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Andy's Little Story

Just a bit of fun.
Real life isn’t perfect, Real men aren’t perfect, they don’t always have giant penises and a rock solid hard on to be proudly waved in front of your face and therefore sometimes there are less than perfect stories.

This is Andy’s story.

“Don’t worry about it” I say as you huff and puff before rolling over.

“It happens to everyone” I tell you as I stroke your shoulder reassuringly.

What I’m really thinking is ‘For gods sake, I really needed a really good fucking, and you’re not up to the task’

But I’d never say that because that would be mean and it wouldn’t help the situation any.

I’m not nasty you see! I’m just a little needy sexually and I need a man that can keep up.

What’s funny is that you talk the talk so well and you look like a stud, actually it’s not that funny it’s disappointing, like finding out the guy you have a crush on is gay. It’s a waste and it leaves a heavy feeling in the pit of your stomach.

“I’m going to come and fuck you when I get back from Up North” you said and oh boy I’m sure you planned to in your head but it’s clearly not meant to be and looking at your cock, well it’s not that glorious, even when semi hard it’s not very big, I can see why you have an attitude problem now.

I’d thought you had a chip on your shoulder but you did show glimpses of a softer side excuse the pun, so I gave you a chance.

“Is there anything new you want me to try?” I ask you patiently. Your back is turned and I know you’d like to blame me for your apparent inadequacy but hey! This never happened to me.

‘There’s very little point in maintaining the macho image now is there Andy?’ I think but again I wouldn’t say it.

“Will you fuck me?” you say and my facial expression is one of confusion as I wonder how I’m suppose to fuck a cock that just won’t stay hard! You notice my confusion and you put me right.

“I mean fuck my arse,” you add and now I start to understand.

I smile because I’m an obliging girl but alarm bells are ringing quietly in my head and the words “He’s gay” present themselves to me in my minds eye in big black bold cartoon letters.

“Okay” I say and actually I quite like the idea because I’ve never been let loose on someone’s arse before. It’s not what I had in mind for us but it’ll be an experience and I’m sure I can muster up a story from it.

“Something big” you tell me regaining some confidence and I smile inwardly because I have a monster of a dildo in the bedside cabinet that now has your name on it.

Now when I tell you that this is a monster of a dildo you have to understand that is! I struggle to take it in my pussy and would never take it in my arse in a million years, but as I lube it up and press it up against the entrance to your arse, you open right up and it slips in nicely.

“Erm okay!” I think as you start to moan your delight at having this violation which I can see now, is definitely not a first.

“You like having your arse fucked Andy?”

I ask you actually rather excitedly because the sight of it disappearing almost entirely into you is really quite arousing me. Submissive men don’t really do it for me as a rule and when you start to rock yourself back and forth I raise my eyebrows and vow silently never to entertain you again.

“Yes” you cry like a girl and I think ‘what the heck!” and throw in a spanking for good measure.

Your cock is rock hard now and it’s still small so I don’t want it. This is no longer about any physical pleasure for me, only about an experience, one I never want again.

“Harder” you beg and my arms are aching but I strive to fuck you harder and faster, the way I would like if the tables were turned.

You’re whimpering now and Oh god.. I really hope I don’t sound this pathetic when I’m being fucked but somehow I doubt I could because I don’t pretend to be all macho like you do.

You’re wanking yourself off now for what it’s worth and I can see an end in sight.

“Tell me what a useless little prick I am” you ask me because you need to be humiliated if you’re going to get off. I don’t realise it but this little need you have to be humiliated in the bedroom stems from your sporting days. You were rubbish at rugby and your team mates used to taunt you in the changing room, in the showers, your small cock never helping the situation and you never got any better at rugby when you realised you got off on he ridicule.

I feel quite cheated at this stage because I thought I was going to get a man, so the ridicule comes easily.

“Cry like a little girl, come on Andy come for me or can’t you even do that?” I start and realise I’m enjoying it.

Thrusting the dildo into your arse as far as it will go and spitting on you while I hiss that you aren’t a real man, you just wish you were.

It works a treat and you start to moan loudly as your frothy probably seedless spunk shoots forth and soaks the sheet below. Another dirty reminder of the man that wasn’t all he claimed to be, I think as I climb off the bed and leave you to get yourself dressed.

“Bye Andy” I say with a smile as I close the front door after you when you’ve left.

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