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After Dinner Delight

Tags: anal, romantic
We just had dinner at this really nice Indian place. I‘m wearing a cute little brown strapless dress and all evening we flirted, talked, laughed and just enjoyed spending time together.
Then we went back to your place. On the way there you start stroking over my knee and thigh, showing me what was to come when we got to the house. You move your hand up and down in slow strokes. Moving higher under the hem of my dress teasing.
Brushing ever so lightly over my panties. You can feel my heat and tell me in a low voice how you could hardly wait, to get my clothes of me. I look over to you and see the lust in your eyes.

Back at the house you offer me a glass of wine and accepting it I make my way to your bedroom.
I‘m taking my heels off as I head down the hall. 
I can feel your eyes on me so I turn around and smile at you. As you slowly follow me
You open the first three buttons of your shirt. Giving me a glimpse of your skin.

Entering your bedroom I take a sip of the wine and place the glass on the nearest surface I can find. I’m reaching behind me but before I can ease the zipper of my dress down I feel your breath on my neck and shoulders.
Your hands move up my arms over my bare shoulders and stroking my neck. I just want to feel and so I close my eyes.
Your hands move softly over my skin. Brushing my hair to the side so you can place little kisses on my neck and shoulders. Your hands move up and down my arms and you can feel how I start to relax. I can feel your body against me your erection pressed against my back.

Slowly you open my dress and while I turn around to face you I let it fall to the floor.
I look into your eyes and you claim my lips with a hard kiss. Your tongue brushes against my lower lip and on a sigh I open to let you in. Your tongue against mine. Hot, wanting and demanding but oh so sweet. I’m stepping out of the dress and you move me against the wall.

Your hands are placed next to my head as you step back a little and look over my body. I can see the approval in your eyes as you take every inch of me in.
You start kissing my chin, moving slowly down my neck and nibbling your way to my breast.
You tell me how much you love my breast just before you take one of my hard peaks into your mouth and softly sucking it in. Your tongue moves around my nipple in sensuous circles while my other breast is covered by your hand. The fingers of your hand play with the tip teasing, pulling making me moan.

You move your mouth to it stroking it just like you did the other. 
Your hands move down the side of my body slowly lowering my panties so I can step out of them. One hand moves between my thighs feeling my wetness there.
I’m putting my legs apart to give you better access to my pussy and shiver at the feeling of your fingers brushing over my clit. Slowly you start to circle it making it hard. Your lips move down from my breast kissing a trail over my tummy so your mouth can join your fingers.
You kneel before me as you kiss over my shaved mound down a thigh. Then you put one hand under my knee to lift it over your shoulder and I can’t wait to feel your tongue on my pussy.

First there is a soft lick over my lips before your fingers part them and give you a glance of my hidden treasure. Letting out a growl you tell me how sexy I am. Then your mouth is on me licking up my slit, circling around my clit and back down. My hands moving in your hair as your tongue enters my pussy. You start fucking me with slow moves in and out my cunt. I feel the hot pleasure wash over me as my breaths become faster and my moans louder. I tell you how good your tongue feels making me so wet for you as my juices start running down my thighs. Your tongue moves back up to my clit while your fingers move down and slowly start entering me.
You nearly have me cumming with your strokes in and out of my cunt it’s so hot looking down at you and seeing you between my legs.
Feeling me tighten around your fingers you know I’m close so you ease your fingers out of me. 

Standing up slowly you place a soft kiss on my lips letting me taste myself on you.
You step back from me and I watch you undress. Your hard cock looks so good and I tell you how much I want to have you in my mouth. You smile at me and say you would love that but that you had something else in mind and as you say that you move to the side of your bed and get a tube out of a drawer.
Coming back to me you smile and I know exactly what you want to do. You softly kiss me before turning me around so I’m facing the wall. My hands are placed against it to steady me and you start kissing my shoulders and neck while I can feel you as you put one finger inside me stroking in and out. After a few minutes of this ministrations you leave my pussy and move to my ass. Slowly putting your lubricated finger in spreading me slowly thrusting in and out before a second finger joins.

I moan in pleasure and I can feel how tight I am around you. Easing your fingers out of my ass as you replace them with your well lubricated cock. 
God I want to feel you and I beg you to cum into me. That is all you need to hear and you carefully start pushing against my entrance
Slowly entering me with the tip of your cock you stretch me with slow and easy thrusts and inch by inch I take more of you in.

Sweat is running down my back as I struggle against this exquisite pleasure/pain. When you are all the way in you still your movements and let me adjust to this amazing new sensation.
After a couple of deep breaths I start moving my hips back against you and understanding the hint you start to slowly retreat from me before pushing back in.
You fuck me with such tenderness that I have the feeling I‘ll die of the pleasure.
Your fingers stroking and entering my pussy while your cock moves into my ass. 
You pick up the pace and start to fuck me harder with each stroke telling me in sweet whispers how tight I am around you just like a fist squeezing you.
My breast are pressed against the wall my moans grow louder and my breath quickens as I beg you to fuck me faster.

I’m so close to cumming and I want to cum together with you. I want to feel you lose control as you release your load deep inside me.
My words turn me on so much that I can feel my orgasm is only strokes away. You‘re buried deep inside me as I start to convulse around you milking you, wanting all of you. I feel you tense behind me as you tell me that you are so close to cumming, too.

Your finger push in me hard and fast and a scream leaves my mouth as I climax.
This is just what you waited for and you pump harder into my ass. With a growl you thrust into me one last time. Biting into my shoulder as you climax.

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