rosebud, I push gently and I start to enter her bum she gasps then reaches to frig her clit as her bum gives in to the gentle pressure and the feeling is amazing as her tight bum encloses my cock I wait while she adjusts to having my thick cock impaling her backside then I start to slide into her bum. Her gasps have become moans and I reach inside her pussy to stimulate he g spot as I shag her harder and harder up the bum. We pound away at each other harder and harder she comes screaming and writhing in ecstasy and I loose jism deep, deep up her bum.

We hug and cuddle for a short time then she rolls over for me lick her cream pie clean, which always for me is just such an intimate act, its mind blowing. We dress slowly and I can’t help linger as puts her sheer thong over her swollen pussy lips and wonder if she will climax on the return journey

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