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Absence makes the orgasms stronger

A sexy, cum-filled reunion in a hot long-distance relationship
“If there is anything you need, don’t hesitate to phone room service, Sir” said the hotel concierge, as he handed Jake a key card. The couple excitedly stepped into the glass lift, hearts pounding, Jake’s cock visible through his shorts and Lucy’s pants dampening with every second. Jake called for floor 15 and pushed her up against the glass wall as the views of Paris became smaller in their ascent.

The couple opened the hotel door. It was 3pm, they had the hotel until noon the next day. With the first glance around the suite, they knew this would be the hottest 21 hours of their lives. Black marble flooring ran throughout the bathroom and into the shower room. Huge mirrored walls above a his and hers sink bounced their grinning faces in every direction. They moved through the sliding door into the bedroom.

A luscious velvet headboard towered the king size bed, floor to ceiling windows gave the most perfect view over Paris. Lucy was stunned, she had never even been in a 5-Star hotel before, and this was so much sexier than the small flat she had in Paris. Before she could take much more in, Jake guided her into the bathroom.

In complete silence, he undressed her, taking such care in pulling her dress over her head. He unhooked her bra, releasing her small breasts, giving them a cheeky tweak as he did. Jake then knelt down and pulled her thong over her bum, down her thighs and gave her pussy a quick kiss as he did.

They stood naked in the shower room, hugging and kissing, Jake turned on the shower, and to their surprise, jets of water shot out from the side of the walls, soaking both of them in warmth from every angle.

Lucy grabbed the coral sponge, covered it in shower gel and began lathering Jake’s entire body, being extra gentle around his huge throbbing erection. She knelt down and put his massive, hard dick in her mouth, the sensation of the running water hitting it from the side, and seeing his naked girlfriend drenched on the shiny black floor, with a cock so big it could barely bit in her mouth made him even bigger. He held onto her head and guided himself in and out, but they both knew there was no way Jake was coming so soon, as soon as he quickened the speed of the thrusting and Lucy was practically gagged by the size of his cock, they stopped.

Jake then took his turn to caress all of Lucy’s body. He sponges over her breasts, making her nipples erect, but in no time he was rubbing the soapy coral all over her pussy.
“Shave me Jake” she said, almost in a whisper. She knew how much he loved her to be completely bare. He took one look at her pussy, at the moment in was in a neat landing strip, but he took no time to grab the razor and begin to move the razor over her pussy, washing away the hair each time. Before long, Lucy was completely bare, he knew his cock would be able to slide over her so smoothly.

“Let me shave all of you, Luce” He bent her over and had her kneeling on the floor. He stroked his erection as her bum was lifted into the air. He took the razor and so carefully guided it around
the soft hairs around her bum, to make her ass hole smooth and ready for later that night.

Jake changed the shower settings, the water stopped jetting out from every side, and he guided the powerful shower head over her soapy ass and pussy. She looked perfect to him and so he helped her up of the floor, opened the door and wrapped her tightly in a soft white robe.

Lucy lay on the bed as Jake went to the mini bar, he pulled out the bottle of gin they had brought, and started slicing up lemons. He put music on and joined her on the king size bed, sipping, giggling and slowly becoming more tipsy and horney.

Lucy grabbed Jake’s hands and pinned them down above the head. She began to climb up him naked, straddling his hips, pushing his legs open as she kissed her way down his chest. She reached his long cock, but instead of taking it in her mouth, she continued down, kissing his gooch, licking his balls.

“Put both in your mouth, Lucy” he gasped. She tried, but his cock and balls were so big, she couldn’t manage. She grabbed one of their new toys and decided to try it out early. It was a cock ring with a vibrator, and underneath it another hole for Jake to put his balls in, and a second vibrator. She covered him in lube before stretching it over his huge dick, and turned both vibrators on.

Jake began moaning instantly, and Lucy could see his huge grin as she now easily managed to fit both his balls in her mouth, gently sucking on his smooth skin, licking around each ball, down to his gooch before twirling her tongue around his bum.

The last move made his whole body shake, so Lucy decided to go bigger. She got her small bullet vibrator out of her bag and covered it in lube. Jake prepared himself by pulling his knees right back so that Lucy had full access to his ass.

With one lube - covered hand, she touched his hard cock for the first time, the cock ring making it so stiff, veins full of blood. She slid it up to the head of his cock and while he was lost in the moment, pushed the bullet vibrator straight into his ass. Once again his whole body shuddered, but Lucy could tell he was loving it.

She began to lift it up to reach his G-Spot but the bullet didn’t bend at all.

“Why don’t you try the next size up?” Jake ...said
Lucy giggled as she pulled out the vibrator from her boyfriends ass and held up their small butt plug. In the other hand she picked up her topped up G&T and knew she didn’t have to ask it Jake wanted to try it out as he clinked glasses with her and they both took a huge gulp.

The butt plug looked bigger than the couple could remember, Lucy rubbed lube up and down the black toy, then squeezed a size-able amount right on Jake’s asshole. It was so cold but felt amazing, and the next feeling for him was the tip of the butt plug pushing into his small asshole, slowly opening it up. It felt bigger and bigger inside him until suddenly his ass closed around the end of the butt plug.

He lay motionless for a while, he had stopped rubbing his cock and just reached out for Lucy’s hands. Jake lay facing her, his eyes practically rolling while Lucy stared at her gorgeous boyfriend enjoying the foreplay. She let go of one hand and used it to turn the butt plug clockwise, very slowly. The feeling was subtle for Jake, but he could feel the slight tug inside him, driving him wild.

“One bigger Lucy” he was now practically shouting. Lucy took the butt plug out of him, watching his ass grow and then shrink right back down to normal in seconds. She pulled their last and biggest toy out of their goodie bag, her rabbit vibrator.

Holding one of Jake’s hands, Lucy looked at the rabbit. “It’s much bigger than the last two Jake... Are you sure?” Jake looked so turned on by the thought of his girlfriends dildo in his ass, so he turned over onto all fours, putting his bum up in the air.

Lucy covered the dildo in lube and began to insert it into his ass. The head went in quickly, but she knew she couldn’t put it in too far, he’d never had anything so big before. She began to push it in slowly, not much further, just about an inch. He stopped moaning, but it was like he was holding his breath, because when he did finally make a noise it was rushed and breathless.

She began to work the dildo in and out of his ass, as he reached down and stroked his cock. The whole time his balls and cock were tight in the rings and vibrating like crazy.

Lucy left the dildo in his bum, but made him roll over onto his side. She climbed back up his body and gave him the most passionate kiss she could, slow, soft, wet, gentle, quickening into a raw lustful kiss as she bit his lip and ran her fingers through his hair.

She reached down to find the dildo still in place, as she moved her mouth over to Jake’s ear, Lucy began to work it in and out of Jake again, ever quickening. She playfully grabbed his solid cock and began to pump it inbetween her fist that was dripping with lube. The sensation was incredible, Jake’s whole body quivering in excitement.

They both slid the dlido out of jake together and got up. Jake led Lucy into the bathroom by her hand. He plunged all of the sex toys into a steaming sink, and sat her up on the bathroom counter. They were surrounded by mirrors, reflections of their panting, naked bodies swirled around them in the madness of the night.

By this point, they had both topped up their Gin & Tonics again, and were definitely feeling the effects. Lucy was getting louder and louder as Jake’s soft, warm tongue lapped at her pussy and as more and more juices began to drip from it, he knew she had never been more turned on in all of her life.

His tongue licks got longer, wetter and harder, Lucy was screaming now. “JAKE! OH SHIT STOP!” she didn’t want to come but the feeling was so overwhelming, she had to push his head away to stop her clitoris from bursting into orgasm. He moved his head down and licked her pussy now. The sweet juices glistened on his tongue and he smiled cheekily at Lucy.

She threw her head back onto the bathroom mirror as his tongue swirled lower and lower. She looked at the mirror opposite her, her naked boyfriend was sat crossed legged on the floor, the arch of his back so sexy in the reflection that it gave Lucy quivers to look at him. She could see his tongue working her pussy and before she felt it, saw where it was heading...

Jake had always had a bit of a fetish for her ass, he knew it was occasionally off-limits but Lucy seemed so turned on, she had to like it, she just had to. With one, long, slow lick, he circled Lucy’s asshole. “OHH BABY!” she shouted immediately. Jake knew that they were in for a sexy night.

Jake now crouched, his tongue fucking her ass, and his hands now dripping in her pussy juices as he manoeuvred them in and out of her, her breathing quickened at the intensity of it all, his fingers perfectly reaching her G-Spot every time they entered. But Lucy wanted something else. “Fuck me Jake, put your cock in me”. He stood up and spread her knees apart, looking at the receptive pussy he had to enjoy. He leaned over to kiss her on the mouth, a quick, heated kiss with tongues that had them both quivering in pleasure.

As he did this, he noticed something... His hard, hard cock just reached above the bathroom counter that he had propped Lucy onto. He tried to stand taller to reach in her pussy but it was slightly too high. “You know, Luce, this is the perfect height for anal...”

“Then put it in me!”. Oh those 5 words were almost enough to send Jake over the edge, but he knew he had so much to look forward to. He grabbed their new bullet vibrator from the warm water and covered it in spit so it glided over Lucy’s clitoris. Next, he pulled out the rabbit vibrator, turned it on and replaced it for where his hands had been.

He only pushed it in the once, and didn’t play with her anymore because he knew he wanted all the pleasure to hit her at once. His cock was now dripping with pre-cum, he definitely didn’t need to use any lube on it. He pushed against her tight asshole and both of them froze, partly because of how taboo it all is, and partly because of the fear of both immediately coming.

However, this didn’t work. By stopping still, the only thing that either of them could concentrate on was this sensation. Jake’s cock was pushing into Lucy’s asshole now, the whole head was in before he stopped again. The gentle throbbing of her ass, and his cock could be felt through eachothers skin. They were literally pulsating together. Jake’s cock was so wet that it didn’t need too much force to push deeper into Lucy, and he knew it wasn’t hurting her at all by the look no her face.

Their eyes both widened, their mouths opening more and more with every centimeter that moved inside Lucy. They gripped eachothers hands and started to scream together as Jake now forcefully fucked her ass. They both rocked together, and made sure it went in as deep as it possibly could. Jake had never felt something grip so tightly around his big cock, and Lucy had never felt so full, especially with her favourite rabbit vibrating away in her wet pussy.

The vibrations from the rabbit reverberated through the wall of her pussy and into her bum, where they gently massaged Jake’s cock as it entered and left her ass. A few times, he took his cock out completely to watch her ass close up behind him, and to get the thrill of entering it all over again. He was in absolute heaven and when Lucy began rocking towards him, begging him to put his cock all the way in his ass, he obeyed, and knew he had to cum in her like this.

He grabbed his camera, and began to take photos of his cock in her ass, videos of him filling her right up, watching the colour of his cock change with every thrust as her ass clenched so tightly around him. He put the camera down, kissed his girlfriend and fucked her ass harder than he’d ever even fucked her pussy.

Soon the two of them were moaning so loud that they were sure the other hotel rooms would be able to hear, but that only turned them on more. Jake watched his cock pull out of Lucy’s ass for the last time, he knew he was on the edge of his best orgasm yet.

He watched her asshole still open begin to shrink down, and before it had, he had rammed his cock in as far as it could ever go, with such force and speed that the moment his balls had slammed up against Lucy’s coccyx, he had shot out the biggest load of cum imaginable. Immediately, Lucy’s ass seemed so much slippier, he continued to fuck her as hard as possible until every last drop of cum was deep in her ass.

He took out his cock, smiling and kissing Lucy, but he had another goal in mind. While Lucy was in this state of absolute bliss, where he knew he could do anything to her, he replaced his cock with the rabbit vibrator. It was thinner than his own, so he knew she could manage it, and she smiled and slid onto it happily as he nudged it towards her bum.

Then he put his fingers back in her pussy, and fingered her like he never had done before. The force was making her scream with pleasure, it was so fast and so intense, he kept doing it, knowing that she was on the brink of an incredible orgasm and as she lifted her legs in the air and her toes began to scrunch up as she had the best orgasm of her life, Jake told her to push out from her pussy.

At the exact moment that the orgasm reached her pussy and clitoris, a huge jet of water shot out of her. She had squirted! It had landed on Jake’s chest, and shot across the bathroom floor about a meter away. Her entire body shook and shuddered with every contraction of the orgasm. Lucy felt helpless, the orgasm had taken over her body and she couldn’t move or support herself. Jake held her as she quivered and moaned in his arms.

The whole scene was so erotic, Jake’s hard cock had nowhere near began to soften. Although Lucy doesn’t remember it (as she was still in this blissful state of orgasm) Jake carried Lucy back to their king size bed and lay her down carefully. He knew that her pussy was the most sensitive just after an orgasm and that her G-Spot had to feel better than ever after her first ever squirt.
He lay her back and spread her legs, then fucked her and fucked her, making her body so helpless, so succumbed to pleasure that she could barely talk anymore, taking in all the feelings was too much of a job. He didn’t take long to fill up her pussy with his cum again, though he was surprised that there was any left after how he had fucked her ass.

The two were now exhausted, covered in cum and panting, but still somehow so so turned on. It was the sexiest night ever and it wasn’t about to end soon. Jake turned on their power shower. Jets of water shot from every angle over the two of them. They rubbed eachother in soap and made the use of the large floor space. Jake lay down on his back and let the warm water trickle over his body. His cock was still rock hard from the thought of his girlfriend letting him fuck her like that, and making her squirt.

The sexiness was all starting to sink in as he thought about it more he rubbed his cock as he watched Lucy rub soap all over her pert breasts. “Wee on me Lucy” he whispered. Lucy thought she must have misheard him, they had never spoken about this before and they always made a point of talking about every fantasy, no matter how crazy.

She didn’t take too long to think about it though, this had been a night for firsts, and Jake was obviously turned on by the thought of being splashed from the same hole that the huge squirt had come from. She squatted over him and as he rubbed his cock harder and harder, she began to wee on his cock, covering him completely as he sighed and moaned louder. Maybe it was all the alcohol talking, but neither of them found it that weird. They got out and dried up, then poured another well-deserved G&T and sat on the sofa with a beautiful view over Paris at night.

Jake put on some music and they didn’t care that the curtains were wide open, anyone looking up at the hotel would have seen them and what they did after the bathroom. They’d have seen a couple so in love, dancing on their bed together, and so deep in embrace that the whole world could be watching and it wouldn’t have mattered :)

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