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An Erotic Spanking for Her, from Him

Couple enjoys a fantasy scene where a punishment spanking leads to anal sex.

My lady and I were familiar with consensual B & D and had already worked out several code words, we also went a step further and wrote scenes for each other, so that when we're in the mood, we could call up the scene rather than try to explain it or coach someone through it.   Sometimes we did a scene to please each other sometimes we asked for a scene because we were in a specific mood.   So it was that I got an e-mail at work, which would appear innocent to the casual observer, but indicated to me that she wanted to do a specific spanking scene that evening.

When I arrived at the house I found her straightening up the living room, wearing 4” high-heeled platform shoes and a hot blue mini-dress.   "I got off work early so I called the TV shop and had them come out to finish repairing the big screen," she said.  

"Oh, so did they send that young guy you were so hot for last time?"   I asked.   She kind of giggled and looked away.   "So that's the real reason for the micro-dress and heels, flirting…... or more?"   I asked.  

"I just can't resist turning them on," she said, "besides it gets me so hot to see the bulge in their pants."

"We've discussed this before," I said, "you know that it is 20 whacks on your bare bottom for flirting when I'm not around."  

"Ohhhh noooo, come on I was just having fun, wasn't like I was sucking his dick or anything, pleasssssse, nnnnoooo," she whined.   I sat down on the sofa and motioned her over, she walked up hesitantly, looking so slutty in those shoes; I grabbed her left hand and pulled her down across my lap.   "Nooo, pllllease, I didn't even bend over a whole lot of times," she protested.   Of course I knew that she really meant the exact opposite, as I pulled up the hem of her dress to expose her creamy backside.  

"No panties!"   I roared, "now in addition to the hand you're going to get the belt!"  

"No I didn't do anything no, no, no," she whined again.  

"Yes, yes, yes, and we'll start by counting 20 from my hand," I said as I landed the first stinging swat on her bottom .  

"Oww 1," she squealed, "owww 2, stop it hurts!"  

"That is the whole point of punishment you little crybaby," I said and landed number three and four squarely on her bottom.   The more she wiggled the more her bottom came out from under the dress, she kicked her lace topped, thigh-high covered legs up and down and squealed as she counted out each number.   Eventually, we reached 20, her dress was bunched up under her 34C breasts and her buttocks were a nice pink.

"I'm sorry, let me make it up to you," she said as she slid to her knees on the floor in front of me, and reached up to unbuckle my belt and undo my pants.   I arched my body up to let her pull my pants down, she took off my shoes and took the pants completely off, and she then leaned forward putting her chest between my knees and dropping her mouth over my cock, slowly sucking it into her mouth as it enlarged with her touch.  

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm, nice,”   I said softly, “ but you know the rules, and you are not getting out of your lashes,".  

She lifted her head and looked imploringly at me, "but please it was just for fun."  

"No panties flirting is punishable by up to 40 lashes," I reminded her, both of us knowing full well that the lashes would come from a wide, suede leather, belt that made a loud slap, yet with a very mild sting.   I leaned forward, reached behind her and unzipped her dress.   "Stand up, take it off."   She stood up slowly and shrugged the dress off, it fell to the floor around her sexy shoes and revealed a black lace push-up bra.   "Now go bend over the back of the chair, while I get the belt," I said pointing to one of our padded living room chairs.   When I returned all I could see, were those sexy heels, those lovely legs and that sweet looking ass.   In one hand I had the belt, while unbeknownst to her, in the other hand I had K-Y & the Slim Butt plug.  

I set the belt aside, then put some K-Y on my finger and started to lube her cute little asshole, she jumped, "noooooo."  

"Do as I wish, or you'll get all 40 lashes," I retorted, knowing that if she had really wanted me to stop I would've heard a code word.

  I lubed the butt plug and slowly inserted it, getting an exhaled, "ooooooooooooooohhh," out of her.   I spread her legs as far apart as I dare, then took the soft leather belt and halved it, finally giving it a swing that produced a hideous sounding slap as it raked across her ass.   "Noooo, please no," again she pleaded.  

"Count to 20 and then we’ll negotiate," I whispered, slapping her again.  

"Two," she shouted, "owwwwww!"   And so it continued until number 20.  

"Ready to negotiate the second 20?"   I asked, gently putting pressure on the butt plug.   She knew I was suggesting that she let me take her in her tightest hole, something we did only sparingly.  

"Noooo, not that, isn’t 20 lashes enough, please no, not that, no, no, no," she squealed, informing me that that was in fact what she wanted.  

"Lashes or..." and I gave the butt plug a couple more pushes.  

"No, not lashes, not lashes," she pleaded.   I slowly slid the butt plug out of her ass, then lubed up my cock, bringing it to total hardness.  

Placing the head of it against her tiny hole I said, "now ask for it."  

"Ooohh, okay, yes, yes, take me, I've been a bad girl, take me, take me hard," she said, letting me know that she was asking for this for herself not just because it turned me on.   I eased the head of my cock past her sphincter, then slid in a couple more inches.   "Ohhhh, oh no, oh no," she moaned, "that's enough, I can't take anymore, it's too big."   Now I knew she wanted all 6” and I slowly obliged, then slid a couple of inches back, then slowly slid it back in.   Meanwhile, my right hand had come around in front of her and was playing with her pussy. Before long she was moaning and rubbing her ass hard against me, pushing back on my cock as I pushed it in.   Soon I felt her body start to stiffen, and knew her orgasm was coming, she exploded into a series of spasms, screaming out, "nnnnnnnnngghhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss."   As she was cumming my cock was squeezed even tighter, and as the last of her spasms left her body I arched my back giving one final push and then thrusting wildly, pumped a huge load of spunk into her ass.  

"Oh baby, oh that was so good," was all I could say.  

"Yes, yes it was, so good," she answered.


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