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Alice's Dirty Fantasy

Alice has a dirty fantasy that I help in making happen.
Why the fuck haven’t I been packed until now?! I began cursing myself as I realized I only had a few minutes before my ride to the airport was to show up. I scrambled through the mess of clothes that happened to be lying in a heap on my bed. Would it have fucking killed me to do this shit last night? No, instead I had to go to the fucking bar and get plastered with my friends before heading out! I should’ve packed before then! I was very angry with myself.

I heard the horn of my buddy’s car outside as I was stuffing the last of my clothes into my duffle bag. I figured the clothes were going to be a wrinkled mess before I made it to New York, but at the moment, I didn’t give a fuck. I was more worried about finally meeting Alice and doing what we’ve discussed on numerous occasions. Just the mere thought of Alice caused my dick to stir in my pants. Imagine what’s going to happen when I finally get to see her.

“Dude, I can’t believe you’re actually going to New York for some girl,” Adam said as I got into his car.

“It’s only temporary, bro. Besides, I’ll make sure I bring back some filthy details for you guys,” I said as I winked at him. I’m very open about my life and my sex life is no exception.

“You and you’re fucking sexcapades. At least treat this girl like a slut. She sounds like she needs it. Who knows? This girl might even beg to come back with you,” he said with a smirk.

“Ha, wouldn’t that be just my luck! Don’t worry, I’ll treat her like the slut she is. Besides, there’s one fantasy she wants to play out, but I’m gonna make sure it happens before I tell you what it is. I’ll say this though, it involves handcuffs, a blindfold and her sexy ass,” I said with a big ass grin on my face.

“You dirty bastard,” he said, shaking his head at me. “I don’t get it man. You say these obscene and vulgar things to women and they fucking drool all over you. If I said half the things you do, I’d be punched in the face every time.”

“I don’t know, bro. I wonder that myself sometimes, but whatever, I’m just gonna go with it. I think it’s the whole confidence aspect of it. It’s random, but for some reason still works,” I said as I shrugged my shoulders. “And why the fuck didn’t you make me pack before we hit the bars? It would’ve been nice to be somewhat prepared!”

“I’m not your mother, asshole! You know how to take care of yourself,” Adam shot back with a laugh.

“Yeah, but you should have my back. I would’ve done the same for you!” I said, jokingly.

“Yeah, I know better than that.” We both laughed and just sat there listening to the radio for a few minutes.

I leaned my head back and began to day dream about Alice as we drove towards the airport. Images of her naked, sexy body kept rolling through my head as I flashed back to our numerous chats and sex sessions. Well, more like watching each other pleasure ourselves because of the great distance between us.

Either way, she was quite the sight. I always enjoyed seeing her strum her throbbing clit while furiously pumping her fingers in and out of her dripping wet pussy. The look on her face when she came was unbearable at best while I was furiously pumping my hard cock. She knew exactly what to do and what to say to get me to blast my load all over my chest, stomach and hand while driving herself to orgasmic bliss.

“I wish I were there to clean up all your cum. Mmm, it looks so yummy too. And after that, I want to feel your cum filling me up,” she would say with a wink which would make my dick twitch every time.

And what started this dirty fantasy of hers, is when I made the subtle suggestion that her hand should venture a little lower while she played with herself. She was quick to catch on to what I was hinting at and quickly had two fingers violating her ass.

“Oh this feels so good!” She would moan out as she simultaneously strummed her clit and fingered her ass.

“This looks so hot,” I would say as I stroked my cock. “Just imagine my cock inside your ass.”

“OOHHHHH! It feels so good, babe! I wish your cock is in my ass right now..” Oh the sexy, sultry look she would give me every time. “You know what would be so hot?” She asked.

“What’s that, babe?” I replied.

“I want to be on my hands and knees, handcuffed to my headboard while blindfolded. And…” she hesitated, a naughty smile starting to form on her face, “while you fuck my ass. Mmm, how does that sound?” She asked as she closed her eyes, smiled and leaned her head back.

“That would be so fucking hot,” I said as I quit stroking my cock and just sat there with my mouth open. “Lay face down with your ass up just the way you would when I’m fucking your ass,” I ordered. I planned on using that view to cum all over myself.

“Just like this?” She asked after she was in the prime position. I was suddenly rock hard and badly leaking precum.

“Yes! Stay like that. I want to cum to this view.” I said as I started stroking my cock.

“Mmm, think of fucking my ass just like this. Ooohhhh, I want you to fill my ass with your cum,” she moaned out.

I began stroking my cock furiously as I watched her stay in that pose. Alice began fingering her ass again and it wasn’t long until she brought herself to an anal induced orgasm. Hearing her screams and moans of pleasure while being in this seductive pose, was too much for me. I exploded a massive torrent of cum that splashed on my chest and stomach, before pooling up in my belly button and hand. That was the moment I decided I was going to save up some money and go see her. I wanted to take full advantage of her in this pose and wanted to cum inside her ass instead of on myself. We made the plans and from there it was only a matter of time before I fucked the sexy and Naughty, Alice.

“Fuck, this was a quick drive,” Adam said as I was abruptly brought back to reality. I looked up and realized we were about to pull into the airport. Thinking about our encounters had made me hard as a rock, but thankfully it wasn’t obvious to Adam. That would’ve been awkward.

“Holy shit, yeah that was quick. But thanks, bro, I really appreciate it. I’ll let ya know when I make it there,” I said as we fist bumped before I grabbed my duffle bag and headed for the terminal.

“Take care and remember, treat her like a slut while fucking her!” Adam yelled as I was walking away. I received some interesting looks from other people as I walked inside. I just shook my head and ignored it.

Going through security was a breeze and I was on the plane in no time. I took my seat and went back to my dirty thoughts of Alice. I closed my eyes and began rolling through the memories of events that I had with her. I was so into these thoughts that I hadn’t realized the plane took off. I knew it would be a lengthy flight so I ended up falling asleep to kill some time. Sleeping became a task though considering how anxious I was to get to New York.


I hate airports. They are too crowded and no one seems to think of anyone but themselves. People are inconsiderate and rude. Anyways, after fighting my way to the bag claim area, I finally made it out the front doors of the airport. I shot a quick text to Adam and everyone else back home to let them know I had made it without the plane crashing on me. Then I called Alice to see where she was.

“Hello, sexy,” Alice’s voice rang through my phone as she answered.

“How are ya gorgeous?” I asked, trying to sound sexy, not to sure if it actually worked or not.

“I’m great, just waiting to see you.”

“Well, I’m out front now, so I should see you any second.”

“Oh I see you! Damn, you look good!” Alice said as I looked up and saw her walking towards me.

“Not as good as you,” I replied as I hung up the phone. She ran up to me and jumped into my arms before giving me a kiss.

“It’s so nice to actually see you and touch you!” She said. I’m still trying to figure out if she’s excited to see me or not..

“You do too! Wow, you look amazing off cam,” I said as I held her close before giving her another kiss.

“Mmm, as do you.. Let’s go before I decide to fuck you right here,” she said as she winked at me and took my hand to lead me back to her car. I kept watching her sexy ass sway as she walked. It’s like she was doing this on purpose, like she was wanting to get me going before we made it back to her place. Either way, she was definitely getting me worked up, whether it was intentional or not.

Once we were in the somewhat privacy of her car, I began to have my fun. Without a word, I reached over, grabbed a handful of hair, turned her head towards me and planted a very seductive kiss on her luscious lips. She gasped under the kiss, just like she was taken by surprise (well, she kinda was) but still kissed me back. The heat was immediately turned up as I reached over and began fondling her breasts. It was so sexy hearing her heavy breathing and moans that I wasn’t sure if I was able to contain myself until we got back to her place. As much as we’d both enjoy putting on a public porno, I reluctantly pulled back. I knew the wait would be worth it and the massive sexual tension that just developed would soon be released, and released in a hungry, sexual manner.

“Fuck me right now! Please I need you inside me so bad,” Alice said with a gasp, like she was trying to catch the breath I took from her.

“Nope, not yet,” I said with a grin. “Now lets get back to your place.” I winked at her.

“But, baby! I don’t know if I can make it for that long. I really need you,” she said with those damn puppy dog eyes.

“Just wait. Besides, patience is a virtue.” I knew she wanted me so bad. To be honest, I wanted her just as bad but that would have to wait. Besides, I wasn’t done with my teasing.

Alice reluctantly pulled out of the air port to go back to her house. I could see how turned on she was by her flush chest. Every few seconds she would glance over at my straining cock. I made no attempts to hide the massive erection I had. I wanted her to get the full view and to see what she couldn’t have just yet. I could tell the wait was killing her, but decided to have my fun anyways.

We hit the first red light and immediately my teasing began. I reached over and grabbed some of her hair and slowly tightened my grip until I had a firm grasp on it. I heard her let out an audible moan and then her eyes snap shut.

“Baby, that’s so mean!” She cried out in a very cute and innocent voice.

“I know, but it’ll be worth it,” I said with a wink as she just glared at me before turning her attention back to the green light. I pulled a little tighter.

“Babe! I swear I’m gonna pull over and fuck the shit out of you if you don’t stop!” She said with a very lustful look in her eyes. Holy fuck! I think she might actually pull over somewhere!

“I don’t think you will,” I said with a grin.

“I’m not now because you want me to, so ha!” I couldn’t believe she did that.

I let go of her hair and let my hand wander down the front of her shirt until it came to rest on her right breast. I could feel her incredibly hard nipple through the blouse she was wearing. I began gently rubbing on it while she drove, hoping she wouldn’t kill us because of me. I stepped it up a notch and began pinching and pulling on her nipple before rolling it between my fingers. I’m thinking at this point she decided to quit fighting it because her moans of protest quickly became moans of pleasure.

“Oh, baby, that feels so good. Don’t stop,” she moaned out.

“I won’t,” I reassured her before moving in my seat to get closer to her.

I continued playing with her nipple while my other hand ventured to her right leg and began to creep up it before snaking its way under her skirt. I was getting closer and closer to her pussy and noticed she tensed up and opened her legs a little wider. I made it to her pantie covered mound only to discover they were totally soaked. I smiled and hooked a finger under the side and slipped two fingers into her aching pussy. Alice was dripping wet. My two fingers easily slid into her pussy and when they did, she let out a pretty loud moan.

“Oh fuck, Mike. This feels too fucking good. Make me cum before we get back to my house,” she ordered me as I began fingering her as she drove. I drove my two fingers in and out of her wet hole at a feverish pace, trying to bring this girl to a sweet orgasm. With my thumb, I reached up and began playing with her clit. “Oh, oh, oh, oh, God, yes, yes, this feels amazing. Oh, God! I’m about to cuuummm!” She moaned out very loudly.

Just as she was about to cum, I pulled my hand away from her pussy. I wanted to keep her right on the edge until we got back to her place. I knew if I kept the sexual tension very high, then she would fuck my brains out once we got inside. Of course, I didn’t have to tease her for her to fuck the shit out of my, but it was all fun. I know you would’ve done the same thing, right? Exactly.

“Oh you bastard, you just wait until we get to my place,” she growled at me as I began lightly stroking her clit.

“And what’s going to happen?” I asked with a shit eating grin.

“You’ll just have to wait and see,” she shot back with a smile.

“Oh, you’re gonna play that card again, huh? Alright, we’ll see if I fuck you or not,” I replied with a naughty grin.

“Yes I’m playing that card again! But I’ll get your cock inside me one way or another. I don’t need you to fuck me, for me to get what I want. Just so ya know,” she said with a wink. She also has spunk.

I think I love you, I said to myself as I just stared at her in disbelief. “Oh really now? And how do you suppose you’re going to get my cock?” I asked, clearly knowing the answer.

“Once again, you’ll just have to wait and see!” Holy shit she’s good!

“I, uh, well, fuck…” I did not see that coming twice. “So how far away are we now?” I asked, trying to change the subject.

“We’re almost there. Just a couple more blocks until I get what I want,” she said with a grin.

“Who says you’re getting it?” I asked in mock tone.

“Oh, I’ll get it. Don’t you worry about that. And here we are, my home,” she said as we pulled into her drive way. Fuck my bags, I can get those later.

As soon as the door closed behind us, Alice was all over me. She pushed me up against the door and forcefully pressed her lips to mine. I was taken aback by her sudden attack on me. But then again, I should’ve saw it coming because of that little episode in the car. Anyways, she shoved her hand down the front of my pants and gripped my shaft very tightly, trying to work it with her hand the best she could. I groaned under the kiss and just let her have her way with me.

“Oh I’m so fucking horny. And you did this to me,” Alice whispered to me a few minutes after her attack began. “Follow me, this is going to be very good for both of us.” She led us into her bedroom. “Sit in there and don’t move, I’ll be right back,” she ordered me as I took a seat on the chair by her desk while she disappeared into her bathroom.

A few minutes later she reappeared wearing nothing but her black lace bra and matching thong. I was speechless as she sauntered over to me. My cock was painfully straining against my jeans, as if it couldn’t get any harder. She stood in front of me before straddling my waist, pushing her breasts into my face. I couldn’t help but to find the exposed skin and lightly bite them. She began grinding her pussy against my aching cock while I continued to get a mouth full of breasts. The moment was surreal, but I was reveling in it.

Alice stood up and turned around before doing a sexy dance. I decided to be playful and reached up to slap her ass. SLAP! The sharp slap echoed through the room.

“Oh, I love being slapped on the ass!” She screamed out from surprise and further arousal.

“Good, cause I love slapping,” I said as I kept my eyes glued to her sexy ass.

She turned to face me before reaching back and undoing her bra. It fell to the floor, my eyes stuck to her breasts. Her wonderful breasts that I’ve been longing to feel in my hands and my mouth. Her nipples jetting out from her body, giving away her arousal. I wanted them so bad. She turned back around, bent over and slowly, yet seductively, lowered her lace thong. My cock was begging for release, but I knew that come very soon. She turned back to face me once again, dropping to her knees in front of me. She shuffled forward until she was between my legs.

Alice reached for my pants and began to unbuckle them, never breaking eye contact. Damn, she’s good. I raised my hips to help her pull down my pants. My dick sprang free from the denim prison that it was contained in and slapped against my stomach. It felt so much better to be out of my pants. Once my pants were removed, she took my cock in her hand and began slowly licking up and down my shaft, still making eye contact with me.

“Oooohhh.” An audible moan escaped my mouth.

“If you liked that, then you will love this,” she said as she took my cock in her mouth and began bobbing up and down on it until I felt it hit the back of her throat. After hitting her throat, she pushed down on my cock until I felt it slide down her throat. The feeling was incredible, unlike anything I’ve felt before. I’ve witnessed her take her dildo pretty far down her throat so I wasn’t shocked by her abilities, but it was rather wonderful to be experiencing it first hand. I will never forget that feeling, ever.

She lifted her face off my cock and went back down again. Glug, glug , glug, glug were the only noises coming from her room as she repeatedly took my cock down her throat. She finally came up for air and I could see the tears rolling down her face from fighting her gag reflex. A string of saliva happened to follow her mouth off my cock before breaking loose. She began stroking my cock while she caught her breath.

I was speechless. I couldn’t say a damn thing, except just sit there and watch her devour my cock. It was a filthy, but wonderful sight seeing and feeling her expert mouth and throat take in my dick the way it was. No girl has ever made me cum from a blowjob, but she was quickly on her way to becoming the first to make that happen.

“Oh, fuck, I think I’m getting close,” I moaned out loud.

“Mmmm, I want your cum to fill my mouth,” she moaned right on to my cock. The vibrations were almost too much.

“Just keep doing that and I will.” I leaned back and let her do her magic on my throbbing cock. I was about to explode in her mouth and was actually excited to do so.

Within minutes I was pumping her mouth full of my hot cum. And like the good little slut she is, she didn’t miss a drop and even cleaned up my cock for me. Even without being told to. I got up and stripped down so I would be naked as well.

“Lay down and let me take care of you now,” I ordered as she climbed onto the bed.

I pulled her to the edge and spread her legs before getting on my knees between them. We made eye contact as I began kissing down her left leg. The kisses were slow and gentle and the closer I got to her pussy, the closer my hand got to her breasts. I grabbed a breast and began fondling it while kissing around her pussy. I lightly grazed her clit which caused her to squirm a bit.

“Oh you tease!” She screamed out as I began rolling a nipple between my fingers.

All I could do was smirk as I began kissing down her right leg. I made my way back to her pussy, leaving little bite trails the whole way. I loved how she squirmed and moaned under the bites. Her arousal and eagerness were making my cock gain mass again. I had to have her right then and there, but that would have to wait until I was full recovered. Eating out that tight pussy of hers was definitely a step in the right direction.

I began lightly running my tongue up and down her wet slit, her moans of pleasure urging me on. Continuing to play with her nipples, I used my free hand to rub her clit while mouth enclosed around the lips of her pussy. Feeling her buck and moan under my touch was an incredible feeling. A feeling that I in turn wanted to give back to her. My mouth moved up her pussy until I had her clit trapped between my teeth. I began flicking it with my tongue as I stuck two fingers in her dripping wet pussy. She began screaming out and bucking under me.

“Oh, God, this feels so good! Don’t stop, baby!” She moaned out as I picked up my pace with my fingers, locating that little rough patch on the top, inside her pussy. This drove her crazy. “Yes, yes, yes, yes, oh fucking yes! I’m gonna cum, don’t stop! Oh fffuuuuccckkkk!” She moaned out very loud as I felt her pussy clench my fingers very tight.

“Cum all over my hand and face! I want to feel it,” I pleaded, speeding up my fingers while rubbing the same spot.

“Oh, God, I’m cumming! I’m cummmming, Oh shit!” I felt her whole body tense up and release a flood of liquids from her pussy. I tried to drink up what I could, but there was a fucking river down there. “Oh that was amazing! Kiss me, I wanna taste myself on your lips,” she said with a hoarse voice.

I climbed up her body and gave her the kiss she wanted. She moaned under my kiss and that’s when I realized I was hard as a rock. I pressed my hard on against the opening to her pussy and she wiggled her hips under me until the head slid in. Her inner depths were slick and warm and I couldn’t believe that I was finally getting to fuck Alice. The days of watching each other on cam were over for the time being. It was the moment I’d been waiting for and it all still seemed surreal. But without any hesitation, I thrust in to her tight pussy until I was buried to my balls.

I began thrusting in and out of her at a steady pace almost immediately. It was silly for me to do, considering the possibility of blowing my load too soon was there. But then again, I already poured a load of cum down Alice’s throat so I should’ve been okay. Her moans and cries of pleasures kept urging me on the go faster and harder. Next thing I know, I’m pounding her tight pussy for all I’m worth. I decided to slow down so I didn’t bust sooner than I wanted to. That’s when her fantasy kicked me in the side of the head.

I began scanning her room for objects that could be used. I noticed a scarf on a hanger from her closet, a pair of handcuffs lying on the floor under her night stand and some wonderful thought floating around in my head. I began scheming what I could do with these items. I figured the cuffs could be used to secure her to her head board while the scarf could be used as a blindfold. The wheels began turning in my head and felt like that was a great time to bring up the fantasy. I reluctantly pulled out and got off the bed.

“Where are you going?” Alice asked me as I quickly jumped up.

“Nowhere, I just thought of something,” I replied as I grabbed the handcuffs before going to grab the scarf.

“Wait, are you thinking of what we discussed a few days ago?” She asked, a sly grin forming on her face.

“Yup, sure am.” I walked back to the bed. “Now, be a good little slut and get on your hands and knees.” I motioned for her to turn over.

“Like this?” She asked as she turned over and stuck her ass out real far with her face in the mattress and her hands extended way above her face.

“Yes, just like that. Good, now grab a hold of the head board.” I moved up by the head board with the cuffs in my hand. I slipped one of the cuffs around her wrist and gently locked it into placed, snaked the other one through one of the bars on the head board then locked up her other hand. With the scarf in hand, I sat down next to her to fasten it around her head, to act as a blindfold. I stood back to admire my work. I can’t stress enough how sexy and hot she looked with her hands face in the mattress with her ass in the air. It’s a sight to definitely behold!

I climbed on the bed and moved in behind her. My cock was still hard as a rock from pure visual of the position she was in. Anyways, I moved in close and began rubbing the head of my cock up and down her wet slit before pushing back into the warm, tight depths of her pussy. She let out a sigh as I sank further and further in until I hit bottom. I began slowly thrusting in and out of her while reaching up and grabbing another handful of hair. I was limited on how hard I could pull back, considering she was handcuffed to the bed.

“Oh fuck yes!” Alice screamed out as I pulled her hair and began fucking her faster.

I picked up my pace and began laying it to the sexy girl beneath me. Her moans of pleasure were spurring me on and I knew if I kept this up too long, I’d be cumming inside her pussy and not her ass. Afterall, the point of having her in this position was to fuck her ass. I slowed my thrusting back down and reached around so I could stick my right index finger in her mouth. She opened up and began sucking on it, lubing my finger with her saliva. I removed my finger and brought it back to the opening of her most private orifice. I began applying pressure using a circular motion until my finger broke past her muscled barrier. Her moans became louder with each inch my finger sank. I kept fucking her pussy to keep my cock nice and wet to make entrance to her hole much easier.

I began pumping my finger in and out of her ass at a nice pace. After a couple minutes I added a second finger and went to town finger fucking her ass, her moans evident of the pleasure she was receiving. I continued fucking both holes while bringing her to an unexpected orgasm.

“Oh don’t fucking stop! I’m about to cum! Oh ffffffuuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkkk!!” Alice shrieked as I felt both holes clench tightly. “I’m cumming! OH yes, yes, yes, yesssssssssssssss!!” With that, Alice came, adding my of her juices to my already soaked cock.

I pulled out of her pussy, feeling like she had enough preperation for my cock. I lined the head of my cock with her anal opening before pushing in. The head popped inside her anal muscle after a couple times of pushing in. I wasn’t too sure I was going to get inside her ass until it finally went in with a pop. I began pushing in a little further before backing out just a bit. With each thrust, I sank further and further into her incredibly tight hole until I was finally buried inside, my balls resting against her pussy. I held still to allow her ass to get used to my invading tool.

“Fuck my ass already!” Alice demand from beneath me.

“Okay,” I replied as I began to slowly thrust in and out of her ass.

“Harder and faster! I really want this! And treat me anyway you’d like,” she said with a Naughty grin on her face.

I laughed out loud before I pulled almost all the way out and slamming my cock back down. She let out a sexy moan as I did this. And before long I was fucking her ass with a steady, but fast pace, Alice meeting me thrust for thrust. Oh her ass felt fucking great!

I reached up and grabbed her hair again. I pulled back and started fucking her ass harder and faster. Her moans were getting louder and I was getting closer to filling her ass full of cum. To help her out, I reached down with my free hand and began playing with her clit. This did the trick. Not long after I began playing with her hard, throbbing clit, I felt her ass begin to clench my cock tighter and tighter.

“Baby, I’m gonna cum again! This feels so amazing! Don’t stop fucking my ass! Oh fuuucccckkk!” Her ass clenched my cock very tightly. Almost as if to squeeze the life out of it.

“Fuck yeah, babe! Cum for me! Cum while my cock is fucking your ass. Cum and I won’t be too far behind you!” I moaned out as she shreiked again, assuming she just came with me inside her ass.

“Yes, baby! Fucking cum in my ass! I need you to fill me up. Oh fuck I’m such a whore!” This was too much for me. A few more thrusts later and I was pouring my load of hot cum into her lower bowels. Her ass clenched tighter with each thrust, as if to milk the cum from my cock. Whatever the case, it was too much to handle. My cock was very sensitive and I quickly slipped out of her well fucked hole.

“I can feel your cum in my ass and it feels incredible,” Alice sighed as I collapsed next to her.

“That was an intense orgasm. My cock is still sensitive,” I said as I sat up and shifted my hips towards her face. “Clean up my cock and I’ll undo you from the handcuffs,” I ordered her as I placed my softening cock against her lips.

“Don’t have to tell me twice! I love tasting myself and cum mixed!” She said as she opened her mouth and took in my cock, sucking it clean. After a couple minutes of her cleaning my cock, I decided to let her go.

“Was that fantasy as hot as you imagined it to be?” I asked as we lay there cuddling on her bed, both of us tired from the event that took place.

“It was much better than I could ever imagine! Being blindfolded heightened my senses and I felt so much more than I would’ve if I could see. And not being to touch myself was driving me crazy! Thank you, baby! That was beyond amazing!” She said as she hugged me tighter.

“No problem, that was amazing for me! I still can’t believe that I actually fucked you instead of watching you on cam,” I replied as I held her.

“Hmm, I don’t want you to leave,” she sighed.

“I know, same here.” I kissed her on top of the head as we just lay there in silence. Within a few minutes we were both fast asleep.

To be continued, perhaps…

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