Anal Virgin, But Not For Long

By Poppet

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The Hidden Passage Awaits
When it comes to sex, I've always been open trying new things. As I see it, I don’t know what I won't like it unless I try it at least once, and I've often found that I've ended up enjoying them in the end. The one thing I have always been against is anal sex. I have never even been remotely interested in trying it. There are many reasons why. Mainly, I just don’t see the reason for it.

My husband and I have been married for six years, and after six years of telling him no, I'm finally willing to give him a shot at my ass. I've put a lot of thought into it. I have even done some reading on it. If done right, it's supposed to be just as pleasurable for a woman as it is for a man. I want to do this for him, at least once. I've always hated telling him no. He’s never pressured me into it, or made me feel bad. I just know he wants to try it. He’s never done it either, so we can learn together.


We are lying in bed, just watching television and relaxing together. I don’t know how to approach the idea of telling him. How does one, after six years of denying anal, suddenly bring it up? Hell if I know! I take the remote, and turn the volume down, and turn to face him.

“Baby, can we talk?” I say quietly, almost whispering. I feel shy, almost embarrassed to even be having this conversation. I don’t know why, he is my husband, after all.

He looks down at me, scooting down lower and takes me into his arms. “You can tell me anything, babe.”

“It’s not bad, I swear. I- I just… Well, the thing is. I've put a lot of thought into this, and well. I want to, maybe let you, you know… have my bottom.”

There is such a long pause of silence that I panic a little. I am not sure what’s going through his head. I feel my heart slam against my chest, until I glance down and see he’s hard. I can’t help but smile, blushing deeply.

“I guess you’re still up for it? I want to go slow. Do the smaller things first, you know?”

“Ah, uh, yeah! I’m okay with that. Are you sure, baby? I know how you feel about this.”

“I’m sure. It can’t hurt to try, right? Well, it can. But we’ll stop if it does.” I giggle, and lean up to kiss him.

He rolls over onto me, pinning me down and kisses me deeply. I feel him grind his cock against my panties. I’m already wet, wanting him. I trust him fully, and allow him to take the lead. He runs his tongue from my lips, down between my breasts, pinching each of my nipples. I’m only wearing panties, he just in boxers. I squirm under him, wanting more of his touch.

He kneels between my parted legs and hooks his thumbs into my panties. I lift my legs as he tugs them down so he can slide them down my legs. He flings them to the floor, and works out of his boxers with ease. He’s already throbbing hard, I can see how badly he’s aching for me. I clench slightly thinking of him inside my ass, a place that’s never been touched. I know it won’t happen tonight, but the thought still worries me.

He lies on his belly, looking up at me, with such a goofy grin on his face. He’s thoroughly pleased with himself, and he hasn't even done anything. He knows the effects he has on me. He can get a bit cocky. I don’t mind, I love that he knows my body so well. I part my legs, and he opens my lips. He suckles my throbbing clit right into his mouth. Gliding his finger into me, he feels the sopping wet mess he’s so quickly make of me. He moans out against my clit, letting the vibrations shake me.

I can feel his tongue working the delicate softness of my pussy and clit. He’s gentle at first, working me to a higher need. He lifts his head, asking me to hold my legs up as high as I can. I do as he asks, suddenly unsure what’s happening, but I go with it. He spreads my ass cheeks, and I know what’s going to happen.

His tongue probes around the rim slightly. He’s testing a new area neither of us have explored. I hold my breath, almost expecting some horrible act to happen. When I feel his tongue inch closer, the unexpected pleasure I feel makes me squeal out a moan. It almost knocks the wind out of me. My head whirls quickly. He takes my excited moans as cue to carry on, his thumb brushing my clit.

I feel the softness of the tip of his tongue probe at my tight hole. I can’t believe the way I feel, I’m so heady. I want to beg for more. I don’t though, not wanting to rush it. I roll my hips gently, moving into him slightly. He gives it to me, he’s daring and moves forth. He must like it as much as me. He moans every so often, tickling my hole. I can feel him push a little further into my tightness. It feels different, but not as good as when he eats my pussy. His thumb begins to brush a little faster on my tender, excited clit. I feel my body tremble. I let out a yelp, and he’s bringing me to my undoing.

I give in to what he wants, I feel my incredible climax take full control of me. He brings me to such a strong orgasm, even before I am finished, he’s up and inside me. He wants to feel that release around his cock. He groans out, as he forces his cock into a clenching orgasm. It makes me moan out harder as he thrusts powerfully inside me. It makes my orgasm intense, coming down from it, I wrap myself around him.

He fucks me like an animal gone mad. He needs me. He’s lusting for me so bad that he has no control over his actions. He takes me with everything he has, I grind, and thrust back. My moans call out to him and he answers them with passionate kisses. His mouth covers mine, kissing me deep. I can feel his hips roll inside me. The power behind him is in full force, and driving deeper. I dig my nails deep into his ass, pulling him forward, deeper inside me. I silently demand more, and he does. He gives me more, fucking me hard.

I feel him stiffen, and know he’s going to give me the biggest orgasm he can. He growls out and I feel myself clench him. I milk his cock as he begins to shoot jet after jet of his seed inside me. He groans a ragged growl as he does, making me stiffen in climax. I feel myself orgasm hard around him, milking him still. I can feel him still thrusting, not as hard but enough inside me. I shake lightly, holding him close to me.


Over the next few, days we try some anal play, working up to the big attempt. A few times, he tries using his fingers, and scares me into asking him to stop. I think I’m over reacting, fighting against my own fears. He is understanding, and doesn't push it. He tells me it’s not a big deal if we don’t go further, that I've done enough. I know that he still wants to try, and honestly so do I.

I tell myself that tonight is the night, I’m going to do it. I’m going to stop being such a baby, and do this. I know that everything else we've done, I have liked. I can’t see myself not liking this. I want it, maybe more than he does at this rate. So, I’m going to get over the fears!

He’s already in bed, reading a book. I come out of the bathroom, and climb on the bed. I kiss his lips and softly he kisses me back. I take the book from him, dropping it on the floor. He looks at me with questioning eyes. I grin at him. A grin to tell him that I want him, in a way we've not done before. He looks at me with a little doubt, but I kiss his lips again. I encourage him.

I roll onto my back, pulling him on to me. I wrap my legs around him, trapping him there. I giggle up at him and he leans down and suckles my nipple into his mouth. He starts a long, slow sucking rhythm on it. It almost feels like he’s nursing on it. I feel my head become fuzzy, and I lose myself in what he’s doing to me. I can feel his hard cock press against me. We’re both naked, we’re both ready, but neither of us in a rush. I follow his lead, and my role is to just submit, and let him do as he wishes.

He does too, he works both my nipples. He moves back and forth between the two of them for the longest time. They’re hard, stiff and aching peeks. They’re so taut that they hurt, but it feels so good. The longer he sucks on them, the more relaxed I get. I can feel how excited I’m becoming. My juices are flowing, dripping down my crack, dripping over my asshole. He reaches down and plays with my clit. He works it just as gentle as his mouth is on my nipples. He is so soft, so sweet, tender, and loving. It’s exactly what I need at this very moment.

He takes his time, he doesn't rush. He has no need to. All he wants is to please me, and I allow myself to be lulled by his lust for me. He is needy, but so slow. I love it. I feel him roll more on top of me, though lost in his pleasure. He parts my legs and still his mouth works my nipples. He is sucking on them softly, biting enough to keep my mind in the lost haze. With my legs open to him, he rests between them perfectly. He lifts me at the best angle he can and I oblige to him, giving myself to him.

I feel him rub the head of his cock over my slit, soaking it with my juices. I’m so wet, it doesn't take much. He’s made me orgasm a few times in the soft, sensitive tease he’s putting me through. I’m rocked with pleasure, I feel like liquid, and my need for him still so strong. He works his head lower and I feel him spread me. It glides along perfectly and he moves his mouth to mine, kissing me. I take him and kiss him with a hunger.

As long as he can, without breaking my lustful daze, he begins to push inside me. I feel the slight pressure, it’s filling, and a little painful. I let out a soft whimper, a groan is more like it. He stills, slowing a little, but not stopping. He lets our kiss linger, sucking softly on my lower lip, seducing me into this. It’s what I need. His turgid head begins to open me up, pushing into me, I whine out, but it's a good whine. It feels so good. Yes, it does hurt, but feels good at the same time.

I still, realizing what’s happening, I don’t want to back away now. I feel him pause, watching my expression. I smile up at him, and he begins to push so slow into me again. He pushes himself inch by slow inch into me. I feel him opening me and this new feeling is out of this world. I can’t even begin to explain it, other than I don’t want it to stop. As he works in deeper, I hold onto him and his lips come back down to mine. Our kiss is full of love, and a distraction as I get use to this new foreign feeling.

Once he’s all the way in, he starts to pull out, I let out a whimper. It doesn't hurt, it actually feels good. I nod, telling him I want more. He begins to move in, and out of me. He doesn't use his full length, not yet. He doesn't want to hurt me. He takes his time, I can tell by the expression on his face, he wants to bust deep inside me already. His breathing is irregular, in little gasps. His body trembles to fight the urge to orgasm. He has wicked control, and I can’t help but love him more for it. He moves his fingers down, and toys with my clit. It adds to the already intense pleasure I feel. He boldly starts to go a little faster, finding a nice rhythm, working in and out of my tight little asshole. It feels so good. I know I’m going to come so good for him.

His fingers begin to move a little quicker on my clit. He wants to feel me orgasm. He needs this as much as I do. I’m losing the battle. I’m so turned on with everything he’s done to me, and now he’s teasing me just right. I feel him quicken his pace just a little more. It hits just right, and I feel the earth shattering orgasm I have been holding back. I release so hard it almost hurts, I cry out his name, and beg him to come with me. It’s all he needs. I feel him explode inside me. He comes hard and fills me deeply, and stills, keeping his load deep inside me.

When he does pull out, I sigh in relief. It feels incredible before the emptiness sets in. I can’t decide if I'm actually glad he pulled out. He rolls me into his arms, kissing me so long. I don’t think we’d ever stop kissing. He is thanking me for giving me something he’s wanted for so long. I can’t deny that I didn't dislike it. I tell him it was enjoyable. I want to try it again, now that we've gotten past the first time. He seems happy and has the biggest grin on his face. He tells me that even if we don’t try again, he’d be happy.

Over the next coming weeks we do a bit more. It’s not something we’re fully focused on mastering right away. We have always loved our sex. And don’t find that anal is something we need every time. I do get use to it, and even like it. I can’t help but loving everything I do with my husband. I’m glad I tried this for him. And more so, it’s something I can enjoy. We are both happy, and thinking of the next thing we can try together. The possibilities are truly endless.