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A Tuscan Holiday- Chapter Two

Doug shows me who the boss is before giving me a special treat...
Chapter Two.

Doug and I spend the afternoon chatting on the veranda. Sitting on the swingseat, I stretch my legs over his lap and lean back with my hair twisted over my shoulder as my skirt slithers over my lap to reveal my upper thighs. The neck of the dress billows open to show the slopes of my breasts beneath my sheer lilac lace bra. I see Doug's gaze drift down from my face and I smile in a querying way as if to ask, yes?

I sit up and feel my boobs bounce, Doug reaches to cup my cheek in his palm and I lean my face into his touch. He looks at me tenderly and tucks a curl behind my ear before moving closer. He lifts me onto his lap and wraps an arm around my waist. I feel my cheeks flush as attraction sizzles through me and a second later, his lips are on mine.

Doug kisses me passionately as his lips melt onto mine before his tongue tastes my mouth curiously. Our kiss deepens and I move to straddle his lap, my breasts pressing against his chest and his hands automatically cupping my ass. My pussy is directly over his hardening dick as we make out like teenagers.

Doug kisses down my neck with his tongue licking my skin before he nibbles on my collarbone. I twist his hair through my fingers as I lean back my head to stretch out my neck, exposing my pale throat to him. Doug sucks harder on my collarbone before planting wet kisses down onto my chest. His tongue travels over the slopes of my tits before he lowers his mouth onto each nipple in turn through the lace. The thin barrier heightens my arousal as the wet heat makes my nipples harden like bullets. Doug teasingly bites each and squeezes my buttocks before returning his mouth to my lower neck. He plants more love bites on me and I feel my gusset grow moist as his hard cock rubs against my pussy.

Doug stands up and carries me into the lounge. Placing me down on the couch, he moves on top of me to grind his hard-on against my wetness as I look up at him feverishly. I reach for his belt and tug. Taking my request, Doug kicks off his trousers and shrugs off his shirt to reveal a well kept body beneath. His prone cock is concealed by his navy Armani briefs and for a minute I am utterly speechless. His body can compete with that of a twenty five year old yet his mature fifty years have done nothing to him but added the shimmer of grey at his temples, though his hair is otherwise dark.

I feel a pulse run through my clit and I suddenly want to be as stripped as he is. I go to undo the tie at my waist that holds my dress together but Doug takes my hands with a silent shake of his head. He returns his body to place his hips between my legs and he grinds his solid dick against my dripping snatch. I moan with arousal and buck up my hips to match his motions. He dry humps me as my moans deepen and my juices seep out of my flower, trickling down my thighs. Doug pulls back and looks at the damp spots on his briefs. He looks at me in complete dominance and flips me over onto my front.

The sudden action surprises me but his stinging slap to my backside leaves me breathless. He begins to knead my buttocks and thighs, pressing against my snatch as he does. I begin to moan and he rubs down on my rosebud. My brazilian panties reveal most of my sunkissed cheeks and Doug gives them full attention. My breath hitches as he pulls them down and the sensation of his hand on my bare skin nearly makes me orgasm in a heartbeat.

His hands smooth over my cheeks, squeezing and pinching as an exploratory finger moves down my crevice to press on my star. I gasp as he strokes the sensitive skin around my rosebud. Moving his fingers down fractionally he runs his fingertip over my nectar soaked flower and tickles my clit lightly. I rock my hips into his lap and Doug sends another stinging slap to my buttocks. I feel juice drip out of me as the sweetness of the sting arouses me even more.

Using the nectar seeping from my flower, Doug wets his fingertip and presses into my rosebud. My tight muscle resists his gentle touch but stretches as he probes into me. I gasp as my ass sucks in his finger. I feel his finger stroke my smooth canal as my sphincter closes around him. He slides his finger in and out, picking up speed as he fingers me faster and harder. I moan and whimper as the pleasure makes my pussy clench with pleasure.

He reaches under me and begins to squeeze my boob as he fingers me harder, hitting my sweet spot as he does so. He enters another finger into my sticky honeyjar and fingers both of my holes simultaneously. The pleasure brings me to orgasm within minutes of his fingers pounding inside my cavities and a gush of juice flows into my flower and trickles down my thighs as my walls squelch around him. The sounds of my sex being probed and Doug's heavy breathing with my moans are the only sounds audible in the villa. The scent of musk fills the room and we regain our breath in heavy pants.

Doug eases me off his lap and directs me to kneel as I hold onto the back of the couch. I obey and take the position. Doug holds my dress around my waist as he begins to lick my rosebud and flower, catching all of my juices on his tongue with the taste of passion fruit bursting in his mouth. I moan at his oral pleasure and within minutes I come again.

As my shaking subsides, I hear the ping of elastic and feel a hard pressure against my snatch. Doug rubs his mushroom between my slick lips and presses his tip to my entry, for a moment I think he is about to penetate me with his muscle but then he moves to butt his cock against my puckered asshole. The pressure increases until I can no longer resist the temptation and I buck my hips back only to squeal as a huge thick plug buries itself into my ass.

The pleasurable pain spills through me as Doug pushes the plug deeper into my canal and I hear him chuckle. He steps back with his cock hanging heavy, engorged with his lust for me. I sink onto my knees and reach for his cock with the beads of pre-cum dripping down his thick, veined shaft but Doug steps away with a smile. He pulls up his briefs and guides me to my feet, smoothing down my dress as he does so.

"Not yet. We're going to dinner. Now, keep that plug in nicely. It won't fall out."

"Yes sir."

"Come here babygirl," Doug lifts me up to kiss me gently, "Now let's choose you something pretty to wear for tonight."
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