A Pleasant Surprise

By Hottie24

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Husband comes home to a hot surprise

After a long hard day at work, the only thought on Brenden's mind is to get home and have a long hot shower. He had worked late that evening, having to work overtime to keep his boss happy. It was well past time for the kids to be in bed but at least it was Friday night and he didn’t have work in the morning.

He pulled up to the driveway, not surprised to see all the lights were off except for the one on the porch. He let himself in quietly; wearily kicking off his shoes he poked his head into his daughter’s room, slightly baffled that the bed was empty. With his mind consumed with thoughts of a shower he headed up the hallway, pausing when he noticed the rose petals scattered on the floor. Intrigued now he stuck his head into his son's room, curiosity consuming him now as his cot was also empty.

Hearing the music he turned towards the bedroom, pushing open the door slowly to reveal the bed. Queen size and also scattered with rose petals, the candle light flickering playfully over the bed, though that’s not what drew his attention. His eyes travelled up the black silk stockings encasing slender legs, his eyes roamed over the black lace panties, past the garter that held the stockings up he traced her breasts with his eyes, her bountiful tits that all but spilled out if the black satin and chiffon bustier that hugged her body as she lay back on the bed. Brenden felt his dick immediately begin to stir as he met her brown eyes, luminous in the candle light as they twinkled back at him. “I thought you might be weary" she murmured to him, her lips soft and inviting him to taste.

With his eyes still attached to hers he slowly made his way over to the bed standing at the edge so she had to sit up to face him, her head perfect level to his hardening groin. "I am very weary" he said back to her, his eyes tracking her incredible cleavage. "What do you suppose I do about that?" he murmured as he traced a fingertip over the top of her breast, watching in fascination as Goosebumps rose over the path his finger was creating.

A slow smile curved her lush mouth as her fingers traced the outline of his erection, soliciting a pleased gasp from his parted lips as his cock stiffened and became uncomfortable in the confined space. "Perhaps I shall relieve your discomfort shall I?" With her eyes gleaming with desire her fingers went to work, unbuckling his belt and sliding the zip down of his pants before sliding them off completely. His dick sprang free, incredibly hard and thick and already glistening with pre-cum. "My what a dirty boy you are perhaps I should clean you" Brenden's eyes fell half closed, his dick hardening until the point it hurt as her glistening lips and hot wet tongue moved closer to his throbbing cock.

Brenden moaned deep in this throat as her sweet mouth closed over his pulsating dick, her tongue flicking over his head, lapping up his pre-cum before moving down the length of his shaft, her fingers reaching up to cup his heavy balls, her long nails lightly scraping over his balls and the base of his dick, sending waves of pleasure shooting through his body as he stiffened with the feeling of her hot wet mouth surrounding his cock. Her tongue flicked out lapping around him as he quivered, his hands sliding into her soft her he gripped her head and yanked her to him, losing himself in the moment he began to fuck her mouth, slowly at first, then harder as he meant her eyes again, hers streaming with desire as her hands fondled his balls and her mouth responded eagerly to his thrusts, her lips creating friction as he fucked her mouth mercilessly. He growled in his throat "Oh yea I’m fucking your mouth baby you feel so good"

She slowly withdrew her mouth, standing up so her luscious tits pressed against his chest she pulled the rest of his clothes off and demanded he put his hands on her, sliding his fingers into her juicy pussy. She moaned deep in her throat as he caressed her pulsating pussy, his finger flicking over her throbbing clit as his dick pulsed to the same rhythm as he flicked her clit with his fingers.   She tore off her lingerie with impatient fingers as he climbed onto the bed his dick aching for her wet pussy.

She climbed onto the bed sliding her hands over his shaft as she began to stroke it, all the while talking dirty to him to get him excited. "You like that don’t you baby? You want to feel yourself slide deep into my hot pussy while you fuck me like the dirty whore i am. You want to feel your balls slap against my ass as my tits bounce from the force of your thrusts. You want to feel your hands grip my tits, pinching my nipples hard as i moan in pleasure from the pain you are inflicting on me. You want to feel your balls tighten as you blow load after load of hot cum deep into my ass all the while fingering my swollen clit as i cum while you ass fuck me" Her hands stroke faster as Brenden moans with the friction "Fuck your making me hot baby i want you to fuck me like a whore"

Brenden feels his control snap as he roughly shoves her head into the mattress, causing her ass to stick in the air as he slides the slickness from her pussy up to her ass, he fingers her ass, probing it as she moans and shoves her ass and hips back against his fingers, urging him to take them deeper. He positions the tip of his swollen cock against her tight ass and thrusts in deep, groaning at the feel of her asshole clenching his aching cock. She moans and starts to finger her hot pussy, aching for climax as he rides her roughly, his thrusts deep and hard and uneven as he loses himself to the feel of her ass clenching against his dick, wringing the sensations from his body as his balls slap against the opening of her pussy. She begins to scream as her orgasm nears "Oh yea fuck me hard!" Brenden grunts with the force of each thrust as he grabs fistfuls of her hair to anchor himself as his dick pulses, shooting load after load of hot cum deep into her tight hole. She cries out with the force, her fingers rubbing her clit as she brings herself to a shattering orgasm.

They slump onto the bed, their breathing harsh as they stare at each other, sweat glistening of their bodies as they begin to laugh breathlessly. They snuggle together and Brenden leans over and kisses his wife Hello.