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Anal, Oh Yes Please!

Anal, Oh Yes Please!

A Need Only I Can Offer You
It’s the smell of you that I notice first; damn, do you smell so good! Even still, I don’t want to open my eyes. I know it’s late, and I’m so tired. You curl into bed next to me, pulling me closer against your naked body. You’re freshly showered; I can feel you’re still a little damp. Mmm, I love how good you smell. You’re intoxicating, did you know that? But still, I don’t want to open my eyes.

I let out a soft moan, trying to let sleep pull me back into my dreams. You have other ideas it seems, because as I try to curl into a ball, you hold me close. I can’t help but smile, but I groan out. I pretend to protest, acting as though I’d ever deny you. We both know better, don’t we?

Your cock presses against my arse, poking gently. I let out a soft gasp, feeling you push a little more, I shiver. I know how long it’s been since you've brought up having anal. We only do it once in a while, and I think this is your way of asking. Smooth, truly. I can’t help but smile to myself.

The simple touch of your fingers come up, and caresses my nipples. You pinch them, pulling them until they’re delectable tightly beaded rose buds. I moan out, now awake, but still I keep my eyes closed. I push myself back into you; slowly you grind your cock along my slit. You can feel the wetness that has built up between my folds. Softly I move with you, one of your hands comes down and begins to dance over my clit.

Ah! Yes! I cry out as your thumb ghosts over my clit, feeling a thousand nerve endings flicker into life. It’s like euphoria through my body at the speed of life. My breathing is laboured, and you move to kiss my shoulder. Your hips moving along my slit, the thickness of your mushroom head hits against my clit every so often. Your lips wonderfully warm on my skin; the breeze from the window blows in. It teases our skin, which is warming quickly. My eyes still closed, not because I want sleep, but lost in ecstasy over you.

Your fingers are moving deftly over my clit, so light that I can’t breathe. It has me overwhelmed, I gasp out moans, which encourages you to continue. You don’t even move your cock inside me, not yet. You just run it along my slit, how can you turn me on so much like this? I don’t even care, don’t stop. My mind races with delight. My heart is slamming against my chest.

You whisper into my ear you want me to come, knowing how turned on I am, it’s so close. You move slower, but with such need. You growl in my ear. You know that growl I love so much? Yeah, mmm that one. Fuck! I push back into you, my toes pointing, and I begin to come hard. I let out a cry of short harsh gasps, moaning out your name. I convulse into a chain of spasms, a frenzy explosion of exquisite sensation.

Fuck! I scream inside my head. Such an intense orgasm, and it’s just the first one. You’re not even inside me. You reach over to the bedside table, and grab the lube. You apply a thick coat of it on your cock, and run it along my arse crack. A single finger penetrates me, working me into a lusty need for your cock. It feels so good.

You move to slide your finger out, helping me up on my knees. I lay my chest against the bed, as you move behind me. You stroke your cock along my crack, working down towards my pussy and back up again. It makes me heady, letting out a whimper. I want more; I want you inside me now! You've turned me on so much, and it’s been so long since you've been inside my arse. You place your cockhead at the entrance of my arse, pushing in slowly, I let out a whine. You’re easy with me; working in softly, the thickness of your head is what hurts the most. With a little resistance from my hole, you push in. With a grunt, I relax, feeling you work deeper inside me.

Now you begin to work your hips against my body, thrusting slowly, but with need. I twist, obeying an instinct I didn't know I possessed, writhing, encouraging you to keep going. With you, I never miss a beat. You thrust a little faster, fucking me harder with each stroke inside me. It becomes a little easier, finding a nice rhythm inside me, allowing us to both enjoy it.

For the longest time, we stay just like that, feeling you fuck me. Your fingers digging into my flesh, pulling me back into you. I reach under me, and begin to do the same touch on myself as you were doing to me moments ago. I deftly play with my clit, feeling you fucking me still. I want to come again, I need it. I move my fingers faster, you move deeper. You thump yourself harder with each thrust, my fingers matching your pace.

Shuddering out, I feel how quickly I peaked. Intolerable pleasure races through me; such an incredible climax takes me. I feel as though I've thrown myself off the tallest building, free falling into a hard orgasm. I cry out, my voice ringing out, as you thrust deeper inside me. I know you’re fighting the need to orgasm, wanting to last as long as possible.

You quickly throw me over, laying me on my back. You thrust your cock back into my arse, taking me deeper. I lift my legs up high on your shoulders. It doesn't help either of us that I am grinding out slow, hip-swaying circles against you in a tilted orbit as we kiss deeply. You’re groaning out through our kiss, my moans mixed with yours.

I can feel how tight my arse is around your cock, the look on your face is bliss. You look so gorgeous when we’re making love. Not that you’re not always, just more so. Fuck! You make me so damn happy! Our kiss makes my lips tingle; your hands find my breasts, squeezing them tightly. You thrust deeper inside me, fucking me harder.

When our kiss breaks, I look down, and watch you fucking my arse. The length of your cock is disappearing deep inside me, then coming back out, and moving to go back inside. You slow down, and pick up speed again, repeating yourself. It’s driving me madly insane. It’s when you stop I let out a whimper of confusion. You give me a cheeky grin and roll off the bed towards the bedside table.

You fish out one of my vibrators, and I let out a giggle. You come back onto the bed, spreading my legs. You switch the vibrations right up onto the highest settings, making me shiver with anticipation. Slowly you move it inside my bucket-worthy pussy, working it right to the hilt. It buzzes strongly inside me. I gasp out, and you fuck me slowly with it. It hits perfectly right on my sweet spot. You lean down, and suckle on my clit. I grip the sheets, feeling light headed. I moan out, begging you not to stop. Not that I think you have any intention of stopping.

Deeper you thrust inside me, sucking harder on my clit. You roll my clit between your teeth, you tongue darting against the tip. “Oh fuck-fuck-fuck!” I moan out, growling it really, the overwhelming sensation of having to orgasm is quickly apparent, and looming so near. “Please don’t stop!” I half moan, half whine, whimpering again. You don’t, giving me all I need; until I feel myself rocketed through the universe, groaning in blissful agony.

You move up quickly, slipping your cock back up inside my arse. You take over, leaving the vibration shrilling deep inside my throbbing pussy. You fuck me hard, giving me the fuck of a lifetime. I’m still trying to catch myself from the free-for-all of my last orgasm. I moan out, gasping for air as you carry on.

Harder you pound deeper into my arse, taking what you own, and fucking me with all of your cock. You feel wonderfully, perfectly, beautifully amazing deep in my arse. Your eyes locked on mine, I can feel your love radiate through you, deep inside me.

In deep, shuddering desperate rhythms, I feel you collide deep inside me. Your cock is filling me just right, with the vibrator still so strong inside me. I whimper out, gasping. I know I can come again, and I want to come with you. I wrap my arms around you, set my nails into your arse, and pull you into me. You arch and cry out my name, it’s all you need, it’s your undoing. I dig in deeper, and begin to come with you.

Our cries of moans for each other fill the night around us. Both of us are free falling into epic orgasms. I gasp hard, shuddering with delight. You lean down into me, kissing me softly. I can feel you breathing; it causes your lips to be slightly cold. It tastes good, the mixture of hot and cold. You allow your juices to intermingle with mine, keeping yourself deep inside me. We don’t move, just rest for a long moment.

When you do pull out, I flinch a little. My arse is well used, and you slide the vibrator out of my pussy. It’s dripping with my juices, and I blush hard. You do always make me come so hard. You slip it into your mouth, and suck it clean. I love watching you do that, it’s so fucking hot.

Afterwards, you toss it back where it belongs, and I curl up into your arms. I don’t look at the time, not wanting to know. I do know it’s late, but you’re home, and I’m in your arms. That’s all I care about. You hold me close, possessively.

You are mine, and I love you…

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