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An Italian girl loses a football bet

An Italian girl gets anal fucked after losing a bet to a foreigner...
Hi my name is Francesca. I’m a 26-year-old Italian girl living in Milan. I’m a dark haired girl with blue eyes, about 1.7 meters tall and quite thin, I dress a 42, of European size, and I go to the gym to keep my body in shape. Before a bet I made with a foreign man about a football match I had never thought about having sex with any foreign man—this experience I changed my mind.

It was a pleasant evening in June when the Italian football team played for the international cup against Egypt. I met a tourist from the UK in a bar where I was reading the sport news. He looked a bit fat, and was maybe around 45 years old, less then 50 for sure. He wasn’t attractive at all, but he seemed very confident.

"Come on, Italy will lose tonight, don’t waste time," he told me.

I laughed because Italy usually played well against Egypt. "We will win with at least three goals difference," I said, "losing this game is impossible."

“I think you will lose—you think you will win by three goals?" he mused. "Are you so sure? pretty girl with nice lips, so sure that you might wager a bet with me?"

I thought about it. "Yes, why not. What do you want to bet?"

"If Italy wins then I will pay you 200 pounds, but if Italy wins by at least three goals I will pay you 1000 pounds. But if Italy loses, tonight you have to give me a blowjob and tomorrow you have to have anal sex with me. Finally, you will write everything leaving our emails on a website of stories and you must answer to everybody write to you making questions about it.”

I was a bit shocked by the anal sex thing because I was virgin in the ass, but I thought 1000 pound was a lot of money, a lot more than 1000 EUR and, I reasoned, Italy would never lose against Egypt.

"Okay," I said, "I'll take your 1000 pounds from you."

We watched the match together. A soon as the match began I knew that it wouldn't be as easy a win as I had thought. Egypt scored a lucky goal and he cheered and laughed, saying he wished that the match was finished. I was still confident and I told him that Italy could easily score 2 goals. But as time passed, they didn’t score and the match finished 0-1 for Egypt. I felt like I could die. I looked up at him and he was grinning.

”So, it's time to suck my cock, Italian girl.”

We went to his hotel room and soon he asked me to get down on my knees. I did it and after pulling out his cock, he told me with a loud voice, "Suck it, Italian bitch."

I started licking the top of his cock and then continued kissing it with my lips. I closed my eyes and tried not to listen to his words because I felt a bit ashamed. Then, as he got harder, I took his shaft all the way in my mouth.

"Yes, Italian girl," he moaned, "I thought your mouth would be hot."

I continue sliding his shaft in and out of my mouth without thinking about what I was doing and, especially, that I was blowing a guy I didn’t even know the day before. Soon, thank goodness, he was reaching the top of his excitement.

"Yes," he shouted, "you are going to drink a lot, Italian girl."

I tried to move my face backwards, to avoid him cumming min my mouth, but he held my head to his groin and ejaculated.

"Drink my juice girl," he ordered.

All I could do was swallow his cum as it pulsed into my mouth. I felt like a bitch for first time in my life, when I had a boyfriend I never swallowed.

He pulled up his pants and I got up to leave. "Tomorrow will be even better, Italian girl," he said. "I will fuck you in the ass be on time.”


The following day I arrived on time at his hotel room. I was very nervous because I was a virgin in the ass. He was waiting for me, drinking a beer and smiling.

"Come on, Italian girl, undress and get on your hands and knees up on the bed. Please do it nice and slowly."

I undressed slowly and felt a little ashamed again. He watched my shirt come off, gazing at my bra. I slid down my skirt and his eyes fixed on my panties. I unhooked my bra and then pushed my panties down to the floor and stepped out of them. I crawled up on the bed and looked back at him. He stood behind me and pulled out his cock. He pressed it against my ass. It felt big, already wet with some sort of lube, as it probed.

"Now this is what you deserve, Italian girl, to be fucked in the ass like your team," he said as he pushed his cock into my ass. It hurt me a bit and it felt huge. Then he started thrusting and it started to feel, well, nice. He was telling me that I should not bet anymore. He was gentle when he started fucking my ass but soon he pumped harder, forceful in his need.

"You have a wonderful tight Italian ass, Italian girl," he said softly. "You must train a lot, and your passion for sport is useful for keeping your ass tight."

His thrusting cock seemed to grow bigger and bigger but it felt better and better. I started to scream a bit, not because of the pain, but because of the pleasure I was feeling. When he realized I liked it he became even more excited.

“Oh, you are a slutty Italian girl, you are enjoying it now.”

After a few minutes his breathing deepened and, suddenly, he pulled out his cock, I turned my head to look back at him and felt warm cum splash onto my face and hair.

He laughed as he stoked his cock and ejaculated on me.

"This is what an arrogant young Italian girl gets who bets on football games. I will remember this trip to Italy forever and you will remember me forever too my slutty Italian girl."

This experience changed me and I’m more "open" to foreigners. Remember that I had to write this story because I lost the bet. PM me to ask questions.
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