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A Story to Remember

A weekend of passion leads Greg to take what is rightfully his..
She sat naked, upright with the laptop poised on her knees, in the spacious king sized bed. The large full-length window, which Greg had rampantly fucked her in front of the previous night, allowed the sunlight to exude through the room. Her perfectly manicured fingertips delicately tapped over the letters on her keyboard as she recalled details of their night of passion.

Freshly aroused juices merged with Greg’s thick cum welled deep inside of her shaven pussy. Her clit hardened as she remembered how many times he made her reach new heights of ecstasy. He had successfully turned her into his personal slut, exploring every inch of her body until she was spent.

"Can you not leave that laptop alone for more than two seconds? It’s far too early," yawned Greg.

Stacey giggled, "It’s 8am, lazy! You were fast asleep and I didn’t want to wake you."

"You know the score. You should have had those beautiful pink lips wrapped around my dick to wake me up. A good morning blowjob is definitely the way to start the day," laughed Greg.

"Well if you must know, I am writing my new story, all about us."

Playfully pulling the white sheets from the curvaceous beauty, Greg rolled towards her, his eyes fixated on the slow rise and fall of her huge breasts as she breathed. Dark curls hung loosely around her lean shoulders, her cheeks pink from the sexual passion she had experienced. She did not need make up; she looked perfect to him. The blood pulsed to the tip of his morning wood, twitching at the thought of devouring his little sex kitten all over again.

"How about I give you a more inspiration for your creative writing, you filthy girl?" Greg whispered.

"My, my big boy, you are spoiling me this weekend!" exclaimed Stacey, placing the laptop down.

His heart raced as the covers fell from Stacey’s body, spellbound by the sight of her exposed rounded ass. He playfully patted it with the palm of his hand, then taking more time to tenderly caress her firm buttocks.

"You know we haven’t done everything I promised you this weekend," growled Greg, pulling her close to him from behind.

As she lay on her side his hand began to slowly wander along her curves and around to her heaving breasts. Gently he tugged her dark pink nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Stacey let out a gasp of pleasure. His hot lips and tongue were flicking and sucking on her ear lobe, she could feel his breathing getting deeper.

Greg growled in her ear, "Do you want me to make you squirt again? I’m going to make your body shake. Tell me you want it; tell me how bad you want me to fuck your slutty holes. And how you want me to stretch your ass wider than you did with your little toy for me."

"Ahh p-please Greg, please touch my clit," groaned Stacey. "I want to feel your cock inside of me."

Her hands brushed down her midriff as she opened her slender thighs. Greg’s strong arm grabbed her hand and pulled it behind her back.

"What the fuck do you think you are doing?" he growled. "You’re my little slut and I tell you when you can pleasure yourself."

Her pussy juices were now dripping from her twitching hole. Greg slowly ran his finger along her wet slit, his fingertips parting her moistened lips.

"What a horny girl you are this morning. Are you aching at the thought of my thick meat deep in your tight ass? You love being my little fuck toy don’t you Stacey?" His low growl whispered in her ear.

He knew what the effect of his voice did to her. Greg could read the shopping list to her and her pussy would react! The sexual fantasies they had role played over the telephone made Stacey frantically fuck herself on numerous occasions, creating multiple orgasms in record time.

"Y-yes, yes I love being your fuck toy Greg," Stacey breathed. "Please push your fingers into my pussy. I am aching to be fucked right now." Her heart raced in her chest, the blood pumped rapidly around her body.

"Ohh, I’m going to fuck you alright! Get on all fours for me right now," he demanded.

Stacey responded quickly to his demand and positioned herself for him, ready for him to take control. She pushed her ass out and spread her thighs apart. She could feel her arousal running the length of her pussy. She was open, and fully exposed. Greg knelt in front of her; his thick shaft in his hand was rigid. He began to rub it over her face. Sticking out her tongue, Stacey tried to take it in her mouth but Greg ensured he remained in control. Her hazel eyes were firmly locked onto his. She looked amazingly cute, the innocence radiated from her face.

Greg continued to tease her lips. "Is this what you my little sex toy? You want my cock fucking that slutty mouth of yours? Open wide then baby."

He slowly pushed his thick ramrod into her mouth, watching as it disappeared between her full lips. Pushing his hips forward he gently slid it in deeper to ensure she swallowed every inch of him. Her eyes widened, she could feel his meat hit the back of her throat. He was slowly fucking her mouth and loving every second of it. Picking up speed, he began to thrust harder and faster. Greg’s head fell back, groaning at the tightness of her throat. Her saliva dripped off his cock as he pulled out from her mouth.

"Oh you are too good at being my slut, now I’m going to feel how much you enjoyed that," grinned Greg.

He moved around to view her from behind, open and ready to be fucked. And what a view it was! Her juices glistened from her exposed sex, her shapely ass ready for the taking. Greg slid his middle finger deep inside of her pussy. His cock throbbed at her responsive moans. The next finger plunged inside of her, stretching her pussy walls. His hands entwined in her hair, he firmly pulled back her head.

"Look at yourself!" he commanded. "Look at how slutty you are. Your cunt is saturated and I haven’t even fucked you yet!"

His cock was as stiff as a flagpole, soaking in the view that was spread before him.

He reached around and started to slowly rub her hardened clit. Pressing firmer he began to move in circular motions. Her asshole contracting as she was nearing her climax. His cock teased the entrance of her pussy, exciting her lips. Without warning Greg pushed his throbbing cock inside of her, and began fucking her slowly, engulfing her with his thick shaft. Stacey’s moans increased in speed and in volume. Her loins were aching and throbbing. She could feel her sex tightening as his hips rapidly slammed against her.

"Ohhhh my godddd, I’m cumming!" screamed Stacey. "I’m fucking cumming hard for you baby."

"Come on then my slut," hissed Greg. "Cum for me!"

Stacey erupted. Her huge tits bounced as she convulsed. Her entire body shook beneath Greg. His hard rod plunged in and out of her pussy as it contracted around him.

"Mmmm...Good girl, now I’m going to give you what you have been aching for."

With his cock still inside of her pussy he reached over and grabbed the lube from the nightstand and slowly dripped it onto her ass, spreading it over her tense hole, teasing the entrance to it with his thumb. He slowly removed his cock from her sodden cunt and pushed it to the entrance of her tight, forbidden hole, just enough for his cock head to engage. Her eyes widened as she could feel his hard prick beginning to invade her ass. Her hand began to frantically rub her hardened clit once again to relax her anal walls.

"Oh my god, that feels fucking good, so tight," moaned Greg.

His thick shaft slowly made its way deep inside of her. Once he knew Stacey’s ass had accepted it, the fiery passion inside of him intensified. Stacey’s screams muffled as he pushed her face down into the pillow, opening her ass wider. She felt as though her ass was being forced apart. He watched as his purple head was swallowed. The pain seared through her body as he pushed deeper into her. She began to frantically finger her pussy given her a euphoric feeling of pleasure and pain. His balls slammed off her pussy as he pushed inside of her rapidly, ensuring maximum penetration. He could feel the intensity of his own orgasm building. Her ass confidently sucking on his shaft as he grabbed her hips firmly, Greg pulled her back towards him and fired his hot jets of cum deep inside of her stretched anal passage. His head back as he groaned louder, his cock throbbing as he filled her hole with every last drop.

"Oh my fucking god!" yelled Greg. ‘That was fucking outstanding baby." His cock was still hard inside of her ass.

Slowly pulling out he stretched her ass cheeks, his cum slowly dripping out. He watched in amazement as Stacey reached around and began to finger his hot sticky cum back inside of her gaping hole. She slowly brought her fingers to her mouth and began to suck hungrily on the sticky mess.

"Mmmmm, tasty!" grinned Stacey. "Now are you going to help me finish writing this story?"

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