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Anal Fantasies Cum True

Years of patience yields major ass-licking benefits and turns disgusted wife into anal nymph.
For years I made love to my wife without being attached to the tight pucker that lies so closely behind the sweetest pussy in all the world, but then one day my tongue wandered into territory that had never before been shared with any other lover. As the tip of my tongue slipped past the back of her wet pussy into a field of fuzz and sweetness never before tasted, her reaction was immediate and in the opposite direction from my advancing tongue. At the time I was told not to plan on kissing her until specific oral hygiene occurred, but that was 20 years ago and today the anal fantasies that have been building inside me for all these years have all been fulfilled in a single night of unbridled anal passion. This story is an accounting of the years of patience, particularly during the last seven years, that led to my once completely anti-anal wife becoming a nymph to my anal advances.

The first time I made love to her I knew I would eat her pussy from the moment we began to kiss. Many a girl's anus and pussy had been fingered and sniffed by me before but never had a girl's pussy or anus been eaten by me. And for 15 years after the first time I made love to this most amazing woman all I ever wanted to do was pleasure her pussy orally but then one day the most amazing thing happened -- while in the 69 position with her on top my tongue lapping against the back side of her vaginal opening either her pelvis shifted forward or my neck bolted up into the air but the result was that the tip of my tongue landed on top of her virgin asshole. She pulled away immediately and to be honest so did I but the taste of her back door stuck with me and soon became the driving force behind all my anal fantasies. Trouble was that no matter how hard I tried to convince her that giving me her ass was the right thing to do, she rejected all my advances until one night two years ago when we got drunk and started watching porn. Five minutes into the flick we were both naked and rolling on the floor. When she rolled on top of me my tongue went immediately to her asshole and I swore I could tell she liked it and in fact I heard her moan in satisfaction but in reality my tongue only stayed in her ass for one or two seconds at the most. She rolled off me and told me how disgusting it was but I disagreed and from the moment tried to convince her that anal licking was the bomb.

The next seven years I spent getting one or two seconds of anal licking every three or four weeks but then about one year ago I realized that talking to her about anal sex might get us both closer to heaven than bickering over one or two seconds of tongue-on-ass whenever I thought her guard was down. And so it was that frustration was slowly replaced with open and honest communication about what it was about her ass that loved so much, why it was that I fantasized about licking it night and day, until suddenly I realized that little by little she was giving me more tongue time, followed closely by giving me more opportunities to lick her ass, until finally these last few months she started to tease me with her ass after hearing from me over and over how my ultimate sexual fantasy was to make love to her ass with my tongue.

Two weeks ago she came home a little late on a Friday and I met her as she entered the house and came into the kitchen from the garage. I had watched her don those sexy black panties that morning and had been thinking about little else throughout the day. As I kissed her I took the bags from her hands and set them on the floor before leading her to the freezer where I presented her with ice-cold shots of our favorite top-shelf whiskey. We went immediately into a happy hour that I will never forget. After three shots each the conversation turned to sex and she asked me what it was about her ass that I liked so much and I told her that I could spend more time describing the fantasy to her in words or I could show her how wonderful it would be for both of us if she would just grant me permission to completely devour that particular square inch of her body. She asked what was in it for her and I told her frankly that if she would just relax and trust me that her body would answer that question quickly and completely. Moments later I went to the freezer for another round of shots and in between sips we managed to remove each other's clothes. My cock was in her mouth and stayed there for what seemed an eternity but what in reality was only about 10 minutes and then it happened -- I spun her around, pushed her against the counter, told her to bend over for me, got on my knees behind her, and for the first time began making love to her sweet ass with my tongue. That evening we ended up drinking and fucking all night but nothing else about her ass was divulged to me until yesterday.

After a relaxing day at home we grilled out and got into two bottles of wine. When the wine was gone and the dishes were cleaned up we stood face-to-face in the kitchen wondering what we would do next and then passion took over. We kissed and our hands were all over each other. Between kisses she asked me if I was still interested in her ass so I proceeded to undress her from the waist down and told her I wanted nothing more than to make love to her sweet little asshole with my tongue. Moments later we were in bed, washed up, making love by candlelight. She gave me her ass freely never hesitating as before and in fact she enjoyed the sensations just as I had told her for so many years that she would if she would just learn to relax and let me have my way with the only square inch of her body that she had kept from me all these years. Our love making went on for several hours because once she realized she didn't want me to stop I was determined to keep going forever. She kept telling me how wonderful it felt and then rolled over and demanded I kiss her and proceeded to comment on how her ass tasted. And so it was that I asked her to get on top of me 69 and spent the rest of the night pushing my tongue into her ass while she tried to make me cum in her mouth. Needless to say after two bottles of wine neither one of us was going go cum but that didn't stop us from trying.
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