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A very interesting afternoon

A very interesting afternoon

An interesting afternoon on vacation in Cancun
Well here is another story of an adventure we had.

It was again at our favorite vacation spot in Cancun Mexico. We had been there for a few days and met a few new people already, Amanda was being her shy self at first but by this time she was flaunting everything and teasing both the guys and gals we have been hanging around. It was a bit of a dreary day and by mid-afternoon it was sprinkling but we decided to stay at the pool bar and drink with some friends.

Along came a couple we met a few nights before. Well, they met us, but we haven't really spoken with them. They got introduced to our group when everyone was pretty hammered and quite tipsy. We fed them some jello shots then, Poof! They were gone.

Anyway, back to the pool a few days later. We called them over and Amanda was checking the girl out as soon as they came over. She gave her a shot and then another as she shared her shot from her mouth with her. The girl started to get into it and within minutes Amanda had her top off and was exploring inside her bottoms. You know something was going to get interesting when she said, "Damn, she's so wet!" and continued to make out with her.

The guy was kind of clueless as they continued to make out, so I suggested some body shots. Amanda laid the girl on the edge of the pool and did two or three shots off her body before she let anyone else give her a try. By this time it was just the four of us. We all did body shots off the girl then some off Amanda.

Things were getting interesting. It started raining a bit more then before and the bartenders were shutting down the bar, we decided to head back to the room to get out of the rain. Amanda and the girl headed off to the room and the other guy and I took towels back.

We chatted a bit walking back to the room. He said that he has never seen his girlfriend like this, she had told him in the past she had played with some girls but he never really knew what she meant. As we walked back I asked, "Well, are you okay with everything?"

He said he was and asked, "Do you mind if I touch your wife?"

I just looked at him and said, "She'll let you know if it's not okay."

We went up the stairs to our room and I could see that the door was open for us, I could also hear moaning as I turned up the stairs and walked toward the door. When we walked in the room, Amanda and the girl were on the bed both buried between each other's legs. I looked for the reaction of the guy when he walked in and saw the two of them oblivious to us walking in. His jaw nearly hit the floor and his eyes were glued on the sight of ecstasy on the bed. Amanda was on bottom and I asked, "Could I have your girl give me a blowjob?"

He just stood there and shook his head. He was in shock watching his girlfriend open up her mouth as I stepped in front of her and taking my cock fully down her throat. She swallowed my cock deep then slowly slid it out and licked Amanda's wet pussy. Amanda was dripping, this girl had her so wet she had a little puddle between her legs on the bed.

Amanda reached down to guide the girl’s hand to between her legs. She tilted the girl’s head up so I could put my cock back in her mouth then pushed the girls fingers inside of her. Amanda said, "You will not hurt me, I like it."

With that I watched this girl suck my cock as deep as she could and start to finger Amanda's dripping wet pussy. As I looked over, Amanda had the other guy's cock in her hand and was licking his cock and balls. She would put his balls in her mouth suck them hard. Then take the head of his cock and slowly let him drive it in her mouth.

This went on for a few more minutes until she took his cock out of her mouth and was moaning and grunting in ecstasy. I had not noticed but the girl had gotten her hand inside of Amanda's pussy and was fisting her fairly hard and rough. I had watched Amanda do this to other girls but I haven't seen her get fisted until now. The girl was still sucking my cock deep and with every thrust of her fist into Amanda she was taking my cock all the way down her throat.

Then all of a sudden Amanda started squirting all over this girl. The bed was soaked. This girl's fist was deep inside Amanda and my cock exploded inside her throat. She just kept sucking and swallowing as my cock shot load after load down her throat. I finally pulled out as the other guy shot a big load on his girl’s ass sitting on top of Amanda as she fisting her.

I stepped back. "Wow!"

This has got to be the hottest I have seen my wife.

Amanda looked up just as cum was running between the girl's ass crack and dripped onto her tits. Smiling she looked up to us, "That was fun - for round one."

The girls went to get cleaned up in the shower and I asked, "Do you mind if I were to fuck your girl?"

"No," he said, "as long as I can fuck your wife. She is so hot!"

The girls came out of the shower both dripping wet, from the shower and still from their little adventure. "We have a surprise." Amanda said as she got into sixty-nine with me. She said nothing more and just started swallowing my cock. My cock was coming back to life and getting harder and harder in her mouth. Her pussy was so wet and tasty, I licked and licked her pussy and started fingering her asshole. She didn't resist so I licked her up and down from clit to her rosebud. She was hot and wet and was giving no resistance. I looked over and seen the other couple kissing and she was stroking his cock. They were whispering but I couldn't hear what they were saying.

I didn't know if they were scared and going to leave or convincing each other to stay.

I focused on Amanda sucking my cock and licking her pussy and ass. She was grinding into me as I licked her hole and pussy. "Damn, she was so wet" I thought.

I felt another tongue licking my cock. I felt my cock in Amanda's mouth then a wet tongue with Amanda's. Then my cock went in her mouth and I started to finger both Amanda's ass and lick her pussy deep. I had two fingers deep in her ass as she had enough lube from her dripping pussy. I licked her clit as the two of them took turns swallowing my rock hard cock. I lost track of my attempt at multi-tasking and was just licking her clit as I felt a cock enter her pussy.

I was licking her clit and a cock was fucking my wife. "WOW!" I thought as this continued for a while. Amanda was now dripping cum onto my face as I was licking her clit and she was getting fucked quite well. With every stroke he made into her, cum would squirt out of her pussy. Then I felt my cock entering what I thought was a wet pussy. My cock was being used as a fuck tool and Amanda was still licking my cock. I am underneath Amanda getting fucked, cum dripping from her pussy and this hot girl that Amanda is licking is riding my cock.

Nobody said anything. Just a moan, a grunt and wince here and there.

Next, I felt this girl's orifice get tighter. Amanda must be fingering her but I couldn't feel her fingers on my cock. "Surprise, you always wanted to ass fuck someone as I fist them." Amanda said.

Oh my god, I just realized Amanda had my cock in this girl’s ass as she started to fist her. I took a peek down to see my cock buried in this girl's tight ass that Amanda had licked and lubed up for me. Amanda also had three fingers deep in this girl's pussy. Then I looked up, and the other guy was fucking Amanda's pussy then smearing her cum around her ass.

"Wow!" I thought again. His girl was fisting Amanda earlier, now Amanda is fingering her deep as I am fucking her asshole while he is preparing to fuck Amanda in the ass just inches from my eyes. I couldn't wait to watch his cock slide deep inside Amanda's ass, I watched, focused on him smearing cum all over her ass. Then she pushed back as he was smearing and the head of his cock went inside her.

Slowly he was fucking her. She would push back little by little, She liked it and finally he had gotten his cock fully inside of Amanda.

Now with every pump in and out, her ass cum would squirt out of her pussy into my mouth as I continued to lick her pussy. We were in a porn ecstasy: I was watching Amanda get ass fucked, I was fucking this girl in the ass and Amanda had her fist shoving deep into her pussy with my every thrust. I had fucked Amanda's ass before and she would fuck her pussy with a dildo, but it never felt anything like this. I couldn't take it any longer, I watched as the guy shoved his cock deep in Amanda's ass and he was cumming. Cum was oozing around his cock buried deep in her ass and from her pussy. Amanda shoved her fist deep into the girl as I shot my load deep inside her ass.

Everyone collapsed in a heap of nastiness. Amanda and this girl were dripping from both of there fuck holes and Amanda laid there smearing cum that was oozing from this girl's ass and pussy along the insides of this girl's legs. Amanda was oozing cum and I was licking it all from her pussy.

We thought that was the best day of our vacation, but we were wrong...

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