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A Spin on the Sex Life or What was I just In?

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A man and wife are spooning one night when he begins to knock on the back door.
Bill and Stacy had been married now for two years when they found themselves visiting Bill's parents during Christmas. Being the only married couple of Bill's siblings, it had become customary for them to sleep in the largest guest room in the house. This room contained the double bed that just happened to be Bill's parents old bed from when he was younger and living at home. One of the advantages to having this room was that it was directly across the hall from the bathroom, making it very easy to slip in and out unnoticed.

The last month and a half had been incredibly long and difficult for Bill. He is a dispatcher for a small shipping company that had seen a large spike in business leading up to the holiday, and he was finally able to relax and focus on his wife and family for a few days before he had to get back to work. The long hours at the office obviously created many tense moments at home as well as work. He found his mind able to forget work as he noticed how sexy his wife had become, recently losing twenty pounds due to a new diet she had discovered.

Stacy was feeling very good about herself, her confidence level at an all time high after losing the weight. Although she had lost it for herself, she loved the way men started looking at her. This time last year, when she would walk from the shower to the bedroom, she would cover up in a thick robe and put her clothes on underneath the robe, feeling ashamed at what she had become. Now, she would walk slowly, just a towel wrapped around her head to help dry her hair. When she noticed Bill staring at her, she would smile and wink as she pulled the towel down and rubbed it once more along the outline of her curvy figure, being sure to dry the area beneath her breasts and between her legs. As she leaned down to dry her thighs, she would turn away from Bill and bend at the hips, arching her back and displaying her now firm, apple shaped bottom. She could feel Bill's eyes on her as she completed the task before tossing the towel into the hamper.

At work, she knew she was turning heads. The clothes she had been wearing were a little tighter, a little flirtier than the frumpy clothes she used to wear. The buttons of her blouse were often left undone at the top, proudly displaying what was still and ample bosom. She knew she had a great body, and she wanted everybody to know it.

Now that the busy season was over, the two could once again relax with each other and spend time traveling and visiting. Towards the end of the trip, the couple found themselves at Bill's parents house. In the past, Stacy had been clear to Bill that sex at his parents' was a no-no. She did not feel comfortable knowing that the bed they were in was previously used and that anybody might be able to hear them through the walls. For this relatively young married couple, all the stress of the holiday was finally behind them. The sexual tension that had been building up during the November and December could be cut with a knife and Bill knew there was very little he could do about it until the stay at his parents' was over.

That night would bring about one of the most passionate lovemaking experiences in their young married lives.

After all the evening festivities were over, the family began to settle into their rooms and get ready for sleep. As always, Bill finished up well before Stacy and settled into bed, wearing nothing but his boxer shorts with the slit in the front. As Stacy finished up in the bathroom, she walked into the room, wearing next to nothing, and crawled into bed with her lusting husband.

"Oooohhh, I'm cold," Stacy shivered, "I need you to snuggle up close to me and help keep me warm."

"I'd love to," Bill replied, as they began to spoon.

When Stacy walked into the room, Bill could not help but notice her beautiful figure. She had a low cut top without a bra, which allowed her bosom to hang naturally and caused her nipples to swell and poke through. Her shorts were cut and styled to emphasize her curvy bottom. Just one look was all it took for Bill's member to begin to swell slightly.

As the couple nestled together, Stacy cold feel the touch of his dick against the crack of her ass.

"Hello there, mister," she whispered sexily, "it's been a while since I've had your attention."

"You've had his attention for a couple weeks now," Bill answered. "Thinking about your sexy body is one of the happy thoughts that helped me get through the season."

"Hmmmm, maybe we can bend a rule or two tonight, "Stacy suggested.

"I like that idea," said Bill. He reached his hands around to Stacy's chest, cupping her large breasts with his hands and pinching her puffy nipples with his thumb and forefinger.

As Bill started thrusting his hips towards Stacy, she began to make a thrusting motion back and forth with her butt, causing Bill's dick to get bigger and harder. Working her hips side to side and back and forth, she reached around behind her and pulled his cock through the slit in his shorts. A few slow pumps was all it took to finish getting Bill's dick fully engorged.

Feeling hampered by the small amount of cloth that came between the two lovers, Bill rocked back and slid his shorts all the way off. As he kicked them off his feet and down to the floor, he reached to pull Stacy's shorts off. As his hands found their way along the contours of her body, caressing every curve, he noticed she was not wearing anything under her shorts. As he thoroughly rubbed her ass cheeks, spreading them open wide with a strong kneading motion, his fingers began to seek the the points between her legs that were now beginning to get very moist. With his forefinger, he traced along her labia up to her clit, touching it soft and gentle so as not to irritate the sensitive spot. With his pinky, he began to rim the outside of her asshole, all the while making Stacy purr and moan with satisfaction.

Usually at this point in their lovemaking, Stacy would spin around on her back and wait for Bill to climb on top and go at it missionary style, just like the time before and time before that. In fact, in most cases, Stacy would be wearing a sweater or something big and bulky. This would prevent her from feeling uncomfortable that somebody was seeing her naked. However, this was the new confident Stacy, a sexier more adventurous woman than she was months before. Without much thinking needed, she had decided to put a new spin on their sex life.

As Bill continued his exploration of Stacy's body, playing with her nipples and breasts with the hand that was resting underneath her body and gently caressing the areas between her legs with the other, he knew that any minute now, she would roll over onto her back and wait for him to climb on top and start fucking her pussy. It was not that he didn't like doing this, quite the contrary. He loved watching her close her eyes as her cheeks got red and her mouth hung open, her head moving to the rhythm of his thrusting hips, moving her entire body up and down. It wold just be nice if maybe every once in a while, something would be different...

Before he could even finish his thought, Stacy grabbed hold of Bill's hard, veiny cock and began to guide it between her ass cheeks. The head of Bill's dick, now throbbing at full size, looked like a mushroom and began to drip the pre cum that would help make this night amazing.

All that Stacy knew was that she wanted that dick inside her. Using her hand as a buffer, she began to slowly insert Bill inside her ass hole, feeling scared, anxious, and incredibly hot all at the same time. She could hardly control Bill's thrusting motions, as his monster went deeper and deeper inside her warm, tight, virgin asshole. She could feel her pussy begin to drip as his cock was pressing on the walls of her vagina from behind. There was only a small amount of pain, but it was nothing compared to the amazing pleasure she felt from the stimulation of her asshole being fucked while her pussy was being rubbed.

Meanwhile, Bill could hardly believe what was happening. He knew this was very different, but he did not want to ruin the moment by saying something stupid. Instead, he only managed to moan and grunt as he slowly pushed in and out, feeling an incredible tightness wrapped around his entire cock that made him want to cum almost immediately.

And so they continued. Bill buried the entire length of his shaft into Stacy's ass while his balls tickled her pussy opening. Their muffled cries of delight were barely contained as the bed quietly creaked.

Finally, Bill could not hold it any longer. The pressure had built up in his balls to a point where he was going to explode inside her. Stacy could feel it, too. Never before had she felt so much stimulation as almost every part of her body felt so good. They kept thrusting, in and out and back and forth.

"I'm gonna cum," Bill exclaimed.

"Mmmmm, stay inside me! Keep going!" Stacy commanded.

As Bill's cock let loose, he felt the cum shoot through him harder than he had ever felt it before! It was like no orgasm he had ever experienced as his cock shot several spurts into Stacy's ass, leaving a huge mess inside her.

It was no less and ordeal for Stacy, who found herself shaking and on the verge of tears from the whole ordeal. She, too could feel the difference as the warm semen was shot inside her. Pain and pleasure and excitement had all come together in a dose that never before felt so good.

As they both finished together, their bodies began to relax as they slowly pulled apart, being careful not to separate too quickly. Stacy spun around to face Bill as they shared a passionate kiss. They lie in bed together for several minutes, intertwined and gently caressing each other. Slowly, they began to realize that this was more than just a single event. For too long, they had been getting by with the same old, same old, and their relationship had suffered. With this single act, they could feel the fire of their relationship rekindled. They could look forward to starting the new year and their newfound life together.

"What was I in?" Bill finally asked Stacy, knowing all too well what his penis had just slid in and out of.

"What do you think?" Stacy answered, before kissing him on the nose.

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