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An Unexpected Bonus: At the Theater

One busy night: my first girl kiss, a hot date, a solo orgasm, and secret anal in the supply room.
“Here’s your change, and here are your tickets. Enjoy the show!” I complete the last transaction and sit back to relax for the first time in four hours. It’s opening night for a big blockbuster movie and we are completely slammed. The line for the concession stand is wrapped around the lobby, and we have just now emptied a ticket line that had been snaked into the parking lot since the theater opened for the day.

James is sitting next to me in the box office. He came up here to help out once we realized how crowded we were going to be. He’s surprisingly friendly to the customers, considering he has still not ever smiled at one of his employees. I steal a glance at him now and then. His features are very handsome, but he might as well be made of stone. He doesn’t appear to have any human emotions at all.

My bigger interest at this moment is watching Kyle out of the corner of my eye. He’s a bartender here, which is a relatively new thing. We were the first theater in the area to obtain a liquor license and we’ve been serving alcohol for the past few months. Kyle is working with Leah right now, and I’m feeling a little jealous. A new hire of James’s, Leah is a 22 year old blonde goddess, with piercing blue eyes, a lip ring and some really interesting tattoos on her neck and down her arm. Chip and Mike have told me all about their fantasies involving her. Of course, most of those fantasies involve her AND me, which is surprisingly a turn on for me as well. I’m not into girls, but even I have to admit she’s hot. Unfortunately, Kyle seems to be pretty into her right now, too, as they laugh and play off each other while serving drinks. I’m sure I have a pout on my face as I watch them.

“Jealous?” James asks, smirking as he watches me study Kyle. That’s the closest I’ve seen to a smile from that man.

“No. They work really well together, don’t they?”

“Yes, they do,” James says. “And their chemistry is just as hot in the bedroom. Just ask Leah, I’m sure she’d be happy to give you the details.” I feel like I’ve been punched in the stomach. Is that why Kyle hasn’t asked me out?

I look quickly at James, but his expression is unreadable. I try to mask my own feelings, but it’s probably too late. “That’s an inappropriate thing to say,” I tell him.

“Oh, you think so?” He looks at me, and I wonder what he’s thinking. I still don’t know how much he knows about me and my recent tryst with the former manager, but I’m on my guard nonetheless.

James stands up next to me and turns quickly. His crotch is right next to my face and it's impossible for me to miss the bulge in his pants from an erection...and, oh my, it's impressive. I immediately avert my eyes so he won't know I've seen and busy myself looking at the movie schedule. He reaches over my shoulder and pushes a key on my keyboard to run the box office report, then he turns and gives me a small smile as he walks out of the box office.

Oh. My. God. The stone statue has a smile after all. And obviously he's attracted to me. Now what? I'm not remotely attracted what do I do?

Mike, the usher/bouncer/teddy bear, steps into the doorway. “Lanie, are you ok?”

Still stunned, I can only nod. In a way, I'm relieved because I was prepared to hate this emotionless man, and now at least he's shown a glimmer of humanity. But at the same time, I'm recalling that he has a history of hitting on his female employees, and that worries me. Deeply immersed in my thoughts, I don't even see Kyle walking up behind me.

"Hey beautiful," he murmurs, right behind me. I jump a little, then laugh at how easily he was able to sneak up on me.

"Hey yourself."

"Are you ok tonight? I've seen you look in my direction a bunch of times, but I couldn't ever catch your eye. Was James bothering you?"

"Actually, no. He was very friendly with the customers and he actually smiled at me once."

"He can smile? Who knew?" Kyle said, sounding genuinely amazed. The fact that he had observed the same stone-like qualities in our manager made me smile. Kyle watched my reaction with amusement, then his expression changed to what looked like exasperation. He opened his mouth to speak a couple of times before he was able to vocalize what he was thinking.

“Damn it, Lanie. I was going to try and stay away from you for a while…you know, give you time to get over Rick, but I just can’t. Maybe this isn’t the time for me to ask, but it’ll make me feel better. Will you go to dinner with me tomorrow night?”

I’m surprised on a number of levels here. First, that Kyle thinks I need time to get over Rick. I don’t know what he thought was going on between us, but our whole fling lasted a week. That’s it. We were hot for each other, the sex was mindblowing, but I was hardly in love with him. It’s been two weeks since he left, and I think I’m already over Rick. Second, I felt pretty sure Kyle was into Leah. I’m glad to see that’s not the case either. Or else she turned him down. Either way, I’m not passing up a chance with him. He’s been the subject of too many daydreams!

“I would love to go to dinner.” I smile at him, and he grins back, looking immensely relieved.

“Where do you want to go?” he asks.

“Oh, I like anything. But I would love somewhere we can linger over dinner. You know. Talk for a long time. Nowhere too busy.”

“Good. We’re on the same page, then. Is 5:00 too early?”

“5:00 is great. Noon would be even better,” I say, just so he knows I’m really looking forward to it. I don’t want him to have any doubts that I’m “over” his uncle.

He smiles, pleased. “I would love to get you at noon, but I have tennis practice. I think 5 is the best I can do, unless you want me all sweaty.”

Without thinking, I say, “I only want you all sweaty if I can get you that way myself.”

I feel a blush creeping up my neck and I’m suddenly very hot. For some reason, Kyle flusters me. And I’m not easily flustered.

Kyle laughs. “Look at you! You even embarrassed yourself on that one. OK, 5:00 it is and the sweating will come later.”

I grin back at him. “So, you’re a tennis player? Do you play for your college? Come to think of it, I don’t even know where you go to school.”

He laughs and tells me he does play for his school, a large, exclusive university about thirty minutes away. “Do you play?” he asks.

“I played in high school. I was decent, but definitely not college level."

“You’re probably better than you give yourself credit for. We can go hit sometime.”

“I’d love that. You can teach me some techniques. My favorite fantasies involve hot tennis instructors.” And I’m blushing again. What is wrong with me?

“Yeah, well, my favorite fantasies involve you, so we’ll be all set.” He’s grinning at me and watching me very intently. Oh, God. I’ve got butterflies in my stomach. I think maybe I have met my match.

Just then, James’s voice comes over the box office intercom. “Lanie, the projection crew is short tonight and we’re having volume problems in 8. Will you go check it?”

There’s no way I’m going anywhere James tells me to go, recent smile or not. I’m about to make up some excuse, when he adds, “Take Leah with you. She’s been wanting to see the projection booths.” OK, buddy system. I press the intercom and tell him we’ll head up there now. Kyle raises an eyebrow at me.

“You and Leah are headed upstairs, huh? Wish I could be a fly on that wall.”

“Why’s that?” I ask.

“You didn’t know? Leah is bi.” I think my eyes must be as big as saucers. Suddenly I’m a little nervous to be going anywhere with Leah alone. Having always been extremely confident in my own heterosexuality, the idea of finding another woman attractive is unsettling to say the least. Kyle chuckles. “At least give me details later. More fantasy material.”

“Wait, how do you know she’s bi?”

“She asked me out her first night here. Well, asked out might be a little too formal. Propositioned me would be more like it. I don’t think she dates, really…she’s more of a booty call kind of girl.”

“OK…so you had your booty call…and it came up during pillow talk that she’s bi?”

Kyle laughs and tucks a piece of hair behind my ear. “You’re cute when you’re jealous. No…I turned her down, of course. It came up that she’s bi when I told her I’m into you, and she said she can’t blame me…that she’s had her eye on you herself.”

“Oh.” That’s all I can say. I’m immensely flattered, mostly because he would turn down that blonde bombshell because of me, but also because she finds me attractive too.

“Then of course, she made it clear that she’d love a three-way if we were up for it.”

My mouth drops open and he laughs again. I’m not quite sure whether he’s kidding or not, but he plants a quick kiss on my cheek and walks away. The last show started twenty minutes ago, so we should be good to close up the box office at this point. I close the door and turn off the lights. Leah is serving a customer with her usual good humor, and I walk over and tell her that James has requested our assistance in the projection room. She seems excited about it, saying that she has always wanted to learn how the projectors work. She takes out two waters, expertly pulls the tops off, and hands one to me. I take a long sip. It’s nice and cold.

“Thank you. I needed that,” I say.

“I could tell. You look hot,” she says.

Kyle is taking a sip from his own bottle of water and suddenly starts to choke. Leah looks at him with feigned innocence, and I can feel my blush creeping up again.

“Don’t pay attention to him, Leah. Mind in the gutter, you know,” I say. “Come on.” I tip the water up and guzzle it, trying to quench this fever of embarrassment that seems to be permanently afflicting me tonight.

The eyes of every male in the lobby follow Leah and me as we cross the room and head upstairs where the projectors for all 10 of our screens are located. I show her where the projector for Theater 8 is housed, and fiddle with the volume until I believe the problem is fixed. She’s not ready to go back downstairs yet, and asks me questions about the technology behind all of the equipment. I know the basics about projection, but it’s not the area I work in, so I’m unable to field all of her questions. I do my best, and we wander around, flirting a little with the projection crew as they go about their business. It’s really hot up here, and after the excitement and stress of the night, I’m starting to feel a little bit lightheaded. I look at my watch. We’ve been upstairs for 15 minutes.

Leah turns to face me and smiles. “You realize everyone will be talking about what we’re doing up here.”

“Yeah,” I say, giggling, mostly because she’s making me a little nervous. She really is beautiful. She takes a step closer to me, and my eyes linger on her full, pouty lips. I suddenly find myself wondering what it would be like to kiss another woman. As if she can read my thoughts, she puts her hand on my shoulder and gently pushes me against the wall. Two of the projection guys are right across from us; if they turn around they’ll see. The idea gets my heart pounding. Leah whispers, “Let’s give them a visual to jerk off to,” then leans in and her lips lightly brush against mine. I close my eyes. She smells really good. Spicy and sweet. A warm feeling spreads over my already overheated body and I shudder slightly as I breathe in her intoxicating scent.

I hear a male voice say, “Oh, fuck,” and I know they’re watching. A thrill spreads through me. Eyes still closed, I feel her mouth again touching mine, and gasp slightly, parting my lips. Her tongue slips in and finds the tip of mine, then travels over my tongue and around the sides. My tongue responds, and we are suddenly kissing fiercely. I reach one hand up and touch her hair, twining a strand between my fingers. Her right hand moves to my breast, softly tracing the outline of my nipple through the light fabric of my shirt. I’m outright dizzy now, and I can feel my body responding, as my nipples harden and the heat and moisture increases between my legs.

She pulls away, breathing heavily, her eyes bright with excitement. Placing her lips next to my ear, she murmurs, “Do you want to be alone with me?” I hesitate for a minute, trying to sort out my feelings. One thing I know about myself is that I get turned on by turning someone else on. Right now I’m getting Leah worked up, and we’re both getting the projection guys horny as hell, so of course I’m turned on. But I don’t think that means I’m bi. I can’t imagine doing anything else with her…the ache between my legs is demanding a man’s attention. Preferably Kyle’s.

“No,” I tell her, honestly. “That kiss was amazing, but I’m pretty much a guy’s girl. I can’t go any farther with you.”

She smiles. “Damn that Kyle,” she says. “You want him, he wants you…I can’t win with either of you. Maybe after you’ve fucked each other good, you can invite me to join you sometime.”

One of the projection guys speaks up. “If you need a man in there, I volunteer my services. Any time…just let me know.” The other one seconds that. We both smile at them, pretty certain that they’ll each be whacking off as soon as we leave. I can feel a blush creeping up my neck for about the millionth time tonight, and I really need to get some air. I grab Leah’s hand and lead her downstairs and back out to the lobby. The doors are propped open and the cool air coming in is a welcome relief.

We walk back to the bar. Leah has a confident swagger going, but I still feel a little shaky. Kyle looks from my face to Leah’s and back. “What have you two been up to?”

“Oh, you know…Lanie was just teaching me stuff,” Leah responds vaguely, avoiding Kyle’s eye but smiling in a teasing way. He looks at me and raises his brow.

“What were you teaching her, Lanie?”

“Ummm…I don’t know that I actually taught her anything. We kind of just messed around, turning stuff on.”

Leah laughs softly. Kyle’s eyes widen. “Damn. I should have gone up there with you,” he says.

“Oh, just ask the projection guys, Kyle. I’m sure they’ll give you a play by play. Just don’t go up there right now. They kind of have their hands full,” Leah says.

We both start laughing at that. Kyle looks visibly tortured and I’m loving it.

The rest of the night passes without incident, unless you count flirting glances between Leah, Kyle and me to be incidents. The tension in the air is palpable...and entirely delicious.

 As the clock indicates quitting time, Kyle comes into the box office and begins to rub my shoulders. I sit for a moment, closing my eyes and enjoying the feel of his hands, then I stand up and turn around, reaching up on my toes to put my arms around his neck. He wraps his arms around my waist and holds me tight. We stand there for several minutes, too comfortable to move, then Kyle asks, “Have you clocked out yet?” When I nod, he says, “Can I walk you to your car?” I pull out of his embrace and grab my purse.

It’s chilly outside, typical for early March, and by the time we reach my car, I’m shivering a little. Kyle runs his hands up and down my arms to warm me up, and I smile up at him in appreciation. He reaches out and brushes my hair out of my eyes, then shakes his own hair out of his, leans down and kisses me. His lips are firm but soft, gentle but insistent, as they press against mine. I part my lips just slightly, and he pushes his bottom lip into the gap, holding my top lip between both of his and biting it gently. He presses me against my car door and deepens the kiss, tracing my lips with his tongue, then probing into my mouth. As the tip of his tongue brushes mine, he groans quietly and I feel like I’ve been set on fire. Our tongues explore each other inside my mouth, as his hands move along the curves of my body, tracing downward along my waist, to my hips, then he reaches around me and cups my ass, squeezing slightly as he kisses me harder. We’re both breathing heavy now, and I reach my hands up to his head, running my fingers through his hair and drawing him closer.

Gasping, Kyle finally pulls away. “Damn, girl…what are you doing to me?” He touches my cheek with the back of his hand and shakes his head. I lean my head back against the car and smile at him.

“You’re doing it to me too,” I say. “My heart is pounding so hard right now.” I grab his hand and place it over my heart, which is, of course, conveniently located to give him a sneak preview of one of my best assets. Kyle smiles and closes his eyes, then he leans in and kisses me again, slower this time. Simmering. He finally pulls away, and his blue eyes are smoldering. “We’ll continue this tomorrow,” he says, touching my cheek again, then he turns and walks back to his car.

I drive back to school in a daze. All the teasing and tormenting of the night have added up, and I’m so hot and bothered, I might jump the first guy I see. In theory. In reality, I’m also exhausted, so I drag myself up to my room and collapse on the bed. My roommate, Nicole, isn’t here, and I’m kind of glad because I don’t have the energy to talk, even though part of me would love to tell her everything that happened to me tonight. I quickly slip out of my work clothes and into a big comfortable t-shirt, brush my teeth, wash my face, put my hair in a ponytail, and climb into bed. I’m still turned on from that kiss with Kyle (and even earlier kiss with Leah), and my hand grazes my silk panties as I try to decide whether I have the energy to pleasure myself before going to sleep. Before I can make that decision, the door opens and Nicole spills into the room with her boyfriend, Derek. They are joined at the lips, groping each other as they fall onto her bed. I smile and close my eyes, pretending to be asleep. I don’t want to interrupt.

“Oh, shit. Lanie’s here,” Derek said, noticing me and sitting up. “Want to go to my place?”

“No. It’s too far away. I can’t wait that long,” Nicole says. “She’s asleep anyway. Right Lanie?” I don’t move a muscle. “See? She might as well be miles away. Now where were we?”

They resume kissing. The light is on in the bathroom, and that door is cracked so I could see everything if I wanted to watch. I open my eyes just a slit to take a peek, just in time to get a full-body shot of Derek from behind. Yum. He’s a football player and a beautiful male specimen. They make a great couple. Nicole is a cheerleader too. That’s how we met, and we became instant friends. Her blonde hair and hazel eyes are the perfect complement to my dark hair and green eyes. When we go out on the town together we’re a walking wet dream. Most guys would give a year’s tuition to spend the night in our dorm room.

My thoughts are interrupted by a moan from Derek and a giggle from Nicole. I take another quick peek. He’s laying back on her bed, resting on his elbows, and she’s going down on him. His head is thrown back and his eyes are closed, and there is an expression of rapture on his face that gets me hot all over again. Then he starts talking, and I can hardly stand it. “Oh, fuck, Nicole, you give good head. Take it all in your mouth, baby. Now suck on it. Yeah…suck my cock, baby.” Quietly, I reach down and touch my pussy through my silk panties. The stitched seam above the crotch provides just the right amount of friction, and I press it against my clit.

Then Derek says, “Come here, I need to lick that sweet pussy,” and he’s shifting position. I take a peek, and they’re in 69 mode with Nicole on top. The slurping and moaning sounds are the perfect complement to my clitoris stroking, and I try to control my breathing so they won’t know I’m awake.

Nicole gasps out, “Baby, your tongue is amazing, but I need your big cock inside me.” Then they’re shifting positions again, and I can see Derek positioned over Nicole. He holds her ankles and spreads her legs impossibly wide (she’s still wearing her heels…that’s my girl), and says, “Get ready for it, baby. I’m going to fuck you hard tonight.” He slams into her and she gasps, “Oh, God!” then I can see his ass thrusting as he pounds his cock into my roommate.

At first he’s going nice and slow, and he’s talking to her the whole time. “Nicole, I love your pussy. I love the way it hugs my cock.” And he’s not the only one. Nicole is telling him how hard and long he is, and how their bodies are made for each other. Derek starts grunting loudly in time to his strokes as he speeds up, and Nicole starts to moan. I watch and listen to them fuck as I press my own fingers deeper and move them faster. My panties are soaked under my fingers, and my pussy feels like it’s on fire. Finally, Nicole yells out that she’s cumming and Derek’s ass pumps harder, his thrusts getting more frantic as he tries to join her, and when he yells out “Oh, fuck…oh, FUCK…yes, baby,” I lose it myself, squeezing my eyes shut and clamping my lips down as my whole body dissolves in delicious shivers.

I keep my eyes closed and struggle to breathe normally again. Then Nicole says, “I hope you enjoyed that, Derek. That’s the closest anyone will ever get to a three-way with Nicole Kensington and Lanie Carter.” My eyes fly open and they’re both looking at me with amusement.

“Oh, shit. I’m sorry. You were so into each other, I didn’t want to spoil anything, and then it was just so damn hot.” I grin helplessly, and I know my face is bright red.

“I’m glad I didn’t know what you were doing over there,” Derek said. “My performance would have been much faster and far less impressive.”

“Oh, you’re always impressive, baby,” Nicole says, kissing him again. Derek grabs the blanket off the bed and wraps it around his hips as he crosses the room to the bathroom.

“You know that towel's not really necessary after what I just witnessed, Derek,” I call after him.

“Gotta keep the dream alive, baby…” he says to me with a wink, and closes the bathroom door.

“You are so lucky,” I tell Nicole. “He’s such a great guy.”

“I know,” she sighs, laying down again. “So how was your night?”

“Well, I made out with two co-workers, one male and one female, managed to give erections to at least three guys, and got a date for dinner tomorrow.”

Nicole’s mouth is hanging open. The bathroom door opens and Derek sticks his head out. “Lanie, did you just say you made out with a female?”

I laugh. “Funny how a guy’s ears pick out that one part of what I said.”

“Sorry. Guys can sense girl-on-girl action a mile away. Don’t tell her anything good til I get back there.”

Nicole throws Derek his clothes and he disappears again. “Okay, give me all the details. Don’t leave anything out.”

So I tell Nicole the whole story. Derek returns partway through and gathers Nicole onto his lap, then he listens to me just as intently as she does. I’m thankful for good friends who are appropriately impressed, amused, and excited at just the right moments.

“So, Kyle is picking me up tomorrow at 5, after he finishes tennis practice.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa…tennis practice?” Nicole asks. Nicole also plays tennis, so I figured she’d be excited about that.

“Yep. Dating a tennis player.”

“And you said his name is Kyle.”

“Yes…” Not sure where this is going.

“Not Kyle Seaton, by any chance?” she asks.

Oh, shit. If he’s Nicole’s ex, I’m going to die… “Yes…why, do you know him?”

“Oh. My. God. Lanie!” Nicole gets up and goes over to her desk. She thumbs through some papers, and then she’s tossing a magazine on my bed. Tennis Magazine. I sit up and look at it.

On the cover is an action shot of Kyle on the tennis court with the caption “America’s Rising Star.”

I’m dating a superstar tennis god. And I had no idea.

Meanwhile, back at the theater...

James sits in his office and sulks. He's undeniably attracted to Lanie Carter, but she is obviously not interested. He needs someone to cheer him up. Jennifer seems to fit the bill perfectly. She has a decent body, slightly on the plump side, with a fabulous ass and some huge tits. Her face is nothing to pay attention to, though. She’s not hideous, but her skin is splotchy, her teeth are all crooked, and her eyes are too small for her face. She thinks Lanie walks on water, and emulates her in the way she dresses, but Jennifer’s legs are big and undefined, so the short skirts really don’t flatter her. Her tight shirts show ample cleavage, but also highlight the rolls above the waistband of her skirt. Her hair is the closest she comes to looking like Lanie…long and brown, cut in layers at an angle from her chin, she wears it straight and parted to the side just like Lanie. And she has been eyeing James ever since his first day, showing an eagerness to please and an obvious attraction, even though she is completely unadept at flirting. 

Jennifer is on her hands and knees in the concession storage room, scrubbing the floor as James asked her to. She doesn’t realize they have janitors for this job, and she’s putting muscle into it. When James quietly opens the door, her ass is up in the air facing him, and her breasts are swinging below her. James gets an instant hard-on, thinking about what is to come.

He closes the door behind him and locks it with his key. Jennifer looks up at the handsome yet cold theater manager, wide-eyed. She blushes a little, as she does every time he comes near, a fact that has not escaped James. She starts to get up.

“No, don’t move. Let me just look at you like that. You look hot. Has anyone ever told you how hot you are?”

Jennifer slowly shakes her head, but she looks pleased.

“Go on and scrub the floor some more. Let me just watch you for a minute. I can’t get over how sexy you look doing that.”

Jennifer returns to her job, scrubbing the floor. She blushes a deeper shade at his attention. Her short skirt barely covers her ass, and she wiggles it in the air a bit.

James walks over to her and stands directly behind her. He reaches down and touches between her legs.

“James…” she murmurs. Her voice is a little bit squeaky and completely lacking the sexy, throaty tone of Lanie’s voice. If she talks, she’ll ruin the illusion.

“Shhhh…” James warns. “You’re getting me all turned on here, but I don’t like talking while I’m working. If you can keep it silent, I promise you’ll feel really good, but if you talk, I’ll stop and never do this again. Nod your head if this works for you.”

Without hesitating, Jennifer nods her head vigorously. James reaches back down and touches her pussy. It’s really wet. James quickly drops his pants and kneels down behind her. His cock has been hard since earlier when he snuck up to the projection booth and watched Lanie and Leah making out. The memory makes the large rod jump in his hand. He really wants Lanie to see his cock. He thinks if she realizes he’s got 8” of meat, she might change her mind about him. And it’s not just the length, it’s the thickness. He has big hands and his fingers just barely touch when he grasps it. Every woman he has ever fucked has been impressed. He had considered just whipping it out to show Lanie sometime, but he can't just do that uninvited. And he doesn't harbor any delusions that she'll invite him any time he needs someone to soothe this ache he has for her.

And Jennifer's ass in the air looks very soothing. 

He touches Jennifer’s slit with his cock, rubbing it in a circle and gently pressing to get her lips to open up to it. They’re not budging, despite the fact that she’s glistening with moisture. He reaches his finger in. “Good God, you’re tight,” he says, his excitement mounting at the thought of assaulting that tight pussy with his massive organ. He finger fucks her for a minute, and she’s panting and getting wetter. He adds a second finger until she feels a little more stretched. Then he once again presses his cock up against her pussy and pushes until the head slides in. Grunting, he strains against her tight pussy and begins to thrust, shallow, shallow, deeper. Each time he drives deeper, he gains another inch or so, until he finally gets all the way in. His cock is quivering with excitement. Normally, he would try to make sure the woman he’s with gets off, but he really doesn’t care right now. She’s not Lanie. That thought makes him angry, and he starts pounding her violently, grunting loudly with every thrust. His cock is throbbing now, demanding to be driven even deeper into this girl’s cunt. He grabs on to her ample hips and pulls them back to meet each thrust, desperate to make her pay for not being who he wants her to be. He can feel the tension building in his balls and his cock gets even harder. He fucks her faster and faster until the rhythm is completely lost and he’s drilling in a wild frenzy, balls swinging and smacking against her with every thrust. Suddenly, she screams out, her pussy muscles convulsing around his cock, and the sound of her voice ruins his mental image of Lanie. He was about to cum, and now it’s gone and she’s collapsing under him. His dick pops out of her hole. She rolls over and looks at him, smiling with her crooked teeth, her beady eyes bright with excitement.

“Damn, James, that was so good,” she says.

He has to figure out how to shut her up. He grabs her and turns her face down over his knee, reaches his hand up and smacks it back down on her ass. She cries out in surprise.

“What did I tell you about talking, you stupid whore?”

“Not to talk?” she squeaks out. He brings his palm down a second time, on the other cheek. She cries out again.

“What was that? What did I say about talking?”

“Don’t talk?” she words it differently this time. Smack! He hits her again.

“Let’s try this again, you stupid bitch, and see if you can figure it out. What did I tell you about talking?”

She keeps her lips pressed tightly this time, saying nothing.

“Hallelujah. Exactly. And what did you do?”

“I talked,” she said. Immediately, the hand slaps back down on her ass cheek. Tears well up in her eyes, which are also bright with excitement.

“You’re still talking. You’re even dumber than I thought you were. I don’t want to hear your voice. At all. Do you understand me?”

She nods her head with enthusiasm. James can tell she's even more excited now that her ass is stinging from his slaps.

“Now. What do you want me to do to you next?”

She pauses for a minute. “Kiss me?” she suggests. James can’t believe it. He doesn’t stop with one smack this time, but slaps her ass with the palm of his hand over and over until both cheeks are flushed bright red and she’s shaking in her effort to remain silent. In his head, he’s imagining Lanie spread across his lap while he spanks her, and he feels like he might cum from the mental image. When he’s finished, he rubs her cheeks lightly with his fingertips, knowing that she’s getting turned on again from the sensation after the spanking woke all of her sensitive nerve endings. Then he sets her on all fours again.

“Don’t move,” he growls. He walks over to the supply shelves and removes a bottle of cooking oil that’s used for making popcorn. Uncapping it, he walks back over to Jennifer. He pries open her ass cheeks and pours cooking oil over her hole, then he pours some on his hands and rubs his throbbing cock with it.

“You want this, you little prick tease? This is what you deserve. You walk around in those short skirts and tight tops, just begging for a good ass fucking. And I’m going to give it to you. I’m going to fuck your tight ass so hard you won’t walk for a week. Do you want that?”

Jennifer vigorously nods her head and wiggles her ass a little in breathless invitation.

He gets back on his knees and pushes against her hole until the head of his cock pops past the rim. Without pausing, he continues pressing it in, slowly, a little at a time, grunting as he feeds his cock into her ass. Jennifer moans with excitement and presses back against him, encouraging him to go farther. When he’s all the way in, he smirks with a feeling of triumph. He conquered her ass.

He pauses for a minute, throbbing deep inside, then pulls out. He holds her ass cheeks apart again and squeezes more oil into the opening, watching it run into the newly stretched hole. He rubs the head of his cock around the opening for a minute, then, without warning, rams the whole length into her ass in one thrust, making her scream. The sound of her voice awakens his fury once more, and he pulls all the way out again, then stabs it back in and drives it deep because he knows it hurts. Over and over again, he assaults her with his stiff rod, pulling it completely out and violently driving it all the way back in, pulling her hips back to meet him and yelling out “I’m fucking Lanie’s ass!” (or some variation of that) with every thrust. Jennifer has started rubbing her clit while he pounds from behind, and the convulsions of her body let James know she has cum at least twice. With perverse satisfaction, he realizes she’s learned her lesson and climaxed silently.

After several minutes of this relentless pounding, his own excitement starts to demand an increase in tempo. He stops pulling his dick all the way out and his strokes get faster and faster, and he’s grunting in a breathless, pulsing rhythm, increasing in tempo until he’s jackhammering into her ass. The friction works his dick until it’s pulsing and throbbing uncontrollably. Finally, he yells out in triumph, pummels the full length of thick, hard cock into her ass and shoots his load into Jennifer’s darkest cavity. He pulls out and rubs his dick on the back of her leg, then on her skirt, cleaning the shit and cum off of him before he pulls his pants back up.

“Clean up and go home. You’re off the clock,” he says, as he walks out and closes the door behind him.

Jennifer sits on the floor of the supply room, her eyes wide with astonished excitement. She had never been fucked that well in her life. She wonders if James will let her stay late again tomorrow, if she promises not to talk.

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