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An Escort With A Twist

What started as a regular escort visit, ends with a new-found experience
It was one of those nights where I was really horny; really horny. I’m usually shy in a bar setting so I wasn’t really comfortable going out and just “picking up” a girl. When I get this horny, I’ll turn to the Internet and find a local escort.

This time I found Kandy. Kandy is a Tantric masseuse, and had ways of “making me feel like I’m in Nirvana.” She explained to me what Tantric massages were like since I’d never experienced one. I was pleased that I would get a massage along with my “good time”, so I made an appointment within the hour and she gave me directions to her private location.

I arrived right at 8pm at a little cottage by the river. It was well lit on the outside and few neighbors around. I knocked and a voluptuous woman opened the door.

“Hi Kandy, I’m Jay.” I said with a smile as she kissed me on the cheek and led me inside.

“ Hi Jay, I’m glad you could make it tonight. So you tell me you’ve never had a Tantric massage before?”

“That’s right,” I replied. “I’m somewhat leary of massages in general, but I’m sure you can make me into a believer.”

Kandy stood about 5’3” with long, straight black hair. By the look of her face she seemed to be around 45 years old. She was fair-skinned with a very sensual red lipstick. Her body was not of the caliber I usually find on the Internet, but I realized that sometimes it’s not just how a woman looks but also how she uses what she has. She was not thin by any means but carried herself well. Her legs were shapely leading to full hips and a plump ass covered only by black silk panties. She wore a corset that gave her a sexy hourglass figure and pushed up her bountiful DD tits. On top of that she wore a flowered silk kimono.

Kandy led me to the back room that was lit only by candle-light and had soft music playing. She knew how to set the mood.

After taking care of business, she told me, “I’ll be right back. Get completely naked and lie face down on the bed, near the edge.”

I complied and in a couple minutes Kandy returned with her oils and a small bag.

She began like a regular massage, rubbing my shoulders and working down my back. She lingered as she worked on my ass, softly rubbing my cheeks and “accidently” skimming my balls or asshole as she worked the insides of my thighs. Of course this was starting to make my dick hard, but I knew there was plenty more coming.

She continued to work down my muscular legs, every touch and rub becoming more and more erotic.

Then Kandy told me she was going to stretch my legs a bit and it could cause some arousal. I was up for arousal. She then bent my legs back, almost touching my heels to my ass and as she did this she bent down near my fully exposed asshole and began to blow lightly on it. I’d never felt anything like that! While I don’t consider myself gay or even bi-curious, that feeling of giving someone full access to something so vulnerable was highly arousing.

Kandy had me lie on my back and she proceeded to remove her corset, leaving on only her black silk panties. This fully revealed her natural DD tits; quite lovely. She again started rubbing my shoulders, but this time she straddled my stomach and would bend down and put her tits in my mouth, one nipple at a time as I lingered. They tasted like strawberries. She massaged my chest, still giving me tastes of her nipples, and worked down my abs.

Kandy moved her body down, purposely rubbing her pussy against my full 6” hard-on. She positioned herself between my legs, again massaging the inside of my thighs and contacting my balls and anus, and lightly blowing on my dick, making it jump with anticipation.

She finally began massaging my cock. The prolonged foreplay she’d conducted for the past half hour was being rewarded with the best hand job I’ve ever experienced! She would use both hands in a downward motion, then she would jerk me as she played with my ball sack. She then lowered her head down and sucked me, wrapping those bright red lips around my engorged member and licking and sucking like I’m the last dick she’ll ever have, deep-throating me.

“I want to taste your pussy.” I told her.

She agreed and removed her panties and we 69’d while I still laid on my back. Kandy’s pussy was completely hairless and had a sweet aroma. She was obviously wet from her own anticipation and I quickly had her cumming on my face. I continued to suck on her clit while I finger-fucked her pussy, and started working my middle finger into her asshole. Then, to my complete surprise, she started reaming my anus with her tongue and used her finger to probe my sphincter. Wow, that’s a whole new feelling… and I love it!

“Do you like me playing with your asshole?” Kandy asked me.

“God, that feels amazing while you suck me and jerk me.” I told her.

She then grabbed something from the little bag she brought in earlier. It was a 4” dildo! It wasn’t very long, but it was purple and bulbous so I would definitely feel it as it entered. Kandy lubed the dildo and started pushing against my anus gently, still jerking me off. Meanwhile I still have my fingers in her asshole and pussy, but I’m pretty useless as she continues to explore a new region for me. Kandy continues to insert the dildo into my sphincter until only a nub is still showing. She proceeds to fuck my ass slowly, then faster, all the time sucking my balls and jerking my cock which is so engorged that I’m ready to blow any second.

“I’m gonna cum!” I tell her. Kandy wraps her lips around my cock as I spew my hot cream into her mouth, each time I squirt my ass constricts and reminds me of the lovely member in it. My cum fills her mouth but she doesn’t swallow.

“Holy shit, I’ve never cum that hard before!”

Kandy smiles satisfied as cum dribbles down the corners of her mouth.

“You were pretty fun yourself. I hope I’ll see you again. I’ll even give you the repeat customer discount next time.” She told me.

Kandy cleaned me up with a warm wash towel and gave me a little time to gather myself. She gave me a final rub-down on my shoulders, knowing I’d tensed up pretty hard at the end.

I left with a big smile and a new-found curiosity that may lead me to unexpected places.

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