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A Quiet Night In

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The things a glass of wine makes us do...
“Do you want a glass of wine babe?”

We were having a nice night in. Fire lit, Chinese food, D.V.D. and a wee drink. It was a busy week and we didn’t see much of each other so we decided to have some quality time. He walked in and handed me my glass of wine, Blossom Hill Róse... hmmm, it tasted so good. Hitting play, we cuddled up together and began to watch our film.

I can’t mind the name of the film, was a bit shit. Half way through the film and a bottle of wine later, I was starting to feel the effect. I was starting to get a tiny bit giddy and bored so I decided that my hands would go for a wander.

Starting at his knee, I rubbed his leg up and down, each time getting closer and closer to his crotch. Looking up from under my fringe, I could see that cute smile he gets on his face when he knows what I’m doing, teasing. I continued with the rubbing on his leg while watching the bulge in his trousers get bigger. I waited until it was nearly hard before grabbing his crotch in my hand and gently squeezing, causing him to gasp and moan.

Awww, how I loved to surprise him like this. As I rubbed and squeezed at his bulging crotch, he put his hand down my top and started to play with my nipples. Getting aroused, I started to undo his belt before unbuttoning his buttons. One by one, I let his cock have more room to expand. I put my hand down his boxers and pulled out his cock, gently massaging it with my hand. The look on his face said it all. He loved me playing with his cock, in every way.

Picking up the pace, his eyes closed and as he did, I dove and took his hard cock in my mouth. I deep throated, sucked, and licked him. Oh, hearing his moans and his sighs, I knew this was heaven for him. He loved getting his cock sucked. I was getting carried away but he wouldn’t let me go any further.

Before I had time to blink, I was on my back on the living room floor with my bottoms and pants pulled off me and his cock stuck in me to the hilt. My sucking of his cock had become too much and he wanted to fuck me...... I wasn’t complaining. In and out of my soaking pussy he went, as hard as he could go. Ripping my top off to free my tits, he pulled and twisted my nipples, getting me more and more aroused. I could feel myself building up, fuck it was so good. Harder and harder with his thrusts, my legs wrapped around his neck, the twisting and pulling on my nipples, it was too much.......ahhhhh......fuck yeah. Yes, it felt so good, exploding all over his hard cock, squirting all over the red carpet, it was one of the best orgasms ever.

But it wasn’t the best. My wine had given me a boost, a confidence. I pushed him off me and put him on his back. Kissing his soft lips and rubbing my tits over his amazing body, I put my hand between my legs and grabbed his cock. Rubbing it along my soaking wet slit, I teased myself and him. Gently in and out, rubbing it from my pussy to my wee bum hole where I stopped and let the head of his cock rest.

He looked at me in amazement as if to say, are you sure?! I pushed back onto the head of his cock which he pushed into my bum hole. Nice and slowly and gently we both pushed, each time getting the head of his hard cock into my ass. Giving up the fight, my ass finally gave in and let his big, hard cock inside. It stung a little and when it did, we stopped to let my ass get used to it. Telling him to just lie still, I lowered myself onto his cock, getting him in further and further until he was fully inside my ass. Fuck, it felt so full and so good, damn good.

Slowly I started riding his cock with my ass. I got a rhythm up which felt comfortable. As I got faster, he couldn’t believe what was happening. It turned him on and he grabbed onto my tit with one hand and rubbed my clit with the other. All three were making me so horny and turned on.

Wanting to get a good go at my ass, he pulled out and threw me over the back of the sofa. Pushing my knees apart he stuck his now rock hard cock up my ass as hard as he could. He pumped and thrusted hard and fast while pulling on my hips so that I met and felt his every thrust. I could feel myself building up again. That tingle inside was familiar; I was about to explode.

Harder and faster he went before my pussy opened up and squirted all of my juices out onto our sofa, just as he exploded inside my ass. The sensation was amazing and we both collapsed on the sofa, out of breath and exhausted after what had happened.

“I don’t know what overcame me, but that will happen!”

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