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A Prayer Answered

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A priest fucks a nun hard.
Sister Mary Elizabeth peered into the gloomy corners of the church as she hurried to the front and kneeled before the altar. She thought she had seen someone for a moment but when she searched there was only the breeze left behind by the closing of the heavy old front door of the church. No one was supposed to be in here, not even her, but she needed to feel close to God as she talked over her issues with him. She took her position of prayer and was about fifteen minutes into her meditation when she saw Father Matthews enter from a side door and approach her. She made as if to rise but he settled his hands on her shoulders and told her to continue with her prayers; then, oddly, he leaned close and whispered for her to trust him.

Not quite sure what to make of it, Sister Mary Elizabeth nodded and bowed her head once again but was conscious of Father Matthews presence and his proximity to her. When he reached down and ran his hand under her veil and unfastened the back of her collar she closed her eyes tightly and whispered an Our Father. Hearing her soft voice in prayer caused Father Matthews to harden to the point of pain and he reached down the front of her habit to grab her breasts and pinch her nipples. She felt the hard ridge of his cock against her back as he leaned over her and slid her habit down her arms and breasts. Sister Mary Elizabeth whimpered with emotion when she felt him lower himself behind her and his hot breath on her neck made her nipples as erect and hard as pebbles.

He slowly traced a trail with his tongue down the exposed portion of her back and then lifted her habit by the hem in back to expose her ass; he was not surprised to see she had no underwear on. He licked her between the legs, burrowing his face between her legs to reach and start probing her pussy lips from front to back. When she moaned loudly he did it again but this time with more intensity, his tongue flicking in and out of her swollen pussy. She was arching her back and pushing her ass back trying to get him to push his tongue into her wet hole when he quickly straightened and stuck the first four inches of his cock into her.

Sister Mary Elizabeth could not contain the loud moan she made when Father Matthews entered her, and he seemed to appreciate the sound because he smoothed his hands over her ass and reached around to finger her clit. She moaned louder and grabbed the sides of the pew as he encouraged her moans and slid another two inches of his cock in, then they both let out groans of pleasure as he thrust into her faster and faster and rubbed her clit furiously. She came on his cock and hand, screaming out the Lord’s name, just as Father Matthews pulled out of her and drained his cum on her ass.

She was shaken and mortified but could not stop the feeling of satisfaction as she pulled her habit back over herself while still kneeling on the pew, and she did not hesitate when Father Matthews came around to stand in front of her and stuck his semi-hard cock in her face. She took him in her mouth across the pew, and although she was totally inexperienced she sucked him by instinct, opening her throat and letting him thrust into her mouth then sucking him as he pulled out. This time it was his moans filling the church, but he couldn’t help it when he looked down and saw her head still covered by the nun’s veil and her plump lips sucking his cock.

He pulled out of her mouth and came again on her face, then he steered her to the confessional booth and once they had entered he closed the door behind them. He sat in his usual spot on the bench then pulled her to him and turned her so that her back was against his front. She was sitting upon a stool and when Father Matthews pressed her back against him he urged her to spread her legs, once she did he pulled up her habit and started rubbing her pussy and pulled out a huge dildo. He used it to help her masturbate, first as she leaned back against him then again when he kneeled in front of her, and soon he turned her around so that she was kneeling with her ass in the air. He licked her asshole then put the dildo into her pussy and had her move it in and out as he readied her ass hole for his cock. He lubed her and slowly stuck his cock in her ass, moving gently until he was halfway in, then he started moving his cock in her ass and the dildo in her pussy at the same time. He fucked her like that as she moaned and begged for more, until she came with a scream and soaked her habit and his priest’s robe.

He smiled at her and thanked her, then pulled himself and the dildo out of her, both of them feeling a spurt of pleasure when he pulled his cock from her. Sister Mary Elizabeth calmly got herself together and quickly kneeled before the altar and gave her thanks for her answered prayer before dashing out of the church. It was a miracle that she had prayed for release from the pressure she had been feeling and her prayers had been answered tenfold.

For his part, Father Matthews whistled as he strolled back to his quarters. He checked his cell phone and saw that he had a missed call from the place where he normally ordered his girls. He stopped to listen to the message letting him know that the girl who was supposed to meet him in the main church had been forced to leave when a nun had settled herself to pray at the altar. The caller offered her apologies and said that she would wait for his call letting her know when to send the girl back. Father Matthews stood there remembering the past hour and his cock hardened again to know that the woman he had so satisfyingly fucked was living under this roof. He couldn’t wait for tomorrow morning, and the possibilities.

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